Wakeupnz.org has been established to encourage, support autonomous decision making.

We live in a dangerous era where an exceptionally strong partisanship exists, a marriage between an Authoritarian Government and News Media Outlets (The Propaganda Machine).
Individuals are being challenged as to Trust vs Mis -Trust, Fact vs Fiction.

Consequently when Trust breaks down amongst society so does the ability to communicate with each other.

Truth is under attack.
We are experiencing an endless stream of Authoritarian Political Censorship, Disinformation, Manipulation, Indoctrination and Brainwashing, accompanied by subtle and in your face coercion.

A Socialist Marxist Governance demanding obedience from its citizens in Communist type ways, as they continue to deliberate a political divide and conquer to weaken our nation.
The Oppressor vs Oppressed game on multiple fronts.
All of the above equates to Political Authoritarianism controlling the people.

Wakeupnz.org urges, encourages Autonomy, the Freedom to choose, and the ability to make decisions through well researched information through valuable sources.
Wakeupnz.org is about passionately supporting Civil Liberties, Human Rights and Freedoms.