Email sent to ACT, National and NZ First leaders of the Coalition Government. (6th June 2024)

I must start this email by requesting information as to why the PFLP the Popular Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine has not been designated as a Terrorist Group by the Cabinet. I not recently HAMAS has nor been documented as a Designated Terrorist Group by thee three party coalition, why this was not done sooner is questionable.

Canada, Uk, Australia, Japan, EU, US and other countries have documented that they have designated the PFLP as a Terrorist Group, but New Zealand Government has not.. I questions :- (1)Why is the PFLP terrorist group not designated as a terrorist group by NZ Govt  (2) Will the NZ Government be joining other countries in Designating the PFLP as a Terrorist Group?  (3) If the NZ Government choose not to designate the PFLP as a Designated Terrorist Group – Why Not??

The PFLP and the PLJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) and other Palestinian Terrorist groups have posted video’s and photo’s claiming they participated in the 7th October horrific attacks on Israeli citizens on Israel’s soil. It is clearly evidential by many articles written by main stream news, published in the UN News, by the BBC etc., that the PFLP  participated in the hijacking of commercial airlines in the 1960’s, 1970’s. Kidnapped and have murdered airline passenger and blown up at least one commercial airliner. A significant leader of these airline hijacks in PFLP Terrorist is Leila Khled. This is well evidenced and published worldwide.

The PFLP has been reported over several decades of shootings, bombings, using children as war weapons, having guns, ground to air rockets and other explosive devices including suicide vests. PFLP attacked worshippers in a synagogue have not only murdered Israeli citizens but also American civilians.  Have been involved in the collaboration with other Palestinian terrorist groups including HAMAS.

The main reason for bringing this to your attention is because I recently read a news article authored by Chris Lynch Media published in the Otago Daily Times 10th April 2024 that references the concern as to the Canterbury Socialist Society hosting meetings that support, promote the PFLP  for New Zealanders to form a solidarity with the Terrorist Group. This was described in the news article as “Canterbury Socialist Society are under fire for hosting a public campaign for a terrorist organization, namely the PFLP. Clearly because the PFLP is not a Designated Terrorist Group named by the Cabinet they are freely without being scrutinized by the police making use of this, whereas in other countries such as those whom have designated the PFLP as a Terrorist Group police may come down hard on them, stop them from raising a solidarity campaign in their country for a terrorist group such as PFLP

At least two members of the defunct Workers Socialist Party of Christchurch have established the Canterbury Socialist Society they are Paul Hopkinson and John Edmunds. It is evidential that the Workers Socialist Party namely ‘Fightback’ published in their Spark Magazine co edited by far left Socialist Byron Clark were advertising Tee Shirts clearly stating the profits of these tee shirts would be sent directly to the PFLP. It was announced they had raised $1,000 from the sale of the Tee Shirts that were blazoned with ‘Resistance is Not Terrorism’ would be sent to the PFLP.  Obviously the campaign to support PFLP is now continuing. The Jewish Council have voiced concern about Israeli’s in Christchurch and other communities and for New Zealand as a whole as to the meetings hosted by the Canterbury Socialist Party.

Its obvious that Byron Clark a significant person- co editor of Workers Socialist Party publications that supported the funding, supporting of the PFLP past Solidarity campaigns will not want to be scrutinized as he has been busy since 2018 publicly character assassinating law abiding citizens those that have objected to the last government insane political narratives. He claims himself to be an experts on alt right, right wing extremism. Since the three particle coalition came into power he is now running workshops online targeting any individuals, groups that oppose the climate zealots. Opening coal mines the three party initiative will not be pleasing for Byron Clark. For anyone whom support this governments initiative will be highly targeted. Clark authors some of the mainstream media articles. Is involved with Massey University  speeches. . The defunct Workers  Socialist Party played a role in the so called ‘Queering of Schools in New Zealand’. The Queer our Schools campaign in October 2011 organized by the Wellington ‘Queer Avengers’. (The ‘Spark’ Workers Socialist Party publication Issue No 237 published by the workers Socialist Party co editor Byron Clark)

A poster inviting citizens to the Canterbury Socialist Society’s hosted meeting , an open invitation to the PFLP Palestinian Solidarity Campaign launch on Facebook with a poster of the PFLP Airline Hijacker Leila Khled. One poster ‘Resistance is Not Terrorism’. Previously those members of the Workers Socialist Party Paul Hopkinson and John Edmundson whom are speakers  at the events hosted by the Canterbury Socialist Society have shown a documentary embracing, promoting  Leila Khled as the PFLP Poster Girl.

