National Socialism, a preoccupation of eco fascist movements of environmental obsessiveness, climate alarmism, rising seas. Looking back in history, the incarnation of the so called ‘Green Wing’, a notorious historical Green Wing of the Nazi movement, the aims, goals and other consequences. The  ‘ideological overlap between nature conservation  and National Socialism. The Nazi ideology, the practical implementation by Hitlers Third Reich. The terms:-‘ecological’ and ‘environmental’ commonly associated with the environmental movement.

Pre 1933 historical data traces , political- environmental impacting on societies past and present, social and ecological crisis. Namely the roots of ‘Blood and Soil’ mystique.  The site of Green politics in Nazi Germany. The influence of romantic enlightenment, a wonderful world of utopia. Even an article written back in 1815 at the dawn of industrialization in Central Europe read ‘On the Care and Conservation of Forests’ . Condemned deforestation and its economic causes.

The 19th Century a deadly connection between love and land a militant racism, environmental activism. Environmentalist Riehl 1853 essay  ‘Field and Forest ended with a call to fight for the ‘rights of the wilderness. We must save the forest, not only so our ovens do not become cold in winter, but also so that the pulse of life of the people continue to best warm and joyfully, so that Germany remains German”.

Germany’s Volkisch Movement, of powerful cultural disposition with social tendencies of nature mysticism, a pathological approach, response to modernity, perverted utopianism accompanied by political vulgarity, a reconstruction of society. Ecological political and aggressive.  Fast forwarded to Nazi Germany,  incorporated the age old object of peasant hatred and middle class resentment of the Jews and other groups.  Modern ecology of the time adopted by the hierarchy of the Nazi Regime, aggressively charged.

The term ‘Ecology’ was first coined by German Zoologist Ernest Haeckel as he established it as a scientific discipline dedicated to studying interrelations between organism and environment.  He believed in Nordic racial superiority, supported racial eugenics.  Haeckel contributed to a special variety of German thought which served as a seed for National Socialism in Hitlers Germany. He played a key role in the establishment of the Nazi movement.  His  disciples were Willibald, Hentschel, Wilhelm Bolsche and Brun Wille, they shaped the thinking of subsequent generations of environmentalists by embedded concern for the natural world in a tightly woven web of regressive social themes.

From the beginning ‘ecology’ would be intensely reactionary, a political framework. Authoritarian with social and economic view, an application of biological categories in a social economical realm. Haeckel held that ‘Civilization, the life of nations are governed by the same laws that prevail through nature  ‘Natural Laws’ or Natural Order’ The life of nations are governed by the same laws. The mainstay of environmental reactionary environmental thought. (Anti-humanism)  The emerging pseudo scientific racism. The conflation of biological and social categories. The natural order determines the social order.

Contemporary Eco-Fascism the pioneer of the ecological movement. The insistence on the biological interpretation for all societal  phenomenon , from cultural attitudes to economic arrangements.  From environmental purity and Racial purity. A saturation of environmentalism within authoritarian political realms was also evident in Nazi Germany.

The chief vehicle for carrying this ideology were the German Youth, Hitlers Youth. They played a huge role in shaping Germany’s popular culture. They were known as the ‘Wandervogel’ (definition of the wandering free spirits).  The blending of ne-romanticism and eastern philosophies, nature mysticism confused non- alienated social relations. They spurred the emphasis on the natural world, the damage it suffers a strong communal hostile impulse.

They were called ‘right wing hippies’ not so as we are aware of the leftist obsessions with climate alarmism and the environment. These are the oppressive far left environmentalist that want us all to continue spiraling into an environmental misery of continued crisis, whilst the globalist reset our world to the way they want it.  The German environmental fascist movement were eventuallu absorbed by the Nazi Regime. A shift from Nature worshippers to Fuhrer-Hitler worshippers. Pushing contradictions to breaking point, social rebellion. Controlled by political, economical means, demanding control over the individual to conform and comply to authoritarianism of Nazism.

Society not only needed to be controlled  by political means but by the improvement of the individual. (Ecological Fascism)  These obsessed environmental ecologists joined the Nazi movement in their thousands.   Their harmony with nature that bore the bitterest fruit. Eschewingn -societal change, transformation in favour of personal change, apolitical disaffection in times of crisis with barbaric results.  This was Hitlers Youth shaping ecological consciousness.

