QUESTION: Are elderly people with underlying serious health problems and the disabled including children being deliberately culled by some UN Member States that have Euthanasia Policies.

QUESTION; Many elderly in care homes, are receiving shingles, pneumonia, flu, CVID shots and the Boosters, Many of these shots given within a short period of time of each other. Do you believe this is good for their health, is it advantageous or do you think the elderly are being culled.

QUESTION: The worst abortion law in the world was introduced in NZ whilst people had their eyes fixed on COVID19. Is this part and parcel of depopulation globally?

QUESTION: The NZ Govts purchased mainstream media is certainly influencing a vast number of peoples minds. The ongoing crisis events of emergencies, COVID Deaths. Stay in your bubble-its dangerous outside your bubble. The Mandate the significant loss of jobs and small business, the severe struggle the farmers have with the govt using them as their whipping boy. The shortage and huge cost of living, basic living expenses.

The failed Mental Health System. Children not attending schools for long periods of time and many not returning to school. Education being politicised, sexualized. The Govt with its Marxist Class ideology of Pakeha and Maori/Iwi- deliberate separate and divide to cause distention and fragmentation. The favouring of Iwi Elite, pandering to all their wants. Indigenous Constitution, UNDRIP entrenchment. Control of Water. Control of NZ’s environment.

QUESTION: How much did the government know about the COVID 19 shots before they purchased millions of dozes for NZ and Pacific Island? Zilch to very little. Yet they signed an agreement to give Pfizer / Moderna immunity from being held accountable responsible for jab injuries and post jab deaths. ZILCH

NOTE: An official complaint was heard in a Texas Court on January 6th 2022. By Judge Pittman/ The courts concluded  findings  were based on the complainants seeking of all FDA information as to the authorization of Pfizer jabs that allowed them to market them worldwide.

The court concluded that the request of the complainants is of paramount importance” and referred to excessive administrative secrecy, thus reducing confidence in governments.  The FDA shall produce the 12,000 plus pages of Pfizer information before January 31st 2022. They will also produce 55,000 pages every 30days – with the first production being due on 1st March 2022 until production is complete.

NOTE:  It was reported that it will be 2 to 3 years before these documents are made public. In the meantime Pfizer jabs are still being pushed worldwide  including in New Zealand. So if all this important information pertaining to the Pfizer COVID19 jab. This proves N Z Govt knew zilch about the COVID19 jab before they promoted it, demanded it, mandated it.

.NOTE: Pfizer chief Executive had refused to give information about their Pfizer COVID19 jabs had said “NO you are not having it, and NO we won’t give it to you” Hence this is why it had to go through the court process – a case against FDA.  However, again what has Pfizer not told FDA?

What does the Government NOT tell N Z Citizens…They are corruptly reporting false COVID19 death rates. Are not accurately reporting the true death rates of Post jabbed. Heaps and heaps.. As from 10th March 2022 a COVID 19 related death was re-classified in NZ. ‘If a person receives a COVID19 Positive test result and they die within 28 days of that test they are now classified as a COVID19 death. Hence hiking up the number of COVID19 deaths deliberately so . The is highly corrupt and evil, cruel has enormous effects on peoples lives.

The Climate Emergency Gloom and Doom Scam: Targeting the farmers.They do not tell you that their balls-up of the Local Govt Act 2002 had a massive legal loophole in it from day one, and they knew this. No – lets just blame the farmers, lets throw them under the tractor.  This is actually a corporate capture of NZ, a globalised Corporate capture. To replace the free-market economy with a multistakeholder corporate governance . Has huge effects also on all NZrs. No Farmers-No Food.

The  Local Govt Act 2002- the loophole that’s existed for 20 years which govt has deliberately not fixed as allowed businesses, companies to leach heavy toxins, ammonia and other shit like yellow gunge that covers filters in waste water stations, heavy pollutants that run into drains, rivers, out into our water.

 The Government has been asked to amend the Local Govt Act 2002 multiple times and they still turn a blind eye to it. No prosecutions, no fines and hundreds of company breach the Traded Waster Regulations time and time again over this 20 year timed frame. But no the government are more interested in Iwi Elite controlling fresh water in NZ. The waste water has to wait another couple of years Mahuta says. Mahuta is the Minister for Local Government.