I conclude that the main point I am wanting you to take into serious consideration from all the information I have outlines is that there are far left socialist entities at play in New Zealand, the main one being the Canterbury Socialist Party that are gathering support among New Zealanders to form solidarity with a well recognized Palestinian murderous terrorist organization that the Cabinet have not recognized officially as a Terrorist Organization, this I believe is giving this Socialist Organization the ability to expand its activism within New Zealand to cause unrest, civil discontent putting Israeli’s living in New Zealand at risk and other community members.

Everyday since the attack on Israel 7th October 2023 we see through global news outlets how huge rebellious activities are happening pro Palestine, pro Hamas and pro ‘From the River To The Sea’. Surely it makes sense to stop any such promoting of a campaign of solidarity for a designated terrorist group, the PFLP in NZ, before this too gets out of hand. My request is at the Cabinet take my email into consideration as to designating the PFLP as a terrorist organization at your earliest as other countries have.

I thank you in anticipation as I await your response

Carol Sakey (Concerned New Zealand Citizen)



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2022 The presence of peacekeepers has repeatedly been associated with a rapid increase in sex trafficking and brothels near military bases (

Disturbing the Peace: UN Peacekeepers and Sexual Abuse. 2020. UN Officials contradicted themselves for crimes that included sex abuse of children and bestiality. UN Missions are failing in Africa (6/3/2021  perpetrators of sexual offenses among UN peacekeeping forces are not investigated and brought to account

2018 The UN Peacekeepers Rape Scandal Gets Worse. Whistle-blower says UN troops act with ‘complete impunity’. Report on sexual abuse of children went from ‘inbox to inbox’.(Bloomberg. 13/11/2018) .Washington Post 2019. UN Peacekeepers in Haiti fathered children and abandoned The United Nations’ peacekeeping efforts have previously been tainted by allegations of sexual .

2017 Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced new measures to tackle sexual abuse and exploitation by U.N. peacekeepers and other personnel. There is a mass of evidential information on global media as to the history of women and children being raped, prostitutes, sodomised and brutalized by UN officials, Aid Workers, UN Peacekeeping forces. Below I only scratch the surface of these  terrible criminal activities against the vulnerable people that the UN are suppose to save

There are tens of thousands of UN Aid workers around the world that have paedophile tendencies, however if you wear a UNICEF printed T Shirt then these paedophiles are not likely to be questioned (Source: UN Emergency Coordination Centre Chief Operations Officer- The Sun British Tabloid)) The Sun tabloid reported that an estimated 60,000 cases of sexual exploitation had been committed over the last decade by 3,300 paedophiles working for the UN Organization.

Child rape crimes inadvertently funded by the UK Taxpayers (Reports Reuters as claimed by Oxfam whom condemned the behaviour of former staff in Haiti who had allegedly paid for sex while on a mission to help earthquake stricken victims in 2010

This is not the first time the UN has faced scrutiny over allegations of sexual exploitation by its staff. UN Secretary-General António Guterres admitted that the UN had “wrestled for many years with the issue of sexual exploitation and abuse,” (Source: British newspaper The Times).

In 2005 it was reported that Secretary General Kofi Annan admitted that UN Peacemakers and staff have sexually abused, exploited war refugees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There were 150 allegations some were captured on video tape this included rape & prostitution. Other UN Peacekeepers were accused of similar crimes in other countries. These crimes of sexual exploitation, rape came three years after another UN Reports that found evidence of sexual abuse of West African refugees. Various UN Reports have come to light over more than a decade, reports and interviews with humanitarian groups suggest that UN International Peacekeeping missions have created a predatory sexual culture among vulnerable refugees which include relief workers who demand sexual favours in exchange for food also UN Troops who rape women at gunpoint

 Allegations of sexual abuse or misconduct by U.N. staff stretch back at least a decade, to operations in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. A 2001 report, released by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Save the Children, found that sexual violence against refugees in West Africa was endemic (though some of its findings were denied by a subsequent U.N. team). A year later a coalition of religious organizations sent a letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell urging the United States to send more human rights monitors into Congo. The U.N. then introduced a “code of conduct” to help prevent future abuses, including prohibitions against sexual activity between staff and children and the exchange of money or food for sex.

