Waste Management NZ has been purchased by a Beijing Corporation namely ‘Igneo’ a Beijing Capital Group. This means that NZ largest organic waste disposal will be owned by this Beijing Corporate. Igneo Infrastructure partners. The First Sentier Investors is a global asset management business, ultimately owned by the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. Igneo Infrastructure Partner as an unlisted infrastructure asset management business, is part of First Sentier Investors Group. They communicate, conduct business through different legal entities in different locations. 1st April 2022 Igneo Infrastructure Partners agreed to acquire 100% interest in NZ’s largest resource recovery and waste management services provide (Waste Management NZ Ltd.,). The buyer being the Beijing Capital Group

Beijing Igneo intends to benefit from long tern growth prospects and the sectors of the tail winds. Waste Management NZ operated 860 trucks across 70 locations in NZ, collecting over 2.1 million municipal bins per month. Comprising of a nationwide network of 49 recovery transfer stations and technical facilities, handling over 1 million tonnes of residual waste and recycling over 200,000 tonnes. Comprising of a nationwide network of 49 material recovery, transfer stations and technical facilities, handling over 1 million tonnes of residual waste and recycling over 200 thousand tonnes of residual waste and recycling

Igneo was jointly advised by Craigs Investment Partners and the Royal Bank of Canada on this transaction Bell Gully acted as the legal counsel. The purchase of Waste Management NZ by Beijing  was approved by the NZ Overseas Investment Office (OIO). Igneo is an autonomous investment team in the ‘First Sentier Investors Group, has been operating since 1994. . It invests in high-quality, mature, mid-market infrastructure companies in the utilities and transport sectors in the UK, Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Has a focus on ESG and proactive in ‘asset management’. Igneo manages US$14.8 bn worth of assets (as at 31 December 2021) on behalf of more than 120 investors around the world.

First Sentier Investors manages US$182.5 billion in assets (as at 31 December 2021) on behalf of institutional investors, pension funds, wholesale distributors, investment platforms, financial advisers and their clients worldwide. Has offices across Europe, America’s, Asia Pacific, they were formerly known as ‘First State Investments, but then was acquired by Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation in August 2019. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) is one of the worlds leading financial groups with , headquarters in Tokyo. Has a global network with approx.., 2500 locations in more than 50 countries, has approx.., 170,000 employees offers services in commercial banking, trust banking, securities, credit cards, consumer finance, asset management, leasing. First Sentier Investors (FSI) is an asset management business and the home of investment teams FSSA Investment Managers, Igneo Infrastructure Partners, Realindex Investments and Stewart Investors.

Igneo Infrastructure Partners is a UK trading name of First Sentier Investors International IM Limited. In the EEA this website is operated and communicated by First Sentier Investors (Ireland) Limited, registered office 70 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland, (CBI registration number C182306). First Sentier Investors is ultimately owned by Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc (MUFG), a global financial group. This is a leading global financial services group and one of the largest banking institutions in Japan. One of the worlds leading financial groups with total assets of approximately $3.1 trillion (USD). The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ New Zealand branch provides diverse corporate banking and finance services through a comprehensive network of branches

First Sentier Investors are stewards of assets under management of AU$215.5 billion (as at 31/12/22) across listed equities, fixed income and direct infrastructure on behalf of institutional investors, pension funds, wholesale distributors and platforms, financial advisers and their clients. Helping to grow their clients wealth. The Beijing Capital Group (BCG), which is owned by the Beijing municipal government.  In 2013 Hongkong listed Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings (CKI) has agreed to buy New Zealand waste management company EnviroWaste for NZ$501 million . Transpacific NZ Waste Management was sold to Beijing Capital Group for $950 million in 2014.