Fonterra’s 29 Ghost Farms in NZ. That leaches heavy nitrates into the soil across the land into neighbouring farms bore water. They call it Nutrient farming. Fonterra washes their factories out with this water, and the waste water is piped onto these farms that they have purchased, then sprayed across the land. The cattle have all been removed from these farms. But the sign ‘Beware of the cattle still remains on the gate’. They sell the sprayed grass elsewhere for cattle feed, they call it ‘Cut Grass’. Fonterra admitted this and have had supply many farmers with filters for their bore drinking water.

Water on the stock market is like selling  gold on the stock market. The Corporate Capture of New Zealand. Iwi Corporates have been around for more than a decade.. A Corporate Governance of NZ was reported by the government themselves in 2003. The Corporate Governance= Public Private Partnership, a vehicle where the corporates are the drivers, the government the back seat passengers and  NZr’s the roadkill.The Truth MUST be exposed.   

NOTE: All this information was found in the mainstream media Not Social Media                                                           



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CORRUPTION GLOBALLY AT WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (UN) REQUEST … At WHO (UN) request countries around the world have changed the way they report COVID19 deaths. All deaths where a person has had a Positive COVID19 test, if they die for any reason whatsoever within 28 days is classed as a COVID19 death, there is also an available window to extend the 28 days to a loner period. In the UK it is between 28 days and can be extended to 60 days.

To bring NZ inline with other countries and the WHO (UN) request this classification for deaths was adopted by NZ on 10th March 2022. NZ Govt Health NZ reported “this ensures that all COVID19 cases are formerly recorded to help provide accuracy, accurate assessments of the impact of ”this can range from death not related for instance with COVID 19 someone for example who dies in a motor vehicle accident but has been tested positive for COVID-19.

It can also be some-one who dies from an existing health condition, hence this would be a COVID death. This could also apply to suicides and post  vaccine related deaths all hidden in this classification of counting COVID19 deaths.  NZ Herald reported 19th July 2022 Ashley way of reporting COVID19 deaths, this can boost compliance. Fast track  Bloomfield “The way we analyze how many people have died from COVID19 in NZ is more accurate and informative, it’s a useful tool for NZs management of COVID19”

In the same article a marketing expert reported “this is a more transparent  way of reporting COVI deaths, this can boost compliance , fast tracking all deaths associated with a positive COVID19 test. 19/7/2022 NZ Herald reported  “yesterday NZ registered 1900 COVID deaths (1870). The new system is a better measure of COVID19 burden on society.  This approach is consistent with UK, Australia and US. The change in classification of COVID19 deaths was at the request of the World Health Org (UN)

Michael Baker, University Of Otago who collaborates with Arderns Govt and authors articles in main stream media said “All health agencies and researchers want health stats that are valid ie “that measure what they intend to measure- therefore the change in classification of COVID19 deaths will  increase the confidence we have that death attributed to COVID19 is valid” Saying “reporting of deaths of COVID19 could convince anti-vaxxers and boost overall compliance. Marketing expert Dr. Bode Lang reported “he believes this could help shift anti-vax sentiment in NZ communities and those that are less likely to follow the govt’s control measures would take the control measures seriously”. This will also address criticisms  from anti-vaxxers and COVID19 doubters how many deaths are really caused by COVID19, and would then make people more likely to follow govts guidelines.

The news article also reported ‘Lang’ said “the improvement of traditionally opaque COVID19 death reporting could shore up compliance measures. However, he also said that the opposite could occur if new data found that COVID19 had been largely unrelated to previous linked deaths. On the 10th March 2022 Newshub reported ‘the actual number of COVID19 deaths revealed as government changes their approach. Dr Ashley Bloomfield Director General of Health revealed changes in the approach of reporting COVID19 deaths saying .“The Ministry Of Health from now on report COVID19 related deaths as “those that die within 28days of testing positive for COVID19 will be classed as a COVID19 death-other countries are using this for official reporting to the WHO (UN)

