Email sent to ACT, National and NZ First leaders of the Coalition Government. (6th June 2024)

I must start this email by requesting information as to why the PFLP the Popular Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine has not been designated as a Terrorist Group by the Cabinet. I not recently HAMAS has nor been documented as a Designated Terrorist Group by thee three party coalition, why this was not done sooner is questionable.

Canada, Uk, Australia, Japan, EU, US and other countries have documented that they have designated the PFLP as a Terrorist Group, but New Zealand Government has not.. I questions :- (1)Why is the PFLP terrorist group not designated as a terrorist group by NZ Govt  (2) Will the NZ Government be joining other countries in Designating the PFLP as a Terrorist Group?  (3) If the NZ Government choose not to designate the PFLP as a Designated Terrorist Group – Why Not??

The PFLP and the PLJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) and other Palestinian Terrorist groups have posted video’s and photo’s claiming they participated in the 7th October horrific attacks on Israeli citizens on Israel’s soil. It is clearly evidential by many articles written by main stream news, published in the UN News, by the BBC etc., that the PFLP  participated in the hijacking of commercial airlines in the 1960’s, 1970’s. Kidnapped and have murdered airline passenger and blown up at least one commercial airliner. A significant leader of these airline hijacks in PFLP Terrorist is Leila Khled. This is well evidenced and published worldwide.

The PFLP has been reported over several decades of shootings, bombings, using children as war weapons, having guns, ground to air rockets and other explosive devices including suicide vests. PFLP attacked worshippers in a synagogue have not only murdered Israeli citizens but also American civilians.  Have been involved in the collaboration with other Palestinian terrorist groups including HAMAS.

The main reason for bringing this to your attention is because I recently read a news article authored by Chris Lynch Media published in the Otago Daily Times 10th April 2024 that references the concern as to the Canterbury Socialist Society hosting meetings that support, promote the PFLP  for New Zealanders to form a solidarity with the Terrorist Group. This was described in the news article as “Canterbury Socialist Society are under fire for hosting a public campaign for a terrorist organization, namely the PFLP. Clearly because the PFLP is not a Designated Terrorist Group named by the Cabinet they are freely without being scrutinized by the police making use of this, whereas in other countries such as those whom have designated the PFLP as a Terrorist Group police may come down hard on them, stop them from raising a solidarity campaign in their country for a terrorist group such as PFLP

At least two members of the defunct Workers Socialist Party of Christchurch have established the Canterbury Socialist Society they are Paul Hopkinson and John Edmunds. It is evidential that the Workers Socialist Party namely ‘Fightback’ published in their Spark Magazine co edited by far left Socialist Byron Clark were advertising Tee Shirts clearly stating the profits of these tee shirts would be sent directly to the PFLP. It was announced they had raised $1,000 from the sale of the Tee Shirts that were blazoned with ‘Resistance is Not Terrorism’ would be sent to the PFLP.  Obviously the campaign to support PFLP is now continuing. The Jewish Council have voiced concern about Israeli’s in Christchurch and other communities and for New Zealand as a whole as to the meetings hosted by the Canterbury Socialist Party.

Its obvious that Byron Clark a significant person- co editor of Workers Socialist Party publications that supported the funding, supporting of the PFLP past Solidarity campaigns will not want to be scrutinized as he has been busy since 2018 publicly character assassinating law abiding citizens those that have objected to the last government insane political narratives. He claims himself to be an experts on alt right, right wing extremism. Since the three particle coalition came into power he is now running workshops online targeting any individuals, groups that oppose the climate zealots. Opening coal mines the three party initiative will not be pleasing for Byron Clark. For anyone whom support this governments initiative will be highly targeted. Clark authors some of the mainstream media articles. Is involved with Massey University  speeches. . The defunct Workers  Socialist Party played a role in the so called ‘Queering of Schools in New Zealand’. The Queer our Schools campaign in October 2011 organized by the Wellington ‘Queer Avengers’. (The ‘Spark’ Workers Socialist Party publication Issue No 237 published by the workers Socialist Party co editor Byron Clark)

A poster inviting citizens to the Canterbury Socialist Society’s hosted meeting , an open invitation to the PFLP Palestinian Solidarity Campaign launch on Facebook with a poster of the PFLP Airline Hijacker Leila Khled. One poster ‘Resistance is Not Terrorism’. Previously those members of the Workers Socialist Party Paul Hopkinson and John Edmundson whom are speakers  at the events hosted by the Canterbury Socialist Society have shown a documentary embracing, promoting  Leila Khled as the PFLP Poster Girl.

