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CLIMATE CHANGE: Australian Summit held a meeting on 29th March 2022 as to a matter of ‘Urgency on Climate Change’ . The ‘mining and burning of coal, oil and gas being the primary cause of global heating and is causing more frequent and more intense floods, heatwaves, fires and to protect livelihoods, no new coal, oil and gas projects should be started in Australia’. I have copied those speeches given by Senators who  opposed the Senates Motion I have included their speeches in the Senate

Senator McMahon (Northern Territory) “As always the Greens over exaggerate on Climate Change for their own selfish political purposes. Its disgraceful to politicalise natural disaster and tragedies, trying to score political points on the back of human misery and suffering. Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you for doing that. That’s terrible. He referred to the claims about recent flooding, climate change in Eastern Australia, saying “these do not stack up. In the CSIRO  Climate Change Australia Report shows that rainfall extremes in northern NSW have only been slightly above average and  in South East Queensland they have been average. We have other rainfall records to back this up. He referenced the Brisbane river , a major flood that had happened a month before hand, saying there had been 10 floods that have been far greater over the past 150 years”(CSIRO is the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research)

The Senator added “Some of them are 1852, Gundagai in New South Wales.  – 1916, Clermont in Queensland; also  1934, Melbourne; in 1893, Ipswich, Queensland; and, in 1927, Brisbane, Cairns, and Townsville in Queensland.  The 1917 floods caused 47 deaths, destroyed 16 homes caused an estimated 300,000pounds in damages. These floods are not a new phenomenon as the Greens would have you believe.” He referenced the bushfires. “CSIRO admit there is no evidence linking climate change with bushfires, as stated in the Climate Change in Australia Report. There has been no studies explicitly attributing the Australian increase in fine weather to climate change have been performed at this time. Yet Greens, shockingly try to blame the government policies for the deaths and destruction of property fires”. Adding “it’s a tragedy for someone to lose their life, their home, their livestock and their pets in a flood or fire, we should not be politicalising this and trying to score points on the back of these tragedies”

There are natural weather events, fires, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes and cyclones as long as we have had records. Australia produces  6% of the worlds coal, 3.7% of the worlds gas and o,6%  of the worlds oil. Even if Australia were to shut down all our coal, oil and gas tomorrow it would make no difference to the temperature of the globe or to any natural disasters that the Greens try to pin on the government. He also referred to carbon dioxide emissions by country saying “ China accounts for 29%, USA 14%, India 7%, Russia 4.5%, Japan 3.4%, Germany 2% and Australia 1.1%.” China is running 1,058 coal fired power plants, more than half the worlds capacity. They emit more greenhouse gas than the entire developed world combines. But the Greens want to wreck the Australian economy and our way of life for the massive 1.1% that we contribute.

Europe as at March 2022 was currently paying Russia more than a $1 billion a day for coal, oil and gas. Europe has reduced its own gas production by 30% over the past decade, its consumption has decreased by 13%. They are reliant on Russian gas, this is completed self inflicted. This is why, when Ukraine asked Australia for help to fight Putin, they asked us to send coal, not solar panels Russia with love. The Senator said “isn’t it ironic that the Greens have a slightly well hidden dirty secret.” Their campaigns are actually helped by the funding Putin provides to anti fossil fuel organizations. ‘Funded by Russia with love’. His next topic of focus was ‘food’. “We all know that the composition of fertilisers that we use in the world comes from oil and the gas industry, which the leftists want to stop. They want to step this industry with 45% of the world food production. The Greens not only want you to freeze to death they also want you to starve to death.

Senator Roberts (Queensland) said “Here we go again, the Greens, Labour, Liberal and Nationals seem to think that science occurs when someone says the words ‘the science says’. It’s a lie, a delusion, a dangerous lie and a dangerous delusion. Empirical scientific evidence, measured observations, decide science when presented within a casual framework that proves cause and effect. The Greens never present empirical scientific evidence, scientific evidence showing cause and effect.”