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June 12th 1996 Wall Street Journal reported that last week the IPCC (UN) regarded as the best source of scientific information about human impact on the earths climate released The Science of Climate Change 1995 its first new report for 5 years. This was said to be the most authoritative statement on global warming, policy makers and the press worldwide would report on the critical decisions on energy policy that would have an enormous impact on US oil and gas prices and on the international community. As always the IPCC report has been highly regarded because it is peer reviewed, that is read, discussed and modified and even re-modified by so called International experts. However this report is not what it appears to be, it is not the version that was approved by contributing scientists listed on the title page. This indeed is a very disturbing corruption of the peer reviewed process reported an expert who has more than 60 years as a member of the American Scientific Community, including service as president of both the National Academy of Sciences and the American Physical Society. His words were “ I have never witnessed a more disturbing corruption of the peer reviewed process that the events that led up to this IPCC report. Key changes were made after scientists had met and accepted what they thought was the final peer reviewed version, believing that IPCC would obey IPCC rules- a body of regulations, that’s suppose to govern the IPCC panels actions.

There is nothing in the IPCC Rules that permits anyone to change a scientific report after it has been accepted by the panel of scientific contributors and the full IPCC. Participating scientists accepted ‘The Science of Climate Change’ in Madrid, then it was accepted again in Rome.  But more than 15 sections in Chapter 8 of the report, the key chapter setting out scientific evidence for and against human influence over climate were changed or deleted after the scientists charged with examining this question had accepted the supposedly final text. These were not merely cosmetic changes, nearly all worked to remove skeptics’ with which scientists regard claims that human activities are having a major impact on climate in general and on global warming in particular.

The following passages are examples of those included in the approved report but deleted from the supposedly peer reviewed published version:-“None of the studies cited above has shown clear evidence that we can attribute the observed [climate] changes to the specific cause of increases in greenhouse gases.”

  • “No study to date has positively attributed all or part [of the climate change observed to date] to anthropogenic [man-made] causes.”
  • “Any claims of positive detection of significant climate change are likely to remain controversial until uncertainties in the total natural variability of the climate system are reduced.”

It is reported that the reviewing scientist used this original language to keep themselves and the IPCC honest. IPCC reports are often called the ‘CONSENSUD’ view. If they lead to carbon taxes and restraints on economic growth, they will have a major and almost certainly a destructive impact on economies of the world. This is no doubt deception and corruption to deceive policy makers and the public into believing that the scientific evidence shows that human activities are causing global warming. There is evidential concern as to the IPCC process as to scientific evidence a global warming. The Wall Street Journal July 11th 1996 entitled ‘Coverup in the Greenhouse’? Author Dr. Seitz, former president of the U. S. National Academy of Sciences, revealed that an unsponsored scientific report promoting global warming has been tampered with for political purposes.  That there had been protests from officials of the IPCC claiming that the revisions in their report, prior to publication “did nothing to change its emphasis”. And said that “ such unannounced change of an approved draft do not violate their rules of transparency and open review”.  However the evidence is there, and IPCC Officials quoted (Not named) by a Nature Article “The reasons for revisions to the chapter was to “ensure that it conformed to a ‘policymakers’ summary of the full report”. The response to that from the Scientific community of experts was “”Should not a summary conform to the underlying scientific report rather than vice versa?  The Wall Street Journal article pointed out that “the IPCC summary itself is a political document, is economical with the truth, has problems with selective presentations of facts, it totally ignored global temperature data gathered by weather satellite’s, because they contradict the results of the models used to predict future global warming.

IPCC providing so called scientific cover for political action, misusing respected scientists who never made extravagant claims about future warming. Where politicians and activists strive for international controls on energy use which was discussed in Geneva, when parties to the Global Climate Treaty convened, those that are anxious to stipulate that science is settled, trying to marginalize the growing number of scientific critics. It was reported that the IPCC Report on global climate change has been ‘scientifically cleansed. The author of this article in the Wall Street Journal 1996 was S Fred Singer, President of the Science & Environmental Policy Project. IPCC (UN) report that Science is Settled. It is the nature of science that is never settled. You will have heard that 97% of scientists believe humans are causing catastrophic global warming requiring govt action to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. his comes from surveyed climate related scientific studies, the results being over-simplified Many scientists whose papers were cited in this study have questioned its conclusions, suggesting that their papers were incorrectly interpreted, even accusing the author of cherry picking studies to fit the global agenda.

