Hate Speech and the coined post modernized phrase given to native and tribal peoples throughout the world ‘Indigenous People’ focus on, promote  a ‘self determination’ as to what one deems to be true for oneself, or deliberate pervasively is used to be ‘true’ for ones self through political, social, economically self-interests. ‘The negative harmful mentality of Oppressor vs Victim – the implementing of the State with certain Iwi Elite and certain Iwi/ Maori parliamentarians.  The  radical extremist focus and implementation on Hate Speech as it fits hand in glove with the NZ’s preplanned adoption, entrenchment of the UN Declaration for Indigenous Peoples Rights (As seen in the documentation of the Cabinet’s He Puapua) Which was secretly authored and used until it was eventually exposed.

The focus being on the character assassination of anyone person, group that opposes the governments narrative of a racial divide in NZ, anyone that promotes a One Nation- A One Law for All New Zealanders’ will be deliberately targeted and critically attacked using a toolbox of ‘shut your mouth’ phrases, utilized by the mainstream media purchased by the NZ State. (Much like Goebbels did in Hitlers Germany). The Nazi Regime under Hitler were well into Self Determination’. Self determined to control all people who did not agree with their cruel narratives.

Self-Determination is built into the core of the UN Declaration for Rights of Indigenous People. This includes ‘No discrimination against Indigenous People’ hence ‘No Hate Speech’. However the UN states that ‘Hate Speech’ refers to ‘offensive discourse targeting a group or an individual based on inherent characteristics eg Race, Religion, Gender, that threatens ‘Social Peace’. A kind of communication- speech, writing, behaviour that attacks, pejorative or discriminatory language that references a person or group on the basis of whom they are – for example:-

Race religion, ethnicity, nationality, colour, descent, gender or any other identity factor. To-date the UN has NO UNIVERSAL DEFINITION FOR HATE SPEECH OR MIS-DIS-INFORMATION’ in UN International Human Rights Law. Hence the concept of ‘Hate Speech’ Mis-Dis-Information has caused continuous discussions with UN Agencies eg UNESCO (Specialized UN Agency for Universal Education-Science and Cultural namely Education 2030- Universal Education from the cradle to the grave (for Everyone-Everywhere-at Every age)

Self-Determination’ – Partnership-Principles- and the coined post modernized Indigenous People’ are not included in the Maori Version of the 1840 Te Tirit-o-Waitangi. This was all created by the ‘Dark Side Of Politics’. In the 1960’s-70’s liberation movements were flourishing, in NZ it was the Polynesian Panthers working with some members of the Nga Tamato that rallied for Maori Rights. In the US it was theRed Power (The American Indian Movement) In Canada it was the President of the  Canadian Indian Brotherhood -George Manuel, in Tanzania it was Moringe Ole Parkipuny a member of the Maasai Tribe who had a short stint as a parliamentarian in the Tanzanian Parliaments. 

It was the radical Tanzanian Activist Parkipuny that coined the phrase ‘Indigenous People. Parkipuny and George Manuel expanded this across the world into the UN this led to the implementation of the UNDRIP (UN Declaration) that was first adopted into the UN Assembly in 2007. George Manual established the UN World Indigenous Council. August 3rd 1989 Parkipuny evolved as he spoke at a gathering in Geneva before the working group on Indigenous Population. Coining this a now ‘Indigenous People’

In 1971 Justin Treudeu’s father Pierre Trudeau arranged for a Canadian delegation, that included George Manuel to visit NZ. Manuel whilst in NZ spoke with a number of Maori politicians on the concept of Parkipuny’s coined phrase ‘Indigenous people’. All tribal and native peoples being classified as ‘Indigenous People’ which in turn romanticized ‘tribal feudalism’. Where tribes were seen as peaceful, as they roamed the forests, and sat by the clear pristine waters. Dismissing history as it really was to blame all on ‘colonization’. Totally ignoring the massive benefits that the colonies bought to New Zealand. The Canadian delegation including Manuel then went on to the Northern territories of Australia,, where Manuel gave a speech to Aboriginal students at a University promoting Parkipuny’s ‘Indigenous People’ concept.

