There you were, being a nice little guy just going on about your business. You couldn’t find your last mask that day. You got on the bus, to go get something to eat. While on it you picked up the TRIPLEDEMIC. On the way off you shook the bus drivers hand, and sure enough you got a hold of his Warts. Now you’re QUADRUPLEDEMIC infected. Your chicken strips lunch in little China town tasted good, but come to find out not only was it not chicken, but even worse the creature had Monkeypox. Now you have QUINTUPLEDEMIC. While sitting on the bench waiting for the bus, you get bit by a mosquito, giving you West Nile Virus. Now you’re SEXTUPLEDEMIC!

It may be some time before you notice the symptoms, but in the meantime you’re out spreading your cocktailedemic to your colleagues and loved ones. All because you wouldn’t get vaccinated, didn’t wear a mask, and went out for lunch.

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