Assessing the Greens statement and implied claims, the senator said “Firstly their claim about increased global heating, the global atmosphere has not warmed since 1995, especially when you include analysis of natural El Nino cycles. There has been no increase for 27 years. The  longest temperature trend in the last 140 years has been the 40 years between 1936 and 1976- 40 years of cooling”. He added “It was warmer by far in Australia in the 1880s and 1890’s, far Warmer than today. Today is now cooler that 97% of the Holocene, that period of history of the last 10,000- years since the last glaciers. There is no heating –END OF STORY”. Senator Roberts also said “They make the statement that the burning of coal, gas, oil is the primary cause. Human use of hydrocarbon fuels lead to the production of water vapour, H2) and Carbon Dioxide. Water vapour has a net cooling effect on the planet. Human Carbon Dioxide is a plant food. Essential for all life on this planet, it increases plant growth as it gets higher in the atmosphere and it has a net cooling effect because of the vegetation.” He then posed the question “does human carbon dioxide affect the level of carbon dioxide in the air”?  He responded to his own question “During the global financial crisis we had a natural experiment for the whole planet. We saw 7% reduction in the level of carbon dioxide produced by human activity, industrial, transportation activity, yet the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continued to increase. So we cut our carbon dioxide and the level of carbon dioxide increased”

The Senator referred to the 2020 secondary planetary experiment with COVID restrictions saying “There was a bigger decrease in human carbon dioxide output level yet the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continued to increase.  Human production of carbon dioxide does not, cannot affect the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere- FULL STOP. Nature alone controls the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, regardless of what we do. Each year nature produces 32 times the level of carbon dioxide that we produce. Entire human activity is just one 32nd of what nature produces”. .Senator Roberts stated “Nature produces 9% of earths carbon dioxide every year. The oceans contain, in dissolved form, 50 to 70 times the carbon dioxide in earths entire atmosphere. Slight cooling the ocean temperatures leads to absorption of carbon dioxide and slight warming leads to release of cardon dioxide into the atmosphere. Nature alone controls the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  He referred to some of the statistics of floods in Brisbane and South East Queensland in the last 100 years, there were two major floods, in the previous 90years there had been 9 major floods that were in 1893 and 1841 far higher than any recent floods. In the summer of 1893 Brisbane endured 3 floods within 3 months. There was a slight decrease , flattening in frequency and severity. As for todays bushfires they are far less than in the past. Heatwaves are much shorter and much cooler than in the 18880’s, 1890’s. Senator Roberts referred to data produced by the ‘Bureau of Meteorology’

As for Reef Bleaching, he said “its natural, that record cooling in the southern Great Barrier Reef in June 2008 saw the coral bleaching, its caused by symbiosis in the corals. The Senator concluded by saying “who pays for these lies. The people of Australia, especially the poor. The lies that are dishonest, treasonous and a betrayal of Australia and Australians.

Senator Antic of South Australia presented his speech to the Senate saying “here we go again groundhog day, more alarmist rhetoric from the Australian Greens, who have chosen to take up the Senates time moving a motion straight from the mouth of the child prophet of their climate cult, Greta Thunberg.  He referred to the destroying of jobs, industries, livelihoods all across Australia, He voiced concern that if the election went Labours way, there is much more to come, because this will be a ransom for the Greens to support the Labour Government. That every bill, every motion and every vote will depend on the Greens support. He referenced petrol prices having risen dramatically since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, climbing from $1.60 per litre in December to over $2 just 3 months later.He also said “there appears to be no slowing anytime soon. The US President Donald Trump was absolutely right to work towards making America energy independent, he understood relying on foreign powers, like Russia, China and the Middle East was not a practical option. They do not have our best interests of the West at heart. Their values are not compatible with ours, to remain dependent on energy with them is dangerous”.

The Senator added “Here in Australia we are blessed to have natural resources-oil, coal, gas and uranium. We have the resources to ensure Australia is less dependent on foreign powers. So why don’t we do it?, because we are continuing to pander to nonsense like this.The Greens Left obsession with climate change is making this country weak.. They have failed to grasp the importance of ensuring Australia’s energy independence, ignoring the fact that drilling actually can be done safely and efficiently, that it ensures that Australia does not remain precariously dependent on other nations for our energy security”. He accused the Australian Greens of having little regard for their own country, that they stand on a defence policy platform which seeks to reduce our defence spending. It’s a platform which seeks to splash defence spending at a time when the prospects of conflict are rising every single day”. Senator Roberts then added “If Labour Party make government, they will make Adam Bandt (Green Party) the foreign Minister, then they will send him off with his little hemp bag, he will sit down with Putin and Xi and they will talk about peaceful solutions- conflict resolution- Its hilarious.

On the topic of petrol he referred to Australian families who end up spending more on petrol who will endure tremendous financial strain. They will have less to spend on groceries and other basic living expenses. Petrol and Gas increase then consequently everything else does too. He said “the community are not prepared to stand up to the  petulant ‘Left’, this  movement which has been telling us for the past 50years that we are going to get mass extinction in the next decade, one decade after another. The Greens would rather have us dependent on China, Russia and the Middle East”.