An UN senior official speculated that the world would be under water by the year 2000, misleading figures and stats, data continue to be peddled, and government leaders shut down any public debates. This is called an anti-science political tactic. Plus the activist mainstream media that influences populations mindsets that report that ‘Science is settled’. The New York Times  reported 10th December 2015 an article entitled “How Can Climate Science Be Settled?’. When computer models do not take into account all the variables, yet the media keep saying that climate change is settled. Science is never settled. Politicians and environmental activists and advocacy groups say that ‘climate is settled”.  The Beehive 6th December 2022 Speaker in the House was Dr Ayesha Verrall on Research, Science and Innovation focused on ‘future focused science system tackling NZ’ as big challenges on Climate Change. She referred to ‘shifting from a system with multiple small entities and strategies focusing on efforts on nationally significant priorities. Ultimately researchers, industry, government and Iwi focusing on sustained investment in new technologies and industries, that will embed Te Tiriti o Waitangi being more responsive to Iwi/Māori to improve wealth and resilience in these communities.

2nd December 2020 NZ Parliament Climate Change Declaration of Emergency references the IPCC and reducing the impact of human activity on the climate. Join 1800 jurisdictions in 32 countries to declare a climate emergency.  Seize the opportunities that a clean green reputation provides, includes the decline in Indigenous Biodiversity. Be a Carbon Neutral Govt by 2025. A declaration based on science. The UN IPCC. The declaration of global responsibility, a catalyst for change. Announcing the Carbon Neutral Programme. The ACT Party Simon Court speaker in Parliament stated that the Climate Emergency is simply a triumph of politics over practical solutions. He said “he knows that human activity has a significant impact on climate and the environment. ACT declared that the Climate Emergency was “Nothing but a Stunt”. He referred to “Stop flying MPs all over the country, wherever they like, as MPs are the only people in the world with unlimited travel budget to fly anywhere they like, whenever they want at the tax payers expense”.  However ACT believes that NZ Govt must play their part through innovation led business, engineers, scientists not through slogans and PR stunts. James Shaw embraced ‘Fridays for Climate Strikes’ school strikes for climate. Nicola Willis (National) said that the Climate Emergency Declaration will have no measurable impact on global climate change and the opposition know it. “ It won’t take a single car off the road. It won’t reduce the methane from a single cow, nor remove a single tonne of carbon dioxide from the air.  The motion before us employs all the implied drama of the word “emergency”, but it does so with zero practical effect. It is, unfortunately, yet another collection of words in place of the sincere policy and concerted action

New Zealand must take to drive down our emissions. I am very firmly of the view that climate change threatens our world and our communities, that the production of greenhouse gas emissions by people is its cause, that New Zealand must act to reduce our emissions, and, of course, that Parliament has a solemn responsibility to take steps to achieve that. Of course the National Party is on board with the global mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ”. Debbie Ngarewa Packer Co leader of Te Paati Maori Party referred to “protecting Mother Earth (Goddess Gaia) and Father (Sky) and a multitude of descendants, tribes and sub-tribes that descended from the Gods through to the Treaty of Waitangi, thus supporting the motion of the Climate Emergency.  In 2018 the IPCC released a landmark report that there is 12 years left to limit climate catastrophe. (Science is settled) Packer said. As she spoke about the $300 million fund to support Maori Farmers to transition to regenerative agricultural methods.

