ECO Socialist Multistakeholder Public Private Global Partnership with the UN-WEF ‘Corporate Capture of the World’ and the Global Godfather of Climate Hysteria

Maurice Strong the Godfather of Climate Hysteria. The self proclaimed Socialist Climate Change Inventor, that defined a trace gas as a very wealthy meal ticket of tens of thousands of climate functionalities

Maurice Strong established two of the largest UN Environmental Agencies.  Maurice Strong Personal Advisor to  UN Secretary Generals. Maurice Strong quoted at the UN “We may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrialized civilization to collapse. Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about”? Quote Maurice Strong UN. The Science is settled “No its not:. Maurice Strong Self confessed socialist had a massive influence on world affairs, international environmental rules, international agencies and businesses, an influential member of the WEF

Maurice Strong joined the UN at 18years old lived with a leader of the UN Treasury. Eventually put the UN into the collaboration with environmental businesses. The shadowy influence of the UN Leaders from 1962 till 2005, often clled ‘the international man of mystery’  and a ‘new guy in your future’ and a very dangerous one at that. Strong made his fortune in oil and energy eg Petro Canada, Power Corporation, CalTex Africa, Hydro Canada, the Colorado Land and Cattle Company, Ajax Petroleum, Canadian Industrial Oil and Gas— to name just a few. He had an extensive range of contacts within the power brokers of the world, he was called the ‘Michelangelo of Networking’ but he was not angel.

1972 organized the 1st Earth Summit in Stockholm The Conference on the Human Environment. This led to the formation of the UN Environment Program Maurice Strong was the head of this. Later he organized the UNEP, he was the boss of the first international expert group on climate change. This led to UN sponsored organizations eg The Earth Council and Earth Charter, World Resources Institute, World Wild Life Fund, The Commission for World Governance and the University for Peace.

Strong was the driving force behind the world governance, governing of UN Nation States . He dreamt up a world tax on monetary transactions of 0.05% which would have given the UN an annual income of $1.5 trillion annually. About equal to the income of the US. However the stumbling block was the UN Security Council that has veto rights. (The power of Veto). So he devised a plan to get rid of the UN Security Council but did not succeed in implementing his plan. And then he came up with this light bulb moment called ‘Global Warming’, this might just be the device to get his World Governance up and running.

1989 Strong was appointed to Secretary General of the Earth Summit, 1992 he addressed the second Earth Summit at Rio. Telling 1,000’s of climate change delegates

“It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class— involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work place air-conditioning, and suburban housing — are not sustainable”.

Hence there goes the house (private Property) there goes your Meat  (plant based burgers) Bill Gates ‘Beyond Burgers’, the transformation of the world called ‘The World we Want’ being the world the Corporation- UN-WEF Collaborators want.  (Global Power and wealth)

However Strong did not say at this time he had actually purchased a very large piece of land in Colorado. The Colorado Land and Cattle Company, he bought this off an arms dealer named Adnan Khashoggi who had strong connections with the Bin Laden family

200,000 acres of cattle property called ‘Baca’ It sat on a vast underground water system. Strong formed the American Water Development Corporation to exploit the water by pumping it out for commercial intent but was stopped by locals. Maurice Strong was told by a mystic that : The Baca Ranch would become the new planetary order which would evolve from the economic collapse and environmental catastrophes that would sweep the world in years to come”

With this, he created the Manitou Foundation, a New Age Institute which was located at his Baca Rach, above what he called the saced waters that lay below. He established the ‘Conservation Fund’ with the help of Laurence Rockefeller, to study the mystical properies of the Manitou Mountaun. A circular temple was built at the ranch devoted to the world mystical movements

The valley where the Baca Ranch is located is traditional home of the Navajo tribes. They believe that their ancestors were led underground in this valley by ‘Ant People’. According to the Navajo tradition they warned of the coming ‘Sky Katchinas’ (Sky spirits’. Strong was drawn towards these Navajo mystical beliefs. Maurice Strong founded the Earth Council Institute in 1992, recruiting world luminaries eg., Mikhail Gorbachev, Shimon Peres, Al Gore and David Rockefeller. In year 2000 Earth Charter Strong again pushed for a World Governance body.

2005 Maurice Strong, an extremely powerful man made a push which he announced would save humanity, the promoting of the theory of human induced greenhouse gases, but he was caught with his hand in the till. He endorsed a chque for himself made out to M Strong issued by the Jordanian Bank. The South Korean businessman Tongsun Park was given the cheque, he was convicted in 2006 by a New York Federal Court of conspiring to bribe  UN Officials

Maurice Strong resigned and then fled to Canada, then onto China where he continued to live. Taking sanctuary in China where his cousin Louise Strong, a Marxist who lived with Mao Tse Tung for 2 years before she died in 1970.

