Here is one of the biggest porkies on CO2 Greenhouse Emissions.

Countries worldwide rely of IPCC Assessment Reports in the decision making around Climate Change Policies, decision making, regulations. I have researched IPCC where I have found information that states ‘high accuracy of atmospheric CO2 concentrations were initiated by Charles David Keeling in 1958, that constitute the series of documenting the changing composition of the atmosphere. This has iconic status in climate change science as the evidence of human activities on the chemical composition of the global atmosphere.

Keeling’s measurements on the global carbon cycle are used effectively today and record the burning of fossil fuel.  To record fossil fuel emissions, demonstrate long term changes in the exchange of CO2 between the atmosphere, biosphere and oceans. The Keeling Curve is necessary in IPCC Assessments. The Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii measures the carbon dioxide molecules in dry air. Data collected is namely the Keeling Curve. This has been a critical measurement in climate science since the late 1950’s. The location of the Keeling Carbon Dioxide Detectors are on a site high on the slopes of the Mauna Loa Volcano. The CO2 measurements globally are measured on the high slopes of a Hawaiian volcano. The elevation level is 3,400m top of the volcano elevation is just over 4100m

Volcano’s emit carbon dioxide, thus the carbon dioxide measurements cannot be trusted, therefore they do not know whether global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is rising or not. The Mauna Loa Observatory has played a critical role in record gathering for more than 60 years by charting inexplorable rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  But now the lava is flowing, the volcano erupted in November 2022, cut access and power to the site, halting critical monitoring. Detailed record taking since the late 1950’s, says Ralph Keeling son of David Keeling who is the Director of the CO@ Program at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  He said “Of all the evidence scientists have collected about our planets health, none is more important than a long running climate record gathered at the lonely post a top of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Volcano”. Saying “Its played a critical role in understanding global climate change by charting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

Its reported that the Mauna Loa Observatory is the world’s foremost monitoring site for Carbon dioxide and other altering greenhouse gases, CO2 monitoring has now been put on hold. Peiter Tans former scientist with NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory stated “there is no other CO2 monitoring site with the same advantages as the Hawaiian Observatory, it’s the worlds foremost observatory for Greenhouse gases. This has caused climate scientists huge concern. He also said the Mauna Loa record loss increases uncertainty of relationships of tracing CO2 and drought, and other climate anomalies on a seasonal and annual basis.

What Climate Scientists measure is about the sum of all their predictions wrapped up in an erupting volcano going up in ash, and lava slivering down the sides of the volcano. The Mauna Loa eruption of 1855 began in a similar location and sent lava flowing down the side of the volcano. That one lasted for six months. Its reported the  prospect of a similarly long pause in operations makes efforts to establish interim solutions all the more critical. For now, seismic activity is continuing beneath the currently active fissure, according to the U.S. Geologic Survey. The ground continues to rumble because magma is still rising up into it. When it will stop is anyone’s guess. But IPCC Climate Change Report was released on 2oth March 2023. The 2023 Global Stock take under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The IPCC Sixth Assessment Report.  The  measuring of Carbon Dioxide in the air globally, where methane emissions are significant.

A US Geological Survey (Gov) update reported the Mauna Loa Volcano as fast moving lava flows that happen on average every 6 years. Since 1843 has erupted 33 times. However, IPCC, Climate Scientists states that the Observatory on the Volcano is crucial in measuring Carbon Dioxide globally, green house emissions, chemicals in the atmosphere? Surely this is enough proof that you are being told a whopping porkie. This is about control of population worldwide. Its about the dilution of sovereign nations (countries) to a one world of global corporate capture. Of Stakeholder Capitalism to destroy farmers and small businesses. To destroy the Free Market Enterprising economy. Free market (Freedom to choose). It’s about Mass Migration implemented through a global Migration Task Force. It saddens me to hear at the Farmers Groundswell gathering at Ellerslie yesterday that so many farmers have bought into this global warming crap. I totally support the farmers, so I feel very sad about this.






