Codification, exploitation and alienation, another Marxian concept relating to commodification became famous in the critical social sciences, namely the fetish character of the commodity (Marx, 1867/2018a). Socialism and Self Determination. A common demand among Indigenous communities and their supporters is for Indigenous self-determination. Lenin wrote widely on the right of oppressed nations to self-determination, up to and including separation. Only with the socialist transformation of society will Indigenous peoples finally be empowered to genuinely, democratically determine their own fate and to have direct control over economic activity on their territory, including resource extraction

UNESCO  GLOBAL EDUCATION 2030. Dangerous Marxist leaders call for The Great Reset. The body pushing The Great Reset happens to be the World Economic Forum and its charismatic German leader Klaus Schwab who is calling for a return to Marxist principles, claiming that capitalism has empirically failed. Professor Schwab has just released a book titled The Great Reset and has dedicated a large portion of the official WEF website to such articles as “Does capitalism need some Marxism to survive the Fourth Industrial Revolution?”. It is truly a terrifying notion that a man as educated and powerful as Schwab would use his supposedly independent economic organisation to push for a return of the deadliest social experiments of the 20th century.  The Command Economist System. A system which eliminates inequality because citizens all live equally in tragedy. .But the Marxist principles Schwab endorses are stained with blood. Or as Karl Marx would say: “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce”.

UNESCO: GLOBAL EDUCATION 2030. Globally, regionally,  nationally and locally. Helen Clark attended the 2015 Global Education Convention in South Korea as did heads of UN Nations States, Academics ,World Bank, and UN Agencies including UNESCO. At this time Helen Clark was working at the UNDP. She gave a speech at  the conference.  It was at this gathering the Education 2030 Incheon Declaration was introduced. SDG4 of UN Agenda 2030 17 SDGs. A worldwide transformative education for the next 15 years. (2030)


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The deliberate plundering of New Zealand. Worst every housing crisis. Fractured Mental Health services. Education Curriculum needs total revamp. Hospital waiting time in ED over 6 hrs for patients. Doctors and nurses crossing the ditch. The NZRDA (doctor’s union) has recently highlighted doctor shortages, with nationwide vacancies reaching a crisis point.

The Housing Crisis is massive, rent increases and the Government not living up to its ‘Living Standard’. As a result of unaffordable housing, overcrowding issues and a poor housing stock 300,000 New Zealand families are living in unacceptable housing conditions. A housing crisis that sees 27,000 families needing homes, with owning or renting out of reach of many. Temporary short term accommodation in motels turn out to be long term more permanent residence. Significant increase in homelessness. “Labour promised they would solve New Zealand’s housing crisis. Five years on, taxpayers have paid more than $1 billion in Emergency Housing …

The abandoned $800 million cycle bridge across Auckland Harbour cost more than $50 million on consultants, when it comes to the changes being planned for health, their ineptitude will cost lives. This abandonment of the community focus for health care in New Zealand, and its replacement by a centralised health bureaucracy based in Wellington – without any consultation or prior warning.

And in March this year the Public Service Commissioner issued a new code of conduct for board members of Crown agencies including DHBs. Described as a ‘gagging order’ by some, it came into force just two days before the Minister announced the abolition of DHBs, preventing health board members “from making political comment”.  Not only is the Government attempting to silence the health sector, they also want health care in New Zealand to be determined by race, not need. Since the health reforms are being run out of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet – through a transition unit that has 25 staff and a $5 million budget – Jacinda Ardern is directly responsible.

This plan for Maori co-governance is, of course, a key objective of He Puapua – Labour’s blueprint for replacing democracy with tribal rule by 2040. With a Parliamentary majority and no coalition partner constraints, He Puapua is being progressed at pace – even though the Prime Minister has no mandate from voters to do so.  (Vision 2040). To deliver the He Puapua goal of Maori co-governance of health, the health system needs to be centralised, not decentralised. That’s why Labour is breaking its campaign pledge to retain DHBs. A fundamental pillar of our health system – ensuring New Zealanders retain their right to community-based healthcare that safeguards access to those living in isolated areas – is being sacrificed for He Puapua and the ideology of racial segregation.

The Maori Health Authority – co-chaired by Minister Nanaia Mahuta’s sister – is being justified on the basis of claims that Maori are Treaty partners with the Crown. But, since it is constitutionally impossible for subjects to be partners with their Sovereign, that is a fabrication. Yet on the basis of this lie, our Prime Minister is planning to give the new Maori elite – those running multi-million-dollar private tribal corporations – control over public health resources and services. Thus putting ideology ahead of lives by attempting to overhaul – and racially segregate – the entire health system during a pandemic.