In 1947 Maurice Strong  worked at the UN at the age of 18 a Canadian from Manitoba, he was a junior officer at the UN Security Section, he lived with the UN Treasurer Noah Monod. Maurice Strong was involved in bribery and corruption, a very well known one was the Un Oil for Food Scandal. Strong was stripped of many of his 53 International Awards and honours he had collected over a lifetime for this. Strong was known for his dual role of an eco global socialist pushing for a world governance and he was also reported to be a ruthless businessman

Maurice Strong was a longtime Foundation Director of the World Economic Forum, a senior advisor to the World Bank. A Canadian Oil- Mineral Businessman, Under Secretary of the UN, President of the Power Corporation of Canada, Secretary of the Un Human Environment Programme, CEO of Petro Canada, Headed Ontario Hydro. Head of the Water Development Incorporated, Commissioner of the World Commission on environmental Developments, Leader of International environmental Movements worldwide.

An active member of Perking University, Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Institute for Research on Security and Sustainability for North East Asia. Died at 86 in 2015. Self confessed radical Socialist. There are references made to Maurice Strong and Canada’s Principal Investment Corporations that have interests in Energy and Utility Businesses. The Power Corporation of Canada. In 1976 at Pierre Trudeau request Maurice Strong returned to Canada to head the newly created national oil company Petro-Canada.

Strong was a shareholder in Oil companies, he had acquired Denver Oil was the largest shareholder. AZL merged with Tosco Corporation which Strong acquired which was 160,000 acres – the Baca Ranch in Colorado which was Strongs Manitou Foundation. Strong later became the chairman of the Canada Development Investment Corporation, the holding company for some of Canada’s principal government owned corporations. 1982 he became chair of Ontario Hydro.

Dec 3st 1986 Strong founded the American Water Development Incorporated, with a rights to pump water from a guge area and sell it to water districts in the Front Range Urban Corridor of Colorado. (There was much conflict about this and activism) So Strong existed the company. Strong was the director of Molten Metal Technology, an environmental tech company founded in 1989, recycling hazardous waste gained research grants from US Dept of Energy. The company later filed for bankruptcy.’ Stockholm Conference

In 1971, Strong commissioned a report on the state of the planet, Only One Earth: The Care and Maintenance of a Small Planet,[25] co-authored by Barbara Ward and Rene Dubos. The report summarized the findings of 152 leading experts from 58 countries in preparation for the first UN meeting on the environment, held in Stockholm in 1972. This was the world’s first “state of the environment” report.

The Stockholm Conference established the environment as part of an international development agenda. It led to the establishment by the UN General Assembly in December 1972 of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), with headquarters in NairobiKenya, and the election of Strong to head it. UNEP was the first UN agency to be headquartered in the third world.[26] As head of UNEP, Strong convened the first international expert group meeting on climate change.[27]

Strong was one of the commissioners of the World Commission on Environment and Development, set up as an independent body by the United Nations in 1983.

Maurice Strong the Godfather of Climate Hysteria. A longtime foundation Director of the WEF, on the advisory committee of Harvard University, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Maurice Strong flanked by 100 world leaders embodied in Agenda 21 launchpad. The design of the global governance and Mass Global Warming hysteria that has now evolved into a ECO Socialist Multistakeholder Public Private Global Partnership with the UN-WEF ‘Corporate Capture of the World. WEF GLOBAL REDESIGN INIATIVE. THE GREAT RESETTHE NEW NORMAL – THE GLOBAL AGENDA 2030- TO LEAVE NO-ONE BEHINDEVERYONE EVERYWHERE AT EVERY AGEORIGINATED BY THE SHADOW OF THE MOST POWERFUL LEADERS OF THE UNNONE OTHER THAN MAURICE STRONG.THE GLOBAL GOD FATHER OF CLIMATE HYSTERIA.



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I started becoming target practice for far left socialists and Main Stream and Social Media in December 2018. Speaking publicly in Aotea Square Auckland about Freedoms, Bill Of Rights and my objection to the UN Global Compact of Migration was first felt when Police aimed their camera’s at me, and then later that day police standing in a line as I heard shouts ‘Go Home’ and ‘Go Home NOW’. I knew then,  that political policing had started in our beautiful country. It was about this time that Lee Williams had a visit from the police, his street where he lived closed off by Police. The police questioning went like this “Do you support Trump”.  Another Conservative Party member also got a visit from the police the questioning went like this “Do you know a Conservative Candidate”.

Later supporting Groundswell stopped in our vehicle at the traffic lights, the media called out to me to wind my window down they wanted to interview me. Lesson number one “never trust main stream media”, this was my lesson to learn. They asked my why I was supported the farmers, I was well researched had no problems with this and happily spoke about it. Then suddenly the reporter said “What are those words on your hat” I just replied “Make Ardern Go Away” (MAGA). When the news item was run publicly all that was seen and heard was me stating “Make Ardern Go Away”.  (Never again will this happen) And yes I have police at my door wanting to give me a warning letter not to attend a protest. I would not accept it, they tried to put it in my hand. So they just dropped it on the ground in front of my feet. The police left, I went to the protest and the warning notice just blew away..that was it.

On June the 12th my daughter up north contacted me and asked had I seen this NZ Herald Article from 2021″ I said “No I do not buy any of this Propaganda bullcrap”. She then sent me the information where I had been character assassinated by David Fisher Senior Reporter of the NZ Herald where he had referred to a Facebook Group called FACT. That they had done a 60,000 letterbox drop on names and info on Anti-Vaxers but they had sneaked in the content of their information that ‘Carol Sakey inspired the Mosque Attacks in Christchurch’. This was all reported in the Herald by David Fisher.   So I decided I would send a complaint to various government agencies.