The Original Te Tiriti O Waitangi does not include:- Principles, Partnership, Indigenous Peoples or Self Determination Interests and Rights of a Māori Sovereignty. The insanity grows as the ‘Whanganui River’ is officially gained ‘Personhood’  Even the Whanganui River has gained ‘personhood’. However, if the Whanganui River overflows its banks, floods peoples homes, and people die, farmers loose livestock, crops, their life’s savings in farming  will the custodians of the Whanganui River having Personhood be to blame? (Or will they revert back to this is just the nature of things not man-made climate doomist) Of course that will  be Self Determination’ self-determined by the so called ‘Indigenous People’. (Whatever cap fits at the time) As the same as Hate Speech ‘self determined’ – Self Determination.

The post modernization of the Old Latin word  meaning ‘in’ or ‘within’- beget or to be born. The UN determined that the Rights of Indigenous People are through the fundamental criteria of ‘Self-determination’. The UN also states Hate Speech- Mis-dis-information is also through ‘Self determination’ how the receiver chooses to perceive it. (A fundamental self- identifying criteria). Masny groups of native, tribal people worldwide do not identify themselves as ‘Indigenous People’. Do not see themselves as self interested  (the first up is the best dressed concept)’

The intensity, global expansion of everything, everyone being decolonized through the concept of  ‘Critical Race Theory’, the shaming of children in the school curriculum for their ancestry. The decolonization of everything everyone, changing of street names, places etc., Parliamentary Agencies, NGO’s and even the clothing racks in the Salvation Army shop gets Māori names at certain times of the year. Ardern’s Cabinet secret document on He Puapua  was exposed to the public not published in Parliament for us all to see. The pre-determined entrenchment of the UNDRIP throughout NZ Society, Economy, politics. The de-colonizing of everything, everywhere.

UNDRIP ‘Indigenous Veto Rights Over Others’, Ownership- control of lands-territories, Veto Rights over Parliamentary Law. Control and ownership on Natural Resources in NZ. ‘A Political Economy of Neo-Tribalism’ a Neo-Tribal Capitalism the emergence of the Iwi Elite. The Discursive Strategies of Māori Tribal Elite . The constructing indigeneity as a polity in opposition to the Nation. People, Power or Ethnic Elites?. All authored by Prof Elizabeth Rata world renown scholar-professor.  She wrote “If the Iwi approach were to be successful, the consequences for NZ are serious will undermine the integrity of NZ as a Nation”. Her references were to ‘Property Rights’, the privatizing of large public socio-economic assets into the hands of Iwi Corporations. The inclusion of Iwi into the Nations Constitutional Arrangements will undermine the integrity of New Zealand as a Nation” she wrote. This was authored approximately 1 year after John Key under a veil of secrecy arranged with the Deputy Leader of the Maori Party (Pita Sharples)  to attend the UN where he signed the UNDRIP

The UNDRIP first adopted in the UN Assembly in 20017 (13th September). Rosemary Banks represented NZ she explained to all that gathered why NZ was rejecting the UNDRIP, would not ratify it. She spoke about 4 Provisions within the UN Declarations that were opposed to. The non-compliancy to NZ’s Constitutional Arrangements, Indigenous Veto Rights over that of others, ownership-control of the entire land of NZ even that which is legally owned by others. Veto Rights over Parliamentary legislation. Control-ownership of NZ’s Natural Resources.

2 Days later 15/9/2007 Maori Affairs Minister  Parekura Horomia confirmed  in a speech at the Beehive what Rosemary Banks  at the UN.  The Maori Party was absolutely Pro the UN Declaration. Horomia told the Maoria Party to get their heads out of the clouds. Later Pita Sharples paid tribute to those Iwi/Maori that helped draft the UNDRIP- Moana Jackson (1990 Chair of the Indigenous Peoples Council at the UN) And to the early 1970’s acticists (Parkipunny and George Manuel were among them) Sharples also referred to Ngandeko Minhinnick and her brother Alec Kaihau, his daughter Aroha Mead and Joe Williams, Erihapeti Murchie, Archie Taiaroa ,Pauline Tangiora and others.