The Senator also spoke about the Norwegian company Equinor that had been forced to full out of drilling in the Great Australian Bight (Sea). “The shamefully celebrating the bullying of these projects out of town, these Green Left activists should put down their French champagne, turn off the Tesla and stand up for Aussie jobs. Australian drilling should be explored, drilled for Australian good, not to aid and abet phoney crony capitalist interests of our strategic foes like the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Australians need to reject the false prophets of Green Politics. He said “we are blessed to live in Australia with its natural resources which are plentiful, yet we continue to ignore what’s available on our own doorstep just to appease climate cultists”

Senator Roberts referred to the US languishing under increased fuel prices, due to its energy dependence under Biden, who could have kept alive the Keystone XL Pipeline project which would have seen almost a million barrels of oil carried from Canada to Nebraska in one single day. The construction of the pipeline had been revived by Donald Trump after being cancelled by Obama then also to be cancelled by Biden once again. Once again the kowtowing to the Left leaves the West and countries like US in a far more vulnerable position for their non existent greater good of fighting climate change whilst they continue to completely ignore countries like China, India that pollute far more than any western country.

The Senator asked the whole  Senate “How often is the extreme left going to beat the drum of climate action in Australia?. No emissions reductions will every satisfy them, their political relevance has dropped away. Its as if green activists are actually interested not in the environment but just in their job destroying ideology”. As for the invasion of Ukraine, this has  meant that Western nations are thoroughly distancing themselves from Russia which means that a large portion of Australian oil must be sourced elsewhere or from outside Australian borders”.”

“ China has been spouting concerning rhetoric regarding Taiwan for sometime now, and the day may arise some time soon when there is an attempt at an invasion . Australia has to ensure self reliance, that we are not dependent on other countries whose values do not align with our own. Its time to stop pandering to the ideological left. There is no reason for Australia not to be energy independent. To prioritise long term national security, to secure our economy and the wellbeing of the Australian family, there is no other option. So lets start drilling the Australian Bight (Sea)”

Senator Thorpe Victoria said she had just returned from Darwin where she listened to 40 traditional owners, law people and junggavi. (Aboriginal) They told her to give the Senate the following message. “We need the govts to listen to us. We want no fracking in Beetaloo, this is our land, our future, our water, our life’ That Aunty Nancy McDinny told me to tell you that. (The promotion of Indigenous Rights through Climate Change activism). Nancy McDinny said “I’m watching you, our people are watching you and we are coming, you are on notice”. (Like NZ Indigenous- the entrenchment of the UNDRIP)

Senator Ayres NSW said “If the Green political party is going to treat this chamber like a sort of youth model of the United Nations, I prefer it if the motions were a little bit more interesting and original”. It is nothing if not predictable, we got the usual thundering speech at the beginning from the barefoot investor. He referred to the Green Party and their zero achievement. He called them the party of protest,  performance art and street theatre. It keeps them occupied I suppose”.

NOTE: RNZ Reported ‘NZ imported more than a million tonnes of dirty coal in 2020.  Ninety-two percent of the imported coal was from Indonesia, and the vast majority of that was a low grade, high emissions type – sub-bituminous

2019 NZ Geographic reported that NZ burns more imported coal than anytime in the past 15years

15th March 2021..NZ imported just shy of 1.1 million tonnes of coal in 2020, the most since 2006.(One News)

The closing of Marsden is a huge concern. We have 14days stock of fuel. 14 days emergency stocks kept overseas (off-shore), some of this has already been used. CO2 is a by-product that was produced at Marsden, essential for many facets in NZ. Hospitals, food packaging and much more. Due to Marden closing, low grade bitumen is now used as maintenance on NZ roads.

CAROL SAKEY COMMENTS:- WOW, you would never get opposing parties, MPs in the Beehive opposing Climate Change Legislation, calling it out for what it is as they have in the Australian Senate. Hence, this  tells me just how one sided, one eyed all these MPs in New Zealand’s political  ‘Wasps Nest’ really are. (No opposition).




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6TH July 2021 David Clark Commerce Affairs Minister announced to the House “the government has agreed to establish a ‘Consumer Right Data’ Framework (CDR) which is otherwise known as ‘Open Banking’. That consumers would be in the drivers seat controlling their own personal information (data) that is also shared with third parties. This is a mechanism requiring data holders, eg; banks, energy retailers, Internet-Phone, transport, health, education whatever essential products, services you purchase in the market place. Refers to your personal data through banks, financial institutions, your transactional information can be shared with third parties in the commercial and domestic marketplace. The government takes control of the market place and your money. Money in and money out- data in and data out.