Ludwig Klages philosopher influenced Germanys youth movement, shaped their ecological consciousness. He authored the essay ‘Man and Earth’ it was named as the  greatest manifesto of the radical eco pacifist movements in Germany’

A classic example of seductive terminology, reactionary ecology decrying the accelerating – extinction of species, disturbances of the global eco system. Deforestation and destruction of the aboriginal people and wild habitats. (published in 1913). It also disparaged Christianity, capitalism, economic utilitarianism , hypo-consumption as the ideology of process. . Condemmed rampant tourism and the slaughter of whales -Yes 1913.

The German Klages was labelled as a ‘Volkish Fanatic. He considered himself an intellectual pacemaker for the Third Reich. The devastation of the natural environment coupled with political subtext of cultural despair. Foreclosing any chance of rationally reconstructing society’s relationship with nature, justifying brutal authoritarianism.  Klages ‘Man and Earth’ essay in 1980 was republished to accompany the birth of the German Greens.

Heidegger is another German  ecological theorist he urged his colleagues to be active members of the Nazi Party, he adored and supported the Fuhrer-Hitler. He never ever condemned the evil crimes the Nazi’s committed. His  philosophical merits stand today as a signal about political uses of anti-humanism, in ecological garb.

Innocuous eco-environmental groups were included in the Nazi party. Arndt, Ruehl  Haeckel and others between 1933 and 1945 as forbearers of the Nazi Parties – National Socialism. . The Nazi movement incorporation of environmentalist themes, a crucial factor in the rise of Nazi popularity and its state power of the German people.  The National Socialist religion of nature, a volatile admixture of primeval Teutonic nature mysticism, pseudo-scientific ecology, irrationalism, anti-humanism. Racial salvation by the return of the land.Using themes like ‘Natural Order’  These days the One World Private-Public Corporate Order.

The Fuhrer was fond of stressing the ”Helplessness of Humankind in the face of natures everlasting law”  1934 the Director of the Reich Agency for Nature Protection, Walter Schoenichen established the following “Very early the youth must develop an understanding of the civic importance of the ‘organism’ ie., the coordination of all parts and organs for the benefit of the one and superior task of life” This being ‘Unmediated adaption of biological concepts to social phenomenon served to justify not only the totalitarian social order of the Third Reich but also the expansionist politics of Lebesraum

Lebesraum  being the  plan of conquering ‘living space’ in Eastern Europe for the German people. The link between environmental purity and racial purity.  National Socialists world view linked with traditional romanticism to hostility, the rootedness in nature.  The lost connection to nature were most pronounced among neo=pagans Elements in Nazi leadership referring to Heinrich Himmler, Alfred Rosenberg and Walther Darre.

Rosenberg wrote  ‘The Myth of the 20th Century’ Today we see the steady stream from the countryside to the city, deadly for the volk and destroying the threads that bind humanity to nature, they attract adventurers and profiteers of all colour’s, thereby fostering racial chaos”

The top Nazi hierarchy were associated with ecological attitudes. Hitler and Himmler were both strict vegetarians. Himmler even established experimental organic farms. Hitler at times sounded like a Green Utopian, discussing authoritatively in detail various renewable energy sources (Including hydropower, producing natural gas from sludge, alternatives to coal, declaring water winds and tides, the energy path to the future.  Dec 1942 Himmler released a decree ‘On the Treatment of the Land in the Eastern Territories’ referring to the newly annexed portions of Poland,  He wrote : The peasant of our racial stock has always carefully endeavored to increase the natural powers of the soil, plants and animals and to preserve the balance of the whole of nature.

Respect for divine creation is the measure of all culture. If therefore the new Lebensraumr (Living spaces) are to become a homeland for our settlers, the planned arrangement of the landscape to keep it close to nature is a decisive prerequisite. It is one of the bases for fortifying the German Volk” (The standard as to what society is to be judged)

Goring and Goebbels Nazi inner circle of ecological ideas was clearly y environmentalism and National Socialism of the Nazi Party ran deep. Played a role in Nazi Fascism. The Green Wing of the Nazi Party definited existed. Comparing this with today ‘The so called Right wing was definitely a far Left Eco Fascist wing’. The Green Wing of the Nazi Party certainly existed, although like to be ignored today.  This “green wing” of the NSDAP was represented above all by Walther Darré, Fritz Todt, Alwin Seifert and RudolfHess, the four figures who primarily shaped fascist ecology in practice.

German environmentalist, ecologist and ‘The Nazi Movement ‘Blood and Soil as an official doctrine. ‘ The unity of blood and soil must be restored’ claimed Richard Walther Darre 1930-1937.  The quasi mystical connection between blood (the race or Vold) and soil (the land and natural environment. The Jews were called a rootless wandering people, incapable of any true relationship with the land. Whereas German blood engendered an exclusive claim to sacred German soil. ‘Blood and Soil’ had been circulating in the Wilhelmine era.