It now appears, however, that little has changed on the ground. The U.N. Mission in Congo (MONUC) employs about 10,800 peacekeepers from 50 countries, in addition to many civilian staff. Yet there is no independent oversight of U.N. operations in its refugee camps. For that matter, none of the international agencies in the country has U.N. authority to protect the civil rights of internal refugees.Almost a year after the MONUC office in Kindu sent a memo in August 2003 to its headquarters in Kinshasa, detailing suspicions of sexual exploitation, the London Independent discovered action still hadn’t been taken. “We recognize that sexual exploitation and abuse is a problem in some missions,” said Jane Holl Lute, a U.N. assistant secretary general, at a recent press conference. “It’s obvious that the measures we’ve had in place have not been adequate.”

Relief organizations and human rights groups agree, describing as “urgent” the need to protect young girls from U.N. militia and staff. As Patrick Barbier, of Doctors Without Borders, told one newspaper: “It is clear that the necessary steps to protect the displaced population from violence and sexual exploitation have not been followed.”

The international operation in Bunia, home to about 16,000 refugees, threatened to become another monument to U.N. paralysis and failure. Investigators describe a “significant, widespread and ongoing” pattern of abuse at the camp–an astonishing conclusion given that many women are afraid to report sexual violence against them. At least one senior official in charge of security in Bunia is implicated in the scandal, and U.N. peacekeepers allegedly have threatened investigators with retaliation. According to the Economist, a U.N. probe is even considering the possibility that MONUC has been infiltrated by “organized paedophiles who recruit their friends.”

The U.N. abuses are especially grievous in Congo, where sexual violence against women and children has been a weapon of war employed by most of the armies involved in the six-year-old conflict. Called “Africa’s world war,” it has involved militias from Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. Despite a peace agreement reached in 2002, the fighting continues: According to the International Rescue Committee, more than 31,000 civilians are dying a month from violence, disease, and famine; tens of thousands remain in refugee camps, mostly women and children. In Bunia alone, a U.N. Children’s Fund (UNICEF) program has treated 2,000 victims of sexual violence in recent months

Kofi Annan has insisted on “zero tolerance” of sexual exploitation by peacekeepers, but U.N. rules apply only to U.N. employees; military personnel fall under the jurisdiction of their own governments. Only a few peacekeepers have been deported, and no U.N. staff have been charged with criminal activity.

The U.N. episode, piled on top of the ongoing Oil for Food scandal in Iraq, may help focus the mind. The sexual abuses committed, or ignored, by U.N. personnel violate the institution’s Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, and the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A 2002 U.N. report characterized the sexual exploitation issue as “a betrayal of trust as well as a catastrophic failure of protection.”

UN Peacekeepers  have a reputation in several countries as predators

An Associated Press (AP) investigation revealed in 2017 that more than 100 United Nations (UN) peacekeepers ran a child sex ring in Haiti over a 10-year period and none were ever jailed. The report further found that over the previous 12 years, there had been almost 2,000 allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation by peacekeepers and other UN personnel around the world. AP found the abuse to be much greater than originally thought. After the AP report, U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, urged all countries to hold UN peacekeepers accountable for any sexual abuse and exploitation. As early as 2004, Amnesty International reported that underage girls were being kidnapped, tortured and forced into prostitution in Kosovo with UN and NATO personnel being the customers driving the demand for the sex slaves.

The UN’s department of peacekeeping in New York acknowledged at that time that “peacekeepers have come to be seen as part of the problem in trafficking rather than the solution”.[\Reporters witnessed a rapid increase in prostitution in Cambodia, Mozambique, Bosnia, and Kosovo after UN and, in the case of the latter two, NATO peacekeeping forces moved in. Instances of abuse in Cambodia caused widespread outrage after many of the abused women and girls also ended up contracting HIV/AIDS and other diseases that were not prevalent among the local population.