In 2021 the government implemented a timeline for ‘Open Banking’ CDR which includes engagement, consultation of draft legislation. Thus industry changing factors, outsourcing of regulation, modernization of payments infrastructure and ongoing digital disruption. Incomes, welfare benefits, superannuation etc., will be deposited and distributed to multiple sources of services & products providers. So that customers data can be much easily stolen. The more data that’s shared with third party companies, financial institutions the more risk that your personal information (data) will  fall in the wrong hands.

The Govts Consumer Data Right Strategy (CDR)..Open Banking is a narrative that centres itself on a promise to make it much easier for the consumer, give them greater opportunities as they are being told they will control their own personal information (data).  The ‘You can trust us, a trust building exercise’. The potential risks are inherent in CDR (Open Banking) system. The Govt implements the right to mitigation measures, the govt tells the individual consumer in the business and domestic sector they now have increased control over their own data” NOTE: Banks carry strategic, operational, model, conduct, financial crime and reputational risks. And continued risks as increased volumes of data and speed is consumed. There are hidden costs associated with compliance, risk, security protocols etc.,

Open Banking is a system that has primary components that are namely players- technological, processers, data and a constant evolving risk. The Open Banking playing field expands way beyond the  traditional financial institution, includes Fintech, banks, data aggregators, credit bureaus, payment networks and third party providers (TPPs). Healthcare has even joined the game. As soon as your personal data is shared it is at risk. The misuse of customer data, a third party’s lack of process controls, fraudulent TPP access. A lack of traceability of customer data use, lack of accountability by all parties & data security across devices.

Eg: If a customer went on say a business trip that involved service provider transactions, those transactions may remain as ‘ open status’ for several days & may require hundreds of data transmittals, and dozens of analytical models to support it. Technology risks, platform business model championed by Google, Amazon, Alibaba is what Open Banking is to financial services. Technology- the ‘risk of risks’ is execution risk, failure of platform components to deliver high performance which is required for customer interactions. There are new challenges stemming from data.

The Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is certainly warming up. The process starts with Consumer Data Rights (Open Banking) to ‘Open Finance’. Promoting a framework of so called trust, psychologically sucking people in by namely the term ‘Consumer Data Rights’. (We have lost so many Rights over these past few years, wow we are going to get some Rights and the Govt is going to give them to us. Wow. ) Now the authoritarian government can really control your private data, your data in the wrong hands, third parties, cyber attacks., overseas criminal groups, this can be very dangerous .CBDC’s worldwide are in various stages of evaluation of launching national digital currencies. CBDC’s have come to the forefront with the disruption and restrictions of COVID19. The government wants to track your journey in this ever increasing digital financial world. Faster payments, rapid digitization, a demand for a more efficient domestic, cross border value transfers and ‘financial inclusion ‘

‘Open Banking’ and the ‘Open Financing’ revolution the next step to digital currencies. The adoption of the Government ‘Consumer Data Right’ Strategy (CDR). Open Banking moving to Open Financing to change the banking landscape – the goal ‘Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The dangers of CBDC, there is no limit to the level of control that the govt can exert on people, businesses if money is purely digital and provided directly by the government this means they will have full control of money going in and going out of a persons, a commercial, business account. This is incompatible with ‘freedom’. This is the governments attempt to protect its privileged position, exert more control over peoples lives, their money. The Government saying ‘your money is not really your money’, and your property rights are subservient to the ‘public good’ and the supposed necessity of ‘managing the national economy’.

The International Settlements Central Bankers Report on ‘Future Monetary System’ proclaims the metaphor for the future monetary system like this:- The future monetary system is a tree, its solid trunk is the ‘central bank’ that supports a diverse multi-layered vibrant eco-system of participants and functions however only after the Central Bankers have set the rules. (Reserve Bank of NZ-Is the Central Bank of NZ chief advisory, collaborator with Government- – working with the Treasury) The system serves the public interest but the central bankers define those interests

The authoritarian political control of government is not compatible with economic or political freedoms, therefore limits the protections of Human Rights. The Govts Consumer Data Right Strategy makes consumers choice an unreality.3.Consumers choice is an unreality. Large corporations get greater control. The International Convention of Economic Social & Cultural Rights (ICESR) Article 11 provides for the ‘Rights of All (each one of us-everyone) to an adequate standard of living, adequate clothing, adequate housing, adequate food, an adequate standard of living, a continuous improvement of living conditions

Advancing of digital technologies influence interactions with society to the full realization of Article 11. Which requires access to financial institutions, to a bank account into which your income is paid, to develop credit ratings, apply for home loans, collect welfare payments, superannuation, pay taxes and energy bills, telecommunications – phone, internet, health & education all essential services. All these are reported as promoting social inclusion. Social Inclusion robs people of their individual dignity and human rights. Art 11 ( ICESR) includes other rights that require services for fulfilment, this includes ‘freedom of expression ‘, education, mental & physical health also public participation. Underpinning all of this is ‘privacy’, the foundational rights such as dignity, self-determination for ALL, everyone, each one of us. However advanced technology, data neglects Human Rights and Freedoms.

