1st JUNE 2024 THE WORLD HEALTH ASSEMBLY AN AGREEMENT WAS REACHED ON WIDE RANGING, DECISIVE PACKAGE OF AMENDMENTS TO IMPROVE THE IHR 2005.. INTERNATIONAL HEALTH REGULATIONS 2005 (Source of Information WHA -News release: Geneva, Switzerland). And the setting of a date for the finalizing negotiations on a Proposed WHO International Pandemic Treaty (Accord)

The annual meeting of its 194 countries on the 1st June 2024 agreed to a package of critical amendments to the International Health Regulation (IHR 2005), making concrete commitments to completing negotiations on a global International WHO Pandemic Treaty (Accord) agreement within a year at the very latest. They report this is “in order to ensure comprehensive, robust systems are in place in ALL countries to protect the health & safety of ALL people everywhere- from the risk of future outbreaks and pandemics. (Outbreaks can in climate mandates etc.,)  As embedded in this decision making in the One Health Approach.

The interdependency od Humans-Animals Wild and Domestic, Tree’s Plants Soil., Insects, Air Oceans etc., the whole Ecosystem. Therefore a cockroach is of the same value as a Human Being. In other words your individual freedom, Human Rights mean Diddly Squat.  And 194 countries agreed to this package of critical robust amendments. In an historic development, the World Health Assembly, the annual meeting of its 194 member countries, today agreed a package of critical amendments to the International

These decisions represent two important steps by countries, taken in tandem with one another on the final day of the Seventy-seventh World Health Assembly, to build on lessons learned from several global health emergencies, including the COVID-19 pandemic. The package of amendments to the Regulations will strengthen global preparedness, surveillance and responses to public health emergencies, including pandemics.

The historic decisions taken today demonstrate a common desire by Member States to protect their own people, and the world’s, from the shared risk of public health emergencies and future pandemics,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. “The amendments to the International Health Regulations will bolster countries’ ability to detect and respond to future outbreaks and pandemics by strengthening their own national capacities, and coordination between fellow States, on disease surveillance, information sharing and response. This is built on commitment to equity, an understanding that health threats do not recognize national borders, and that preparedness is a collective endeavor.”

Dr Tedros added: The decision to conclude the Pandemic Agreement within the next year demonstrates how strongly and urgently countries want it, because the next pandemic is a matter of when, not if. Today’s strengthening of the IHR provides powerful momentum to complete the Pandemic Agreement, which, once finalized, can help to prevent a repeat of the devastation to health, societies and economies caused by COVID-19.                                   The new amendments to the IHR include:

  • introducing a definition of a pandemic emergency to trigger more effective international collaboration in response to events that are at risk of becoming, or have become, a pandemic. The pandemic emergency definition represents a higher level of alarm that builds on the existing mechanisms of the IHR, including the determination of  public health emergency of international concern. According to the definition, a pandemic emergency is a communicable disease that has, or is at high risk of having, wide geographical spread to and within multiple States, exceeds or is at high risk of exceeding the capacity of health systems to respond in those States; causes, or is at high risk of causing, substantial social and/or economic disruption, including disruption to international traffic and trade; and requires rapid, equitable and enhanced coordinated international action, with whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches;
  • a commitment to solidarity and equity on strengthening access to medical products and financing. This includes establishing a Coordinating Financial Mechanism to support identification of, and access to, financing required to “equitably address the needs and priorities of developing countries, including for developing, strengthening and maintaining core capacities,” and other pandemic emergency prevention, preparedness and response-related capacities;
  • establishment of the States Parties Committee to facilitate the effective implementation of the amended Regulations. The Committee will promote and support cooperation among States Parties for the effective implementation of the IHR; and
  • creation of National IHR Authorities to improve coordination of implementation of the Regulations within and among countries.

The experience of epidemics and pandemics, from Ebola and Zika to COVID-19 and mpox, showed us where we needed better public health surveillance, response and preparedness mechanisms around the world,” said Dr Ashley Bloomfield of New Zealand, Co-Chair of the Working Group on Amendments to the IHR (WGIHR), and of the Drafting Group that guided the negotiations of the package of amendments during the WHA. “Countries knew what had to be done and we did it. I am so proud to be a part of this.”