A Kosovo victims support group reported that of the local prostitutes, a third were under 14, and 80% were under 18. Amnesty said the victims were routinely raped “as a means of control and coercion” and kept in terrible conditions as slaves by their “owners”; sometimes kept in darkened rooms unable to go out. In Haiti, the Sri Lankan peacekeepers wanted girls and boys as young as 12 for sex. “I did not even have breasts,” said Victim No. 1, a girl. She reported to UN investigators that from ages 12 to 15 she had sex with over 40 peacekeepers, including someone called “Commandant” who paid her 75 cents. She stated that she slept in UN trucks on the UN base. In Haiti, 134 peacekeepers from Sri Lanka operated the child sex ring, luring children with candy and cash, according to the AP. After a U.N. report incriminated the peacekeepers, most were sent back to Sri Lanka, but none served any jail time

Canadian government analysis. Internal Canadian government documents reports dated 2016 suggest that The United Nations has “glaring gaps” in its procedures for tracking and prosecuting peacekeepers accused of exploitation and sexual abuse, and that only a small fraction of cases may be reported. The Toronto Star obtained the memo which reads in part: “Events in (the Central African Republic) and the data coming out of the (Secretary General’s 2016) annual report point to a system that is lacking in efficiency, transparency and coherency.” The memo goes on to say: “Part of the answer to these deficiencies lies in establishing enduring, system-wide structures but the nature of UN governance makes this a challenging endeavour. In addition, as we continue to unpack how member states themselves can better approach this issue from pre-deployment training to punishing perpetrators to victims’ assistance, there must also be a greater willingness by individual countries to examine and address internal shortfalls.” In 2016, a UN report named 21 countries that had 69 credible reports of incidents in 2015. It documented 69 allegations in 2015 alone. One briefing note obtained by the Star pointed to “unique, structural factors within the UN system” complicated goals of greater transparency and enforcement. “Although military personnel are covered by military codes of conduct and justice systems, UN police and civilian staff accused of SEA[clarification needed] in the field may face only minor disciplinary measures, such as repatriation and being barred from future deployments,” the unclassified document reads.

There was one highly publicised case where members of the UN peacekeeping force were accused of direct involvement in the procurement of sex slaves for a local brothel in Bosnia. The use of agents for procurement and management of brothels has allowed the military to believe itself shielded from the issue of sexual slavery and human trafficking.[citation needed] Some NATO troops and private contractors of the firm DynCorp have been linked to prostitution and forced prostitution in Bosnia and Kosovo, as have some UN employees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where they were accused of the sexual abuse of girls.

In 2010, a film, The Whistleblower, directed by Larysa Kondracki, aired on the affair, based on Nebraskan police officer Kathryn Bolkovac,[13] who served as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia and outed the U.N. for covering up the sex scandal. The film featured Rachel Weisz, Monica Bellucci, Vanessa Redgrave, and many others.[

UN troops in Haiti and Sudan have been accused of sexual abuse of children. In 2004–2007, according to an internal UN report, over 100 UN soldiers were sent home for their involvement in a “sex ring”, but none were charged. In 2015, the UN started disclosing more figures about thousands of allegations of forced sex with UN soldiers in exchange for material aid, of which hundreds involving minors. In the Central African Republic, at least 98 girls said they had been sexually abused by international peacekeepers.  UN identified 41 troops from Burundi and Gabon accused of sexual abuse and exploitation in Central African Republic in 2014 and 2015. The identified troops have now left the country.[ Toronto Star 100 UN Peacekeepers ran a child sex ring in Haiti were never jailed 14th April 2017

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) —The men who came from a far-away place and spoke a strange language offered the Haitian children cookies and other snacks. Sometimes they gave them a few dollars. But the price was high: The Sri Lankan peacekeepers wanted sex from girls and boys. Here in Haiti, at least 134 Sri Lankan peacekeepers exploited nine children in a sex ring from 2004 to 2007, according to an internal U.N. report obtained by the AP. In the wake of the report, 114 peacekeepers were sent home. None was ever imprisoned. In March, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced new measures to tackle sexual abuse and exploitation by U.N. peacekeepers and other personnel. But the proclamation had a depressingly familiar ring: More than a decade ago, the United Nations commissioned a report that promised to do much the same thing, yet most of the reforms never materialized.

For a full two years after those promises were made, the children in Haiti were passed around from soldier to soldier. And in the years since, peacekeepers have been accused of sexual abuse the world over. Alleged abusers came from Bangladesh, Brazil, Jordan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Uruguay and Sri Lanka, according to U.N. data and interviews. More countries may have been involved, but the United Nations only started disclosing alleged perpetrators’ nationalities after 2015.