Local and Central Government attacking the rural farmers from urban/city populated areas inside out. Plant based diets. (C40 Cities) No Farmers- No Food.

Amend Decriminalization Of Abortion Legislation. Abortion is NZ is legally allowed up to birth, sex selection is allows, abortion-for unborn baby with club foot, cleft lip, failed abortion baby can be left to die on hospital table no pain killers. NZ has one of the worst cruellest abortion legislations in the world. An Unborn baby is defined as a piece of foetal matter not as a human being until the time the baby is born. (Born Alive Rule)

Amend End Of Life Choice Legislation (Very Dangerous Concepts). People that are seriously ill may feel guilty, shamed a burden on the family, may not be taking prescribed pain killers. Who determines the length of a persons life-doctors often known to get this wrong. The under funding of palliative care in NZ is a serious problem



“Labour promised they would solve New Zealand’s housing crisis. Five years on, taxpayers have paid more than $1 billion in Emergency Housing …




Published in Fightback magazine, the Workers Party NZ. That has a  far left Cultural Marxist Socialist  Communist agenda.  September 21st 2015 published an article that referred to ‘A Maori Communist Perspective (Voices of Women and Gender Minorities). Authored by Huriana Kopeke-Te Aho. The content of the articles includes Maori political autonomy. That Marx clarifies the exploitative relationship underpinning the political and economic system of capitalism making references to themes including slavery and oppression the process of colonisation. Also stating that ‘through the act of change and transformation of our environment we change ourselves in the process’. That In Marx’s theory, capitalism creates and relies upon the construct of alienation. Well you can say that again during these last few years the state has certainly promoted and caused isolation and alienation, the destruction of the construction of family life, the working and social environment. However the Workers Party NZ support this with their Marxist Socialist narratives. Then Huriana Kopeke Te Aho the author of this article states that indigenous struggles are the artifacts of colonisation, being a Marxist theory.

Personally I question when are people going to stand up and speak up about this insane shite of divide and conquer, identity politics, the racial divide. Self determination belongs to each and every individual, and each and every individual is unique in their own right, one size does not fit one group. One size does not fit all. Cultural Marxism is about a class society, as in NZ Ardern’s leadership when she stated publicly “Yes we are living in a two tier society’. Now we live in Hipkins two tier society and every political cronie in the toilet bowl of Wellington are part of this promoting a two tier society. Crisis, Crisis, Crisis = Fear= Compliance= you have your jab you can go to the hairdressers, if you do not have your jab you cannot go to the hairdressers. New Zealand in a state of communism under a Socialist Cultural Marxist regime.

Also in the content of this ‘Fightback’ article ‘ authored by Huriana Kopeke Te Aho also refers to – Iwi have become the new elites (Rata 1997) and what was once a clear struggle between coloniser and colonised, has become further complicated with  the coloniser having a brown face as the economics of Treaty settlements are giving them license to look and act like capitalists and crown agents’ and then concludes  “It is the inevitability of the struggle for freedom from the shackles of the powerful that render Marx’s theory so powerful in indigenous human rights movements around the world”

IT’s important to note that this Socialist Marxist Communist published article in Fightback magazine does NOT represent the majority of those who have Maori blood running through their veins in NZ. And please note its those members of the Workers Party NZ that excuses those with Maori and Pacifica blood in their veins and brown skinned as being ‘White Supremacists’ in their crazy, insane woke ideas and their hatred of those that have the blood running through their veins of their forefathers namely the colonizers that the Socialist Marxists of NZ hate so much. Strangely them themselves too have 85% of that colonizer western blood running through their veins too. I really cannot imagine the struggles they must go through hating 85% of their identity, poor sick insane bastards don’t they realise that they will be much healthier if they just get over themselves. GOD SAVE NZ





27th August 2019 ‘The Red – Brown Alliance in ‘Policing Gender’, communist politics in New Zealand, they deliberately hide the words that label them as to what they really are ‘Cultural Marxist Socialist with a Communist agenda’. Daphne Lawless is a member of the Socialist Far Left Marxist Workers Party NZ, as is Byron Clark who recently authored the book ‘FEAR’ targeting and naming groups, individuals who publicly speak out opposing govt policies character assassinating them, he himself clear, evidentially violating the NZ Bill Of Rights 1991 and international Human Rights Agreements that give people the right to freedom of expression and to freedom of peaceful public assembly. We are experiencing the very aggressive rudeness of the Woke in NZ. Peaceful Assembly to them does not equate, they deliberately want to destroy peaceful assemble and the freedom of expression this is clearly communism and totalitarianism a regime of tyranny.