I waited for over a month for reply, received nothing, only an acknowledgement they had received the complaint. So once again I emailed them and stated that my complaint was going to the UN Human Rights Commission…With that NZ Human Rights Commission responded saying that they were not the agency to complain to. And that was it.  Below is what I emailed to the Media Council. Broadcasting Standards Authority….Human Rights Commission. The Ombudsman and then UN Human Rights Council.  (Of course I knew they would deliberately kick me to the kerb but I felt I had to go through the process)


COMPLAINT AGAINST: NZ Herald Senior Writer David Fisher. FACT (Fight Against Conspiracy Theories) and Byron Clark of Workers Party NZ. Christchurch

13th June 2023

TO:‘NZ MEDIA COUNCIL’  -cc: BROADCASTING STANDARDS AUTHORITY:  [email protected] – cc: Human Rights Commission: [email protected] – cc OMBUDSMAN [email protected]

FROM: Carol Sakey

COMPLAINT AGAINGST: NZ Herald Senior Writer David Fisher.  FACT (Fight Against Conspiracy Theories) and Byron Clark of Workers Party NZ. Christchurch

On the 12th June 2023 I received an email from a close family member who was extremely upset at an article written by David Fisher Senior reporter of the NZ Herald, the news article was entitled     ‘The Real News: Who is really behind the Covid-19 conspiracy magazine being dropped into 60,000 letterboxes’. A link from the NZ Herald article was provided to a Facebook group called ‘FACT’ (Fights Against Conspiracy Theories) described as  informal group of NZ Academics and professionals. In David Fishers news article  was dated 12th March 2021, he named named Doctors, Nurses, Health Professionals  also included in amongst the names and professional descriptions of approx.., 120 names is  Henare Parata (Atuakore. Maori Athiests and Freethinkers) and Joe Trinder (Indigenous Rights Activist whom were amongst those that signed this 60,000  letterbox drop.

David Fisher stated very clearly and concisely that he was accusing me of inspiring the very cruel  Christchurch Mosque Attacks. In his  NZ Herald news article he wrote   ‘Carol Sakey who spreads the ‘Great Replacement’ theory inspired the Christchurch terrorist attackNOTE: David Fisher has provided no evidence, only a link to this  informal group namely FACT on Facebook.

David Fisher concludes his article with the last paragraph that reads :- ‘But when those who claim to be experts in the medical field are seen to endorse groups which promote conspiracy theories and lies that cause harm, they are not acting responsibly for the greater good. “We believe that it’s inappropriate for Plan B – a group that claims it wants to promote rational fact-based discussion – to legitimise Voices for Freedom”, says Andrew Mackie, a FACT spokesperson’ and  is also reported by  David Fisher. “Voices for Freedom claims to be a harmless group of health-conscious mums, but the reality is more sinister. It actively promotes conspiracy theories and medical misinformation and supports political extremists. Plan B consists of academics and doctors who should know better than to support and legitimise Voices for Freedom. PLEASE NOTE: I do not  speak on behalf of Voices For Freedom’, and never have.  I am a researcher. Please find below links to UN News, UN Assembly, and the Beehive Website

BYRON CLARK: New Zealand Workers Party Christchurch has deliberately targeted me on social media and intentionally edited my You Tube video’s since I submitted a petition application into Parliamentary office objecting to the UN Global Compact Of Migration. In November 2018. My petition application was scrutinised and the content was accepted, approved by the Parliamentary office and eventually accepted by the Select Committee. Because of the Mosque attack the select committee process did not take place until after the Mosque attack, there was a delay in the process. It was clear that Byron Clark  opposed my objection to NZ Government signing the UN Global Compact of Migration, but I, deliberately ignored the reasons for rejecting the UN Global Compact of Migration. These are laid out below.:-

CAROL SAKEY PETITION TO SELECT COMMITTEE AS TO OBJECTION TO THE N GLOBAL COMPACT OF MIGRATION: Included my concerns in my petition/submission to the Select Committee includes the following (with evidence provided):

1)NZ’ National Security and the safety and security of New Zealanders. The UNGCM content including the acceptance of ‘Irregular’ Migrants/Refugee’s (Irregular defined as ‘illegal’)

2) Thousands of New Zealand Citizens were waiting on the public housing list. Migrants/refugee’s entitled to public housing before that of NZ citizens that were on the public housing waiting list.

3) Mainstream news reporting of the total failure of Mental Health Services in NZ, with a statement from an MP “This will take some time to fix). I noted that Migrants/Refugee’s are likely to require Mental Health Support services, therefore unfair to them and New Zealanders alike.

4) Mainstream reporting of shortage of school teachers. Teachers had arrived from oversea’s but returned to their country of origin due to the high cost of living in NZ. House Prices, Rents etc.,

5) The taxpayers of NZ to support Refugee’s/Migrants who return back to their own country of origin. I believed that to be totally unjustified to rob tax payers pockets when many people in New Zealand were already struggling.