Fellow WGIHR Co-Chair Dr Abdullah Assiri, of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, added: “The amendments to the International Health Regulations strengthen mechanisms for our collective protections and preparedness against outbreak and pandemic emergency risks. Today’s powerful show of global support for stronger Regulations also provide a great boost for the process to negotiate a much-needed international Pandemic Agreement.”

Countries agreed to continue negotiating the proposed Pandemic Agreement to improve international coordination, collaboration and equity to prevent, prepare for and respond to future pandemics.  WHO’s Member States decided to extend the mandate of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body, established in December 2021, to finish its work to negotiate a Pandemic Agreement within a year, by the World Health Assembly in 2025, or earlier if possible at a special session of the Health Assembly in 2024.

“There was a clear consensus amongst all Member States on the need for a further instrument to help the world better fight a full-blown pandemic,” said Ms Precious Matsoso of South Africa, Co-Chair of both the Pandemic Accord Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) and the Drafting Group on the INB and IHR agenda items at the WHA.  Fellow INB Co-Chair Roland Driece, from the Netherlands, said: “Today’s great result in approving amendments to the International Health Regulations will provide the momentum we need to finalize the Pandemic Agreement. We clearly have the will, the purpose and now the time needed to complete this generational agreement.”

Notes to editors: The IHR (2005), the successors of the 1951 International Sanitary Regulations, were conceived to maximize collective efforts to manage public health events while at the same time minimizing their disruption to travel and trade. They have 196 States Parties, comprising all 194 WHO Member States plus Liechtenstein and the Holy See.

WHO Member States launched the process to develop the world’s first pandemic accord, to prevent a repeat of the global health, economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, at a Special Session of the World Health Assembly in December 2021.



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The Contraception, Sterilisation, and Abortion Act Abortion had been a criminal offence in New Zealand since 1866. By the 1970s it had become a deeply divisive social and political issues.

Family First NZ has quickly become a household name, advocating for families, and speaking common sense and values on a broad range of family issues in New Zealand, sharing free information on many topics on family matters particularly around Ardern’s Labour led Relationships and Sexuality Education. Family First NZ bringing awareness to parents of children of what their children are taught in the school curriculum. Warning about school sexuality, gender diversity programmes in schools that involve Mates & Dates, Rainbow Youth and Family Planning Association NZ.

It was during the third Labour Govt that the ‘Little Red Book’ was re-published in New Zealand that caused quite a controversary, then followed by ‘Under the Plum Tree’ at the beginning of the National Govt in 1976. Followed by another book entitled ‘Display Under the Palm Tree’ . The obscenity of sexual language  and images had been targeted at children from 10 years upwards.

Below is some of the informative history of this area which involves sexualization of New Zealand school children:-

The radical Little Red School Book appeared in NZ bookshops prior to 1972, it was published in Denmark in 1969. And republished in other countries also  The book was modelled on Chairman Mao’s cultural revolution led by his youthful red guards in the late 1960’s. The Little Red School Book was aimed at youth-teenagers  worldwide. In England it was published by 27yr old Richard Handy side. The NZ publisher was 28yr old Alister Taylor. He recruited a team of teachers and people within the Education Dept, he claimed a senior inspector to revise the English edition for local consumption (for NZ Youth)

Taylor was a former president of the NZ University Student Assoc., had worked in Nation Radio. Launched his publishing career with LRSB whilst he was chief editor of educational books for A H & A W Reed and a spare editor of the Journal of the Post Primary Teachers Assoc.,. 200 pages of the book dealt with drugs, sex and organizations including Family Planning Clinics, the Abortion Law Reform Assoc and the Homosexual Reform Society