Others whom also became advocates of the UNDRIP Claire Charters, Tracey Whare Moana Sinclair, Catherine Davis were among many. SCOOP News Parliament 7/12/2006 Speech ‘The Maori Party’ Hone Harawira speaker at the Beehive referred to the earlier days of hui around the UNDRIP that also included a delegation that attended the UN Working Group on the UNDRIP, the relationship between the State and Indigenous People. In the delegation were Nganeko Minhinnick, the late Alec Kaihau, Aroha Kaihau, Joe Williams, Hinewhare Harawira and Aroha Mead,

At the signing of the UNDRIP in 2007 Rosemary Banks reported that many whom signed the UN Declaration did not view this as a legality to advance legislations on but a document of Aspiration. However certain Iwi / Māori namely the Māori Council were determined that Sovereignty of NZ would be determined by the use of the 1835 Declaration Of Independence. Doug Graham Treaties Minister gave a speech  in the Beehive on 23rd Feb 1999 as a consequence of the Māori Party wanting to take their claims of Māori Sovereignty to APEC Countries. Doug Graham said he’d be surprised if they were even interested, after-all its none of their business. He referred to Judge Temm who spoke on Maori Sovereingty in 1993, saying it was only of interest to historians. Referencing the course of events and the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi signed in 1840.

When Governor Hobson issued his Proclamation of 21st May that year, and when the Royal Proclamation ratifying the Treaty was published in the Gazette 2nd October 1840. Saying “from that year on the writ of English law began to run in NZ but it had not operated in NZ before this”. It was recognized by London as evidence of the existence of a ‘Sovereign People’. Once the Treaty had been confirmed, sovereignty as it is commonly understood passed from Māori to Britain. Judge Temm stated :If Māori are still sovereign, as some claim.. then Māori have effectively terminated the Treaty, and have no rights under it. They cannot have it both ways. In light of the claimed rights under the Treaty, and the settlement of Crown Breeches of it he would be surprised if Māori want to rescind the Treaty.

He said that the “1835 Declaration of Independence had no standing, that Maori  Sovereignty is totally inconsistent with todays world” That “neither Common Law not the Treaty permit ‘Maori Sovereignty’. English Common Law cannot, did not recognize a challenge to the authority of the Sovereign. The Treaty did not include any concept of ‘Joint Government’ and to keep referencing the Treaty as a Partnership is misleading” said Judge Temm. He concluded that the Māori Councils assertion of Maori Sovereignty has no legal basis, because that would reject the Treaty Of Waitangi itself. He said “We should all work towards a united peaceful country rather than promote separatism and division .

But it still continues the Racial Division and Separation through certain Iwi /Maori Elite for example ‘The IPETCA Partnership Council  (Indigenous Peoples Economic & Trade Cooperation Arrangement ( NZ Govt ). December 2021- brining together officials and Indigenous Representatives to jointly oversee, implement the IPETCA the endorsing of economies. NZ Chairing this partnership for 2 years- Nanaia Mahuta and Damien O’Connor announcing the IOPETCA Initiative Dec 10th 2021, inviting economies to declare their intention to join this.

November 2021  A National Hui took place that provided legal, technical support for constitutional transformation in NZ bringing together overseas experts that offered pragmatic legal advice, legal options for NZ’s Constitutional transformation, this was grounded in the models for transformational change that were proposed in the 2016 Report of Matika Mai Aotearoa. Govt opportunities to engage with legal and academic experts on constitutional law and Indigenous rights. 21-23rd November 2022 the Korero Constitutional Convention was held at Auckland University, again overseas experts were invited to the planned implementation of the transformation of NZ’s Constutional Arrangements. To incorporate, entrench the UNDRIP into NZ’s Constitutional Arrangements. Nanaia Mahuta opened the second day of the event with a speech.

NZ’s Constitutional Arrangements took place at Auckland University between 21-23rd November 2022. The Michael & Suzanne Borrin Foundation gave a grant of $125,000 for the work as to implementing the UNDRIP into NZ between 2020-2021. The Nikau Foundation is the Trustee for the Borrin Foundation, the delivering of transformational change for our Nikau whanau with Corporate Support. Good News: The Spin-Off News Politics 14th December 2023.  Implementing, accelerating the Global Agenda UN SDGs

NZ ‘The Peoples Report UN Agenda 2030’ Indigenous Values can lead to change (UNESCO (UN 11th January 2022). Social Inclusion (Indigenous People) at the heart of Agenda 2030. The final resolution Indigenous Perople ‘Transforming Our World’ Sustainable Development (UN Assembly 2015) refers to Indigenous People. Leave no-one behind 8th August 2023 ‘Indigenous knowledge, traditions, lifestyles are integral to all Agenda 2030 SDGs. Indigenous People as nine major stakeholder groups involved in the UN Global Agenda framework of Agenda 2030- Social, Economical and Political indicators to promptly promote Indigenous Rights. SDGs focusing on Economic, Social Environmental (ESGs) promoted by the WEF