NOTE: The London School of Economics and Political Science reported 7th February 2018 ‘More Flaws in Estimates of the Economic Impacts Of Climate Change. Is fundamentally misleading and contains apparent mistakes. Prof Toi was a coordinating lead author of the IPCC Report in 2014, criticism of Toi stated he attempted to estimate the best-fir line. Several outside reviewers involved in the process expressed concern that estimates were not meaningful. Prof Toi ‘The Economic Impacts of Climate Change’ published 12th January 2018 by the ‘Review of Environmental Economics and Policy’ that provided an update to the survey in the in the  published IPCC Report.  It was found that based on 27 estimates from 22 studies listed in the 2018 IPCC Report concluded that “the welfare impacts of initial warming are positive”. However upon close examination it was revealed the finding was unsound, based on outweighing of a single outlier study that was more than 15 years old, that had sloppy errors, like Professor Toi previous papers. (This is the report that Debbie Packer embraced as she spoke about a $300 million fund for Indigenous farmers)


AN ANTI-SCIENCE POLITICAL TACTIC ‘ A GLOBAL AGENDA TO CONTROL PEOPLE, PLANET FOR A VERY WEALTHY PROFIT’ AND NOT A SINGLE COW WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. ‘THIS IS A CASH COW’Fred Singer, President The Science & Environmental Policy Project Fairfax, Va. Further SEPP links to the controversy: whichcat=Organizations&whichsubcat=International%20Panel%20on%20Climate%20Change% 20(IPCC)#A72 3 pages 76 pages



I find it extremely disturbing how human life itself is being dehumanized. Canada’s Euthanasia laws are extremely permissive. Next May Canada’s assisted suicide will dismiss the terms of safeguards when it comes to the criteria of terminally ill as the government legally introduced Assisting the premature death of those with Mental Health illnesses,. (With no terminal illness).This is an extremely slippery road that the rest of the world is already taking. The advocating of regulations of euthanasia is becoming much easier for individuals to access.  There have been reports that some people have sought Assisted Death because they cannot acquire adequate Government support around mental health issues. In Belgium Assisted Dying is not just for the terminally ill. Patients with Psychiatric conditions, even children can request Assisted Death. Assisted Dying is widely accepted. As for New Zealand David Seymour introduced his Euthanasia Bill namely ’End Of Life Choice’. A well chose term, using the word ‘choice’. When choices are restricted, of course people will lean towards the word choice. However Seymour’s Euthanasia Act has very dangerous concepts and lack some very serious  safeguards. All is now silent, no public debate on this Euthanasia Act.

A year after the Act has been legislated we have 214 Assisted Deaths of individuals that have accessed Seymour’s Euthanasia Act. I question did emotions give the Bill its legislative power to be passed legally. Were some of these serious critical safeguards ignored by peoples emotions.? I personally believe that David Seymour is an Euthanasia activist, mainstream news have reported that only one year of the Euthanasia Act being passed into legislation and Seymour is proposing an amendment to the Euthanasia Act. Seymour is calling for relaxing the Euthanasia Act ‘End Of Life Choice’ for people without terminal illness to have the opportunity to seek assisted death with a Mental Illness (As they have done in Canada). Hence removing the criteria requirement of ‘Terminal Illness’. Seymour is reported to have admitted he only agreed to the 6 months limitation for Terminal Illness to get the Bill through Parliament”. Seymour’s original Bill would have allowed non terminal patients with ‘grievous and irremediable conditions’ to have access to the lethal end of life drug. It’s been reported by media that Seymour agreed to limit the Bill to 6 months terminal illness’ to end of life, to get the Bill through Parliament

Some felt that Seymour’s’ original Euthanasia Bill was much too broad, raised concerns ‘assisted dying would mean this would be available to mental health patients. If Seymour follows through with his amendment to NZ Euthanasia Act ‘End Of Life Choice’, this means NZ Govt will be following down the same slippery slope as Canada. Euthanasia for Mental Health Illnesses, terminal life expectancy will no longer be the criteria for assisted dying, killing individuals prematurely .Canada’s slippery slope in 2016 -1,000 people approx.,. accessed assisted dying in 2021- 10,6064 people accessed ‘assisted dying’. With more people dying from Assisted Dying Euthanasia Legislation than for Diabetes, Pneumonia, Influenza and Liver Disease. As Reuters News Agency reports how a 47 year old woman in Canada sis seeking Assisted Dying because she is suffering from Anorexia.

