QUESTION: Are elderly people with underlying serious health problems and the disabled including children being deliberately culled by some UN Member States that have Euthanasia Policies.

QUESTION; Many elderly in care homes, are receiving shingles, pneumonia, flu, CVID shots and the Boosters, Many of these shots given within a short period of time of each other. Do you believe this is good for their health, is it advantageous or do you think the elderly are being culled.

QUESTION: The worst abortion law in the world was introduced in NZ whilst people had their eyes fixed on COVID19. Is this part and parcel of depopulation globally?

QUESTION: The NZ Govts purchased mainstream media is certainly influencing a vast number of peoples minds. The ongoing crisis events of emergencies, COVID Deaths. Stay in your bubble-its dangerous outside your bubble. The Mandate the significant loss of jobs and small business, the severe struggle the farmers have with the govt using them as their whipping boy. The shortage and huge cost of living, basic living expenses.

The failed Mental Health System. Children not attending schools for long periods of time and many not returning to school. Education being politicised, sexualized. The Govt with its Marxist Class ideology of Pakeha and Maori/Iwi- deliberate separate and divide to cause distention and fragmentation. The favouring of Iwi Elite, pandering to all their wants. Indigenous Constitution, UNDRIP entrenchment. Control of Water. Control of NZ’s environment.

QUESTION: How much did the government know about the COVID 19 shots before they purchased millions of dozes for NZ and Pacific Island? Zilch to very little. Yet they signed an agreement to give Pfizer / Moderna immunity from being held accountable responsible for jab injuries and post jab deaths. ZILCH

NOTE: An official complaint was heard in a Texas Court on January 6th 2022. By Judge Pittman/ The courts concluded  findings  were based on the complainants seeking of all FDA information as to the authorization of Pfizer jabs that allowed them to market them worldwide.

The court concluded that the request of the complainants is of paramount importance” and referred to excessive administrative secrecy, thus reducing confidence in governments.  The FDA shall produce the 12,000 plus pages of Pfizer information before January 31st 2022. They will also produce 55,000 pages every 30days – with the first production being due on 1st March 2022 until production is complete.

NOTE:  It was reported that it will be 2 to 3 years before these documents are made public. In the meantime Pfizer jabs are still being pushed worldwide  including in New Zealand. So if all this important information pertaining to the Pfizer COVID19 jab. This proves N Z Govt knew zilch about the COVID19 jab before they promoted it, demanded it, mandated it.

.NOTE: Pfizer chief Executive had refused to give information about their Pfizer COVID19 jabs had said “NO you are not having it, and NO we won’t give it to you” Hence this is why it had to go through the court process – a case against FDA.  However, again what has Pfizer not told FDA?

What does the Government NOT tell N Z Citizens…They are corruptly reporting false COVID19 death rates. Are not accurately reporting the true death rates of Post jabbed. Heaps and heaps.. As from 10th March 2022 a COVID 19 related death was re-classified in NZ. ‘If a person receives a COVID19 Positive test result and they die within 28 days of that test they are now classified as a COVID19 death. Hence hiking up the number of COVID19 deaths deliberately so . The is highly corrupt and evil, cruel has enormous effects on peoples lives.

The Climate Emergency Gloom and Doom Scam: Targeting the farmers.They do not tell you that their balls-up of the Local Govt Act 2002 had a massive legal loophole in it from day one, and they knew this. No – lets just blame the farmers, lets throw them under the tractor.  This is actually a corporate capture of NZ, a globalised Corporate capture. To replace the free-market economy with a multistakeholder corporate governance . Has huge effects also on all NZrs. No Farmers-No Food.

The  Local Govt Act 2002- the loophole that’s existed for 20 years which govt has deliberately not fixed as allowed businesses, companies to leach heavy toxins, ammonia and other shit like yellow gunge that covers filters in waste water stations, heavy pollutants that run into drains, rivers, out into our water.

 The Government has been asked to amend the Local Govt Act 2002 multiple times and they still turn a blind eye to it. No prosecutions, no fines and hundreds of company breach the Traded Waster Regulations time and time again over this 20 year timed frame. But no the government are more interested in Iwi Elite controlling fresh water in NZ. The waste water has to wait another couple of years Mahuta says. Mahuta is the Minister for Local Government.

Fonterra’s 29 Ghost Farms in NZ. That leaches heavy nitrates into the soil across the land into neighbouring farms bore water. They call it Nutrient farming. Fonterra washes their factories out with this water, and the waste water is piped onto these farms that they have purchased, then sprayed across the land. The cattle have all been removed from these farms. But the sign ‘Beware of the cattle still remains on the gate’. They sell the sprayed grass elsewhere for cattle feed, they call it ‘Cut Grass’. Fonterra admitted this and have had supply many farmers with filters for their bore drinking water.