Bloomfield also stated “As for hospitalizations reported it is possible that about 566 or 75% are seeking treatment for the virus, this is based on trends in Auckland” However the Minister Of Health commented in Newshub “while it is not clear exactly how many cases are actually hospitalized for COVID19, it is estimated as ¾. We are developing a way to collect and report this data- estimates were from proportions reported from a US hospital study”. Bloomfield also said “Its difficult to obtain data, as patients admissions to hospital are recorded when patients are discharged”. We all know that as soon as anyone enters through that hospital door symptoms, health issues are reported. This is a lame excuse- a lie. Chris Hipkins told the AM show “the government did not have data on how many COVID19 related patients were in hospital for virus related systems or other health issues”

.Change of reporting of COVID19 deaths are rising reported RNZ on 25/3/2022. What should we know? RNZ report. How are they being measured? And points out how measurements from 10th March 2022 had changed thus driving death rates much higher. That some deaths will be included outside the 28day window.

Michael Baker said “there is a problem with assessing COVID19 deaths as to an underlying illness. “Its worth having a healthy suspicion for every bit of data” Michael Plank another Govt COVID modeler reported “people who have died within 28days of a COVID19 positive test is a  number that’s easily counted and can be provided quickly”

And added “Yes, and that means that people who died during that 28 days of COVID19 positive test may have actually be unrelated to COVID19” Michael Baker added “simple count data is important because events mean something, particularly when it comes to deaths of family and friends” and this can be expressed in different ways” That “a simple death count is a key indicator that a disease is having an impact on mortality rates

Pharmasols.Com website ‘The Destination for your next clinical trial’ Sites for clinical trials in Australia and New Zealand are ready to conduct your research. A billion dollar industry, every year a thousand clinical trials are run across the region. With a diverse population, world class research units. Low transmission rates of COVID19 in Australia and NZ are ideal regions to conduct your clinical studies. In NZ and Australia clinical trials are classed as an essential service, sites have tele-medicine, virtual, remote capabilities.  Remote monitoring to ensure study continuity and compliance. Population distribution and geography of Australia and NZ allows for effective regional rather than nationwide lockdowns. (yes we have regional locks in NZ).

NZ and Australia provide one of the fastest regulatory approval environments in the world. Thus less likely a clinical trial delays. Is cost effective- cheaper. There is a clinical cost to delays when trial budgets feel the sting.

 In Australia and NZ it is highly regarded there is successful patient recruitment. NZ first to see the dawn is a great asset and a small population with a great variation of cultural, ethnic groups which is very important for clinical trials. In NZ there is no requirement for US Pre Investigational New Drug submission to initiate first in human trials.  WEALTH N OT HEALTH.

NZ’s diverse population is ideal for clinical trial location. The government is supportive of clinical trial research initiatives and actively encourage the conducting of clinical trials. Many drugs that are not subsidized by the Govt are unaffordable to most New Zealanders. Hence adds to the human guineapig pool

Increase COVID19 reporting of deaths will increase fear and anxiety hence this will also add to the guineapig pool, and the scaremongering mainstream media, global, national that inflicts this false increased number of COVID deaths to add to the number of guineapigs seeking a cure for what is seen as a huge increase in death rates of COVID19. As the government keeps the public on COVID alert for the next variant, and the next, and the next and Variant X that they don’t even know what Variant X is. Wake Up NZ to a COVID Compliance Governance to control all humanity worldwide.

To track, trace, identify, stalk and control you. And to keep the population fearful. Which will make you sick effect your overall health and wellbeing if you buy into this. The people are the solution, more people need to speak out publicly to report this corrupt authoritarian regime that demands compliance from NZ Citizens. Expose the Truth Now.