2021 to 2024 Enhance Indigenous engagement to global decision making in relationship to the SDG’s Targets of Agenda 2030, monitoring sustainable development, ensuring inclusion, contribution to the partipation of All Indigenous People globally, regionally, nationally locally includes monitoring climate action.(Source of information Oxford Academic Policy. Com 2022) The effective participation of Indigenous People at all levels of decision making. The NewGlobal Power of Indigenous People (Victor M Toledo) published by the ‘Voices of Mother Earth’

Green Colonization the wests climate strategy April 23rd 2023. UN Summit . Discussions, debate as to the emerging threats of the green economy included mineral mining at the forefront of native peoples concerns stating that “Its common to hear the expression ‘Leave No-one Behind’ but its debatable who are leading. (112day Summit at New York Headquarters) Referencing  concerns of Indigenous People. Highlighting the serious concerns as to minerals being fast tracked, the latching onto environmental projects- the mineral needs for Electric Car Batteries and Wind Power, usurping the rights of native peoples. Referring to Joe Bidens Admin and his Net Zero Strategy having this rammed down Natives throats

Back to the Tanzanians the Maasai, this is where Parkipuny has led them with his Indigenous Peoples Rights and Interests. Thousands of Maasai displaced from their homeland in Tanzania to make way for a luxury game reserve as fear, suspicion sinks in over mobile phone surveillance by United Arab Emirates. A UAE based company behind the Big Game Hunting Operation being masked under the name ‘Conservation’ Norway, Russia, Sweden, Finland organizations are discussing concerns as to ‘Green Colonization’. The driving of harmful sustainable projects on Sami and their Islands. EG., The Fosen Onshore Windfarm’ despite Norway’s Supreme Court ruling in defense of Sami Reindeer herding grounds this still goes ahead.

Joe Biden COP27 in Egypt stated in his speech “the importance of Indigenous People in mitigating, adapting to Climate Change”. Another UN Leader refers to Indigenous People, “they must be brought into the fold of Global Human Rights decision making, An Indigenous Leader responds “Let us not forget Climate is the language of Mother Earth. Greek Goddess born out of Crisis. Goddess Gaia. The 2023 Occult World. Greek mythology. Gaia has the powers to control all lands on the planet earth, produce strong children without a spouse”. The Occult Invasion Al Gore praises ‘the wisdom distilled by All Faiths’ A pan religious global citizenship, praising Goddess worship blaming Christianity for wiping out the last vestige of organized Goddess worship.

Praise anything but do not praise Christianity is the message. Praise Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Baha’i as well as the New Age Occultist Catholic Priest Teilhard de Chardin. Gore in his plenary address at the 1990 Global Forum Moscow declared that the ecological problems could be solved if we have a common new religion for all people on the planet (The CONVERSATION Academic News Article 14/12/2011) Titled a Long history with Islam gives Indigenous Australians pride (Source Melbourne University). Australian Census 2001 641 Indigenous people identified as Muslin. 2006 this increased by 60 plus %. The rise was reported to be attributed to a political gesture.

Pandemic Policing NZ Police admitted they had implemented the facial recognition for surveillance. 8th June 2020 No active cases of COVID 19. Stringent border controls, emergency powers, instructions for everyone to stay at home, official lockdown. State power over-reach, intrusive new legislations. Extraordinary powers of enforcement officers to enter premises, land, building, craft, vehicle, place or thing on reasonable grounds. The State decided what those so called reasonable grounds were. The reduced trust in the police. Policing partnerships between certain Iwi/Māori to control communities, borders in NZ. (Self determination over local policing strategies

Armed police attending 8629 incidents (NZ Police website 2020)Through COVID19 Crisis an opportunity for Indigenous People, not merely to fine tune, improve partnership between Māori and Police. The Pandemic re-exposed the State to cede power, allow Iwi/Māori the authority to implement their own initiatives.NZ Police report (NZ Police Website 22/9/2021) “Iwi and Police co-designed the checkpoints south and north of Tamaki Makaurau, which demonstrated the success of a genuine Treaty partnership is at the heart of NZ Policing. Deputy Commission Wally Haumaha said “I am glad we travelled together in this partnership, referring to Iwi and NZ Policr. Dame Naida Glavish said she was passionate about the partnership between Iwi and Police