Research by Carol Sakey



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New Zealand’s Local Government – Auckland Council have membership to  the Global Covenant of Mayors and is a C40 City.  Alliances. World Economic Forum Stakeholders and a toolbox developed by the World Bank

Globally initiated implemented by ‘Auckland Unlimited’. The rapid transformation project is already underway as to transitioning society to a so called ‘holistic’  decarbonization

On the other side of the world  it’s interesting what UK Parliament say about the 5th IPCC Assessment Report.  Plant one trillion tree’s it still won’t change the climate. Some people just can’t see the wood through the tree’s.



Researched By Carol Sakey

Carol Sakey
Climate Alarmism


The IPCC was established and endorsed by the UN General Assembly in 1988
The last IPCC Assessment report was 8,000 page synthesis. 264 scientists with findings on physical climate science * 270 scientists on impacts, adaption and vulnerability to climate change, 278 scientists on climate change mitigation. (Synthesis report is the combination of different parts to make up the whole).

The Grim Reaper Secretary General UN Tedros announcing to the world “Global boiling has arrived”. That humans are responsible. Tedross stating in a stressed mannerism “The air is unbreathable, the heat is unbeatable, the level of fossil fuel profits and climate inaction is unacceptable”. The latest twist in the fear mongering as Guterres stated “Confirming that July 2023 has become the hottest month in the past 120,000 years”.

IPCC Section 4, ‘Near-term Responses in a Changing Climate’, assesses opportunities for scaling up effective action in the period up to 2040, in the context of climate pledges, and commitments, and the pursuit of sustainable development.
This is the era of ‘Global boiling, accelerated climate action by government leaders- policy makers, those that the public are not allowed any public debate about. Guterres the “era of global; warming has ended” we now have an “era of global warming”. Using fear and the pandering to ignorance I guess is a different kind of coercion, how ever coercion using fear is now a familiar one. Do as your told, change your behavior or you may get scolded or even scorched.

Persuasion far left socialism with controlling communist demands to impose their narratives on the whole population, where are the elements of the truth? Oh, that’s right = non-debatable.
Pushing, increasing fear is a well known tactic of promoting propaganda to support a narrative. Note in IPCC reports certain words such as ‘could’ this context has no content and what about likelihood of a referred event?

Political bullies that push the ever increasing lies to mislead and frighten people until they submit to whatever policies the government intend to impose. Agree or not agree they impose them anyway. Think about it ‘global boiling, scorching, scalding oouch steam burns, boiling water second degree burns eem touches the nerve endings. Of course its not global boiling. Oh, wait a bit, they are saying science is settled but they want you to feel frightened and unsettled.

UN Members Nation Governments worldwide have done their utmost to frighten populations of citizens into anxiety and distress, one crisis after another yep it does your head in. So you go silent, can’t deal with it anymore, bugger ‘Silence is Consent’. Loss of freedom is one of those responses to fear that the government has conjured up. Climate cooling, global warming, climate emergency, global boiling the only threat to existential humanity are the evil bastards that are playing this all or nothing fear mongering game with peoples lives.
There is no evidence of global boiling but there is evidence of the various scenarios adopted, embedded in the IPCC Assessment reports. This is all hot air and media hysteria the world is not on fire and the polar bears ae doing very nicely thank you.

Oh, by the way whom are behind the international climate governance beyond the State, these include individuals, companies, corporations, international organizations, industry associations, indigenous peoples, civil society organizations. The non-state actors involved in the UNFCCC system include environmental NGOs, activist groups, intergovernmental organizations, city networks, oil companies, consultancy and legal firms, carbon brokers, indigenous communities, trade unions, women’s groups, youth organizations and religious communities
You might find this interesting:-

The IPCC use certain scenario’s some are widely and aggressive. For example RCP 8.5 generally taken as a basis for the worse case scenario, is proved to be overestimation of projected coal outputs. It is also used for predicting mid century and earlier emissions based on current and stated policies

RCPs are space, time and dependent trajectories of future greenhouse gas concentrations and different pollutants caused by different human activities. RCP 8.5 is the highest baseline emissions scenario in which emission continue to rise throughout the 21st century, therefore much more severe than RCP4.5. This is quoted as being a ‘business as usual’ scenario, meaning the likely outcome of society does not make a concerted effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Researched By Carol Sakey