Trade Union organizers Daphne Whitmore and Don Franks are described as veteran socialists and union organiser, they say they defend free speech, but that free speech must only be defined as their free speech, everyone else ‘just shut up and sit down’. The Workers Party NZ whom they represent have been reported to be truly nasty far left that represents ideas such as the ‘zombie plague’, they have an immoral compass. In 2011 promoted marches to ‘Queer schools in New Zealand. A key member of the Workers Party also being a political activist a leading member of the group from Wellington ‘The Queer Avengers’. Their goal to establish political reform in parliament for transgender diversity teaching, they communicated with Grant Robertson whom was well established in the Labour Party back then, worked for Helen Clark. The promoting of ‘progressive transgender in the school classroom. The rising of trans activism in New Zealand those that called themselves ‘Comrade, comrade, comrade’, neo liberal New Zealand communist, the non-binary, gender-queer’,  the globalisation of gender-queer’ politics common in veteran activists and young people mostly from universities, institutes worldwide… hence the fantasy construction of the biological male or female body, namely the illusion of gender fluidity, chose what sex you want to be, choose from a multiple of genders and remember its all in the language.. Pronouns He-She etc., The insanity gets worse, and continues to so, the rainbowing of schools in NZ, the dumbing down of education. Kids should be taught their ABC’s not their LGBT’s. Byron Clarks Workers Party NZ and its published ‘Fightback’ magazine promoting the Palestinian Liberation Front a designated terrorist org., in four out of the Five Eyes group. New Zealand Government does not list the Palestinian Liberation Front as a Designated Terrorist Org., like the other ‘Four Eyes Country Members’. The Palestinian Liberation Front that has used children as suicide bombers and messengers in war like situations.  Byron Clarks Fightback magazine advertised raising funds and send money directly to the Palestinian Liberation Front. Selling Tee shorts, street stalls and meetings to support this terrorist org., he now gives seminars and workshops at Massey Universities and reports for Mainstream media in NZ. Yet it was the Workers Party Fightback that supported and promoted the Palestinian woman terrorist who hijacked commercial airliners several times. Byron Clark who campaigned to be mayor of Christchurch in 2007 as a representative of the Workers Party NZ, the publishers of ‘The Spark’ and ‘FightBack’ magazine that promoted the ‘Queering of Schools in New Zealand’.





Your tax payer dollars are paing this this disgusting undignified assault on paler skinned men of New Zealand, our sovereign people of New Zealand. Main stream news journalists are granted money from the Journalist Fund to promote this white hatred of Instutionalized Identity Politgics, it is immoral and disgusting and thats my personal poin of view. Just like the ‘Drag Queens’ children story reading time in Council libraries. Adult entertainment that is published as ‘Family Friendly’. The family friendly is a term- a code that is pushed by the trans community- family is their family of transgendered peoples not yours. The queering of schools in New Zealand. The term ‘Queering’ used to mask the multiple gender’s that are being indocrinated in schools today. John William Money born in Morrinsville NZ 1955 was the first to officially use the word ‘Trans-kids’ and ‘gender’. He left behind him misery, heartbreak and   a cruel inhumane immoral undignifiedtragedy for those who partook in his guineapig human experiments at the John Hopkins Institute in Baltimore under Dr John William Money. He was influential in what we are seeing today in our schools “the sexualization of children’ from the start of primary school to the end of secondary school. Also in the workplace and Universities. From the cradle to the grave.

This is Tusiata poem that is being promoted by the government and main stream newsmedia, this clearly is not for young children’s eyes. Newshub 2/3/2023 also published in Stuff NZ.

Excerpt from the poem: These days we’re driving round in SUVs looking for ya or white men like you who might be thieves or rapists or kidnappers or murderers  yeah, or any of your descendants or any of your incarnations cos, you know ay, bitch? We’re gonna F… YOU UP… and its gets much worse ‘brown girls hunting white men as  a  murderous revengeful act.

Stuff NZ published the full version of the poem however had to amend their article for a shorter version of a part of Tusiata’s poem after there were many complaints to the Human Rights Commissioner Meng Foon because of Stuffs article that included the full poem on 19th February 2023, it was March 9th 2023 when Stuff NZ amended their article. Meng Food said he would communicate with Creative New Zealand about the multiple complaints he had received however this is what Creative New Zealand said in their statement “one of its functions is to uphold and promote the rights of artists and the right of persons to freedom in the practice of the arts”.  Te Pāti Māori are not impressed.