The 2021 NZ State Government- Country Report on Human Rights Practices in NZ includes Indigenous People; Approx 16.5% of the population claim to be of Maori descent. The Govt bestows specific recognition, rights of Indigenous People enshrined in the laws of New Zealand, in the customs, and practice on Maori persons, Derived from the Treaty Of Waitangi guaranteeing Indigenous People autonomy, self determination- Maori Sovereignty and Self Govt to Maori Persons. Prohibits discrimination against Indigenous Population

The SPINOff News 14th December 2023 ‘News Article titled ‘What would pulling out of the UNDRIP mean for New Zealand? Reports that the National-NZ First will not recognize the UNDRIP as having a binding effect on NZ. UN Declarations are not usually legally binding. It’s the commitment of States to certain aspirations from resolutions adopted by the UN Assembly. They can however become binding on UN Nation States out of ‘Custom’. Customary International Law, for example the UN Declaration of Human Rights 1948. UNDRIP is not legally binding on any country under International law. It’s a set of agreed standards to protect the rights of Indigenous People. (The term coined by Parkipunny Tanzanian Radical Activist and George Manuel President World Council and Canadian Indian Brotherhood). Moral grounds are being used to put pressure on UN Nation States. NZ is seen as a global leader in Indigenous Rights.

The original adoption of UNDRIP 13th Sept 2007 UN Assembly NZ Rejected this, as being fundamentally incompatible with NZs Constitution and Legal Arrangement and the Treaty Settlement Policy. Objections included Article 26 on lands & territories also resources. Article 28 on rights to redress (Compensation of the entire lands of NZ) Article 19 & 32 to obtaining free, prior and informed consent. Maori Affairs Minister Parekura  Horomia said Article 26 “appears to require recognisition of rights to land now lawfully owned by other citizens, ignoring contemporary reality, this would be impossible to implement. He raised concerns about different classes of citizenship, that Indigenous People would have veto rights over parliamentary decision making not held by others. The Labor Govt of the day stated that the “UN Declaration breeched the Treaty Of Waitangi because it gives Māori special rights over other citizens”

2010 National Govt in coalition with the Maori Party reversed NZ’s rejection of the UN Declaration and announced its support for it, Pita Sharples signed the declaration at UN New York Headquarters. He Puapua was commissioned in 2019 by Labour-NZ First Govt to investigate how NZ could implement the commitments to the UN Declaration UNDRIP, outlining a roadmap to achieve what is known as ‘Vision 2040’. The vision realizing UNDRIP in entrenched in NZ by the year 2030. 200th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty Of Waitangi

The Cabinets He Puapua report recommendations included.. A separate Maori Court System  * Health System *Parliament *Mmaori Wards *Compulsory Te Reo in schools – putting it into legislation and much more. National Party and Act called this racial separatism, the creation of a two tiered governance system, but Labour said “He Puapua is merely a report, not govt policy”. But it was veiled in secrecy until exposed.

David Seymour called for all parties to renounce the UNDRIP, saying that Helen Clark in 2007 got it right by rejecting it when it was first adopted at the UN in 2007. John Key got it wrong in 2010 when he arranged for Pita Sharples to sign the UN Declaration that has created division. He said “ The He Puapua report demanding it transforms NZ’s Constitutional Arrangement with ‘Declaration Compliance by year 2040’. 2023 one of the provisions of the National -NZ First Coalition agreement “Stopping all work on He Puapua”. UNDRIP will have no binding effects, nothing more than symbolic effects.

In face-to-face interactions, symbolic gestures are frequently used to show approval, calm down a heated exchange. Is the Act, NZ First National Coalition sane enough to reject the UNDRIP where all other countries have ratified it? Symbolic Gesture does not mean that this Indigenous concept coined by radical activist just prior to 1970 Parkipuny of Tanzania who coined the post modernized phrase ‘Indigenous People’. That  George Manuel President of Canada’s  Indian Brotherhood introduced to Māori Politicians in 1971 on his visit to NZ with a Canadian delegation. The Self-determined- self identified- self declared identification of those that wish to call themselves Indigenous are not all that have Maori ancestry.

TIME TO CALL IT A DAY- AMEND ANY LEGISLATIONS THAT INCLUDE THE PARKIPUNY COINED PHRASE ‘INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’ OF NZ. At the same time disengage with the id of NZ namely Aotearoa until you see it named as a country on the world globe geographical  (Maps). We need a coalition that will not soften by using ‘Symbolic Gestures’ leaving this open to further corruption, division and separatism.  NZr’s need to be more aware, by holding the government to account, to follow through with election promises. Words do not mean actions. Actions speak loader than words. Bugger the ‘Symbolic Gestures’

Researched By Carol Sakey


Links to this information  can be found on my website https://wakeupnz.org

. https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/iwi-and-police-stronger-together











https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/apr/23/un-indigenous-peoples-forum-climate-strategy-warningAugust 23, 2023


The New Global Power of Indigenous Peoples















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The terminology ‘Indigenous Peoples’ first came to NZ in the early 1970’s.

