Are we living in are globalist coup effectuated a wealthy powerful international elitists that are ambitiously determined to control all of humanity, executed by various International instruments, regulations, restrictions, controls and policies. Time and time again I hear leaders of UN Nation States, Christopher Luxon since becoming the leader of NZs  governing Coalition Party eluding to the International Rules Based Order. As an avid researcher my curiosity got the better of me as I asked myself “Is there a difference between International Law and the International Rules Based Order, if there is then what is it and what does it mean”?

My research led me to the following:-The International Rules Based Order ignores ‘Human Rights Laws”. That China’s Communist Government want their own ‘International Rules Based Order”

There are double standards when it comes to Human Rights however the Universal Declaration of Human Rights insists that the Rules Based International System must be founded on Human Right and applied to everyone, everywhere. Ever since UN’s creation there has been inadequate to say the least response to Human Rights violations that has taken place all around the world. Since the beginning of 2020 these have been massively violated mandating populations to become human lab rats, the injecting of experimental substances into the arms of babies, from the cradle to the grave. (IA 2030 leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age’. The huge weaponizing of freedom of thought, opinion, speech, the tracing, tracking of civilians worldwide, building up a treasure trove  personal digital information, described as ‘Digital Governance’  (Digital Surveillance and Digital Censorship equates to a top down global  totalitarian Digital Regime .

Revolutionary Leftist Socialist minority groups hamstrung by demanded that they have self determining rights that the rest of the population must cede their self determining rights.. The global powerful International Rules Based Order that sparks fear into the minds of populations globally to obtain the Future they Want, this future is called ‘The wonderful world of Utopia, where we are all told time and time again ‘For the Common Good Of All’. Our Common Future, the communist global manifesto. Our Common Future includes everyone has exactly the same wants, beliefs, hopes etc., that peoples lifestyles are determined in in exactly the same way, the destruction of individual thoughts, individual lifestyles this is global Totalitarian Top Down Tyranny. (A Global Communist Regime controlling everyone, everything on this planet)

Hypocrisy and staggering double standards were UN Nation States cannot criticize human rights violations just because their interests are at stake. This has happened in NZ when the ACT Party put a motion into the House (Parliament)., calling China out on Genocide. In the end other parties were more worried about their relationship with China so took out the word Genocide and softened the content within the motion. (This quite simply explains how the International Rules Based Order works)  UN Member State Governments fail to put their heads above the parapet to take a stand against Human Rights Violations even when it comes to millions being tortured, imprisoned and murdered. No wonder within the parameters of UN States themselves Human Rights Abuses continue to happen.  All that this International Rules Based Order can use as an excuse is ‘Blame Colonization’. Wake up the whole world has been colonized by different cultures, ethnicities, tribes etc.,  Whats the real reason? Of course its globalized Citizenship a One World International Order to rule, order the populations of the world.

Time and time again they voice its all about race, I disagree, if they can find an excuse they will use it. Its all about divide, conquer and the victim approach, the blame and shame game. Destroy westernization destroy the family destroy your personal identity, destroy sovereign nations, mass migration dilute traditional sovereign nations, destroy Christianity, destroy motherhood and fatherhood replace XX and XY with LGBTQ1+ 120 or more gender ideologies. Replace Science and Biology with Ideology  and dramatic theatre. UN Nation States Governments have jumped on board with this, hence we have an uncontrollable corrupted insane world. Corrupt, disruptive Woke institutions that are fully funded and promoted by Human Rights Commissions. The Rules based order is seen as a concept developed by political scientists and politicians that does not take into fall account International Law

The International Rules Based System makes no attempt to proclaim a legal order with defined rules and law making. It is an alternative regime outside that of the discipline of International Law which actually threatens individuals rights, instead works for the revolutionary collective minority groups. Political scientists often study elites, who seek to acquire and to maintain power by invoking and manipulating international law to suit their own individual interests, they fit nicely under that of which I call an International Rules Based System.

International Law is the independent good for all citizens of the world promotes individualism (individual human rights) Where each of us all have self determining rights. Freedom of speech is where any sort of voiced opinion criticism lies in the ears of the beholders not controlled by a top down totalitarian regime. The Rules and Principles of International Law are universally accepted principles of international law include the following: that a state will respect the sovereign equality of all states; that a state will refrain from the threat or use of force against another state except in self-defence; and that states will settle their dispute by peaceful means. The ultimate basis of international obligation, for sociological jurists, is the society itself. They contend that social necessities provide not only the origin, but also the basis and the validating criterion of law

International Law is premised on the values of the internal community enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations. The  deliberate ignorance to condoning of massive Human Rights Violations fits under the International Rules Based System where genocidal communist regimes and socialist leftist are protected, where corrupt feet of the WEF C EO’s have their feet under the table of the UN which I personally believe is the International Rules Based System. The International Rules based System has been described as “nothing but a tool for a select group of  global elitists, for selective countries to advance their own exploitive ambitions. Under the International Rules Based Order there is an overarching authority enforcement authority that often goes completely unchallenged. UN Nation States Government sign the citizens of the country up to UN Treaties, Agreements without any consideration as to what the majority population want or do not want, this goes unchallenged, the collaboration of an International Rules Based System (Order)

The ultimate basis of international obligation, for sociological jurists, is the society itself. They contend that social necessities provide not only the origin, but also the basis and the validating criterion of law. “China exhibits a flexible approach to international law that enables it to benefit from and exploit the international order without the need to advocate changes to the letter of the law in most areas”. But China wants it own International Rules Based Order

RESEARCHER: Carol Sakey (Cassie)


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