I started becoming target practice for far left socialists and Main Stream and Social Media in December 2018. Speaking publicly in Aotea Square Auckland about Freedoms, Bill Of Rights and my objection to the UN Global Compact of Migration was first felt when Police aimed their camera’s at me, and then later that day police standing in a line as I heard shouts ‘Go Home’ and ‘Go Home NOW’. I knew then,  that political policing had started in our beautiful country. It was about this time that Lee Williams had a visit from the police, his street where he lived closed off by Police. The police questioning went like this “Do you support Trump”.  Another Conservative Party member also got a visit from the police the questioning went like this “Do you know a Conservative Candidate”.

Later supporting Groundswell stopped in our vehicle at the traffic lights, the media called out to me to wind my window down they wanted to interview me. Lesson number one “never trust main stream media”, this was my lesson to learn. They asked my why I was supported the farmers, I was well researched had no problems with this and happily spoke about it. Then suddenly the reporter said “What are those words on your hat” I just replied “Make Ardern Go Away” (MAGA). When the news item was run publicly all that was seen and heard was me stating “Make Ardern Go Away”.  (Never again will this happen) And yes I have police at my door wanting to give me a warning letter not to attend a protest. I would not accept it, they tried to put it in my hand. So they just dropped it on the ground in front of my feet. The police left, I went to the protest and the warning notice just blew away..that was it.

On June the 12th my daughter up north contacted me and asked had I seen this NZ Herald Article from 2021″ I said “No I do not buy any of this Propaganda bullcrap”. She then sent me the information where I had been character assassinated by David Fisher Senior Reporter of the NZ Herald where he had referred to a Facebook Group called FACT. That they had done a 60,000 letterbox drop on names and info on Anti-Vaxers but they had sneaked in the content of their information that ‘Carol Sakey inspired the Mosque Attacks in Christchurch’. This was all reported in the Herald by David Fisher.   So I decided I would send a complaint to various government agencies.

I waited for over a month for reply, received nothing, only an acknowledgement they had received the complaint. So once again I emailed them and stated that my complaint was going to the UN Human Rights Commission…With that NZ Human Rights Commission responded saying that they were not the agency to complain to. And that was it.  Below is what I emailed to the Media Council. Broadcasting Standards Authority….Human Rights Commission. The Ombudsman and then UN Human Rights Council.  (Of course I knew they would deliberately kick me to the kerb but I felt I had to go through the process)


COMPLAINT AGAINST: NZ Herald Senior Writer David Fisher. FACT (Fight Against Conspiracy Theories) and Byron Clark of Workers Party NZ. Christchurch

13th June 2023

TO:‘NZ MEDIA COUNCIL’  info@mediacouncil.org.nz  -cc: BROADCASTING STANDARDS AUTHORITY:  [email protected] – cc: Human Rights Commission: [email protected] – cc OMBUDSMAN [email protected]

FROM: Carol Sakey

COMPLAINT AGAINGST: NZ Herald Senior Writer David Fisher.  FACT (Fight Against Conspiracy Theories) and Byron Clark of Workers Party NZ. Christchurch

On the 12th June 2023 I received an email from a close family member who was extremely upset at an article written by David Fisher Senior reporter of the NZ Herald, the news article was entitled     ‘The Real News: Who is really behind the Covid-19 conspiracy magazine being dropped into 60,000 letterboxes’. A link from the NZ Herald article was provided to a Facebook group called ‘FACT’ (Fights Against Conspiracy Theories) described as  informal group of NZ Academics and professionals. In David Fishers news article  was dated 12th March 2021, he named named Doctors, Nurses, Health Professionals  also included in amongst the names and professional descriptions of approx.., 120 names is  Henare Parata (Atuakore. Maori Athiests and Freethinkers) and Joe Trinder (Indigenous Rights Activist whom were amongst those that signed this 60,000  letterbox drop.

David Fisher stated very clearly and concisely that he was accusing me of inspiring the very cruel  Christchurch Mosque Attacks. In his  NZ Herald news article he wrote   ‘Carol Sakey who spreads the ‘Great Replacement’ theory inspired the Christchurch terrorist attackNOTE: David Fisher has provided no evidence, only a link to this  informal group namely FACT on Facebook.

David Fisher concludes his article with the last paragraph that reads :- ‘But when those who claim to be experts in the medical field are seen to endorse groups which promote conspiracy theories and lies that cause harm, they are not acting responsibly for the greater good. “We believe that it’s inappropriate for Plan B – a group that claims it wants to promote rational fact-based discussion – to legitimise Voices for Freedom”, says Andrew Mackie, a FACT spokesperson’ and  is also reported by  David Fisher. “Voices for Freedom claims to be a harmless group of health-conscious mums, but the reality is more sinister. It actively promotes conspiracy theories and medical misinformation and supports political extremists. Plan B consists of academics and doctors who should know better than to support and legitimise Voices for Freedom. PLEASE NOTE: I do not  speak on behalf of Voices For Freedom’, and never have.  I am a researcher. Please find below links to UN News, UN Assembly, and the Beehive Website