Dehumanizing Human Life Itself- ACT Party David Seymour revisiting his original Euthanasia Bill terminology that included “A grievous and irremediable Condition’, where people do not have to be suffering a terminal illness. Psychological suffering that is intolerable to the individual. Medical Ethics “Firstly Do No Harm” However Canada is allowing for Assisted Suicide for Psychiatric Patients with Psychiatric  disorders. Several countries have already allowed this Since 2002 Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg collectively know as the Benelux nations have legislations that permit physical or psychological “suffering that cannot be treated by acceptable terms”. Its documented that between 100-200 psychiatric patients are euthanized open request annually between Belgium and the Netherlands. Euthanasia Beyond Medical Conditions for those that are tired of living. Pegasus – a self proclaimed voluntary assisted dying associations that is based in Basel, Switzerland currently provides ‘euthanasia for non-medical ‘suicide tourists’. A well known Disability Advocacy Community in Canada have reported to be extremely concerned that permitting euthanasia for non-terminal, disabled individuals may not have adequate access to state of the art treatment, that euthanasia could become a ‘cost of living; alternative to suffering, where adequate solutions are not available or affordable’

The following justifications are being applied for access to premature end of life assisted death, euthanasia, assisted suicide for Mental Health, psychiatric disorders. for example Autonomy, Self-determination, intolerable suffering is irremediable. NZ Herald Reported 7th November 2022 ‘Euthanasia Laws Too Strict, Should Be Relaxed’ Says ACT Leader David Seymour, thus removing the criteria, requirement that a patient has only 6 months to live’. Some groups felt that definition was too broad, and raised concerns it could make assisted dying available to disabled people or mental health patients. The amended law, which was voted on in a public referendum, made it explicit that applicants could not get access to assisted dying on the basis of disability or mental illness alone. Seymour would argue for the criteria in the law to be broadened to that in his original bill when it comes up for review in 2024. The NZ Her lad Article referred to the definitions used by the world Health Organization were confusing and could easily be interchanged when it comes to the criteria of access to ‘assisted suicide, assisted death, assisted dying’. Is this New Zealand’s slippery road to ‘dehumanizing Human Life Itself”. Death has it become the treatment, just another market place transaction. Surely if a person has a serious mental health illness how can they possibly make a clear decision mentally about ending their life prematurely World February 23rd 2023 reported that Canada considers allowing ‘assisted suicide for children, without parental consent’

A Parliamentary committee has called for expanding Canada’s Assisted Suicide Program to that ‘mature minors’ whose deaths are ‘reasonably foreseeable’ to allowed to hasten their deaths without parental consent. ‘Grievous and Irremediable  Foreseeable’ condition, is defined as the individuals natural death is reasonably foreseeable. Lives that are not worth living? A narrow medical, mental health solution to much larger social problems. For those with mental health illness that cannot judge for themselves, the value judgement that a persons life is not worth living. Where is societies obligations to supporting, the positive enabling the elderly, the sick and the dying, what about autonomy enhancing financial home care, social support to help overcome loneliness, instead of making vulnerable people feel they are a burden to society. These consequences that lead to mental health disorders, illnesses, the solution ‘snuff out a life prematurely with a lethal jab’

NZ Mental Health failings. RNZ Reports 29th May 2023 how a teen tells of lack of mental health support despite abuse by State Care. NZ Mental Health facing another crisis (NZ Herald 28th May 2023) and 9th June 2023 NZ Health System is broken. Where is the compassion, the care and prevention, early intervention focus? What now? Lethal Jabs as a solution for NZ’s failed Mental Health Support, thus spilling  over to people feeling powerless to be able to access mental health care. Is this the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, where terminal illness is removed, the more relaxed assisted killing is legislated in NZ?