I conclude that the main point I am wanting you to take into serious consideration from all the information I have outlines is that there are far left socialist entities at play in New Zealand, the main one being the Canterbury Socialist Party that are gathering support among New Zealanders to form solidarity with a well recognized Palestinian murderous terrorist organization that the Cabinet have not recognized officially as a Terrorist Organization, this I believe is giving this Socialist Organization the ability to expand its activism within New Zealand to cause unrest, civil discontent putting Israeli’s living in New Zealand at risk and other community members.

Everyday since the attack on Israel 7th October 2023 we see through global news outlets how huge rebellious activities are happening pro Palestine, pro Hamas and pro ‘From the River To The Sea’. Surely it makes sense to stop any such promoting of a campaign of solidarity for a designated terrorist group, the PFLP in NZ, before this too gets out of hand. My request is at the Cabinet take my email into consideration as to designating the PFLP as a terrorist organization at your earliest as other countries have.

I thank you in anticipation as I await your response

Carol Sakey (Concerned New Zealand Citizen)



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Carol Sakey


New Zealand Visa Officers told to ignore criminal activity of migrants to New Zealand. ‘Take them on face value’. RNZ Reported that Immigration officers were told to ignore criminal convictions and investigations, not to read supporting documents on visa applications, not to check work visas at the border so as to accelerate migration visa’s much faster. A completely corrupt visa regime of what is namely UN irregular (Non Legal’ Migration introduced into NZ. Where non-legal becomes legal, where dummy  visa’s were allegedly approved. A system that is completely corrupt and put the people of NZ at serious security risk. Immigration Staff told Stuff about their concerns, about the vis regime. A senior INZ official Peter Elms admitting that visas have been manipulated by bad actors. Now more staff have come forward saying there are serious issues right across the system, which include visitor and student visa’s, where there has been a streamlined approach and this has been mandated

Multiple officials have told Stuff that they were told to ignore criminal convictions and investigations when granting visa’s and residency to individuals. They were told not to open and check attachments on visa applications as this would delay processing times.  Staff told to accept visa’s on face value. One officer tried to decline application under the AEQV scheme, but was over-ruled by senior managers. It was reported there were genuine concerns about an employer exploiting migrants, but a senior manager told them “it had gone over their heads” and he had been told to issue the visa. Officers have said they are deeply unhappy about the migration directives, a lot of officers have left their jobs gone elsewhere to work, many were emotionally affected, because they wanted to do the right thing, and what was happening did not sit well on their conscience.

We are talking about migrants that have committed serious crimes and still issued visa’s. The deliberate ignoring of the risk of serious security issues that are implanted into NZ Society. Visa staff being told to ignore alerts on clients that are criminals. Border staff being told not to intervene where there are question marks on newly arriving work visa holder. Do Not Check them, let them go. There are tensions with many Customs officers whom know this is wrong. Reports of concerns see no action taken. Referencing 200 cases per day of suspicious arrivals. Border staff have been under significant pressure, and concerns about reducing security barriers, allowing what is namely a ‘light touch assessment’

Last November a general instruction to Visa Staff re-classify some high risk applications for a more ‘streamlined’ approach. The removal of human decision making by operating a system called ADEPT, means there is to be no records of area’s of concern. Visa Branch staff under significant pressure not to open documents, just approve and approve and approve.. just approve them. Referencing fake bank statements, CV’s, references and pieces of paper with the typed words “Bless you”.  Visa officers were threatened with Performance Improvement Plans if they did not make enough decisions and so called ‘shout outs’, that is ‘shout outs’ to those that passed the most visa applicants.

Visa staff have spoken out because they cannot see they themselves can force change, they don’t want to see migrant exploitation, morale is bad amongst many visa officers. They say the upper management will only listen if this hits the media. Visa staff have been told to close their eyes to what is going on, just hit ‘approve’. Acting head of Immigration Catriona Robinson said that the govt agency constantly reviews and adjusts settings to speed economic recovery- open border. Obviously means open to crims, and  a serious security risk for all of New Zealand when we do not know who are crossing our borders. She could not provide accurate numbers of fraudulent visa’s arriving in New Zealand. This leaves NZ open, exposed to human trafficking, organized crime, illicit goods, weapons and drugs. Illegal migration by individuals of terrorist groups, jihadists. Human trafficking is a global business generating approximately $150 billion in illegal profits, forced labour, sex trafficking, child trafficking through open borders. It was reported in 2018 that children make up almost one third of all human trafficking of victims worldwide, they are especially vulnerable (UNICEF).  The risk to New Zealand society has significantly increased.