6) Freedom of Press where the Mainstream media must report Migration in a certain way, if they were not compliant public funding would not be forthcoming.

7) The acceptance into NZ of Regular and Irregular Migration Status (Legal and Illegal )

Since I  publicly started seeking names to add to my petition in 2018 objecting to the UNGCM I have been unjustly character assassinated,. Alt Right. White Supremacist. Islamophobic etc.,

To prove that I am neither of these – I researched the Royal Commission Inquiry into the Mosque Attacks through the Royal Commission of Inquiry Website. This included 17 Questions to the Royal Commission Inquiry on the Mosque attacks by the Community which the Commission responded to, please see below:-



1)QUESTION: Were public sector agencies aware of the threat posed by white supremacists and other right wing extremist non-state actors and movements? Is so what did they do in response to the threat?

ANSWER: The primary focus of intelligence was international terrorism, particularly the threat to New Zealanders overseas. Assessment on international terrorism was primarily focused on Islamic Extremist Terrorism.  In the past 5 years leading up to 2018 there were few strategic assessments about terrorism threats in New Zealand and practically none on threats other than Islamic Terrorism. Right Wing Extremism before the March 2019: NZ SIS reported that there was an awareness of a threat posed by right wing was developing but it was limited.  NZ SIS started its baselining project in May 2018.     Following a meeting in December 2018 NZ Police took preliminary steps to undertake their own exercises on the extreme right    In response the NZ SIS and NZ Police conducted a tabletop computer counter-terrorism response exercise in October 2018 based on a scenario of an assumed motor vehicle attack on worshipper out Masjid an Nur Mosque.


2)QUESTION: What Intelligence did agencies receive from Five Eyes Partners regarding ‘White Supremacy and Right Wing Extremism before 15th March 2019?

ANSWER: Very little international partner reporting related to right wing extremism. For example the 2nd quarter of the 2018-2019 financial year, the Govt Communications Security Bureau received 7,526 intelligence reports from International Partners about Terrorism and Violent Extremism NONE were related to Right Wing Extremism


3)QUESTION: Given the upward trend in white Supremacist and other Right Wing Extremist Acts of Violence (Actual and Prevented) in the decade prior to March 15th 2019. Why was there no concern of this happening in New Zealand until 2018?

ANSWER: Counter terrorism largely concentrated on the threat of Islamic Terrorism, Islamic extremism being seen as the presenting threat


 4)QUESTION: Were there any assessments done regarding danger to Muslim Communities? If so what was the result

ANSWER: Strategic and tactical intelligence assessments primarily focus on the threat posed and who poses the threat rather than risk to particular communities. Intelligence assessment can relate specifically to the risk to events or locations.  There was one NZ Police Intelligence Assessment produced prior to March 2019, referring to the risk to Muslim Communities. May 2018 a National Security Situation Update Report


PLEASE NOTE: The Risk was namely: Referred to the time of ‘Ramadan 2018’ which provided the NZ Police Assistant Commissions and District Commanders that Da’ish had issued calls for terrorist attacks against Ramadan for the previous three years, and could again. It advised that Ramadan was also a time of increased risk to the Muslim Community and was noted by the NZ Police Commissioners and District Commanders. That Daesh is a name used to refer to ISIS/ISIL. The radical Sunni Muslim Organization, it’s a name said to delegitimise the groups claim to be an Islamic State. ISIL or Daish refers to the fundamentalist organization of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Tarrant had no criminal history in New Zealand or Australia before 15th March 2019.


5)QUESTION: Was white supremacy and right wing extremism included in the current National Security and Intelligence priorities as an area of focus for counter terrorism?

ANSWER: No not specifically. The Prime Ministers Cabinet in December 2018 included a terrorism priority, it included Domestic as well as International Terrorism threats but did not refer to particular ideologies. The Domestic Terrorism threats were described as those that may arise in and against New Zealand, or be carried out by New Zealanders overseas. And the scope included emerging trends and characteristics associated with overseas terrorist networks linked to NZ.


International Terrorism threats: Were described as ‘threats against New Zealand’s interests overseas in areas which have the greatest exposure for New Zealanders, these being the trends, characteristics of emerging regional and global terrorism threats, that may impact on NZ. An ‘Unclassified version of the National Security and Intelligence Priorities was initially published in the department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2019 Annual Report.

In September 2020 the Dept of the PM and Cabinet updated its website to include an unclassified version of the National Security & Intelligence Priorities which included:-‘Terrorism. Threats to New Zealand. New Zealanders and New Zealand’s interests from terrorism, ideologically, politically motivated violence at home and abroad’

The strategic assessment that informed the 2018 priorities did not mention white supremacy or right wing extremism. (Reported NZ SIS). The NZ SIS with the NZ Police and Dept of the PM and Cabinet are the owner of the terrorism risk profile in the National Risk Register which informed the development of the NZ SIS Priorities in 2018. Ardern and her Cabinet were involved in this 2018 assessment that did not mention white supremacy or right wing extremism

The Royal Commission Inquiry reported that : An extreme right wing lone actor attack in NZ remained a possibility, albeit a remote one.