The real danger of CBDCs is ‘there is no limit to the level of control the govt can exert over people if money is purely digital, this gives them the control of money going in and out of your account. Programmable CBDC is very dangerous, a controlling force over peoples lives, a mechanism for specified behaviour. Like a voucher system is programmed for entry and expiry at certain points in time. Can be only used to purchase certain goods and services. Govt determines how you spend your money, you can’t.

The Reserve Bank of NZ has referred to CBDC as to whether they could support this as a steward of money in the digital future. A Reserve Bank of NZ Executive Summary reports “We characterise our mandates, roles, responsibilities in terms of the Tane Mahuta narrative. Tane and the big trees eco-system. The steward of money and cash in NZ, ensuring that CBDC contributes to a modern inclusive economy. Including the partnering of corporations, large companies with government. Programmes. NZ’s Central Bank-The Reserve Bank of NZ. The govts lead advisor on matters relating to formulating, implementing of monetary policy and all matters related to fiscal policy and financial markets. The Memorandum of Understanding on Information Exchange and Collaboration where the Govt’s Treasury Dept and the Reserve Bank of NZ work together was agreed to in June 2012.

CBDC RISKS- Accumulates sensitive payment and user data on an unprecedented scale, in the wrong hands this data can be used to spy on citizens private transactions, obtain security sensitive details about individuals and business, organizations, groups and can rob them of their money.The unelected globalists at the WEF continue to push schemes -ESG, C BDC whilst calling on governments and businesses to crackdown on ‘misinformation ‘ Remember Arderns war on ‘Free Speech’ Her ‘NZ’s first in the world ‘Algorithm Charter’ 2019

The World Economic Forum representatives of Governments, CEOs of large corporations very influential philanthropists etc., of Multistakeholder Corporate capitalist economies. WEF references the building of ‘Inclusive Eco Systems, Digital ID to provide financial services to households. “A digital ID layer should be developed independently of other parts of payment processes’ WEF Forum, Future Focus 2025. The World Economic Forum (WEF) references:- as hundreds of govts explore fully traceable programmable and permission based digital currencies that will allow central bankers to control what you can and cannot purchase, these CBDCs will require that every citizen have a digital wallet pegged to their Digital ID. The unelected WEF call on governments and corporations to establish rules for Digital ID Governance.

Vaccine passports by nature serve as a digital ID – WEF Feb 2022. Digital ID Future Agency “Next level of data intermediaries (embedded in body, devices, homes, cities etc.,WEF Feb 2022. Digital ID schemes have been on the rise in recent years thanks to vaccine passports which according to WEF Feb 2022 ‘serve as a form of digital ID’. While Vaccine Passports store highly medical data about an  individual the globalists project that Digital ID will expand to include credit history, social media activity, and online purchase behaviours. This is extremely invasive.. Devices in your body, your home and the cities where you live- aimed at collecting as much information about you as possible. Constant surveillance in Real Time.

The transition to a lower carbon economy requires a large rewiring of the global economy with approx. $3.5 trillion of investment needed annually for decades, WEF ‘Future Focus 2025’. Finance plays a pivotal role in facilitating the transition to net zero economy, innovative approaches are needed to bridge the net zero funding gap – WEF ‘Future Focus 2025’. Lumping together digital inclusion, finance and the environment is the concept of ESG scoring for allocating, distributing digital payments with programmable CBDC’s. According to the report ‘Finance plays a pivotal role in facilitating the transition to a net zero economy, innovation approaches are needed to bridge the net zero funding gap.

Rewiring of the global economy is the same as the ‘Great Reset’. Taking advantage of the fight against climate change, of the shock inflicted by the pandemic to implement long lasting and wider environmental changes. Making good use of the pandemic by not letting the crisis go to waste.- COVID19 The Great Reset. Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret 2020 ‘Presenting a rare but narrow window of opportunity, to re-imagine, reset our world. Massive exploitation of the Pandemic and Climate Gloom and Doom narrative. Never let a good crisis go to waste.WEF Future Focus 2025 “When lacking data to quantify risks and evaluate their likelihoods, well formed scenarios developed in a collaborative process can help draw out potential impacts, can educate the public on possible threats”

