Codification, exploitation and alienation, another Marxian concept relating to commodification became famous in the critical social sciences, namely the fetish character of the commodity (Marx, 1867/2018a). Socialism and Self Determination. A common demand among Indigenous communities and their supporters is for Indigenous self-determination. Lenin wrote widely on the right of oppressed nations to self-determination, up to and including separation. Only with the socialist transformation of society will Indigenous peoples finally be empowered to genuinely, democratically determine their own fate and to have direct control over economic activity on their territory, including resource extraction

UNESCO  GLOBAL EDUCATION 2030. Dangerous Marxist leaders call for The Great Reset. The body pushing The Great Reset happens to be the World Economic Forum and its charismatic German leader Klaus Schwab who is calling for a return to Marxist principles, claiming that capitalism has empirically failed. Professor Schwab has just released a book titled The Great Reset and has dedicated a large portion of the official WEF website to such articles as “Does capitalism need some Marxism to survive the Fourth Industrial Revolution?”. It is truly a terrifying notion that a man as educated and powerful as Schwab would use his supposedly independent economic organisation to push for a return of the deadliest social experiments of the 20th century.  The Command Economist System. A system which eliminates inequality because citizens all live equally in tragedy. .But the Marxist principles Schwab endorses are stained with blood. Or as Karl Marx would say: “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce”.

UNESCO: GLOBAL EDUCATION 2030. Globally, regionally,  nationally and locally. Helen Clark attended the 2015 Global Education Convention in South Korea as did heads of UN Nations States, Academics ,World Bank, and UN Agencies including UNESCO. At this time Helen Clark was working at the UNDP. She gave a speech at  the conference.  It was at this gathering the Education 2030 Incheon Declaration was introduced. SDG4 of UN Agenda 2030 17 SDGs. A worldwide transformative education for the next 15 years. (2030)

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