PERSONAL INFORMATION: I am a mother and grandmother of 17 grandchildren of many nationalities. I have worked and supported those from other countries as a volunteer of ‘Speaking English as a Second Language

I have been a member of the NZ Youth Court Association Committee. I was a manager of Victim Support working alongside Police 24 x7. I took part in training at NZ Police college to work alongside detectives in the area of Homicide and Suicide.

I was a facilitator for Restorative Justice. Also worked alongside Police and NZCPS in a first ever pilot scheme supporting victims of crime at family group conference.

Worked as a Family Therapist and Counsellor, facilitator of support Groups of those affected by Childhood sexual Abuse. Worked voluntarily for Age Concern. And also for Hospice, helping patients with  ‘End of life story writing’. Worked alongside Judge Brown (RIP) in the Youth Court, including writing an article for Te Rangitahi News.


CONCLUSION: From all the above evidential information provided there is absolutely no justification in the persons I have named for character assassinating me, recklessly putting myself and my families life at risk of  serious harm. This has caused us unnecessary stress by the serious accusation made that ‘I inspired the Mosques attacks in Christchurch on 15th March 2019’.

I am seriously concerned that the statement made by David Fisher, NZ Herald  puts my life and my families life in danger of possible retribution of such callous cruel public statements, and should never be tolerated

I request that the above named are taken to task as to the dangerous reckless message they have given to the public of New Zealand about me which risks causing myself and my family serious harm.

I also request that a public retraction, an apology is made by Byron Clark, David Fisher and Andrew Mackie spokesperson of FACT, for seriously harmful statements made against me as a person.

The extremely harmful statement made by David Fisher that has risked causing huge public attention. That David Fisher drew public attention through his news article that there had been a 60,000 letterbox drop by the Facebook Group ‘FACT’ referring to Carol Sakey (myself) Inspired the Christchurch Mosque Attacks through spreading the ‘Great Replace Theory’. There is no evidence of this and I find this to be sheer bloody mindedness, corrupt lies which risks causing my family and myself harm.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not read the Herald so therefore I have only just been emailed the news article today 13th June 2023 by a close family member who is extremely concerned and has every right to be.



The Real News: Who is really behind the Covid-19 conspiracy magazine being dropped into 60,000 letterboxes

 By  David Fisher  12 Mar, 2021 02:13 PM

Dangerous Liaisons in a Pandemic: An Open Letter to “Plan B” from FACT (Fight Against Conspiracy Theories) Anti-misinformation campaigners call on Covid Plan B members to end their support of Voices for Freedom and to condemn groups promoting conspiracy theories

FACT (Fight Against Conspiracy Theories) is an informal group of New Zealand academics, health workers and professionals who want to stop the spread of dangerous misinformation about Covid 19 and vaccines. ‘ Carol Sakey, who spreads the “Great Replacement” theory which inspired the Christchurch terrorist attack’. And includes 100 plus professional, non professional, and activists names and each of their descriptions, also a Link to FACT (Andrew Mackie spokesperson)

If you’d like to sign this letter, please email Andrew Mackie, [email protected] e-being-dropped-into-60000-letterboxes/V3CSQAQNUD4RCEUXXB7YPHZDNQ/

12th March 2021 David Fisher 


I seek a response from you at your earliest.

Carol Sakey.



Australian Senator Michael Roberts published an article on UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030 calling this a conspiracy theory. Mainstream Media is corporate owned and extremely wealthy has much wealth to gain from supporting, promoting the global elite and are key players of World Economic Forums Global Redesign otherwise known as ‘The Great Reset’ and the Fourth Industrial Revolution -Global Governance (Guardian News 14/9/2016). Referencing Agenda 21/2030 (UN) as threatening to demolishing Sovereign Nations through UN Agenda 21, 2030 .that “people are waking up to the UN destroying our national sovereignty” referring to the UN Lima Declaration and the  1992 Rio Declaration (UN) – the implementation for a 21st century global governance which is known as ‘UN Agenda 2030’

Hence Senator Michael Roberts also accused all UN Member States of sneakingly implementing Agenda 2030 blaming the Keating Govt as having implemented this under the guise of biodiversity’ and that property rights would be stolen, regulations would be passed to control people. That  climate alarmism would push UN Member Nation States be  foreign controlled, he called the UN Paris Agreement as sham. Hence using the word ‘sustainability’ to pass regulations. Roberts wanted Australia to leave the United Nations.

UN Agenda 21 like UN Agenda 2030 both being non-binding agreements are commitments made by those govts that have ratified them, once entered into that nations domestic policies becomes law (Legislative Acts). Trump said in 2017 that UN Agenda 2030 to cut carbon emissions is a “draconian financial economical burden that is imposed on America”. However once legally binding some parts with Agenda 2030 are not legally binding. The documents text is littered with modal verbs ‘should’- ‘shall’  – may’ etc., that carry a different weight. ‘Shall’ being the big one. ‘Shall’ obliges countries to undertake action within the agreement. The Paris Accord (UN) contains 117 ‘shall’s’.