What does the government document about NZs Security threat for the year 2023? Referenced is the Christchurch 15/3/2019 terrorist attack by an Australian Citizen, and reported that there needs to be more discussions around these threats we face reports Andrew Hampton Director-General of Security, whom works with the Cabinet and PM’s office also Govt’s Communications. Bureau. Reports: The traditional identity, faith and political motivations are still identified in violent extremists we detect and monitor in New Zealand but this new trend has emerged around the edges.

The traditional identity, faith and political motivations are still identified in violent extremists we detect and monitor in New Zealand but this new trend has emerged around the edges they are the CCP and Islamic Republic ISIL (ISIS) Daesh etc.,

11th August 2023 Time News reported that NZ SIS said “China is the main exponent of foreign interference to the Pacific Nation. NZ SIS stating there are a small number of states who attempt foreign interference have the ability to cause significant harm. Referring to Chinese individuals and groups in NZ, NZ SIS is aware of ongoing activity in and against NZ linked to the CCP which is of complex intelligence concern for New Zealand. The wariness of China in the Pacific.

The UN Security Council 10th February 2023 warns UN Nations States that Daesh/ISIS threats remain high. said the threat has “increased” near areas of active hostilities where the terrorist group and its affiliates are active. “The level of terrorist activity continues to be a concern to member states,” he added.. Refers to radicalizing recruiting new supporters for ISIL/Daesh

Yet in NZ, the  ignoring of  criminals entering NZ, the fast tracking of  visa’s on face value. As this government put New Zealanders lives at serious risk, without care or consideration for the harm this risks to you and your children’s lives. 53 pages pdf



Behind the closed doors of the political toilet bowl of Wellington the New Zealand Government is reaping its global glory as it promotes, makes plans and policies partnering with Google AI and the World Economic Forum and its UN official partnership with the UN.
International laws to control the planet, people and profit. The wealthy 0.01% of wealthy multistakeholder capitalist corporations, big tech, big pharma, Bayers-Monsanto GE seeds, Lab manufactured foods. A system, digital framework on a one global metric system that includes the now COVID19 restrictions right into year 2030.

The destruction of the world economy through COVID19 controls, restrictions – a window of opportunity to redesign your life, your diet the way you think, behave – live. The Government calls this ‘Unlocking New Zealand’s Digital Potential’. More censorship, more surveillance, trading privacy for security. A global Digital transformation…leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age. From the cradle to the grave.
Everyone monitored, controlled by a Communist Chinese Social Credit System, rewards and punishments. Comply – don’t comply you lose your freedoms. Using the bludgeoning of fear to control the people. (Fear is a liar).

Legal Fictions are rife through data in and data out, global metric systems, data modelling biases, predictions. Real Science is under attack. Real history is under attack. The citizens of New Zealand are under attack. Free Speech is under attack.

To learn more about this please go to my Rumble Video link in the image above, Thank you.



GLOBAL DIGITAL TOTALITARISM (TERRORISM) is a massive monster that is obsessed, is energized with massive global power to destruct and reconstruct people, planet and profit. People everyone, everywhere at every age and leave no-one behind on this planet called earth. The profit represents the humongous appetite greed for continued global wealth, power and status.

Totalitarianism is hell bent on destruction and reconstruction of the human species and everything that impacts on people worldwide. The UN equates this to People, Planet and Prosperity, however it’s the prosperity, the immense wealth that will line 0.01% of the world’s population. The wealthiest and the post powerful Eco-Socialist, leftists – global elite on this earth.

Like Dracula blood suckers they are sucking the very core out of society, populations, economy globally. 2019 High powered meeting at the UN, UN Agenda 2030 global development goals were failing, its documented by the UN “We must act now, we only have a narrow window of opportunity” It was late in 2019 that Russia and China introduced a cyberspace 3 page document to the UN, ‘Control of Cyberspace’.
Control of the Internet. The UN responded we will come back to you on this in December 2019, the UN accepted this and stated they would have a meeting in August 2022 to go over the references etc., to this.