The litany of abuses is long. U.N. data during the 12-year period reviewed by AP is incomplete and varies in levels of detail, particularly for cases before 2010. Hundreds of other cases were closed with little to no explanation. In its review, the AP analysed data from annual reports as well as information from the Office of Internal Oversight Services

The sheer toll of abuse uncovered by UNICEF staff has sent shockwaves through the UN. The incident attributed to French forces is also particularly alarming, as it suggests senior officials were involved in sexual abuse, which may have taken place in a central location with many witnesses.

Elon Musk calls out UN Paedophilia 4th November 2021. Starving children as young as nine years old forced to give UN Officials oral sex to get food.  And the sodomy of children.  Donald Trump said “We should not be a part of the UN. UN child trafficking. And they preach Human Rights.

NATO Force feeds Kosovo Sex Trade. The Guardian London

14thJanuary 2017 UN Peacekeeping has glaring accountability gaps, documents show.

26th November 2004 ‘Sex charges haunt UN Forces in places like Congo,and Kosovo, peacekeeping accused of people they are suppose to be protecting.

Disturbing the Peace: UN Peacekeepers and Sexual Abuse › …Āku 2020 — [11] When discussing the matter, UN officials contradicted themselves by … for crimes that included sex abuse of children and bestiality.




Revisiting Parliamentary Protest – Mallard Duck just couldn’t help himself grabbing that narrow window of opportunity to pilot  Nanaia Mahuta’s  ‘3 Water’s Reform’ As he used the sprinklers in Parliament to pilot the ‘3 Waters Reform’. It was an overnight disaster. A brain washing ‘No Brainer’. Proven beyond doubt, once again the bureaucrats lied. ‘3 Waters is not ‘environmentally friendly, but ‘environmentally nasty’. A water on the brainer.

On Monday I attended the Anzac Service at One Tree Hill. “Acknowledging, remembering the ‘War dead’. I thought of my grandfathers, great uncles, and uncles of mine., that were engaged in fighting in Gallipoli, First and Second world wars. How bravely, courageously they fought for our freedoms.

My Mum at the age of 16, kept the home fires burning in the second world war. She worked in an ammunitions factory, working beside her ‘ a German prisoner of War”   It’s the same sad, sad story throughout history. Bureaucrats make the wars,  people pay with their lives.    On Monday I attended the Anzac Service at One Tree Hill Auckland.

I was drawn to tears, the service really tugged at my heart strings, quietly I sat in prayer thanking them for making our freedoms possible ‘Lest We Forget’ and as the sun went down “We shall never forget”  It confirmed for me once more, there is no alternative we must fight for our freedoms. We are the living hearts and souls of those war dead, those that suffered terrible injuries.

It is up to us now, not to let the war dead die in vain.  It is our responsibility to come together in peace, love and unity to demand “No, enough is enough, we the people demand you return to us our God given rights, our civil liberties, our human rights”.

For our human dignity, our unique individual identity for our children, future generations.   Yes-ANZAC day, left me somewhat emotional”, Mother Day is not far away ‘Sunday 8th May’.  Mothers day for me is one of mixed emotions, a few giggles and a few tears. I am drawn questioning myself  “how would my dear old Mum cope with todays insane happenings”?

Would she compliant to political demands “Hell no”. Telling my Mum she’s not allowed to go meet friends at the coffee shop, would be treading on dangerous territory.   I can hear her now “Bugger off, who a hell do you think you are… if I want to go to the coffee shop, I’ll go –  You are not my maker, or creator”- Go sort your own life out,  sounds like it’s a mess”.  My Mum straight to the point.

What about the  shot in the arm?. That’s an absolute No, NO. Mum didn’t trust doctors, or hospitals. To her,  all medicines were poisons. And  she would never agree to wear a nappy around her face, after all.. she even refused to wear a gas mask in war time Britain.

Like or leave Mum, it made no difference to her. Mum was loudly opinionated,  embarrassingly so at times.  Seeing a woman in a skirt almost up to her thigh..   Mum would deliberately in her loudest voice spurt out  “Carol, look at her, lamb dressed up as mutton, you can see what she had for breakfast, lunch and dinner”  I would try to hush her voice.. “shhee Mum, she can hear you”, her response was   “I know, but Carol don’t hush me, you may be in your 60’s now, but I’m still your mother”

Mum and in later years enjoyed each others company visiting family members in England and Ireland. Dad was Irish, and Mum liked everyone to believe she too was Irish.   She knew how to dance an Irish Jig, and sing an Irish song. Often on visits to Ireland I found myself having to sleep in the same bed as my mum, because of shortage of bed space.