The Paris Agreement reads “Each Party ‘shall’ prepare, communicate and maintain successive nationally determined contribution that it intends to achieve”. Nationally determined contributions equates to the term “UN Climate uses references to ‘pledges’ how they aim to accelerate those pledges.  UN Member States have committed to submit their nationally determined contribution, update them every 5 years as to the actions they have each taken to reduce carbon emissions, however developed countries must do this annually

Art., 4 “Support shall be provided to developing countries” Billions of dollars over a period of years, this pledge has been made collectively among all developed nations (Paid by Tax Payer dollars). The goal posts have been shifted in many cases from 2030 to 2050. All UN Member States are endorsing promoting UN Agenda 2030. This is not a conspiracy theory. At the expense of NZ Tax Payers and the livelihoods of small businesses, farming communities and the plundering of New Zealand all political cronies in the cesspit of Wellington have jumped on the UN bandwagon.

Jacinda Ardern was the first to introduce UN Agenda 2030 into NZ’s Domestic Policies making it legally binding, she also urged other UN Member States to follow her lead. (NZ Guineapig State). Socialist, leftist will deny that there is a risk of destroying sovereign nations and individual property rights. Many will call UN Agenda 2030  a utopian nightmare. The Guardian News earlier stated that the US pushed the idea of Agenda 21(UN), as being communism under disguise.

Al Gores book declared ‘Fear is the most powerful enemy of reason’. Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ showed animations of Florida, San Francisco, Shanghai, Netherlands, Bangladesh and Manhattan all being swamped by oceans. Gore said “IF” Greenland and Antarctica broke up and melted, then talked about ‘rising seas’ and a hundred million refugee’s fleeing from ‘rising seas’

Biden addressing the US Senate in 1987 predicted a catastrophe of Biblical Proportions for the Entire World from Global Warming, he said “In the next new years global warming, should it occur in accord with the direst predictions would be a catastrophe of biblical proportions for the entire world”.

1989 a Senior UN Environmental Official said that a UN study predicted “Entire Nations Would Be Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth From Rising Seas If The Global Warming Trend Is Not Reversed By Year 2000’. That ‘coastal flooding and crop failures would create an exodus of ‘eco-refugees’ that would threaten political chaos said Noel Brown from the New York office of the UN Environmental Program (UNEP). (Peter James Spielmann ‘UN Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked Associated Press 6/29/89)

UNEP stated there was only a 10 year window (the window of opportunity for the New Normal) before the greenhouse effect would go beyond human control, that nations They said the government only had a 10 year window before the greenhouse effect would go beyond human control, that nations globally would be wiped off the map and millions of people displaced, 1/6th of Bangladesh would be flooded, displacing a ¼ of its 90 million population. Predicted that warming melts polar ice caps, ocean levels will rise up to 3 feet, enough to cover the Maldives and other flat island nations (UN Official Associated Press Interview reference to Coastal Regions). 1995 UN Study predicted ‘Rising Seas’ would cause most of the beaches on the East Coast of the US to disappear by 2020.

In 1995, A UN Study Predicted That Rising Sea Levels Would Cause Most Of The Beaches On The East Coast Of The United States To Disappear By 2020. Associated Press reported 29th June 1989 ‘Snowfalls are now a thing of the past’. “In a few years snowfall will become so rare and exciting in so much as that children just are not going to know what snow is- Snow will be a virtual experience”. Al Gore claimed in 2009 ‘ a new research shoed the Arctic would be ice-free within 5 years, he was speaking at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. He told the conference “These figures are fresh, some of the models suggest to Dr Maslowski that there is a 75% chance that the entire north polar ice-cap during the summer months could be entirely ice-free within 5 to 7 years.

In 2009 Al Gore claimed new research showed the Artic could be ice free within 5 years. Al Gore was speaking at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit.  He told the conference “These figures are fresh. Some of the models suggest to Dr. [Wieslav] Maslowski that there is a 75 per cent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during the summer months, could be completely ice-free within five to seven years.’”  (Frank James, “Al Gore Slips On Artic Ice; Misstates Scientist’s Forecast,” NPR, 12/15/09)  Al Gore announced on 15th December 2009 said he reported wrongly “it’s unclear how he arrived at this, I would never try to estimate likelihood at anything as exact as this”

John Kerry Secretary of State appeared with a French Official publicly said “There is only 500 days to avoid Climate Chaos”. (31st May 2014) The French Foreign Minister remarked “President Obama and John Kerry and himself had committed to reach success on this important matter”  In 2019 Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Greta Thunberg predicted ‘The world will end by 2030, hence pushing UN Agenda 2030, accelerating the partnership agreement signed by the UN with the World Economic Forum to accelerate UN Agenda 2030 (Replace the Free-market global economy with Multi-stakeholder Corporate Capture).  Greta Thunberg claims in her 2019 book ‘No-one is too small to make a difference’ refers to UN Agenda 2030 “we will be in a position to set off an irreversible chain reaction beyond human control, that will lead to the end of civilization as we know it”

Media headlines that are not repeated today, perhaps far to many people have woken up to the wealthy global propaganda machine:- “It’s the time of famines, they will get worse and most disastrous by 1975. Birth control may have been accomplished by making it involuntary by sterilizing agents into staple foods, drinks, water. Roman Catholics should be pressured into birth control (Salt Lake City Tribune 17/11/1967 reported Stanford University biologist Paul Ehrlich-(Socialist/Marxist).