23rd October 2009 The Mornington Methodist Church members were planning to ring their church bell 350 times over an hour, this was just one od six Dunedin Bells that would ring to support the 350th Day of Action. More than 4,000 events were taking place around the world on October 24th 2009 to encourage people to reduce their carbon emissions. 600 leaflets were distributed around a neighborhood in Dunedin. 350 Dunedin collective members groups as diverse as school pupils, musicians, artists, cyclists and skateboarders collaborated Dunedin’s Day Of Action to encourage Dunedin residents to reduce their fossil fuels.(Otago Daily Times 23/10/2009)

16th October 2008 (Pacific Scoop News) Ringing the Alarm on Climate Change (Release Anglian Church of Aotearoa. Church bells tolled up and down NZ on Saturday 24th October 2009. This was not a ‘civil defense emergency warning’. The church bells rang for the ‘350 Day’- global pointer to cut ‘carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere’. This was promoted by three Anglican Bishops. The Auckland Synod resolution was initiated by its Diocesan Climate Change Action Group, of which the convenor was Dr Richard Milne a Population Health Scientist. Milne said, at the time “remind church communities and individuals of the need to live more sustainably, to reduce their carbon footprint. He added “It’s particularly important, to make this statement before our government enters negotiations at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December”. The church gave a link to their website for further information on theology, science, economics, politics of global climate change (The link for the Diocesan Climate Change Action Group)

November 2009, at the Catholic Bishops Conference ‘Church leaders urged bolder action on climate change’  calling “political leaders to strive for a strong commitment by the international community at the Copenhagen Climate Summit” for the strongest commitment by the international community at the Copenhagen Summit. October 2009 following a meeting with the Prime Minister of NZ the church leaders from the Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist Churches and the Salvation Army churches released a statement outlining the environmental & economic impacts of climate change, and the importance of immediate action by the whole community. They applauded the steps that the past and present govt had taken, but felt that the urgency of the situation is not sufficiently understood, they reported. Catholic Bishop John Drew Wellington said “The world is perched on the brink of a Kairos moment”, described as a moment in the scripture  that is a moment of opportunity, grace and truth”

Bishop Drew said that “Scientists warn us that the “window of opportunity for change is very narrow”. This “narrow window of opportunity, has been heard and noted many times”. 14th September 2022, 13 years later the World Economic Forum reports that the “UN announced “We have a narrow window of opportunity to create a better future for everyone”. They were referring to ‘global society lurching from crisis to crisis. All the church leaders in NZ joined the World Council of Churches as they called ALL churches throughout NZ to ring their church bells at 3pm Sunday 13th December, midway through the UN Summit in Copenhagen, to call people to prayer and action in the face of climate change

The ‘narrow window of opportunity’ repeats itself time and time again. The UN Website 20th March 2023 14 years later, after the Church in NZ announced the “narrow window of opportunity. A major Un Report referring to the IPCC Greenhouse Emissions, a human caused climate change yet another “narrow window of opportunity” is reported by the UN. 7th November 2022 at a High Level UN Meeting the UN Secretary General announced “We need all hands on deck for faster, bolder climate action. A window of opportunity remains open, but only a narrow shaft of light appears”. A Headline Statement for Policymakers worldwide by the IPCC 4th October 2023 :This is a rapidly closing window of opportunity. Climate Home News 4th October 2023 ‘ a course correction on COP28 negotiating table refers to the “Global  Community and the window of opportunity is rapidly closing”. 23rd April 2023 ‘Off the Charts Records’ Has Humanity finally broken. “However, a tiny window of opportunity remans open to tackle global warming”