NEW ZEALAND’S  DANGEROUS SLIPPERY SLOPE ‘AMBULANCE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CLIFF’ EUTHANASIA FOR MENTAL HEALTH ILLNESSES. NZ Mental Health failings. RNZ Reports 29th May 2023 how a teen tells of lack of mental health support despite abuse by State Care. NZ Mental Health facing another crisis (NZ Herald 28th May 2023) and 9th June 2023 NZ Health System is broken. Where is the compassion, the care and prevention, early intervention focus? What now? Lethal Jabs as a solution for NZ’s failed Mental Health Support, thus spilling  over to people feeling powerless to be able to access mental health care. Is this the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, where terminal illness is removed, the more relaxed assisted killing is legislated in NZ? Is New Zealand going down the same slippery slope as Canada, Belgium. Netherlands??? I personally believe so, as David Seymour ACT Party looks to amend the Euthanasia Act in 2024.



AUCKLAND COUNCIL: Measure your personal ‘carbon footprint’ with Auckland Council’s ‘FutureFit’. The council reports that FutureFit will provide a snapshot of your personal impact on this Planet called Earth. But first there will be a questionnaire for you to fill out, and you can delve even deeper for more accurate results. Oh, but Auckland Council is giving you a freebie if you answer their questionnaire, they will give you more specific goals and actions. Eem that will keep you busy. Never mind, you won’t forget to measure your carbon footprint because they are going to keep on reminding you and encouraging you to do this they will partner you all the way. (So your not alone, of course they want you to tell your mates about this. Eeem you could have a ‘carbon footprint mates date lol). Oh, the Auckland Council want you to get a team together, make it a team sport, why don’t you. (In my books, the one that comes in last, or does not join the team is definitely the winner)

Ah, well as the Auckland Council website states “You will have a lighter impact on the papatūānuku. And you don’t have to think about how and where you are going to travel, the council will do it for you, they will even give you a plant based diet plan.. what to buy and where to buy it. (I am sure it will be Countdown that’s really Woolworths, that’s owned by BlackRock).

Hope you don’t mind sharing your personal information with Auckland Council’s FutureFit questionnaire. They must have one almighty measuring stick to work out all those methane, nitrous oxide and hydroflourocarbons. (Wait a minute.. they have not told you how good CO2 is for you, and how the plants, animals, and you yourself cannot even exist without CO2..never mind ‘game over’.

Now the Auckland Councils advice to you is less air travel (eem wonder how many times the Prime Minister and other politicians travel overseas, and back and forth to Wellington across the country). Holiday are to be a closer destination.(Eeem perhaps I should just walk down the road and catch a bus to town, that’s if the buses are still working). I could jump into my electric car, only last night there was a bit of a fire in my garage, bugger no vehicle and I didn’t even strike a light). The Council want me to take shorter showers (perhaps I should just strip off in the next rainfall and wash myself down then). And change my diet.. damm.. Oh, plant based food (beans and bugs in the belly, I guess)

Auckland Council also has a teachers guide to help students calculate their individual footprints too encouraging them to also create a FutureFit team, the reengineering of social behavior. Students take a survey, enter their email address and phone number, then set their personal customs actions on a personalized dashboard. They are rewards that include badges to highlight their compliancy indoctrination success. In the classroom and online FutureFit calculation tools and a questionnaire’s for teachers and students. Auckland Council providing school with Climate Boiling Activities.(Enviroschools). Sustainable School Teams are offered advice by Auckland Council. They also provide printable resources. Auckland Council providing funding, pledges, stories, inspirational speakers, films and events for Aucklanders at home. (Emm ..Are ratepayers  paying for this?)

The Auckland Council wants me to encourage my friends to use their FutureFit, you are kidding me if I do that I am likely to lose all my friends on Facebook.  Nah, I don’t have ‘stupid’ written across my forehead. Love my roast beef and lamb too much for that, you can keep your plant based food, the bugs in the belly stuff. GOD SAVE NEW ZEALAND and cheers to the FARMERS.