Governments and corporations to invest narratives using behavioural science mechanisms, (manipulating behaviour). Any critical thinking that goes against the WEF narratives label them as ‘Misinformation & ‘disinformation’. Narratives to shape perceptions, which in turn form realities for people, that end up influencing choices and actions. -The Great Narrative, Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret 2022. “In the battles for hearts and minds of human beings, narrative will consistently outperform data in its ability to influence human thinking and motivate human action”. In the absence of hard data Future Focus 2025 (WEF) report reiterates the importance of narratives as ‘well formed scenarios’ to ‘manipulate perceptions’

The WEF calls on corporations and governments to regulate misinformation, disinformation on social media. Outsourcing critical thinking, giving all trust to government bureaucrats and unelected technocrats. The 134 page report draws from and supports the WEF platforms dedicated to catalysing a new economy, a new society- The Global Redesign, the Great Reset agenda. A roadmap for steering society to re-engineering people, planet for immense profit of the few by unelected entities.

ESG scoring is not a mandate from the people  but a concept dreamed up by unelected globalists bureaucrats to control the global economy, time to push back. Our Free-market economy has served us extremely well, is innovative, has a significant effect on the countries growth and wealth, provides jobs. A free market economy determined by supply and demand. (Free-market = Freedom Of Choice)

Digital ID, CBDC, ESG, Open Banking, Open Financing, Social Inclusion = Corporate Capture. Corporates the drivers in the front seat, governments as back seat passengers, and the people, small businesses, farmers, rural communities are the roadkill. NOTE: Ardern used NZrs as guineapigs for WEF project  Re-imagining Digital Regulations’

SOLUTION? Ideas- ‘Staying local, bartering systems, get to know your community. Get in the face of politicians from all parties to introduce a Citizens Initiated Binding Referendum and a constitution set in concrete’, more face to face group meetings.

BEWARE OF: Financial Inclusion, Consumer Right Data Strategy,(Open Banking) and Open Financing leading to Central Bank Digital Currency. The Consumer Data Right Strategy is on the governments agenda now


WEF pushes digital ID, CBDC, ESG & crackdowns on ‘misinformation’ in Future Focus report 36 pages. WEF Pushes Digital ID, CBDC and ESG in misinformation in Future Focus report July 8th 2022


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Climate Alarmism


DESCRIPTION OF ALGORITHM BIAS. Data in Data out, Rubbish In and Rubbish out, Corruption in and Corruption Out . And NZ willingly commits climate fraud.

Algorithm Bias is described as systematic and repeatable errors in a computer system that creates unfair outcomes, eg privileging one category over another. Algorithms can be simplistic or complex. They are tiny pieces of invisible code that perform calculations that power machine learning. There are many types of bias for example  sample bias, prejudice bias, measurement bias and exclusion bias.  Algorithm bias are caused by the people that create them, that write algorithms those that choose the data used for the algorithms, they choose how to apply them as to the results required of the algorithms. Its easy for people to determine conscious biases which automatically perpetrate the end result required, for whatever purpose needed. For example- information bias, selective bias which equate to the distortion of research. Biases affect decision making, policy making may be – survivorship bias, confirmation bias, framing bias, group think bias.

There are of course other biases such as – Invisibility, stereotyping, imbalance, selectivity, non-reality, fragmentation, isolation, linguistic, cosmetic all are namely biases. A Linear Algorithm has the highest bias. Linear Regression an to error that is introduced by approximity of a real live problem which maybe complicated. Linear models can introduce bias, make output easier to understand.

What about Climate Model Bias:- Errors in climate modelling is caused by a range of factors for example- spatial resolution (large grid sizes), simplified thermodynamic processes and physics or incomplete understanding of the global universal system. Limitations of climate models as predictions of climate is incomplete, the climate systems imperfect ability to transform knowledge into accurate mathematical equation. Climate models inability to reproduce important atmospheric phenomenon. That natural variability is still the dominant uncertainty in predictions. Uncertainty in Climate projections, predictions ,

Are they taking into account volcanoes, even dormant ones gives off gasses, what about El Nino and the North Atlantic Oscillation? Climate models are imperfect tools, control mechanisms, used for the purpose of social & behavioral re-engineering. To replace the global economy, to de-growth to promote tribal feudalism. To take us back to the dark ages.  Climate simulations differ from reality. Simulated clouds, surface atmosphere and representations of soil & vegetation in climate simulations models are to small. Climate models predicting our future,  determining our lives for us. Plundering New Zealand, plundering, destroying the livelihoods of farmers worldwide.

The complex nature of the climate system is too difficult to determine the exact impacts that change will be at different locations at different times.  Uncertainty increases the level of fear- climate doom and gloom. Rising seas, the scorches earth.  Equates to uncertainty, biased algorithms consequently data in-data out and rubbish and rubbish out. .No-one can be certain of the natural climate ability but the climate scientists know for certain what algorithm biases they are using. Question- who is creating the invisible tiny codes that make up for Algorithms and for what purpose will they use the end result for-..who benefits. Who are the winners and the losers.