Water on the stock market is like selling  gold on the stock market. The Corporate Capture of New Zealand. Iwi Corporates have been around for more than a decade.. A Corporate Governance of NZ was reported by the government themselves in 2003. The Corporate Governance= Public Private Partnership, a vehicle where the corporates are the drivers, the government the back seat passengers and  NZr’s the roadkill.The Truth MUST be exposed.   

NOTE: All this information was found in the mainstream media Not Social Media                                                           



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The World Health Assembly (UN) Review Committee on the International Health Regulations 2005 have  been busy putting together proposals for an International  Pandemic Treaty. Helen Clark is a co chair of the Review Committee.  The WHO (UN) International Health Regulations 2005 are binding and lawful in 196 countries includes 194 UN Nation States.  If the proposals as to amendments to the WHO International Health Regulations are introduced they will come into effect immediately and be lawfully binding.  Such provisions shall become effective from the date of receipt of the notification by the Secretary General of the United Nations.

The WHO International Pandemic Treaty  violates the normal process for ratifications of Treaties under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.

Please click on the link within the above image which will take you to my rumble video on this huge concern which will effect all of us.



Gaia Goddess-(Mother Earth) teaches that an “Earth spirit”, goddess, or planetary brain must be protected.  It is this belief that fuels the environmental movement, sustainable development, and a global push for the return of industrialized nations to a more primitive way of life.

, Gaia has named Christianity as the obstacle to human evolution and our spiritual destiny.  A document mandated by the U.N.-sponsored Convention on Biological Diversity, the Global Biodiversity Assessment, explicitly refers to Christianity as a faith that has set humans apart from nature and stripped nature of its sacred qualities.

The UN condemning Christianity as the root of all ecological evil, the document goes on to praise Buddhism and Hinduism as they “did not depart as drastically from the perspective of humans as members of a community of beings including other living and non-living elements”.  Non-Christian religions are definitely favored by the global government as good stewards of Mother Earth.

Members of this “Green Religion” will all agree that the Earth is in a crisis state and this ecological emergency is the result of Christian traditions. Thus Progressive churches, Eco Churches worldwide, as well as in New Zealand are bastardizing Christianity

At the core of all environmental Eco-Socialist Marxist legislatgions, policies lives Gaia, Greek Goddess- Mother Earth. Why are Indigenous Peoples worldwide being used to be the leaders, voices of action for these Global Elitists? For more information please  CLICK ON THE LINK TO MORE INDEPTH INFORMATION IN THE ABOVE IMAGE THIS WILL LINK YOU TO MY RUMBLE VIDEO.



Klaus Schwab Chief Executive and Founder of the World Economic Forum always wanted to be a high ranking member of the UN, justifying his reputation on the world stage, building more prosperity, massive profits for the shareholders of multistakeholder corporations. Hence putting a stranglehold on small businesses and small family farms world wide.

Prince Philp promoted the WEF Global Redesign, as did the then Prince Charles, now King Charles. (WEF Global Resource Initiative)                                                    Prince Charles took part in the launch of the World Economic Forums Great Reset in 2020 at the annual DAVOS gathering.

Schwab had already made a draft report of his 700 page Global Redesign, the  Corporate Capture of Global Health, Infrastructure, Education, Agriculture etc., etc., The UN-WEF Strategic Public Private Corporate Partnership incorporate massive democratic deficit.

There is massive amounts of information being hidden by politicians and mainstream media, important information that affects all our lives and the lives of our children,of future generations to come.




Connecting parliaments worldwide is influenced, promoted by New Zealand Parliament. The global influence during the 53rd NZ Parliament held at the Orakei Marae in November 2019.(Source Parliamentary Office of the Clerk).   NZ Parliament launched a refreshed parliamentary relationship strategy for International engagements and activities (3rd Pacific Parliamentary Platform)

NZ Politicians in the toilet bowl of Wellington ‘ connecting parliaments globally’ is key work within Parliament. Trevor Mallard stated “our international connections are more vital than ever” when he referred to COVID19 and parliaments operations pertaining to this.

David Wilson clerk of the House heads Parliaments secretariat of the Clerk, once a NZ First MP. The Clerks office alongside Parliamentary Services runs an induction program every three years, where new MPs get to hear about some of the in’s and outs of parliament. David Wilson  was prior to this a Te Atatu NZ First MP spoke about the International Parliaments connections saying “this is vitally important, we can share, learn from each others experiences.

“This includes a range of person to person and virtual meeting engagement globally, this is effective and most relevant”  IPR equates to International Parliamentary Relations.  Collaborating parliamentary systems, to strengthen them as to political developments and opportunities. The IPR system is run by Mallard, speaker of the house. The IPU meet twice per yr. Promotes NZ Parliament internationally

There are 179 member parliaments of the IPU (International Parliamentary Union)  and 13 Associate members.  They cover a wide range of issues, social, economical, political, they all have at lease one thing in common, and that’s promoting-accelerating UN Agenda 2030 Global Developments Goals.