BYRON CLARK: New Zealand Workers Party Christchurch has deliberately targeted me on social media and intentionally edited my You Tube video’s since I submitted a petition application into Parliamentary office objecting to the UN Global Compact Of Migration. In November 2018. My petition application was scrutinised and the content was accepted, approved by the Parliamentary office and eventually accepted by the Select Committee. Because of the Mosque attack the select committee process did not take place until after the Mosque attack, there was a delay in the process. It was clear that Byron Clark  opposed my objection to NZ Government signing the UN Global Compact of Migration, but I, deliberately ignored the reasons for rejecting the UN Global Compact of Migration. These are laid out below.:-

CAROL SAKEY PETITION TO SELECT COMMITTEE AS TO OBJECTION TO THE N GLOBAL COMPACT OF MIGRATION: Included my concerns in my petition/submission to the Select Committee includes the following (with evidence provided):

1)NZ’ National Security and the safety and security of New Zealanders. The UNGCM content including the acceptance of ‘Irregular’ Migrants/Refugee’s (Irregular defined as ‘illegal’)

2) Thousands of New Zealand Citizens were waiting on the public housing list. Migrants/refugee’s entitled to public housing before that of NZ citizens that were on the public housing waiting list.

3) Mainstream news reporting of the total failure of Mental Health Services in NZ, with a statement from an MP “This will take some time to fix). I noted that Migrants/Refugee’s are likely to require Mental Health Support services, therefore unfair to them and New Zealanders alike.

4) Mainstream reporting of shortage of school teachers. Teachers had arrived from oversea’s but returned to their country of origin due to the high cost of living in NZ. House Prices, Rents etc.,

5) The taxpayers of NZ to support Refugee’s/Migrants who return back to their own country of origin. I believed that to be totally unjustified to rob tax payers pockets when many people in New Zealand were already struggling.

6) Freedom of Press where the Mainstream media must report Migration in a certain way, if they were not compliant public funding would not be forthcoming.

7) The acceptance into NZ of Regular and Irregular Migration Status (Legal and Illegal )

Since I  publicly started seeking names to add to my petition in 2018 objecting to the UNGCM I have been unjustly character assassinated,. Alt Right. White Supremacist. Islamophobic etc.,

To prove that I am neither of these – I researched the Royal Commission Inquiry into the Mosque Attacks through the Royal Commission of Inquiry Website. This included 17 Questions to the Royal Commission Inquiry on the Mosque attacks by the Community which the Commission responded to, please see below:-



1)QUESTION: Were public sector agencies aware of the threat posed by white supremacists and other right wing extremist non-state actors and movements? Is so what did they do in response to the threat?

ANSWER: The primary focus of intelligence was international terrorism, particularly the threat to New Zealanders overseas. Assessment on international terrorism was primarily focused on Islamic Extremist Terrorism.  In the past 5 years leading up to 2018 there were few strategic assessments about terrorism threats in New Zealand and practically none on threats other than Islamic Terrorism. Right Wing Extremism before the March 2019: NZ SIS reported that there was an awareness of a threat posed by right wing was developing but it was limited.  NZ SIS started its baselining project in May 2018.     Following a meeting in December 2018 NZ Police took preliminary steps to undertake their own exercises on the extreme right    In response the NZ SIS and NZ Police conducted a tabletop computer counter-terrorism response exercise in October 2018 based on a scenario of an assumed motor vehicle attack on worshipper out Masjid an Nur Mosque.


2)QUESTION: What Intelligence did agencies receive from Five Eyes Partners regarding ‘White Supremacy and Right Wing Extremism before 15th March 2019?

ANSWER: Very little international partner reporting related to right wing extremism. For example the 2nd quarter of the 2018-2019 financial year, the Govt Communications Security Bureau received 7,526 intelligence reports from International Partners about Terrorism and Violent Extremism NONE were related to Right Wing Extremism


3)QUESTION: Given the upward trend in white Supremacist and other Right Wing Extremist Acts of Violence (Actual and Prevented) in the decade prior to March 15th 2019. Why was there no concern of this happening in New Zealand until 2018?

ANSWER: Counter terrorism largely concentrated on the threat of Islamic Terrorism, Islamic extremism being seen as the presenting threat


 4)QUESTION: Were there any assessments done regarding danger to Muslim Communities? If so what was the result

ANSWER: Strategic and tactical intelligence assessments primarily focus on the threat posed and who poses the threat rather than risk to particular communities. Intelligence assessment can relate specifically to the risk to events or locations.  There was one NZ Police Intelligence Assessment produced prior to March 2019, referring to the risk to Muslim Communities. May 2018 a National Security Situation Update Report


PLEASE NOTE: The Risk was namely: Referred to the time of ‘Ramadan 2018’ which provided the NZ Police Assistant Commissions and District Commanders that Da’ish had issued calls for terrorist attacks against Ramadan for the previous three years, and could again. It advised that Ramadan was also a time of increased risk to the Muslim Community and was noted by the NZ Police Commissioners and District Commanders. That Daesh is a name used to refer to ISIS/ISIL. The radical Sunni Muslim Organization, it’s a name said to delegitimise the groups claim to be an Islamic State. ISIL or Daish refers to the fundamentalist organization of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Tarrant had no criminal history in New Zealand or Australia before 15th March 2019.