President of the UN World Indigenous Council visited to NZ in early 1970. Also visited Aborigine in the Northern Territories of Australia thus the expansion of this terminology worldwide

Please visit my video link below for further information

How did this terminology enter New Zealand learn more from my video. Click on the image which will link you to my video

Carol Sakey


Indigenous Peoples in transforming our world have an invested interest in United Nations Agenda 21, universal global development goals, which is extremely strong and hypo-political. Indigenous Indicators are integrated into UN Agenda 2030. (Indicators  (1.42 )and (5 a 1 ) on land Iwi/Maori interests and rights. This is established at a global level, is actioned, promoted at a country level thus advancing UN Agenda 2030, monitoring, measuring, promoting Indigenous  tribal progress as to UN Agenda 2030 Global Development Goals at a local level. This is reported as a work in progress.

A UN  high level political meeting referenced to in a 2030 Resolution follow up review  A/RES/701299)  11th July 2016  which included thematic discussions with Indigenous peoples at the very core of UN Agenda 2030, as  Indigenous Tribal Rights, Indigenous Development Goals .are reported to be essential self-determination to accelerate promote growth modification

Indigenous Indicators embedded in UN Agenda 2030 key players in NZ are Iwi Elite in partnership with NZ Government. Global, regional, national political forums support the framework of this strategic plan to accelerate UN Agenda 2030 in New Zealand, with UN Member State governments facilitating Indigenous Peoples at national level to be given ‘rights’ that other do not have (As per non-binding agreement 2007 UNDRIP). The using of Indigenous Agenda 2030 indicators, with specific measurements through an established Iwi/Māori Digital Sovereignty, an Iwi tribal Sovereignty with Iwi Aspirations

Prof. Dawn Freshwater of Auckland University documented  an article referencing Iwi/Maori knowledge to research Disinformation and to tackle UN Agenda 2030 goals, to drive the global development goals of Agenda 2030 in relation to climate change and the  decolonization agenda.

Iwi/Māori  Elite have the ability to interrogate information to maximize impacts through Indigenous Sovereignty Data transferred, translated into different contexts.

The United Nations Association of NZ hosted an Advancing Agenda 2030 Conference  in the  Banquet Hall in Parliament. It was  reported that NZ was at mid-point to achieving UN Agenda 2030 however accelerated actions are needed. The conference highlighted  key speakers such as  Ashley Bloomfield .

Other speakers were Ibrahim Omer, Carolyn Schwaiger NZ Representative to the UN New York, Mary Wareham Advocacy Director of the Arms Div., of the human Rights watch and Sophie Handford Kapiti Coast District Council.

Topics at the gathering included ‘Climate Change, reforming the UN and countering Disinformation. Hosted by the UN Association NZ.  And also New Zealand advances UN Agenda 2030 through Iwi/Maori Digital Sovereignty and multi-stakeholder partnership with the government implemented at a High Political Level by the UN as to Indigenous Peoples Rights to ‘self determination’. Co-Governance in NZ.

Researched By Carol Sakey





The secrets that lay behind those doors of Parliament keep being exposed. Co-Governance needs to be discussed and all the evidence exposed. I have been researching this now since it was exposed through an OIA request. The Secret was exposed:   Democracy Action reported in their May 2022 Newsletter that ‘Others were not consulted on Declaration Plan. They showed a photo of Andrew Little, Nanaia Mahuta, Jacinda Ardern, Kelvin David and David Parker at the 2018 National Iwi Chairs Forum. Iwi/Maori leaders expressed ambitious initial discussions with the Government about the highly controversial UNDRIP. Willie Jackson Minister Of Maori Affairs in these discussions said these discussions will shape the Governments Declaration Plan, saying that Co-governance is not enough they want more to satisfy the UNDRIP.