The global Multistakeholder Corporate Capturing Advertising Marketing Campaign. The restructuring of the UN which led to the official strategic partnership of the UN & World Economic Forum on 13th June 2019.  Hence a One World Public-Private Corporate Governance was adopted to ‘leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere, at every age on this planet’ Namely documented as the ‘Decade Of Action 2020-2030.

The global destruction of the Free Market Economy to accelerate and expand Multistakeholderism world wide, a corporate capture of society and the economy.  A massive task of behaviour, social  re-engineering of billions of people on this planet to redesign the way people think, what they believe consequently what consumer goods and services they will choose.

They get to choose your diet, what you spend your money on. Each International Parliamentary Union Assembly decides on Emergency Resolutions as to Immediate Global Issues.  The 141st International Parliamentary Union Assembly was held in Belgrade. Kieran McAnuility attended. (MP for Labour Wairarapa) The theme of this event was ‘Strengthening International Law’

New Zealand’s IPU chair is Vanushi Walters. Labour MP for Upper Harbor Auckland.  Newsfeeds:- NZ Parliament is now the best in the world for LGBTQ (Source IPU).  Socialist International dated 30th March 2015- The IPU Assembly in Hanoi. The 132nd Assembly of the IPU 28th March- 1st April 2015. The League Of Nations actually supported the pathway towards Socialism

The aim, goal being to shape a World Parliament. The Global Elite of global power structures that determine every part of human, animal and plant life.  A extremely wealthy  transnational global elite.  The World Parliament October 24th 2021 celebrating the 8th Annual Week for World Parliament. The call for a democratically elected World Parliament, for Open and Inclusive Discussion in the Halls Of Power.

On reforms to the system of Global Governance in order to make it more effective. Stating National governments failed pandemic and climate change demands, actions. We need a one global institution. A global institution to solve global threats that exists in a multilateral order. “We need a democratic World Parliament’

NZ’s own NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990 BORA does not protect NZ Citizens Rights. It has limitations . Parliament use key words such as reasoning and justification to define just what this means, whether or not that applies to NZ Citizens.  NZ Parliament key member of IPU.

As far as NZ Citizens are concerned a One Global Parliaments would be a un-elected one as far as NZ Citizens are concerned.  Not voted in by NZ Citizens.  Therefore this is totally unacceptable. This one world system of a Global Parliament that shapes who gets what and when about economy and society. Defining rights and affecting identities. Complete control an imperial force that would be almost too difficult to reverse. Coercive, demanding, indoctrinating,  manipulating and controlling- restrictive enforcement of all peoples on this planet. It’s the members of parliament themselves and the PM that needs to be democratically controlled.  They are the peoples servants we are not their servants.

International Parliamentary Union has globally made a commitment to all peoples on this planet becoming global citizens, to destroy national citizenship. To replace National sentiment for your own country.  A Global Stage dominated by Corporate Captured self interests. An International Law that does not question the authority of states to terminate our National Citizenship to replace it with a Global Citizenship.

NZ Govt UNESO Global Citizenship Awards for Education $3,000 cash prize money.  Since 2013 more than 2,400 New Zealanders have been awarded the Prime Ministers- Global Citizenship Awards. . Young people leave NZ shores as NZ Citizens and return holding Global Citizenship.

The post-pandemic – The next phase  of Global Citizenship education. Expanding citizenship beyond National Borders can serve as a blueprint for a new form of global citizenship a ‘post pandemic citizen’. The Pandemic has redesign the way people live their lives has been extremely challenging and demanding as governments in countries worldwide have pushed, expanded upon their inter-dependency of the UN/WEF.

In 2014 the EU created a lasting shared identity namely ‘common citizenship status for citizens of EU Member States. Corporations, large companies have spread to all parts of the world. The negative  impacts of this is enormous, higher unemployment, less innovation as small businesses and farming communities are swallow up in this destructive force.  The deterioration of health, safety and working environments.

A growing disparity between the rich and the poor worldwide. Worldwide countries will go into recession, global financial institutions will fail.

Adding global citizenship to text and resource books in primary and secondary schools nurtures, indoctrinates globally mined students’ Prepares them for Global Citizenship.  Pandemic protecting inclusively, a self-sacrifice to protect individual interests.   Wealth instead of Health, Political Authoritarianism over Human Rights and Civil Liberties.

Governments worldwide, International Parliaments collaborating using predicted data, wellbeing indicators, biases, passive research to provide International Parliaments the informational data gathered to support totalitarian states. Tyranny.   There are always Trade Offs. Academia/Govt. Govt provides funds for research . You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours

Global Citzenship includes Vaccinate the World. UN Global Strategy Of Vaccine 2019. The Decade of Action: 2020-2030. Leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age. Global Citizenship a one script for all.

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