Its not possible to determine the future by emission. Carbon offsets are a scammers dream and is largely a sham, a massive fraud.  On the 23rd March 2022,The Guardian on Australia’s carbon credit scheme reported is largely a scam  says whistleblower. Professor Andrew McIntosh said the system gives credits for projects such as regrowing native forests after clearing, is a fraud on the environment, taxpayers and consumers. Prof Andrew McIntosh is an Environmental Law and Policy expert a former head of the Governments Emission Reduction Assurance Committee. He launched an extraordinary attack on the scheme, saying the govt had wasted $1 billion in tax payer funding.

3/5/2016 Multi-billion Euro Carbon Trading Fraud Trial Opens in Paris , this was called the heist of the century.

The SpinOff News ‘Dodgy deals with Climate Fraudster-NZ’s role in the junk carbon scam. Alongside Russia and Ukraine, NZ is complicit in a carbon swindle, and NZ’s reputation is at risk, write Geoff Simmons. 18th April 2016. NZ was willing and able to participate in a wholesale climate fraud. The short story is that Ukraine and Russia found loopholes in the International rules for carbon trading. The loopholes allowed them to create millions of carbon credits that had no environmental benefit whatsoever- they were simply fraudulent. Other countries cottoned on, stopped dealing with Russia and Ukraine Incredibly New Zealand ended up being the largest customer of these climate criminals because our government was the only one that accepted their dodgy wares. The scam used was claiming for carbon credits for projects that had already happened.

Examples -after the Soviet Union downfall Ukraine was left with large rock piles that still contained coal. Occasionally these piles caught fire, releasing carbon emissions. In 2012 the Ukraine started claiming carbon credits on the basis that they would remove the coal from the piles and put out fires. Trouble was they already removed the coal four years earlier, they even lied about how much coal was involved. In 2012 Europe and NZ got increasingly suspicious of what the Ukraine & Russia were up to. NZ made noises about banning these dodgy credits in April 2012, the minister then was Tim Grosser, he claimed “there is serious danger of NZ essentially exporting capital for no good reason”

Backroom negotiations took place with their coalition partner ACT CHANGED THEIR MIND. July 2012 they left our Emissions Trading Scheme open to dodgy credits, claiming that our scheme should reflect the ‘international price”. By the beginning 0f 2013 Europe had banned the trade in these dodgy credits, leaving New Zealand as the only willing buyer. One must question “How was it as NZ Govt stated “the international price”?

The International Price of fraudulent and environmentally worthless carbon credits. At one point falling as low as 15 cents per tonne. The price of carbon credits in 2011 was around $20 per tonne. That price was a sufficient  incentive to plant trees so back in 2011 NZ had no need to purchase International units to cover our emissions. When the price of carbon crashed, nobody bothered to plant tree’s, everyone bought the dodgy carbon credits instead. NZs emissions soared. Meanwhile polluters profited and ordinary Kiwi’s got ripped off. The details are in the report.

NZ rapidly became the largest consumer of these fraudulent foreign credits. Over a quarter of all  NZ emissions between 2008-2002 ended up being covered by dodgy carbon credits. 99% of NZ emission reduction units came from Russia and the Ukraine.  In  2015 a review by the Stockholm Environmental Institute found that 89% of Ukrainian projects were of questionable or low environmental integrity, as dodgy as hell. NZ tax payers ended up with the govt sending around $200million of their good money to these crims. The opinion in many circles that NZ Govt was knowingly an accomplice in this climate crime.  Stuff NZ reported August 16th 2016 ‘Companies revealed over dodgy carbon credits’. Some of NZ’s biggest businesses including BP, Z Energy, NZ Steel and Fonterra were named by the Morgan Foundation as buying dodgy carbon credits.  

A number of forestry companies were also identified as having purchased fraudulent carbon credits from Ukraine and Russia these include NZ Forest Leasing, Matariki Forests, Ngai Tahu Forest Estates and China Forestry Group.

James Shaw Greens co leaders said the govt should trade good carbon credits for bad ones to ensure the integrity of NZ’s global commitment to cut climate pollution.  The Morgan Foundation said the govt had stockpiled about 85-90 million units which would see the country through to 2020, but many of the units were fraudulent. Associate professor Euan Mason of the school of forestry University of Canterbury said “Our govt knew the imported credits were fraudulent. They knew that their policies allowed companies to act immorally, that many companies did act immorally.

