Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 was originally titled ‘Our Common Future’, the planning of societal change takes place decades before the public see any signs of the implementation, by this time it is being sold to them in the form of a benefit’.  The future we will all have in common. The planning of economic and societal transformation, this has taken decades now the public can see this for themselves, but sadly many people still put their heads in the sand, completely ignore it to the detriment of this generation and future generations to come. This is the blueprint to control all our basic needs to survive, water, plants, human, animals- wild and domestic under the concept of what is called a ‘One Health Approach’ which is already embedded in the International Rules Based Order.  (Control of the whole Ecosystem) This is a recipe for destruction in every country village, township, city, region worldwide. This is a massive public relations scam that’s happening worldwide for ‘No-one to be left behind, everyone, everywhere at every age’. Right now the International Rules Based Order is implementing a plan called ‘De-growth’. This is the New Normal, the Great Reset the transformation for the 21st Century and beyond for the so called common good of all. Restrictions, mandates, isolation, controlling mechanisms for the common good of all. The Great Reset must be the peoples Great Resist if we are to survive with all our dignity intact.

The Global Agenda for the 21st Century is an inventory and control plan of what energy you take in and what goes out, monitoring measuring cities, targeting humans, you are the carbon they want to restrict- control- deplete, as populations are moved into these ever increasing highly dense cities. Diluting traditions, cultures of individual nations by way of implementing mass migration from developing countries. The dangerous path to Globalized Citizenship. The restricting of mobility, being easily monitored and controlled. Violating private property rights, parental rights. The reducing of consumption, usage- degrowth. The takeover of the Sovereign Nation State. This is the mapping of the ‘End Game’, the implementation of unelected global actors, global dictatorship of totalitarian sociopaths all at citizens, peoples, populations expense worldwide. Remove Human Activity from the Rural Areas these are to be called ‘wild lands, they use “concern for extreme population projection’.

UNEP, UN Environmental Programme, UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) is also known as the ‘Earth Summit’ held in Rio de Janeiro Brazil in June 1992. This was the largest summit ever, it focused on the global socioeconomic activities and how they were predicted to have an effect on the environment. Climate doomism being caused by human activity, this was a way that worldwide influential leaders could come together, policymakers, diplomats, CEO’s, Scientists and of course the global propaganda machine Government leaders and NGO’s, representatives of 176 States and territories. Several UN organizations and specialized agencies, 35 intergovernmental organization and 1500 plusnon-governmental organizations. This coincided with the World Environment Day the 5th June. Environmentalism  (Eco-socialism) was about to spread worldwide. A Global governance of Eco Socialism. The International environmental Treaty, the power and influence over international systems worldwide as a whole.. Political, Economical, Environmental  Global Governance. The Brundtland Report established the coined phrase  ‘Sustainable Development’. The plan at the time was transforming modern society, it cultural, economic, political and scientific components it was reported ‘ this is in order to tackle dramatic environmental destruction’. The World Commission on Environment and Development ‘Our Common Future (1987) is titled ‘A GLOBAL AGENDA FOR CHANGE’ (The Brundtland Report) .. chaired by Norwegian Prime Minister  Gro-Harlem Brundtland This included the role of the International economy, food security and monitoring, Sustainable Development Towards Common Action  Our Common Future, From One Earth to One World  (The UN World Commission on Environment and Development)

Sustainable Development Towards Common Action. The calling  for a common endeavor and for new norms of behavior at all levels and in the interests of all. The changes in attitudes, in social values, and in aspirations that the report urges will depend on vast campaigns of education, debate and public participation. To this end, we appeal to “citizens” groups, to non governmental organizations, to educational institutions, and to the scientific community. They have all played indispensable roles in the creation of public awareness and political change in the past. They will play a crucial part in putting the world onto sustainable development paths, in laying the groundwork for Our Common Future. The process that produced this unanimous report proven that it is possible to join forces, to identify common goals, and to agree on common action. Governments, individually and collectively, have the principal responsibility to do this. UNEP’s Earthwatch programme should be the centre of leadership in the UN system on risk assessment 95. However, given the politically sensitive nature of many of the most critical risks, there is also a need for an independent but complementary capacity to assess and report on critical global risks. A new international programme for cooperation among largely non-governmental organizations, scientific bodies, and industry groups should therefore be established for this purpose. 4.4 Making Informed Choices 96. Making the difficult choices involved in achieving sustainable development will depend on the widespread support and involvement of an informed public and of NGOs, the scientific community, and industry. Their rights, roles and participation in development planning, decision-making, and project implementation should be expanded. 4.5 Providing the Legal Means 97. National and international law is being rapidly outdistanced by the accelerating pace and expanding scale of impacts on the ecological basis of development

Jacinda Ardern and the Earth watch Program and her leadership of the International Socialist Youth. Just a segment of our so called ‘Our Common Future’ under the regime of a One World Stakeholder Governance of Eco Socialism. The art of looking for trouble and finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly applying the wrong remedies, battling ideologies instead of working alongside uncertainties of science, and XX and XY of biology that has been insanely replaced by the Wokeism of  120 or more gender ideologies and throw in a few cat and dog human ideological agenda too.  Progressive global geopolitics,  sharing of variants of pathogen, the global human laboratory of lab rats worldwide. Bio-Digital Convergence and digital control where all people worldwide have digital identities to create a global utopia. Our so called Common Future is governed by a Communist top down global regime.

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