26th May 2022 DAVOS- The President of Alibaba   launched an individual  digital ecosystem tool to measure carbon footprints. A Chinese type social credit systems  toolkit.  This can also be applied with a SaaS application for business carbon emissions  tracking – ESG Scoring

June 2020 Founder of WEF Klaus Schwab said “Now is the time for a Great Reset.. The world must act swiftly, jointly to revamp all aspects aspect  of our societies and economies from education to social contracts even working conditions “We must build entirely new foundations for our social and economic systems”

COVID19 Pandemic has produced many windows of opportunity as billionaires have grown immense wealth under the veil of COVD19.   Individual Carbon Trackers- Imagine limiting your travel, not being able to drive your car, not being able to eat certain foods you now enjoy. Think of the farmers and the small businesses, democratic, human rights all destroyed.   Already these apps are on Android and other applications

In the following video I will share with you what is happening on our own shores in New Zealand as the Eco-System Toolbox has already started invading thousands of kiwi lives





DON’T BOTHER TO GO DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE- THE GLOBAL ELITE ARE NOW SO CONFIDENT IT’S NOT BEING HIDDEN.  But New Zealand politicians are staying tight lipped as they act out this evil collusion to corporate capture New Zealand lives in every respect possible.

The World Economic Forum and the United Nations formed an Official Strategic Partnership 13th June 2019. Thus becoming a Public-Private Stakeholder Corporate Global Governance.  Targeting democratic Rights and Civil Liberties world-wide.   A planned Corporate Capture of 194 UN Member States.

Although the official partnership did not take place until June 2019, the WEF had been observers in the UN General Assembly since 2012.

18th January 2022, the US Dept of Health and Human Services proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (WHO-UN). Ceding control to World Health Org., (UN) ‘ regional directors’. They have been given authority to declare a Public Health Emergency of Regional Concern (PHERC)

Recommendations include ‘ an adaptable incentive regime that includes sanctions- public reprimands, economic sanctions .   The World Trade Organization (UN) have enormous power when it comes to controlling Nations- economically, socially and otherwise.

International Socialism, World Trade Organization and the World Economic Forum all supported  and promoted by the International Parliamentary Union.  The International Parliamentary Union consists of 178 Parliaments globally. New Zealand is included as a member of the International Parliamentary Union. (All collaborating, planning a corporate capture of nations worldwide through transnationals corporations through the UN/WEF.  Under the veil of COVID19 this massive global plan has been accelerated.

International Socialism is deeply embedded in the United Nations.   The World Health Organization (UN) and WEF Power Grab is in the making, has well been planned.   The planned International Health Regulations of the WHO (UN) amendments are directed at establishing a globalist architecture, a global health surveillance structure. Of managing and reporting on global health.

This being a top down public -private global health governance. New Zealanders have no say, there are no public debates.   Also on the agenda is the WHO (UN) Pandemic Treaty, all part and parcel of the International Health Regulations. Under the umbrella of the WHO Pandemic Treaty is the control of Human, Animals- domestic and wild, plants (Crops, seeds etc., )   Helen Clark is a co-chair of the council making recommendations as to the WHO Pandemic Treaty.


Every political cronie in the toilet bowl of Wellington are part of this evil plan. How many of them are publicly speaking up.  challenge them.   They deserve to be challenged, they deserve to be hanged out to dry.


In my next blog I will share with you more information on the World Trade Organization (UN).  I am appalled at what I have found out so far, and there is so much more.


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In 2015 193 UN Member Nations including NZ signed the non-binding UN Agenda 2030 -global development goals (SDGs) . A radical plan for humanity worldwide.  Namely a new way of doing global development- “to leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age (The decade of Action being 2020-2030)

UN agenda 2030 applies to all countries globally. Although non-biding this also means these 193 country govts, NGO’s are committed to the One Agenda for all, to accelerate and promote this.  UN Agenda 2030 SDGs amount to a global/ universal shift to what you hear as ‘Sustainability’. A global shift to redesign society, economy, infrastructure, health, education etc.,

Includes ‘Pandemics’ harnessing financial resources through ‘Multistakeholder Capitalism’ ..  Multistakeholder capitalism being the core of UN Agenda 2030 predictions, to ensure that the most wealthiest billionaires in this world ensure massive profits.

2019 The World and UN must reduce population growth reported 12th September 2019. Adding another SDG.. global development goal changing 17 SDGs to 18 SDGs.

Multistakerholder Capitalism is the very core of UN Agenda 2030 global development goals.


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