Soft Law is non-binding, is used as a gap filler between non-binding UN- International Agreements. Hence it has some form of political legality, it appears legal but is not necessarily lawful. Be prepared for the ‘hard knocks’ of soft law. Lawful matters are ethically enjoined in the law of the land, the law of the people our actual nature.

The term ‘Soft Law’ is used to denote non-binding agreements, principles, declarations that are predominantly found in the International sphere such as UN Assembly resolutions. It was dubbed by a Commonwealth Interdepartmental Committee as a ‘grey-letter law’, has no legally binding force.

Soft Law is intended to influence conduct. The impact of ‘Soft Law’ plays a role in facilitating, mobilizing the consent of UN Member States that are required to establish binding international agreements. Soft Law is the non binding gap filler until UN Agreements are introduced into domestic policy.

Soft Law can be persuasive, have hard consequences, civil liberties and human rights become limited. September 2001 the UN and various global, regional selective institutions created a specific ‘Soft Law Eco-System’ that limits human rights. Soft Law has does not undergo serious human rights scrutiny

In ‘Soft Law’ there is nothing about specific impingement on human rights. Obligations of UN Member States to International UN Agreements can result in particularly harmful weak norms that can lead to serious human rights violations that undermines security for all.

Human Rights and Security are fundamentally entwined and co-dependent. Security without Human Rights protections is an illusion. Soft Law is developed in the form of resolutions, guidelines, technical manuals, opinions from informal or inaccessible institutions.

Lacks the meaningful process of public assessment by human rights experts. Is implemented in the absence of ‘Hard Law’ (Legislation.) ‘Soft Law can serve as the sole reference point for years, despite the lack of human rights input.

For example: NZ Government agreement of UN Agenda Non-Binding- entered into parliament as a Soft Law. For 5 years remained a ‘Soft Law’ until 2020 when Ardern entered it into domestic policy. Then became Hard Law (Legislation). Legally Binding.

Hence an ‘Osmosis’ takes place. Soft Law enters ‘Hard Law’ Legislation. There is a spiders web of ‘Soft Law’ norms within counter-terrorism standards in counter-terrorism institutions as to inconsistent human rights. Soft Law policies formulated without meaningful assessment of human rights impact

2011 Global Counter Terrorism Forum was an action orientated platform to combat vulnerability to terrorism which issued practises and recommendations on the implementation of counter-terrorism policies. Access limited for human rights entities and civil society

1989 Financial Action Task Force was founded, considered as the global standard, a setter of policies, combatting money laundering and terrorism financing. Recommendations were not legally binding but UN Member States strive towards compliance due to the benefits linked to membership. Its mandate contains no references to International Human Rights.

Common Law has been deliberately ignored- Firstly Do No Harm. The Common Good of All People. ‘Soft Law’ needs no political consensus, its accepted in parliament once the govt agrees to a non-binding international (UN) Agreement

25/09/2015.UN General Assembly unanimously adopted UN Agenda 2030 ‘Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda to transform every aspect of peoples lives worldwide. Re-engineering of peoples behaviour, of society, infrastructure, economy, land use etc., in favour of WEF Stakeholder Corporate Capture.

Fitting hand in glove with Klaus Schwab’s WEF ‘Global Redesign Initiative’ otherwise known as the ‘4th Industrial Revolution or the Great Reset’. The Decade of Action’, 2020 -2030 the deliberate destruction of the ‘free market’ economy, to replace it with ‘Multi-stakeholder’ Corporate Capture. This being the transforming out our we once knew it. The ‘New Normal’. WHO (UN) stating “We must never go back to the old normal”

NZ Govt signed UN Agenda 2030 in September 2015, it then entered parliament under ‘Soft Law’ until 5 years later, in 2020 Ardern entered UN Agenda 2030 into domestic policy hence it then became ‘Hard Law’ Legally Binding. (Legislation)

UN Agenda 2030 Global development goals are to be implanted globally, worldwide. Universally applicable to all countries, highlights challenges, the requirement for transformation of human behaviour from an old normal to a new normal. These are substantial behaviour changes, detrimental to living standards of all peoples, leaving no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age.

Each SDG addresses a specific range of issues, governmental goals, specifically detailed targets, within specific timeframes (2030, sometimes 2025). Supported by indicators which at regional and national level are to be developed by UN Member States. At the global level are established by a global indicator framework, that’s reviewed annually, has a comprehensive review every 5 years

The monitoring, revision of the SDGs, targets, indicators are entrusted to the ‘High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development’ under the auspices of the UN Economic & Social Council. The aim to monitor human behaviour, the goal to transform- re-engineer all aspects of human behaviour. A massive one world strategy, firstly a nudge then a push, full compliancy requires a shove.

This One World Governance global strategy is exceptionally authoritarian, immoral theoretical tyranny. All UN Member States have agreed to implement this strategy on populations worldwide. Involves Central and Local Govts, parliaments, civil society, international and national institutions, NGO’s, Businesses-Corporations, Academia and Indigenous Communities

Religious Leaders including the Pope is fully involved whom wants the whole world to embrace UN Agenda 2030 as a moral duty to mother earth (Gaia). This is nothing short of cultism. Pope collaborating with Rothschilds, chaplain of the UN.

