Behind the closed doors of the political toilet bowl of Wellington the New Zealand Government is reaping its global glory as it promotes, makes plans and policies partnering with Google AI and the World Economic Forum and its UN official partnership with the UN.
International laws to control the planet, people and profit. The wealthy 0.01% of wealthy multistakeholder capitalist corporations, big tech, big pharma, Bayers-Monsanto GE seeds, Lab manufactured foods. A system, digital framework on a one global metric system that includes the now COVID19 restrictions right into year 2030.

The destruction of the world economy through COVID19 controls, restrictions – a window of opportunity to redesign your life, your diet the way you think, behave – live. The Government calls this ‘Unlocking New Zealand’s Digital Potential’. More censorship, more surveillance, trading privacy for security. A global Digital transformation…leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age. From the cradle to the grave.
Everyone monitored, controlled by a Communist Chinese Social Credit System, rewards and punishments. Comply – don’t comply you lose your freedoms. Using the bludgeoning of fear to control the people. (Fear is a liar).

Legal Fictions are rife through data in and data out, global metric systems, data modelling biases, predictions. Real Science is under attack. Real history is under attack. The citizens of New Zealand are under attack. Free Speech is under attack.

To learn more about this please go to my Rumble Video link in the image above, Thank you.

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