Willie Jackson spoke about the drafting of the Iwi/Maori Declaration plan that was set to commence this year, he said finalising the document in 2023. The Government has appointed the National Iwi Chairs Forum is working with Claire Charters Human Rights Commission. Claire Charters visited the UN this year to see if the UNDRIP could be accelerated. Human Rights Commission is also working and collaborating with Te Puni Kokiri to draft the plan. The National Iwi Chairs Forum has a driving ambition to co-govern New Zealand, to end constitutional arrangements and to install a system of power sharing between Iwi/Maori and the Government.. The Iwi Chairs Forum has been campaigning for constitutional transformation since 2009

NCIF was also involved in the establishment of the Independent Monitoring Mechanism, led by Margaret Mutu, in order “to promote and monitor the implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”.

In 2019 the Labour Government appointed a technical advisory group, the Declaration Working Group (DWG), “to support the provision of advice on the form and content of a Declaration plan.” This news was roundly supported by the National Iwi Chairs Forum spokesperson and lead author of Matike Mai, Professor Margaret Mutu, who said: It was reported “Iwi are pleased that Government has decided to work in partnership with us to develop a plan to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.”

The He Puapua Report is largely based on the claim that the Treaty of Waitangi created a 50:50 “partnership” between Māori and the Crown.  This is common with the constitutional changes set out in Matika Mai Aotearoa. He Puapua relies heavily on a distorted interpretation of the Te Tiriti o Waitangi and that of the 1835 Declaration of Independence.

Judge Temms in 1993 found that the 1835 Declaration of Independence was only worthy of a research document for historians not a document for lawyers. That the Te Tiriti o Waitangi nulls the 1835 Declaration. In 1999 Doug Graham Minister of Treaty Claims stated in Parliament spoke about the Maori Council seeking Maori Sovereignty by seeking to ask APEC countries to support them in this. Doug Grham said they would not be interested, its none of their business either. That the Maori Council cannot have the Treaty and the Maori Sovereign Nation as well. And would Iwi/Maori be happy to rescind their Treaty Claims.

He Puapua is reliant on the 1835 Declaration of Independence. Reliant on the Tiriti that did not create partnership or Principles, these were created by state legislations in the late 70’s and 80’s. This peaceful founding document Tiriti o Waitangi has become extremely corrupted to appease a few self serving Iwi/Elite Maori whom collaborate with NZ’s state regime.

LINK https://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/maori-claims-sovereignty-lack-credibility


Researched by Carol Sakey






A HUMAN RIGHTS TYRANNY ‘CORRUPTION OF ‘Te Tiriti o Waitangi’ -‘The Corporate Capture of New Zealand’

MARANGA MAI 160 PAGE REPORT COMMISSIONED BY THE GOVERNMENT. The Focus being 160 plus pages focusing on White Supremacy, White Privilege and Colonialism and the need for Decolonialization. Making the Colonials responsible for negatively impacting NZ by introducing a Health system, Education and Christianity

Calling for one government for Maori and a Co Governance for all other New Zealanders. Iwi Leaders and Government.

Commissioned by the Government instrumented by National Iwi Chairs Forum (Margaret Mutu being a key person in that forum) and the Human Rights Commission. Meng Foon, Claire Charters.

To fully adopt into all government policy making, decisions, regulations at Local and Central Government level the recommendation made by this report. To fully implement embed He Puapua into govt policies, the 2007 UN Declaration of Indigenous Peoples Rights.

Rosemary Banks represented NZ at the UN Assembly in 2007. Under the Labour Govt this was rejected because it was non compliant with the Treaty, the practical laws of NZ. The adoption of the UN Declaration would be Maori had Veto Rights over all others. Two class of citizens in NZ. That they would own, control all lands in NZ. (Banks stated this cannot happen has property/land is legally owned by Maori and Non Maori. They would have Veto rights over all Natural Resources.

Horomia Minister of Maori Affairs (Labour) reiterated this in a speech in Parliament in September 2017 and warned Parliamentarians about adopting this, confirming and agreeing with Rosemary Banks speech at the UN. He told the Maori Party to get their head out the clouds. This is merely a document of Aspiration.

1999 Doug Grahams speech in parliament. The Maori Council reported they were going to APEC countries to ask for their support for Maori Sovereignty. Doug Graham the Treaties Minister said “They won’t be interested”. The Maori Council reported they wanted to go back to NZ being ruled under the Declaration of Independence 1835.