Everyone will disappear in a cloud of blue steam by 1980. This situation will get continuously worse un less we change our behaviour”. Pushing global populations to change their behaviour by using continuous tactics of fear through crisis events. (New York Times 10/8/1969).  Scientist predicts a new ice age by the 21st Century. Air pollution may obliterate the sun, cause a new ice age in the first third of the next century (The Boston Globe 4/4/1970).

3.“The oceans will be as dead as Lake Erie in the next ten years. America will be subject to water rationing by 1974 and food rationing by 1980 (Paul Ehrlich 6/10/1970 The Daily Facts Newspaper’ ) In the next 50 years the fine dust that man constantly puts into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels could screen out much of the sunlight therefore average temperatures would drop by 6 degrees.(9/7/1971 Dr S I Rasool National Aeronautics & Space Admin Columbia University). Associated Press reported September 1978

“If sustained over several years- 5 to 10 degrees is estimated, thus triggering an ice age. “There is no end in  sight to 30 year cooling trend reports the international team of specialists”(Associated Press September 1978)

The gradual rise in sea level is threatening to completely cover the Indian Ocean nation  of 1,196 small islands within the next 30 years. As drinking water will dry up. (Canberra Times 26/9/1988-Environmental Affairs Director). Rising seas could obliterate nations by year 2000 reported UN Officials (Associated Press 1989). The west side highway that runs alongside the Hudson River will be under water, windows will be taped up, there will be no birds there, however there will be more police cars. Crime happens when heat increases. Restaurants would have signs saying “Water by request only”(1988 Jim Hansen Climate Scientist).  The Pentagon tells Bush “Climate will destroy us, Britain will be Siberia in less than 20 years. By 2020 there will be mega droughts, famine will erupt worldwide. 5 to 10 years Artic will be free of Ice in the summer  (24/6/2008 NASA Scientist and his colleague scientists-The Guardian News 21/2/2004)

Gordon Brown reported that we have fewer than 50days to save our planet from catastrophe  US Navy predict summer ice-free artic by 2016. It was stated that using complex modelling, making reports more accurate than other previous reports(9/12/2013 ‘Earth Insight Environment’-US Dept of Oceanography-The Independent 20/10/2020). ‘Only 500 days remained to avoid climate chaos (John Kerry Secretary Of State 14/5/2014-Washington Examiner). New as she announced Zealand’s Prime Minister calls a ‘Climate Emergency’ announcing that “Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time” thus pledging a ‘carbon neutral government by 2025.(The Guardian 1/12/2020).

Children in Britain’s schools being treated for ‘Eco Anxiety’ a new mental health condition causing nightmares, fear, anxiety- the teaching of climate alarmism is schools. Schools strike for Climate Action worldwide- schools teach students to make Climate Alarmism placards. School ‘Strike for Climate’ also known as ‘Fridays for Future’ (FFF), Youth for Climate, Climate Strike or Youth Strike for Climate is an international movement of school students who participate in demonstrations demanding political leaders to take action on climate.

It was reported a Socialist urban design will save NZ from Climate Change Seizing the means of production (economy)-Important ,investment  Billy Fleming a local proponent of the Green New Deal for progressive politicians like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says urban design will play a key role (UN Human Habitat-Smart Cities-Huge Surveillance of civilians). Fleming said “things need to change, and change fast”. He referred to the Green New Deal built on 3 Pillars as being radical being built on restructuring  on how and where we live (3 Pillars-decarbonising the economy, climate adaptation and social justice)- (Newshub interview 26/9/2019

I personally believe this is deliberate psychological warfare of UN Nation populations worldwide using extreme global fear tactics to enable compliancy-control of civil society- the replacing of the Free-market Economy for a UN/WEF Corporate Capture of the worlds Economies using financial systems such as the IMF and World Bank and other large financial institutions. (WEF Global Redesign). The destruction, plundering of Sovereign Nation States, the plundering of farming communities and small businesses and a mass exodus from rural areas to urban/city UN Human Habitat Smart Cities that are highly surveillance those  ‘controlling citizens lives’. Thousands strike 4 Climate across NZ (1 News 3/3/2023) as farmers struggle with free-market reforms.

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QUESTION: Are elderly people with underlying serious health problems and the disabled including children being deliberately culled by some UN Member States that have Euthanasia Policies.

QUESTION; Many elderly in care homes, are receiving shingles, pneumonia, flu, CVID shots and the Boosters, Many of these shots given within a short period of time of each other. Do you believe this is good for their health, is it advantageous or do you think the elderly are being culled.

QUESTION: The worst abortion law in the world was introduced in NZ whilst people had their eyes fixed on COVID19. Is this part and parcel of depopulation globally?