Darre popularized it as a slogan, then enshrined it as a guiding principle of Nazi thought. To ensure racial health and ecological sustainability. He supported, was loyal to the Nazi regime  during the critical period from 1933-1942, holding  the posts of Reich Peasant Leader and Minister of Agriculture. Darre was very influential as to the ideology of National Socialism, the Nazi ideology, as Nazi policy being the goal and imperialist expansion in the name of Lebensraum(Open Spaces). Darre declared “The concept of Blood and Soil gives the Nazi’s a moral right to take back as much land in the East as is necessary to establish a harmony for the body of our Volk and the geopolitical space.

“Aside from proving green  camouflage for the colonization of Eastern Europe. The principles, basis of the Third Reich’s agricultural policy. The Nazi doctrine The ‘Battle for Production’  (a scheme to boost the productivity of the Nazi agricultural sector) was proclaimed by the 2nd Reich Farmers Congress in 1934.  “Keep the Soil Healthy’. Darre most important innovation was the introduction of large scale organic farming methods, labelled  “lebensgesetzliche Landbauweise;’ (Farming according to the laws of life) Rudolf Steiners techniques of biodynamic cultivation.

The Nazi Regime Institutionalized  farming encompassed tens of thousands of smallholdings and estates across Germany. They were met  was considerable resistance. A policy of forced resignation 1942.( with very little to do with environmentalism at all but a useful termed purpose).  The forerunner of the contemporary Green Movement. Darre was known as father of the Greens. His published writing found Darre to be rabidly racist, prone to vulgar and hateful antisemitism. He called Jews ‘Weeds’. He was a loyal servant to Hitler and Himmler and it was Darre who convinced Hitler and Himmler of the necessity of exterminating the Jews and Slavs.

Darré represents the baleful spectre of ecofascist in power. .amd implemented Eco-Fascist programmes He was responsible for sustaining an environmental commitment. There were other Nazi influencers, high level planners and engineers all part of the Nazi policy, gathering major tasks of the Reich.  An ecological approach to construction for aesthetic reasons

Seifert another Nazi dreamed of a “total conversion from technology to nature: “ would often wax lyrical about the wonders of German nature and the tragedy of “humankind’s” carelessness.

1934 he wrote to Hess demanding attention to water issues and invoking ‘working methods that are more attuned to nature.  Seifert stressed the importance of wilderness and energetically opposed monoculture, wetlands drainage and chemicalized agriculture. The Third Reich’s technological policy  took on the Nazi distinctive green hue. Helped radical initiatives in the highest Nazi state. The push for an all encompassing Reich law for the Protection of Mother Earth. This was opposed by some of the ministries because of the economical  impact on mining.

Rudolf Hess, provided the  “green wing” of the NSDAP a secure anchor at the very top of the party hierarchy. It would be difficult to overestimate Hess’s power and centrality in the complex governmental machinery of the National Socialist regime. He was Hitlers devoted personal deputy. Described as Hitlers closest confidant. Hitlers closest advisor. Hess insisted on a strictly biodynamic diet-not even Hitler’s rigorous vegetarian standards were good enough for him . It was Hess who introduced Darré to Hitler, thus securing the “green wing” its first power base. Hess was very enthusiastic backing the ‘Green Wing’ of the Nazi party.. As early as March 1933, a wide array of environmentalist legislation was approved and implemented at national, regional and local levels. These measures, which included reforestation programs, bills protecting animal and plant species, and preservationist

The Nazi Party Institutionalized  environmentally sensitive land use planning and industrial policy, the major accomplishment of the Nazi ecologists was the Reichsnaturschutzgesetz of 1935. This completely unprecedented ‘Nature Protection’ law, established guidelines for safekeeping of flora, fauna, and “natural monuments” across the Reich; it also restricted commercial access to remaining tracts of wilderness.  While the achievements of the “green wing” were daunting, they should not be exaggerated.

Hess’s famed flight to Britain in 1941, the environmental tendency was for the most partly suppressed.. For the final three years of the Nazi conflagration the “green wing” played no active role. Their work left an indelible stain. Environmental causes perverted and instrumental in the service of criminal savagery.