I found out things about my Mum I never knew before, like her loud stinky farts that nearly blew me out of bed. There was no escaping them, inside and outside the bed covers. All I could do is suffer in silence, and just pray that Mum would run out of gas, rather sooner than later.  I bravely approached the stinky subject with Mum saying “maybe she’s eating too much rich holiday food, that’s causing her fluctuance” Respectfully I did not tread on dangerous territory by describing them as “loud smelly farts”

Surprisingly mum didn’t  fiercely retaliate, she smiled, but I noticed that hint of sarcasm as she responded  “Never mind dear, its only kisses from the intestines,  showing how much your mother loves you”.  You would certainly be treading on dangerous territory if Mum saw you sneezing into your sleeve, as we are being told to.. Mum would have been horrified, sneezing is for hankies.  I can just hear her now “Look at that dirty filthy person, rubbing their snotty nose right up their  sleeve, bloody disgusting”.

And as for facial masks my Mum would not hesitate to go up to a complete stranger and ask “what’s it like burping and sneezing in your own face, wearing that nappy around your face”

Sharing my thoughts about my Mum, with an old friend the other day, we agreed ‘my mother would rather wear a pair of police handcuffs rather than a nappy around her face.  My friend laughed, saying its like this  “There’s this  condom and a face mask sitting together on a park bench-  The condom looks at the mask and says “they won’t wear you either , huh”.

Later that day I visited another old friend who was a psychotherapist in the same clinic as I worked from many years ago. I noticed the sign on the door ‘Vaccine Passes required to enter these premises’.  I ignored it and walked in, no questions asked. But couldn’t help telling her , she’d bought into the insanity, that people were seriously injured, have died after having the COVID shot.

I went onto say that this insanity has people confused, believing lies through the propaganda machine.  She looked at me, like she was a shrink. “Here we go, I could see it coming, she thought I was an anti-vaxer crazy woman. She told me she cared for me, put her arms around me. I felt I wanted to rip her arms out of her sockets, but I pulled myself together, a little voice in my head said  “firstly, do no harm”.

My friend she should taken into account that I am my mothers daughter, and she knew what my mother was like, that she could be treading on dangerous ground. Here we go, then she started  “close your eyes Carol, visualize you are on standing on a railway track and a high speed train is heading for you, what are you going to do?”

I opened my eyes and laughed saying “I’m going to grab me a helicopter and fly right out of there”. .. Oops that wasn’t the answer she was looking for.   Once more she said “Close your eyes Carol, can you see the high speed train rushing towards you ?”  I whispered “Yes I can it”. she whispered back asking “what are you going to do”? Again I replied, this time a a nice soft voice  “I’m going to grab me a helicopter and fly right out of there”. In a louder slightly agitated voice she responded  “Where in hell are you going to get a helicopter from”?   Again  I opened my eyes, loudly responding “The bloody same place you got your dam train from”.  There it ended, both of us cracked up laughing.

Getting back to my dear old Mum, it was a losing battle trying to argue with Mum.  She’d say “ Carol, you maybe in your 60’s, but I’m still your Mother, therefore your argument is invalid.”   Dear mum gave me two choice, take it or leave it.    I can’t help it after all I am my mothers daughter and occasionally my mum pops out of my mouth.  Mother’s never really die. My mum at times had a great deal of trouble with me, but I am sure she enjoyed it.  Mum taught me that “Fear is not an option”. My father was Irish and Mum English., however  Mum deliberately adopted my dads Irishness. She was a ‘want to be Irish’.

In your Irishness Mum, here’s a message for you –  “’Tá mé i ngrá leat”  which means I love you in Gaelic.  We are all individually unique and to Mothers born. Created as God’s children.  I find it very special when people come together in unity acknowledging that we are all special unique individual human beings. A meeting of living heart and souls, carrying our forefathers identity within each of us.

When asked “what is the solution to these extremely troubling times, I say “the bureaucrats are the problem, the people are the solution”

Without this insane, ruthless, utter  disrespect for human life we have experienced by Ardern’s Govt, we probably would never have met kindred spirits. Yes out of the bad comes the good, which gives us hope, because we are not alone as thousands in New Zealand come together in unity.

We cannot back down, there is no other alternative, it is our responsibility  for our children, future generations to keep moving forward.