(FutureFit- Auckland Council partnering with GenLess ) Auckland Council FutureFit is supported promoted by, the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority,, NZ Transport Agency, naturespace,, Ministry of the Environment (Govt),, Generation,

Auckland Council document  Generation Zero: ‘The theory of Change’ Colonization capitalism and neoliberalism are driving forces in Aotearoa’s political system. Generation Zero seeks to devolve this power by mobilizing rangatahi to engage in democracy and uplift their collective power to create institutional change for a climate-just future. Generation Zero was established in 2011 to create localized climate action, to ensure that  rangatahi have a voice in the climate movement.  They now have a voice locally and internationally.

And their story of climate justice includes : Historically and structurally disadvantaged communities experience this injustice the most. Societal inequities, many caused by the downstream impacts of capitalism and colonization, place groups such as rangatahi, tangata whenua, tangata moana, people of colour, disabled people, low-income communities, LGBTQIA Takatāpui+ folks, women and other marginalized genders on the frontlines of climate change. As they also seek ‘decolonization’

RESEARCHED By Carol Sakey,%20sustainable,%20affordable%20cities



The World Health Organization. MENTAL HEALTH AT WORK.. Guidance for Policymakers

More than half the world’s population are currently in work and 15% of working-age adults live with a mental disorder. Without effective support, mental disorders and other mental health conditions can affect a person’s confidence and identity at work, capacity to work productively, absences and the ease with which to retain or gain work. Twelve billion working days are lost every year to depression and anxiety alone. Furthermore, people living with severe mental health conditions are largely excluded from work despite this being important for recovery. Mental health conditions can also impact families, carer’s, colleagues, communities, and society at large. Depression and anxiety cost the global economy US$ 1 trillion each year predominantly from reduced productivity.

Everyone has the right to work and all workers have the right to a safe and healthy working environment. Work can be a protective factor for mental health, but it can also contribute to worsening mental health. Work-related mental health conditions are preventable. Much can also be done to protect and promote mental health at work and support people with mental health conditions to participate fully and equitably in work. WHO has developed Guidelines on mental health at work. This is accompanied by the Mental health at work: Policy brief developed in collaboration with the International Labour Organization. Together, these products aim to improve the implementation of evidence-based recommendations for mental health at work to promote mental health, prevent mental health conditions, and enable people living with mental health conditions to participate and thrive in work.

The World Health Organization. MENTAL HEALTH AT WORK.. Guidance for Policymakers

PAGE 1. Governments have a responsibility to act. .ILO conventions on occupational safety , health, discrimination, violence and harassment…WHO strategies and action plans on health, environment, climate change, mental health.. UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

WHAT POLICY MAKERS CAN DO..:- In consultation with employers and or workers organizations.

1.Prevent workers from experiencing mental health condition  refers to psychosocial risk management among occupational health services, to prevent, monitor, propose remedial action for harm caused by psychosocial risks, especially where such a capacity may not be available for lower resourced employers.

2 Protect and promote mental health at work, strengthen capacities and opportunities act on mental health conditions at work: Develop frameworks to require, encourage the use of effective interventions to protect and promote mental health. Provide guidelines and quality assurance standards for training and other interventions used in workplaces.

Build capacities within primary care, occupational health and mental health services to recognize, respond to mental health conditions in the context of work and to support lower resourced employers.

3.Support worker with mental health conditions tpo access, thrive at work: Align employment laws with International Human Rights instrument – protect workers with mental health conditions from discrimination. Establish pathways between health, social and employment services to facilitate govt initiatives and return to work programs


LEADERSHIP: Commit to mental health at work by raising awareness, advocating for action and leading policy development

INVESTMENT: Secure sufficient funds, resources to design and deliver mental health at work policies, interventions

RIGHTS Uphold peoples rights to participate in work fully and faily

COMPLIANCE: Establish regulatory processes to guide employers and strengthen uptake and compliance with relevant laws, regulations and recommendations




3 Pages Pdf: The World Health Organization. MENTAL HEALTH AT WORK.. Guidance for Policymakers