Late 2019 the CCP.. The Chinese Communist Party introduced their first digital Yuen. There were big changes afoot in 2019. The United Nations and World Economic Forum, representative of Big Tech Big Pharma, Multistakeholder Corporations officially signed a partnership agreement. It is documented that this was to accelerate, advance the global development goals of UN Agenda worldwide.

UN Agenda 2030, 17 Global Development Goals (SDG’s) 169 targets. 17 out of 17 of these global development goals include Climate Alarmism. 14 out of 17 the Global Strategy of Vaccines..(2011-22019) in 2019 the Global Strategy of Vaccine – The Decade of Vaccines was introduced by the UN 2020-2030- The UN documents these two global strategies of vaccines ‘Leave No-One Behind, everyone, everywhere at every age- a lifetime of vaccines (from the cradle to the grave). Further documentation on the psycho-babble as to how to promote them for all health authorities and governments worldwide. More UN documentation ‘Hesitancy to Vaccines- Demand Vaccines- Target those that hesitate’ for the Western Regional Pacific Area- Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands.
Big Pharma and Big Data in collaboration, all teeters of big data, digitized totalitarianism – digitalized terrorism. Its about terrorizing billions of people by bludgeoning them with the weapons of fear.

Digitized Totalitarianism hell bent on re-engineering the soul. Fabrications, predictions, biases, using Arderns happiness indicators, other indicators and data modelling the fit the picture that the government require to introduce the policies that the government use to control the people.
Digitally produced Legal Fiction that has hijacked true knowledge and real science that energizes the power of the state to control its citizens. Re-imaginings so powerful that they perform behaviour modification, desensitizes, dehumanizes. These are digital instruments of the political trade to redesign individuals thoughts patterns, behaviors.. what YOU eat, where YOU live, how YOU think hence determining ones own worth and the worthiness or not of others.
This is the language of global imperialism.

The UN was founded in 1945, New Zealand Government was one of the founder members of the UN. NZ Government is the long arm of the UN.
In 1945 nearly a third of the worlds population lived in territories that were dependent of colonial powers. Decolonization was born with the UN. Those countries that had been colonized joined the UN. However decolonization continued until the UN General Assembly in 1960 adopted the ‘Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples. The declaration affirmed the right of all people to self-determination and proclaimed that colonialism should be brought to a speedy and unconditional end.

2 years later a special committee on Decolonization was established to monitor its implementation. 1990 The UN Assembly proclaimed the ‘International Decade of Eradication of Colonialism (1990-2000) with a special plan of action.

2001 the second decade of the Eradication of Colonialism. The end of the 2nd decade coincided with the 15th anniversary of the Declaration of the Granting of Independence to Colonial Counties, Peoples. The 3rd International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism.
Considering ALL peoples had the right to self-determination I cannot comprehend why would you again grant the same right twice, I refer to the 2007 Declaration of Rights of the Indigenous People to ‘self determination’. Unknown to many this declaration has included in it a general limitations clause, allowing States to limit Indigenous peoples’ rights .
Therefore I can only personally conclude that by virtue of ‘ALL’ people having the right to self-determination then ALL people freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.”

The UN was created to stop all wars, eradicate poverty. They have failed, failed, failed. They now have 194 nations that belong to the UN. (The Global Imperial Public-Private Corporate One World Governance that is heavily influenced by the Communist Chinese Regime.
Under the veil of COVID19 governed, vast populations globally are controlled by a Chinese Communist Social Credit System. Rewards and Punishments, compliance, non-compliance makes no difference your freedoms, Human rights are eroded, obliterated.

CCP representatives are leaders of 5 UN agencies including the Food Agriculture Org., (UN) that monitors the global food chain.
The Chinese Communist Regime (CCP) have immense powers as a leader on the UN Security Council, the permeant power of Veto. As the CCP imprisons millions of its citizens over decades, tortures them, forced sterilizations, forced abortions, live organ harvesting. Even the Hague, the international criminal court refuses to investigate the CCP as mainland China does not come under their jurisdiction.

China’s Digitalized totalitarianism has stretched and promoted worldwide under the veil of COVID19.

The word Totalitarianism first appeared in the early 20th centuries work of Italian philosopher Giovanni Gentile. This being Mussolini’s Doctrine of Fascism’. Back then Italy was unable to support itself and millions of people emigrated to find a better life elsewhere.
Gentiles political philosophy was the concept of ‘Total’, the State being an inclusive organic unity that transcends individual lives. All being surrendered to the State.