Yes the ‘Narrow Window Of Opportunity” has been repeated time and time again. What is this window of opportunity, I have asked myself, through the many hours and years of research I have done? I personally believe “it’s the destruction of the Global Free-market Enterprise Economy’. The exploitation of corporate multi-stakeholderism of Sovereign Nation States. The implanting of destroying Nation States to bring about a One World Governance under what is called Globalization’. The window of opportunity for Multi-stakeholder  Corporate wealth.. the Corporate Capture of the worlds economy, the massive transformation of populations throughout the world.. ‘The WEF/UN Great Reset’

The capitalist marketplace that is characterized by the dominance of hierarchical bureaucratic corporations. As Schwab announced to the world “Time for a Great Reset 3rd June 2020, he was then referring to the Global COVID crisis as n opportunity to build more sustainable systems. People Planet and Profit. A very wealthy profit for self interested corporations, large businesses. The Austrian Institute reported on 2nd June 2022 “The narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world, we need a better capitalism. Namely ‘Corporate Capitalism’. Corporate Capture

The Globe and Mail reported “Its Time For A Massive Reset of Capitalism 3rd June 2020. The pandemic represents a “rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimaging and reset our world”. (Not Our World But Their World). Harvard Business Review ‘Making Stakeholder Capitalism a Reality.22nd January 2020, spurred by Climate Change (Financing and Investing). As they report that ‘Larry Fink ‘BlackRock’, the worlds largest investor with $7 trillion in asset management. Reporting that his CEO’s received their annual letter “placing long term sustainability at the centre of his investment approach”, as the World Economic Forum kicks off the week as they update their manifesto, for the first time since 1973 saying “business must be the stewards of the environment, global supply chains referring to sustainable shareholders”

13th June 2019  (6 months prior to the global pandemic) the World Economic Forum and the UN signed an official partnership memorandum. This would give much more political clout and wealth for the UN to achieve its Global Development Goals of Agenda 2030. This being a trade off, as the corporations represented by the WEF would then be the whisperers in the ears of UN Agencies. The enabling of a One World Corporate captured Governance

In the wake of the COVID 19 Pandemic, transnational corporations sought to cement their control of the global governance, ensuring they served the interests of large businesses, corporations- for a very wealthy profit rather than the wellbeing of humanity. Transnational corporations are directly responsible for many global crises we face. As we view Corporate Capture in various forums throughout the world. This is a governance, the evolution of a parallel ‘privatized multilateralism’ made up of a myriad of ‘multistakeholder’ bodies.

The World Economic Forum has developed, pushed for privatization of global governance for decade. The ‘Great Reset’ is just the latest of the gradual corporate takeover of global institutions, such as the UN and other international bodies, that take critical decisions over the governance of global common goods such as food, water, health, internet and others.

Civil Society Groups in 2021 produced an open letter opposing plans for a Big Tech dominated Body for Global Digital Governance’ (Source of Information ‘Transnational Institute’). As for the churches supporting, ringing the bells in NZ, many have stated that “Christians have a particular duty to address the moral and human implications of climate change’. The Pope declared heavy criticism at climate deniers and delayers.  He called them “skeptics and irresponsible” (CNN 4th October 2023)

However George Pell saw climate science as a dangerous religious dogma  (The Guardian 13th January 2023). The Guardian reported that Cardinal George Pell left a legacy of ‘climate science denial’ which meant in his later years he became more distanced from his position in the Catholic Church. Cardinal Pell, for decades in newspaper columns and speeches “popularized climate denial, dismissed global heating, branded environmentalists as hysterical and in the grip of a pseudo-religion”. In one 2011 interview with the Catholic media Pell said “In the past, pagans sacrificed animals and even humans in vain attempts to placate capricious and cruel Gods. Today they demand a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions”. Pell often announced that “Climate change was mostly natural and the science is not settled”

Professor Tim Stephens an International Environmental Law expert wrote that “ Pell was prolific, wrote many climate denial pieces. He said that Pell was “ caught up in the right wing cultural view of climate change being a hoax or a conspiracy”. Cardinal Pell died in Rome aged 81, he used his position as Australia’s most senior Catholic to forcefully reject the Climate  Crisis, the Guardian reported. On the eve of the Paris Climate conference in 2015, the former prime minister Kevin Rudd publicly challenged Pell, as Cardinal Pell was climbing the ranks of seniority in the Vatican. Rudd said “It was no small matter, that Pell was muddying the ethical waters with his radical climate skepticism”. But this did not stop Cardinal Pell criticizing the so called climate science”. Like all those real scientists whom publicly speak out about this Climate Alarmism, and the IPCC flawed, corrupt Assessment Reports, they are character assassinated, just as Cardinal Pell was. Public debate is soon shut down time and time again.