Its massively obsessively ambitious, enormously destructive. Deliberately promotes the plundering of sovereign nation states. The telling of the big lie is ‘Self Determination’. They determine your life, you do not that’s the end goal.

Its crazy insanity, courts around the world have already granted legal standing, constitution’s to grant legal personhood to rivers, non human parts of nature and to the earth itself. (Worship of Gaia -Mother Earth) Not God the creator.

13th June 2019 WEF and UN entered an official strategic partnership agreement to accelerate UN Agenda 2030. A global corporate capture. The agreement grants transnational corporations preferential access to the UN System at the expense of UN Member Nations populations.  Includes NZ Sovereign people.

This UN -WEF partnership has been condemned by many, is seen as delegitimizing the UN, weakening the role of UN Member States in autonomous decision making. It formalises a very dangerous corporate capture of the UN System. A UN -WEF One World Corporate Governance. The UN-UN Member States are ineffective at holding corporations to account

Drives the world dangerously towards a privatised non-democratic global governance, corporate influence in the UN has been well known for years.

The Sovereign people of NZ did not vote for this global, nor was this publicly debated hence the Sovereign people of NZ have deliberately have been run rough shot over. A Government that namely a corporation planning the future of your life and that of your children’s, and future generations.

The stakeholder corporate public-private framework is pre-determines, pre-planned. The boiling frog. The frog is about to boil. Ouch will it hurt.. Yes, could it kill you. Yes. Will it kill your freedoms Yes. Unless we stand up to the political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington.  Stakeholder Capitalism has failed in the past, but then it was not implemented in such a global vast way.

Stakeholder Corporate Economy– the goal is destroy Free market enterprise-economy. Small businesses, farming communities. Without the Global Pandemic, the lockdowns, the plundering of the economies this leftist Socialist Marxist global entity would never have such massive power as it has now

Multi-stakeholder Corporate economy. Everything is at stake. Your freedom, human rights are at stake.(Non-democratic).  Free- market economy is about supply and demand. Businesses are innovated, consumers choose what they want to buy. Have the freedom to come up with new ideas, freedom of expression and democratic rights.

Jacinda Ardern is the poster child for UN Agenda 2030. The UN blueprint for Socialism reported the ‘Star News’ 16/11/2020 by Muriel  Newman NZ Centre for Political Research’

4.Refers to the Bill & Melinda Gates hosting of a Global Shapers event in New York. Ardern being guest speaker. Ardern boasts to the audience that under her admin she had taken the lead embedding UN Agenda 2030 into our regulatory framework, domestic policy making. Saying “NZ Govt is doing something no other countries have tried, incorporated the principles of Agenda 2030 into domestic policy making, to drive system level actions, an approach needed on a global scale”

Melinda Gates gave Ardern high praise as she told the audience that Jacinda Ardern had released an international human rights plan that NZ promises to take the lead on, among gender equality, women and girls empowerment. Melinda Gates described “Ardern as a true international leader that understands that the future of the world depends on eliminating inequality”

The non-binding ‘Soft Law’ was introduced by the National led Govt and the Labour led government introduced it into ‘Hard Law’ Legislation (team work)

John Key in 2015 praised the adoption of UN Agenda 2030 particularly he said ‘SDG 1 End all forms of poverty on this earth by 2030. The World Ban reported 2nd May 2022. The new extreme poverty line of $2.15 per persay per person

COVID19. (Child poverty Ardern’s Portfolio)

Auckland Scoop News. Food and Financial Hardship in NZ. Reported today. Fruit and Veges increased by 23%. The lack of choice many people are experiencing when purchasing food. The effects of food security. 27/2/2023.

62% of families run out of food every week, 5.6% experience inadequate nutrition every day. 66% Experience stress about their inability to afford food weekly for their families. 35% feel constantly stressed about their inability to afford food (Press release by Vision West) West Auckland Community Trust. Wealthy corporations keep the poor in poverty. Unless you create the life you want then there is a great risk you will be eventually forced to deal with a life you do not want.

Chris Trotter article 12th February 2023. Referring to Three Waters calling it a mastermind of misdirection. Tribal corporation already halfway into the deracinated world of global capitalism, well hidden from their own people behind swirling veils of Māori mysticism.

Any politician willing to front this power grab by the Iwi Elite Corporations is bound to become a lightening rod for all manner of racially charged criticism and abuse.  Deliberately silencing, censoring freedom of speech all part of stakeholder corporate capitalism. Your freedom is seriously at stake.

Part and parcel of the UN-WEF multi-stakeholder partnership of UN Agenda 2030. Transforming our world SDG 6. ‘Water’ UN Agenda 2030, received great praise in Parliament in 2015. The ‘Soft Law’ gap filler. Arderns ‘Hard Law’ -Hard to swallow. Whatever Hipkins or any other MP says. UN Agenda 2030 ‘Water SDG6 like all the other SDGs are all part of the Governments legislations. Don’t be fooled its not going away.




Chris Trotter: The privatisation two-step – is Three Waters a masterpiece of misdirection? – Point of Order (

Auckland.Scoop » Food And Financial Hardship In Aotearoa New Zealand – PART TWO – The Effects Of Food Insecurity

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Auckland.Scoop » Food And Financial Hardship In Aotearoa New Zealand – PART TWO – The Effects Of Food Insecurity




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