In 1932 Mussolini appointed Gentile to write whilst Mussolini authored the social and political principles that would define the fascist world view.
The doctrine declared the fascist attitude as above all “a spiritual attitude’ that penetrates the most intimate redoubt of each human participant.
1933 The term Totalitarianism was a force of power that swept across society. First in Russia in 1929 with Stalin and then in Germany in 1933 with Hitlers Nazi Regime.

All included were deluges of replacing facts with fictions and the collaboration of massive propaganda, misinformation. Common-sense, the truth became unlawful. The truth was determined by the State as it is now The propaganda machine published the truth is not the truth but a lie, as they do now, Deception, corruption ran amok as it does now.

Now, the global socialist elite power, status, greedy wealthy have the massive tool of digital terrorism to spread fear, to influence peoples minds, to cause havoc and grief, to separate loved ones, families.

As people praise this government and Ardern, lets look back in history as to what happened on August 15th 1939 when an article was published in the newsmedia, entitled “What’s going on in Russia’? It was written months after the massive evil terrors that took place during 1937-1938 when Stalin ordered the murders of whole sectors of the Soviet population from poets to diplomats, generals to loyalists. Robert Conquest a historian wrote within a 2 year period 7 million people were arrested, one million executed, 2 million deaths in labour camps, one million people imprisoned and another 7 million people still in labour camps at the end of 1938.

Despite all this evilness and cruelty an article in the ‘Constitution of the USSR’ described this horrendous time for the people of Russia as ‘The most democratic in the world, a foundation on which a future democracy may be built’

Stalin’s Red Army described there was free education and medical care, communal housing and equality of sexes. Stalinist patterns of violence, imprisonment, exile and execution shifted across the Baltic and into Eastern Poland. Between 1939-1945 hundred of 1,000’s of Polish people were marched to concentration camps. The propaganda machine worked overtime, just as it does now.

Stalin signed a non-aggressive pact with Hitler and attacked Poland and invaded Finland. 1940 Stalin ordered the massacre of 15,000 Polish Nationalists.
Between 1930 and his death in1953 Stalin made 10 appearances on the cover of Time Magazine, and was also named ‘Man of the Year’. This evil cruel entity who does not warrant being called a human being was given holywood stardom, no wonder fascism, totalitarianism still exists today.

Totalitarianism became an extreme powerful force it was institutionalized and has gone down in history as the biggest threat to civilization. That threat has not been resolved it still lives on, now globally under the veil of COVID19.

Digital Totalitarianism is a global fascism, a global fascist run state of the world, It interprets, develops, penetrates the whole of peoples lives. It’s a rule of conduct, a discipline it has replaced real science and truth, refashions, redesigns life’s content.

Digital Totalitarianism is hell bent on refashioning the soul, it’s the hallmark of totalitarian impulse, re-imaginings, leftist, socialist, communist, fascist ideologies immortalized in a modern day Stalinism, Nazism. Where global population are trying to survive the best way they can under a Chinese Communist Social Credit System. And small businesses, farmers and tradies trying their damdest to keep up with ESG score points, credit ratings. Digital Totalitarianism is hellbent on re-engineering the Soul.

From Kamal Harris to Jacinda Ardern the worlds most powerful women in politics 2020 (Forbes) Stalin was named Man Of the Year … Totalitarianism lives on, held under the great lights of global stardom and praise. No wonder Totalitarianism is running havoc with our lives today.



The Imperial Global Public-Private Corporate Governance of the Planet namely Earth. The Eco-Political Global Elite (The Green Leftist-Socialist-Communist Global Powerhouse)

The Corporate capture of global governance : The World Economic Forum – UN partnership agreement is a dangerous threat to all living beings on the earth. Digital Globalization, digital Data, digital control of global populations. A Multistakeholder business governance, nationally-globally is being played out, has been planned for years, the end is in sight. The emerging powers in this Global imperialist global governance.

A group of rising powers from the global South is effectively challenging western predominance, the hallmark of the global order over the last two centuries. CIGI’s research is built on long term transnational networking that brings together high-ranking scholars from the industrialized and the developing worlds. The redistribution of wealthy and the end of private property rights.

Where have all the farmers gone..long time passing.
Where have all the tradies gone…long time passing…
Where have all the small businesses gone…long time passing
Where have all our freedoms gone….long time passing.