5)QUESTION: Was white supremacy and right wing extremism included in the current National Security and Intelligence priorities as an area of focus for counter terrorism?

ANSWER: No not specifically. The Prime Ministers Cabinet in December 2018 included a terrorism priority, it included Domestic as well as International Terrorism threats but did not refer to particular ideologies. The Domestic Terrorism threats were described as those that may arise in and against New Zealand, or be carried out by New Zealanders overseas. And the scope included emerging trends and characteristics associated with overseas terrorist networks linked to NZ.


International Terrorism threats: Were described as ‘threats against New Zealand’s interests overseas in areas which have the greatest exposure for New Zealanders, these being the trends, characteristics of emerging regional and global terrorism threats, that may impact on NZ. An ‘Unclassified version of the National Security and Intelligence Priorities was initially published in the department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2019 Annual Report.

In September 2020 the Dept of the PM and Cabinet updated its website to include an unclassified version of the National Security & Intelligence Priorities which included:-‘Terrorism. Threats to New Zealand. New Zealanders and New Zealand’s interests from terrorism, ideologically, politically motivated violence at home and abroad’

The strategic assessment that informed the 2018 priorities did not mention white supremacy or right wing extremism. (Reported NZ SIS). The NZ SIS with the NZ Police and Dept of the PM and Cabinet are the owner of the terrorism risk profile in the National Risk Register which informed the development of the NZ SIS Priorities in 2018. Ardern and her Cabinet were involved in this 2018 assessment that did not mention white supremacy or right wing extremism

The Royal Commission Inquiry reported that : An extreme right wing lone actor attack in NZ remained a possibility, albeit a remote one.


PERSONAL INFORMATION: I am a mother and grandmother of 17 grandchildren of many nationalities. I have worked and supported those from other countries as a volunteer of ‘Speaking English as a Second Language

I have been a member of the NZ Youth Court Association Committee. I was a manager of Victim Support working alongside Police 24 x7. I took part in training at NZ Police college to work alongside detectives in the area of Homicide and Suicide.

I was a facilitator for Restorative Justice. Also worked alongside Police and NZCPS in a first ever pilot scheme supporting victims of crime at family group conference.

Worked as a Family Therapist and Counsellor, facilitator of support Groups of those affected by Childhood sexual Abuse. Worked voluntarily for Age Concern. And also for Hospice, helping patients with  ‘End of life story writing’. Worked alongside Judge Brown (RIP) in the Youth Court, including writing an article for Te Rangitahi News.


CONCLUSION: From all the above evidential information provided there is absolutely no justification in the persons I have named for character assassinating me, recklessly putting myself and my families life at risk of  serious harm. This has caused us unnecessary stress by the serious accusation made that ‘I inspired the Mosques attacks in Christchurch on 15th March 2019’.

I am seriously concerned that the statement made by David Fisher, NZ Herald  puts my life and my families life in danger of possible retribution of such callous cruel public statements, and should never be tolerated

I request that the above named are taken to task as to the dangerous reckless message they have given to the public of New Zealand about me which risks causing myself and my family serious harm.

I also request that a public retraction, an apology is made by Byron Clark, David Fisher and Andrew Mackie spokesperson of FACT, for seriously harmful statements made against me as a person.

The extremely harmful statement made by David Fisher that has risked causing huge public attention. That David Fisher drew public attention through his news article that there had been a 60,000 letterbox drop by the Facebook Group ‘FACT’ referring to Carol Sakey (myself) Inspired the Christchurch Mosque Attacks through spreading the ‘Great Replace Theory’. There is no evidence of this and I find this to be sheer bloody mindedness, corrupt lies which risks causing my family and myself harm.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not read the Herald so therefore I have only just been emailed the news article today 13th June 2023 by a close family member who is extremely concerned and has every right to be.



The Real News: Who is really behind the Covid-19 conspiracy magazine being dropped into 60,000 letterboxes

 By  David Fisher  12 Mar, 2021 02:13 PM

Dangerous Liaisons in a Pandemic: An Open Letter to “Plan B” from FACT (Fight Against Conspiracy Theories) Anti-misinformation campaigners call on Covid Plan B members to end their support of Voices for Freedom and to condemn groups promoting conspiracy theories

FACT (Fight Against Conspiracy Theories) is an informal group of New Zealand academics, health workers and professionals who want to stop the spread of dangerous misinformation about Covid 19 and vaccines. ‘ Carol Sakey, who spreads the “Great Replacement” theory which inspired the Christchurch terrorist attack’. And includes 100 plus professional, non professional, and activists names and each of their descriptions, also a Link to FACT (Andrew Mackie spokesperson)

If you’d like to sign this letter, please email Andrew Mackie, [email protected]

https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/the-real-news-who-is-really-behind-the-covid-19-conspiracy-magazin e-being-dropped-into-60000-letterboxes/V3CSQAQNUD4RCEUXXB7YPHZDNQ/

12th March 2021 David Fisher 


I seek a response from you at your earliest.

Carol Sakey.

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