To retain our human dignity, human rights and civil liberties. Yes, the solution lies with the people, we are the people.

Again I repeat these words-Mothers Day Sunday 8th May, especially for my Mum “’Tá mé i ngrá leat” – “I love you Mum” Rest In Peace.





We are seeing millions of people running for their lives from Ukraine. We see the sufference of the Ukraine people. Surely we all feel that this is so sad, and it is.

But do you feel that there is something else that is being hidden from civilians right across the world.  The Global, National media (Propaganda Machine) sometimes gets exposed, but merely not enough, and never held accountable.

I noticed that in Volodymer Zelenskyy’s speech on the big screen at the UN House Of Congress he was wearing this army green coloured plain tee shirt with an emblem of the iron cross on the left breast of it.  The propaganda machine jumps in, no thats misinformation, an iron cross was not on his tee shirt. Well I watched the House Of Congress footage and he sure was.

Now I always thought that there was this Nazi connection, for Nazi war hero’s. And then furthering my research found that the iron cross dated back to the 19th century. During the 1930’s the Nazi Regime in Germany super-imposed a swastika on the traditional medal, making it into  nazi symbol. But there was much more to tell so I found out.

The Iron Cross was a military decoration in the Kingdom of Prussia (Iran) and then later in the German Empire (1871-1918) and Nazi Germany (1933-1945). But it was oriiginally established on 17th March 1813 during the Napolenic Wars and the Iron Cross historically was back dated to March 1810 when Queen Louise was the first person to be decorated with it.

The recommissioned Iron Cross was also awarded during the Franco-Prussian War (1870) then  awarded in World Ward 1 in 1914 and World War 2 in 1939. However the 1939 Iron Cross differed from the first world war one as it had a swastika in the centre of it. The Iron Cross was used for decorating military and also used to award civilians for performing military functions.  Nazi German Test Pilots were also awarded the Iron Cross in World War 2.

The cross symbol’s design is black with a white or silver outline, was derived from the cross pattee of the Teutonic Order, used by knights on occasions from the 13th century.  The cross symbol’s design, black with a white or silver outline, was ultimately derived from the cross pattée of the Teutonic Order and used by knights on occasions from the 13th century. The Teutonic Order members were known as the  Teutonic Knights. They were a small voluntary mercenary military membership, serving as a crusading military order.

I found all this very interesting, researching the Iron Cross.  But getting back to the propaganda machine that lied when they have publically called it misinformation or disinformation that Zelenskyy was not wearing this Iron Cross emblem on his Tee Shirt.  You just have to do a ‘Check Up’ of the Media to know what a massive propaganda macine it is.

Latest Ukraine updates: Talks spur deal on humanitarian … › news › russian-troops-in-stree…2 Pou 2022 — Speaking in a video call with members of his Security Council, Putin alleged Ukrainian nationalist groups are preventing civilians from leaving.  Putin has publically declared that civilians have a safe corridor to escape. 

Media states there are dangerous  American laboratories in Ukraine, 20 to 30 of them?  Next minute its being called disinformation. What do you believe?

Of course we will never hear two sides to the story because Russian Media has been shutdown and is propaganderised, cherry picked.  It’s scary though when Zelenskyy calles Biden the leader of the world, which he did in his speech to the US Congress.

Now westernized media (propaganda machine) has turned the tables blaming, pointing fingers at Putin’s propaganda machine.  The pot  calling the kettle black.

Suddenly high inflation worldwide “It’s all Putin’s fault”.  Back the horse up, lets look at New Zealand when in January 2019 Arderns and her political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington was warned by the NZ Reserve Bank about printing too much cash, and that inflation would rise, as would house prices. The Govt decided to ignore that warning for another 13months.   That Putin stuff doesn’t wash with me. Too much cash printed, less value for your buck, prices go up, consumers pay more and get less.  So where does the buck stop here ? Of course the hourse that jumped out of the stable that is always at the starting gate, or makes it appear she has won the race and we the people are still paying for.

Yes, we hear so many conflicting messages, no wonder people are confused.  Throw in the propaganda machine to influence the majority so they can exist their confusion and never find the need to question.  For example it is reported in ‘The Times UK’ that   ‘Russian journalists threatened with jail for negative reporting of the war in Ukraine have resigned from state media organisations’.  Eeem is that propaganda on the propaganda machine by the propaganda machine?