They were not a group of Nazi innocents, were not confused or manipulated, they were reformers within, they were conscious promoters, executors of a vile program explicitly dedicated to inhuman racist violence, massive political repression and worldwide military domination. Their ecological involvement far from offsetting fundamental commitments deepened and radicalized them.  In the end their configuration of environmental politics was directly and substantially responsible for organized mass murder. The Green Wing of the Nazi Regime refurbished antisemitism a reactionary ecology, it catalysed a whole new  outburst of lurid racist fantasies, a political revenge.

The confluence of anti-humanist dogma with a fetishization of natural ‘purity’ provided not merely a rationale but an incentive for the Third Reich’s most heinous crimes. Insidious appeal unleashed murderous energies previously untapped.  The displacement of any social analysis of environment destruction  in favour of a mystical ecology served as an integral component in the  preparation of the final solution:

To explain the destruction of the countryside and environmental damage, without questioning the German people’s bond to nature, could only be done by not analysing environmental damage in a societal context and by refusing to understand them as an expression of conflicting social interests.  Associating environmental problems with the destructive influence of other races. National Socialism could then be seen to strive for the elimination of other races in order to allow the German people’s innate understanding and feeling of nature to assert itself, hence securing a harmonic life close to nature for the future.Eco-fascism is all empowering, genocide developed into a necessity under the cloak of environmental protectionism.

The “green wing, of German fascism is a sobering reminder of the political volatility of ecology.. There is not one inherent piece of evidence where there is a connection to any right wing politicalism only left wing authoritarian control, demands, evil murder, tortures. It stinks of the left socialism. The political manifestations of environmentalism a straightforward fascist variety. “those who want to reform society according to nature the ecologically minded: ‘Environmental themes can be mobilized from the left , requiring an explicit social context if they are to have any political valence whatsoever.

Failing to heed this historical evilness of the Nazi regimes interrelationship with ecology, pseudo science, reactionary eco fascism  That takes the form of the ‘Great Reset’, redesigning  society and economy, reforming society according to nature. Submitting and demanding that human are obedient to those that play God over nature. The underlying social and economical process that are hastily advancing globally are intentionally left unexamined by the public, if they do publically speak out, they are criminalized, shut down and character assassinated.

The shaping of our society and future generations have incorporated an ignorance. Theories becoming known as facts. Pseudo-science as real science. Advanced AI data systems, very few understand demand we change our lives. Our diets, economy, infrastructure. Work in isolation, work from home. Massive exploitation, and targeting, violating human rights.  Power structures left unquestioned. Whilst catastrophic being kept in a eternal, continuous of crisis misery. Political repercussion if you become politically responsive, totalitarian control- eco fascism.

Pathogen crisis and climate crisis, alarmism’s, awareness’s they tell you to always be alert. Absolute control over everyone, everywhere, every age leave no-one behind. We must never go back to the old normal.

This historically naivety and politically fatality. The importance of looking in the rear vision mirror of history. However in this globalist eco environmental world we are told “ It is a ‘No Regrets Approach’ of never looking  back.  This eco fascist global framework endangers populations worldwide. And for New Zealanders Ardern boast that under her leadership NZ will lead the way.

Historical fascist ecology has shown us that such as orientation can quickly lead to evil barbarism.

REFERENCING OF ‘THE MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY PUBLISHED ‘in 2011 ‘Fascist Ecology: The ‘Green Wing’ of the Nazi Party and its Historical Antecedents. Peter Staudenmaier at 31 page pdf document.




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26th May 2022 DAVOS- The President of Alibaba   launched an individual  digital ecosystem tool to measure carbon footprints. A Chinese type social credit systems  toolkit.  This can also be applied with a SaaS application for business carbon emissions  tracking – ESG Scoring

June 2020 Founder of WEF Klaus Schwab said “Now is the time for a Great Reset.. The world must act swiftly, jointly to revamp all aspects aspect  of our societies and economies from education to social contracts even working conditions “We must build entirely new foundations for our social and economic systems”

COVID19 Pandemic has produced many windows of opportunity as billionaires have grown immense wealth under the veil of COVD19.   Individual Carbon Trackers- Imagine limiting your travel, not being able to drive your car, not being able to eat certain foods you now enjoy. Think of the farmers and the small businesses, democratic, human rights all destroyed.   Already these apps are on Android and other applications

In the following video I will share with you what is happening on our own shores in New Zealand as the Eco-System Toolbox has already started invading thousands of kiwi lives





When smart, intelligent people are scared to voice their opinion then this is a sure sign that something very sinister and evil is happening in our world. Democracy does not exist when the people are forced, demanded of not to oppose government policies, not to publicly speak out.