NZ Herald also reported on 17th April 2016 that NZ’s Carbon Credits Scheme A Farce’. NZ accused of cheating to fulfil its International Climate Change obligations. The Emissions Trading Scheme allows polluters to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions by buying carbon credits from companies such as the forestry industry. Polluters were able to buy carbon credits from other countries which had signed up to the Kyoto Agreement,. NZ was far the largest purchaser of Russian and Ukrainian carbon credits through NZ Emission Trading Scheme. This was a National led govt at the time

NBR Report Paul Bennet dismissed the Morgan Foundations recently released ‘Climate Cheats’ reports which highlighted the NZ companies that had bought carbon credits from Russia and Ukraine. The minister said the Morgan Foundation “Offered nothing new” It was accepted that the Stockholm Report had pulled the plug. All political parties behind the closed doors of Wellington knew the fraudulent carbon credit scam was happening.

NZ Geographic reported “Credit where none is due’ 12 companies profited from pollution using fake carbon credits from Russia. A Reports that back in the 1990’s NZ government assured that the country would trade (and plant) our way out of climate change. In 2002 Labor Govt announced the Emission Trading Scheme. The carrot being that businesses that reduce their emissions could sell their unused units. Those that had exceeded their allocated carbon credit would have to buy more.  Thanks to hot air the Emission Trading Scheme has removed NOT ONE GRAM of  greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.

The Government highly aware that hot air was killing its own ETS, however  the govt continued to flood the market, giving its own units to businesses for free. Fraudulent Carbon credits. In 2016 140 million emission units- 5years worth of activity remained still out there in 2020, doing absolutely nothing to avert climate change.

Where are they now? Its was said back them “when the price is right, they’ll  cash up their free credits whilst paying for their pollution. “Profiting from pollution”. As always the taxpayer picks up the climate doom and gloom tab. Come on people do you really believe in this climate doom and gloom bullcrap.  And here the govt is carbon tax on commercial and domestic rates, energy etc., And throwing the farmers under their own tractors, using them as the govts whipping boy.

Climate Change Bias’s are many. Data in and Data out. Rubbish in and Rubbish Out. Corruption in and Corruption Out. Tax payer money in and tax payer money out. We have become a disposable society. The NZ Govt plundering NZ.




Gaia Goddess-(Mother Earth) teaches that an “Earth spirit”, goddess, or planetary brain must be protected.  It is this belief that fuels the environmental movement, sustainable development, and a global push for the return of industrialized nations to a more primitive way of life.

, Gaia has named Christianity as the obstacle to human evolution and our spiritual destiny.  A document mandated by the U.N.-sponsored Convention on Biological Diversity, the Global Biodiversity Assessment, explicitly refers to Christianity as a faith that has set humans apart from nature and stripped nature of its sacred qualities.

The UN condemning Christianity as the root of all ecological evil, the document goes on to praise Buddhism and Hinduism as they “did not depart as drastically from the perspective of humans as members of a community of beings including other living and non-living elements”.  Non-Christian religions are definitely favored by the global government as good stewards of Mother Earth.

Members of this “Green Religion” will all agree that the Earth is in a crisis state and this ecological emergency is the result of Christian traditions. Thus Progressive churches, Eco Churches worldwide, as well as in New Zealand are bastardizing Christianity

At the core of all environmental Eco-Socialist Marxist legislatgions, policies lives Gaia, Greek Goddess- Mother Earth. Why are Indigenous Peoples worldwide being used to be the leaders, voices of action for these Global Elitists? For more information please  CLICK ON THE LINK TO MORE INDEPTH INFORMATION IN THE ABOVE IMAGE THIS WILL LINK YOU TO MY RUMBLE VIDEO.



The immoral criminal acts of Socialism, Marxism and Communism.

Our post modernised world of critical theory, sexualizing and politicking of children in our schools.

What is it about socialism? It seems that the arguments against it, no matter how finely tuned, have to be made over and over again in every generation.

The example of the world’s most notoriously evil regimes, including Lenin and Stalin’s Soviet Union (the USSR, or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), Hitler’s Third Reich (“Nazi” is an abbreviation for National Socialists), Mao’s China and the present-day CCP (Chinese Communist Party, working for the socialist revolution), and many more horrific examples?


In general, socialism refers to the set of philosophical, political, and economic theories that extol communal ownership of property and the confiscation of private property to be disposed of by the state

I will generally treat socialism and communism interchangeably, since socialism is the broader category to which all communism belongs.

In his 1983 Templeton Address, Alexander Solzhenitsyn maintained that “the principal trait of the entire twentieth century,” and the cause of its many conflagrations, was that “Men have forgotten God.”