However Pope Francis in 2015 released his encyclical on the environment- Laudato Si- calling for global action on climate change to mitigate the risk of serious consequences for ecosystems and humanity. Forbes reported on 9th December 2020 that ‘Pope Francis with his Corporate Titans were to make Capitalism More Fair”.” Corporations to be Holier than thou”. Pope Francis’s virtual signaling to global populations worldwide. As he ignored the rest of society, jumped on the bandwagon of Lady Lynn De Forester Rothschild’s Corporate bandwagon. Yes, the pope spoke about the hundreds of millions of people in extreme poverty, he talked the talk but did not walk the walk. Pope Francis, the Vatican partnered with the Rothschild ‘Council for Inclusive Capitalism’ that boosts over $10.5 trillion in assets under management, companies with more than $2.1 trillion of market capitalization and 200 million workers in over 163 countries.

Members of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism’ calling themselves ‘Guardians’, these are top CEO’s of Corporations that include CEO’s of Mastercard, Dupont, Salesforce, Rothschild Inclusive Capital Partners, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, BP, Bank of America, the Rockefeller Foundation. These are the world’s top wealthiest elite. Key players of the World Economic Forum. The Corporate Capture of the World. Corporate Governance. Digital Governance. A One World Governance to control ALL populations worldwide.

Those church bells that tolled up and down NZ in 2009, should have been ringing for Corporate Alarmism, warning the people of New Zealand what was about to come. Communist Degrowth. Destruction of democracy, democratic states, totalitarian. The loss of the Free-market Enterprising economy- the freedom to choose. Replacing this for a Stakeholder Capitalism where peoples freedoms are seriously at stake. Today we have Eco Churches in NZ funded supported by Local Government.

Auckland Council website that refers to the WEF data. Klaus Schwab ‘4th Industrial Revolution’. Where did the caring churches of humanity go? Earlier this year I emailed the main churches in NZ requesting a ‘day of prayer’ for those jab injured, jab dead” and zilch.

The World Council of Churches that have collaborated with Governments, Authorities on mandatory COVID 19 Jabs, and the implementing of Climate Alarmism. The suffering of Eco Anxiety is reported by National Health in the UN, of the young and thevunerable. I have included my personal thoughts, and evidential information to share with you, for your response.







Mainstream media report ‘Warns Rates Payers of Rates Rise Shock’ that they could face a 13% increase in their rates, and a 9.5% increase in water bills this year. A combined cost for the average household $4,900 during a cost of living crisis. Auckland Council warns that this is likely to worsen next year. Auckland Council is in debt to the tune of $12.4 Billion, plus interest on this massive debt, add inflation and depreciation. More Public Assets may be sold off (Public assets owned by the public), there has been a substantial offer to purchase the Ports Of Auckland by DP World based in Dubai. Mayor Wayne Brown inherited all of these huge problems from the previous Mayor Phil Goff. New Zealanders are facing significant increases in the  basic living expenses, increased rents, mortgages, loans, fuel and services Central Government are call for the return on GST on Rates and Crown Properties.

Surely this is enough, and we keep saying ‘enough is enough’ Wayne Brown also inherited a much bigger problem from Phil Goff that is hugely detrimental to all New Zealand Citizens. Phil Goff made absolutely sure that Auckland’s membership to the C40 global network would continue by renewing Auckland City membership to the C40 Network before he left office. C40 Cities Global Network is a collaboration between C40 Mayors and the Mayors Migration Council. The Global Mayors Migration Council  advises local mayors on policies on Climate and Migration  that focuses on a ‘Climate Crisis’. Global mayors of C40 Cities are ‘front line’ to mass migration in cities worldwide.