Doug Graham said “Judge Timms had concluded in a court case earlier that the Te Tiriti o Waitangi had nulled the 1835 Declaration. Graham went on to say “ The Maori Council cannot have their cake and eat it too, they cant have the Treaty and its claims, and also a Maori Sovereign Nation, and he doubted they would give up the Treaty”

As for the word ‘Indigenous” it is a root Latin word has many meaning including beget- birth being born in a country etc., etc.,  The more modern version was introduced by Andrew Paull President of the Indian Brotherhood of Canada, when he died George Manual also of the Indian Brotherhood then became President of the  Indian Brotherhood. Under Pierre Trudeau Justin Trudeaus father he was given centre stage across of the nation of Canada.

George Manuel was the president of the World Indigenous Council. When they held their first forum at the UN many delegates walked out in protest as they were called Indigenous , they had not knowledge of ‘Indigenous’ and had not given anyone consent to classified as Indigenous.

1970 Geoge Manuel with a delegation from Canada visited New Zealand, he wanted to learn more about Maori and the place they live in. After going to different Maori entertainment etc., the following night he invited Maori politicians to his hotel room with a group of Maori entertainers, there he had a serious talk about Maori being called Indigenous in New Zealand.

What is introduced Globally is acted out locally. The Un and WEF 13th June 2019 signed an official partnership memorandum. One that meant that UN Agenda 2030 could be accelerated by the means of more billions of dollars and even more political clout. As UN Nation Member State leaders, corporations, academics, philanthropists were all part of the WEF regime. Hence the almighty push globally for Public/Private Multi-stakeholder Corporate Capture.

Introduced at the global level actioned out locally, a UN/WEF One World Global Governance, hence UN Nation States Governments Public/Private Multi Stakeholder Governance (Co-Governance). A Corporate Capture of Transnational Corporation and Iwi Elite. UN Agender 2030

134 Pages PDF ‘The Peoples Report on the 2030 Agenda and SDG Coals. A Global Transformation of all things. This report was only possible through the support of the collaborating organizations and steering group members, researchers, writers and contributors, those who made time to participate in the survey and those who let us share their stories within a Treaty Partnership Model. Refers to colonial racism, indigenous peoples world views. The Private Sector and Trade Unions promoting Agenda 2030

Recommendations NZ Government /Iwi Maori Partnership model. Not protect all Human Rights just Maori Rights. Young people to progress Agenda 2030, global citizenship education- never mind NZ Citizenship. The collaboration of the partnership plan in SDG 17 Agenda 2030. The vital role of Maori designed frameworks.

Other government papers report Iwi Maori  leadership in Food Security NZ. Iwi /Maori leadership in Agenda 2030.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi did not create a Partnership not Principles the legislations and corruption within Parliament did. The Te Tiri o Waitangi was NZ’s Founding document of  Peace. Now its being used by Iwi/Maori and collaborating organizations, academia  embedded in a Iwi/Maori  134 page report to the UN to fully implement UN Agenda 2030 in NZ. The corporate capture of NZ.

Land grabs, water grabs.. New Zealand makes a rewarding corporate capture as it  has a wide variety of minerals found both onshore and offshore, including coal, gold silver, iron-sand, aggregate, limestone, dolomite, pumice, salt, serpentinite, zeolite, bentonite, phosphate

NZ has a very long history as an oil and gas producing country, a rewarding Corporate Transnational and Iwi Elite Capture. The Plundering and deliberate destruction of  New Zealand

A HUMAN RIGHTS TYRANNY ‘CORRUPTION OF ‘Te Tiriti o Waitangi’ -‘The Corporate Capture of New Zealand’ an Iwi/ Maori led UN Agenda 2030, Climate and Food Security in New Zealand.

160 pages of continuous rant (critical race theory) about white privilege, the need for decolonization. Commissioned by the NZ Government promoting and supporting apartheid in New Zealand. He Puapua recommendations for Government to embed this in central and local government levels. To fully adopt the UNDRIP. In this video I share the information that is deliberately neglected to be publicly shared. It’s election year use it and target all the individual political parties in the cesspit of Wellington with it. They are all fully aware knowledgeable of what I share with you

Researched By Carol Sakey



https://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/maori-claims-sovereignty-lack-credibility (Doug Graham 1999 and Maori Council)

https://www.sdg.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Final_PeopleReport-2019-Dec-2019_for-web.pdf (Maranga Mai commissioned by the Govt White Priveilege and Decolonialization )

https://press.un.org/en/2007/ga10612.doc.htm    Rosemary Banks NZ Representative UN 2007  (UNDRIP)