QUESTION: The NZ Govts purchased mainstream media is certainly influencing a vast number of peoples minds. The ongoing crisis events of emergencies, COVID Deaths. Stay in your bubble-its dangerous outside your bubble. The Mandate the significant loss of jobs and small business, the severe struggle the farmers have with the govt using them as their whipping boy. The shortage and huge cost of living, basic living expenses.

The failed Mental Health System. Children not attending schools for long periods of time and many not returning to school. Education being politicised, sexualized. The Govt with its Marxist Class ideology of Pakeha and Maori/Iwi- deliberate separate and divide to cause distention and fragmentation. The favouring of Iwi Elite, pandering to all their wants. Indigenous Constitution, UNDRIP entrenchment. Control of Water. Control of NZ’s environment.

QUESTION: How much did the government know about the COVID 19 shots before they purchased millions of dozes for NZ and Pacific Island? Zilch to very little. Yet they signed an agreement to give Pfizer / Moderna immunity from being held accountable responsible for jab injuries and post jab deaths. ZILCH

NOTE: An official complaint was heard in a Texas Court on January 6th 2022. By Judge Pittman/ The courts concluded  findings  were based on the complainants seeking of all FDA information as to the authorization of Pfizer jabs that allowed them to market them worldwide.

The court concluded that the request of the complainants is of paramount importance” and referred to excessive administrative secrecy, thus reducing confidence in governments.  The FDA shall produce the 12,000 plus pages of Pfizer information before January 31st 2022. They will also produce 55,000 pages every 30days – with the first production being due on 1st March 2022 until production is complete.

NOTE:  It was reported that it will be 2 to 3 years before these documents are made public. In the meantime Pfizer jabs are still being pushed worldwide  including in New Zealand. So if all this important information pertaining to the Pfizer COVID19 jab. This proves N Z Govt knew zilch about the COVID19 jab before they promoted it, demanded it, mandated it.

.NOTE: Pfizer chief Executive had refused to give information about their Pfizer COVID19 jabs had said “NO you are not having it, and NO we won’t give it to you” Hence this is why it had to go through the court process – a case against FDA.  However, again what has Pfizer not told FDA?

What does the Government NOT tell N Z Citizens…They are corruptly reporting false COVID19 death rates. Are not accurately reporting the true death rates of Post jabbed. Heaps and heaps.. As from 10th March 2022 a COVID 19 related death was re-classified in NZ. ‘If a person receives a COVID19 Positive test result and they die within 28 days of that test they are now classified as a COVID19 death. Hence hiking up the number of COVID19 deaths deliberately so . The is highly corrupt and evil, cruel has enormous effects on peoples lives.

The Climate Emergency Gloom and Doom Scam: Targeting the farmers.They do not tell you that their balls-up of the Local Govt Act 2002 had a massive legal loophole in it from day one, and they knew this. No – lets just blame the farmers, lets throw them under the tractor.  This is actually a corporate capture of NZ, a globalised Corporate capture. To replace the free-market economy with a multistakeholder corporate governance . Has huge effects also on all NZrs. No Farmers-No Food.

The  Local Govt Act 2002- the loophole that’s existed for 20 years which govt has deliberately not fixed as allowed businesses, companies to leach heavy toxins, ammonia and other shit like yellow gunge that covers filters in waste water stations, heavy pollutants that run into drains, rivers, out into our water.

 The Government has been asked to amend the Local Govt Act 2002 multiple times and they still turn a blind eye to it. No prosecutions, no fines and hundreds of company breach the Traded Waster Regulations time and time again over this 20 year timed frame. But no the government are more interested in Iwi Elite controlling fresh water in NZ. The waste water has to wait another couple of years Mahuta says. Mahuta is the Minister for Local Government.

Fonterra’s 29 Ghost Farms in NZ. That leaches heavy nitrates into the soil across the land into neighbouring farms bore water. They call it Nutrient farming. Fonterra washes their factories out with this water, and the waste water is piped onto these farms that they have purchased, then sprayed across the land. The cattle have all been removed from these farms. But the sign ‘Beware of the cattle still remains on the gate’. They sell the sprayed grass elsewhere for cattle feed, they call it ‘Cut Grass’. Fonterra admitted this and have had supply many farmers with filters for their bore drinking water.

Water on the stock market is like selling  gold on the stock market. The Corporate Capture of New Zealand. Iwi Corporates have been around for more than a decade.. A Corporate Governance of NZ was reported by the government themselves in 2003. The Corporate Governance= Public Private Partnership, a vehicle where the corporates are the drivers, the government the back seat passengers and  NZr’s the roadkill.The Truth MUST be exposed.   

NOTE: All this information was found in the mainstream media Not Social Media                                                           




The World Health Assembly (UN) Review Committee on the International Health Regulations 2005 have  been busy putting together proposals for an International  Pandemic Treaty. Helen Clark is a co chair of the Review Committee.  The WHO (UN) International Health Regulations 2005 are binding and lawful in 196 countries includes 194 UN Nation States.  If the proposals as to amendments to the WHO International Health Regulations are introduced they will come into effect immediately and be lawfully binding.  Such provisions shall become effective from the date of receipt of the notification by the Secretary General of the United Nations.

The WHO International Pandemic Treaty  violates the normal process for ratifications of Treaties under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.

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