It is documented C40 Cities goal is to ‘achieve a COVID-19 Pandemic Green Recovery’. The integration, inclusion of migrants and displaced environmental migrants to be implemented by C40 city mayors. City mayors to include urban policies inclusive of non discrimination against migrants. Global Mayors to accelerate the Global Response to Climate Migration. The C40 Cities and Global Mayors Task Force on Climate migration launched in June 2021 bringing together mayors worldwide. Accelerating local, national, regional response to climate mitigation in cities namely ‘Valuable lessons for a future of greater mobility’.

Open Borders and illegal migration. The Global Agenda of COP26, action on climate migration by local, national, international key actors. Huge risks to New Zealand’s Security. Open Borders:  Risks are:- False passports, child trafficking, slave labour, terrorism. Drug cartels, weapons etc., Open borders are a massive risk puts individuals, communities at risk and a threat to public health. Auckland Council (Local Government) and Central Government are not telling you about the Global Mayors Migration Task Force. The economic, social and political problems this will include, the adverse effects on public health and education services, civil unrest and much stricter legislations. The need for a larger police force. The latest figures show that application  numbers to join the police force has  decreased by 48.5%.  Over the last few years policing is shown to be not so an attractive career to be in. Larger migration risks deterioration in the rural and urban sectors.

Governments worldwide have committed themselves to doing everything possible to facilitate the integration of migrants/ refugees..C40 Mayors inspire a coalition of city and National governments, multilateral organizations, financial institutions for the urbanized dimension of Climate and Human Mobility. The adoption of the endorsed:-

Put people at the centre of climate action (Climate migrants)   *Leveraging reserves from COVID-19    *Promote inclusive climate equitable climate actions   *Recognize ‘Climate Crisis’ impacts  *The vulnerability of the marginalized people-migrants and displaced peoples *Help migrants adapt in a way that preserves their assets, their rights and their dignity   *Ensure migrants fundamental rights of access to services regardless of migration status  * Legal or non legal status. (Open Borders) *To Promote good quality jobs for migrants and displaced people including in the informal sector  *Recognize migrants contribution to ‘greening’ local economies and the delivery of climate action  *Partner with migrants, displaced people- amplify their voices in local policy making, in national and global advocacy.

Cities (C40) to meet and exceed these goals that are already set out in the UN Global Compact of Migration (Peters signed in December 2018) and the UN New York Refugee’s Declaration 2016 also the Paris agreement and other UN Global Agenda’s. Of which NZ Parliamentarians over decades are a party to 1900 UN Agreements. The Mayors Migration Council advises City Mayors to shape National, International policies on migration, displaced people. Wayne Brown inheritance of $12 Billion plus debt from previous Mayor Phil Goff. Plus Interest – plus inflation and depreciation. Warning 13% increase of rates and 9.4% increase of water bills, less services.

The selling of assets the public own. Add providing more services, huge added costs of infrastructure. Increased waiting at hospitals, doctors. Lack of rentals now, higher mortgages, higher rents. The inability to measure Carbon Dioxide and other chemical because the Keeling Curve has been wiped out by an erupting volcano in Hawaii. An observatory is wiped out by lava flow,  where the Keeling Curve Detectors are located near the top of the erupting volcano, which is crucial to measuring Carbon Dioxide and other chemicals in the atmosphere worldwide. And still the political liars keep bullying throwing the farms under their tractors, using them as their whipping boy. Pushing plant based foods, C40 Plant based city. Planning to decreasing dairy, beef and sheep numbers. The Auckland Council Events want to measure your carbon footprint. Be deliberately ignorant to struggling New Zealand Citizens whom face  economical and social disharmony, an uncertainty about their future.

Those political cronies from the cesspit of Wellington on their general election campaign paths, tell you all those things that you want to hear, its their golden opportunity to get their feet back in the door to continue to do what they have always done.. do what they want to do, follow the global agenda deliberately ignore the citizens of New Zealand.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This is Communist De Growth.

Researched by Carol Sakey