Life is about the good, the bad and the ugly and we the people deserve to know about all three especially when it has a serious impact on our lives. The lives of our children and future generations to come.  We need to combat this culture of fear.

The impact of living in a culture of  continuous fear is far reaching. Fear is an human emotion is triggered by a perceived threat. Fear is a basic survival mechanism that signals our bodies to respond to danger with a flight or fright response. It is an essential part of keeping us safe.  But continuous fear, living in constant fear can experience very negative impact in all areas of people lives if they are living under the threat of a pending danger. For example Climate Alarmism and a Pandemic Crisis.

This fear reaction to continuous danger slows, shuts down functions such as the digestive system. Can effect your eyesight, heart rate increases and blood flows to muscles can run much faster. Our body also increases the flow of hormones to an area of the brain known as the amygdala to help us focus on the present danger and store it in the memory.

Fear weakens our immune system.  Therefore all those fearful messages continually dished out  by media, government, academia that keeps people in an ongoing fear can cause cardiovascular damage, gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome, also decreased fertility. Can also lead to premature death and accelerated aging.

Fear can interrupt processes in our brains that allow us to regulate emotions, read non-verbal clues and other information presented to us, reflect before we act. This impacts our thinking, decision making leaving us susceptible to intense emotions and impulsive reactions.

Continuous fear, the line for what is termed ‘continuous line’ is measured differently for each one of us. Eg continuous fear for 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months ( continuous sufferance of fear measures)

You can experience fear and anxiety because of trauma that didn’t even happen to you.  Eg; Main stream media may publish events happening to other people that may never possibly happen to you however this can cause ongoing fear that you may also suffer the same trauma as others have.

There is a deliberate, intention spread of continuous fear in this globalized world has nationalism is under attack.

The Economy (Free market Enterprise) is under attack.  Conservatism is under attack.  Families are under attack.  Democratic Rights are severely targeted and Christianity is under attack.

Real Science has been replaced by Pseudo-science .  The Truth is being replaced with untruths, and our children are being taught under the veil of COVID19 that these lies are the truth.  Children are being indoctrinated under the educational system under a cloud of fear.   This is extremely unjust, evil and immoral.  As parents, caregivers, cousins, aunties, uncles grandparents and even teachers we must put a stop to this now.  STOP THIS INSIDIOUS CLIMATE OF FEAR RIGHT NOW.





The Reserve Bank was sitting on $10 billion. Megan Woods decided that the Government would not subsidize Marsden Point Oil Refinery, not likely will will be put in a risky emergency situation.   The emergency situation we have now, is the government we have right now, a complete failure. Oil Security we don’t have Oil Security and we do not have economical, social or political stability either.

Ardern declares Climate Emergency Zero Emmissions and at the same time the govt is a major investors in the main electrical energy companies in New Zealand that have imported one million tonnes of coal from Indonesia, the worse dusty, dirty cheap coal their is.  Only once before have they majorily bought in so much coal was in 2006.  When Hydro lakes are low, the wind is not blowing for the windmill-turbines and the sun decides to take a break for the winter these electrical supply companies rely on coal.  This is what Ardern hides from the public of New Zealand, we are reliant on coal.  N ew Zealand is lining the wealthy pockets of  billionaire investors of coal., instead of looking after the best interests of New Zealanders.

Please note the video I have produced gives important information as to emergency enforcement and regulations that affect New Zealanders if our fuel stocks get sufficiently low.


Please share, share share.





As Ardern preaches to the world about Climate Alarmism, zero carbons its a wonder she doesn’t choke on her lies as she spills out her verbal diarreah.  Jacinda Ardern calls climate change ‘one of the greatest challenges of our time’ and pledges carbon-neutral government by 2025. In late 2019 the prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, ushered through legislation that set a target of net zero by 2050 for CO2 emissions. The silence is deafening as not one of those political cronies in the toilet bowl dare speak out about the bullcrap spouting out of Arderns and her political cronies mouths about this supposed man – made climate alarmism.

Newsroom reports ‘Crown funds have a green light to keep investing in coal, oil and gas – despite New Zealand pledging to stop financing fossil fuels’.                  New Zealand promised its public sector would become carbon neutral, reported in her  climate emergency  announcement in parliament.  Ardern is on TV and I in my home shout back at her  “Liar, liar pants on fire”.

The ‘Disinformation Campaign’continues insisting the only source of truth comes out of this bull crap in the toilet bowl of Wellington. The truth is that Ardern and her mates are not telling the truth.


Please click on the image above this will take you directly to my ‘One Million Tonnes of Cheap Nasty, Dusty Source of Energy’ video

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