The Little Red School Book was said,  it filled children’s minds with utopian nonsense taking control of children’s minds and children’s lives. 25 pages of the book was on the most objectionable information, that was seen to be likely to harm teenagers, as it encouraged sexual activity. “People who warn you against strong feelings and sex are as a rule afraid of both  of sex and strong feelings and don’t know enough about it. Judge for yourself, from your own experiences. The treatment of sex was about the reduction of intimacy to the level of merely animal activity. Says very little about feelings and informed children ‘The usual word for a boys sexual organ is a pXick or a cXck. A girls sexual organ described as a fXnny or a cXnt. Intercourse as fXcking

2.Children were informed about masturbation, petting various parts of the body including the sexual organs “Can all be caressed with fingers, lips, tongue. If the school will not supply a vending machine, open your own contraceptive shop. That pornography, homosexuality, there are many other forms of family life apart from marriage between a man and woman”. Referred to abortion, pornography, contraceptives

The Police Offences Act had been amended in 1954 to make it illegal to supply contraceptives to young people under the age of 16yrs. Instruction in the use of contraceptives and persuasion to use them remained illegal. By 197- contraceptive education led to the interpretation of the law permitting the ‘giving of information’ about the use of contraceptives to ‘instructing to use’’

The Secretary of Justice submitted the Little Red School Book to the Indecent Publications Tribunal. The tribunal delivered its decision in March 1972 that 50,000 copies of the book had already been sold it was decided the book was NOT indecent. The tribunal was not bothered at the physical side of the book or the dehumanizing effect, in fact they were impressed with some of the book, adolescents were the experimental guineapigs.

SPCS  ( Society  also sent individual letters of appeal and protest for Promotion of Community) fought back questioning the right of the tribunal to pass a book that encouraged breaking the law. Trevor Young MP Eastern Hutt president of the SPCS formerly requested the Minister Of Justice to allow an appeal. Individual members of the SPCS. Alister Taylor the NZ publisher of the book had prepared the market, challenged this saying there was a great need for it, for a wide spread sex education throughout communities, particularly schools. Profits from sales of the book meant that he could make a 2nd major contribution to the sexual education of children in NZ.

November 1972 the 3rd Labour Government came to power, the education portfolio went to Phil Amos who was very sympathetic to the sex education lobby. Early 1973 the Director General of Education Bill Renwick appointed a committee of 12 people, the chair person was Mr J A Ross, their task was to draft a discussion paper on health and special education.

The paper was released in December 1973 entitled the ‘Human Development & Relationships in Schools Curriculum, making recommendations, actions to improve the media, to prevent sexual exploitation and outlined the content of the school program proposed for all levels-primary, junior, secondary. That this should include petting and masturbation, contraception, homosexuality and an emphasis on different attitudes to abortion.

Compulsory at all levels. Primary school teachers could talk about the bulk of this (This was called the Ross Report-Feb 1974) There was no provision for parents to withdraw their teenagers from sex education classes. It was said by many at the time that these sex education classes were driving wedges between their children and parents.

1974 a group formed in Christchurch around Christchurch High School. The 1974 NZ Council for Education Research  circulated in every school a British Family Planning comic “To Great A Risk” which illustrated contraceptive methods Christchurch parent groups decided to act. And formed the ‘Concerned Books Assembly’. Sex education plans went ahead against a backdrop 3.of increased opposition activity by the general population. 1972 Family planning had set up ‘Advice Referral Centres’ for youth in Auckland and Christchurch and then extended this to Wellington.

July 1974 The Statutes Revision Committee recommended to Parliament repeal of the Police Offence Act 1954. The Rowling govt did not act on it. Dec 1974 a delegation from SPCS presented a petition containing 27,640 signatures against contraception education. They stressed that sexual activity,  by no means should be introduced into the school system

There was coercion by Family Planning Assoc., personnel and the Sex Magazine ‘FORUM’ subtitled ‘The International Journal of Human Relations  edition of the sexology monthly from the stable of the Penthouse Edition, featured articles, letter on sexual experimentation of all kinds in pursuit of the ‘ultimate turn-on’. The July 1976 issue led with a 4 page article on sodomasochist experiences including an interviews with promiscuous bisexual males boasting 2,000 to 3,000 lovers, letters detailing masturbation, experiments, incest, three some’s, anal sex advice on se

A Dr Robert Chantham on penis enlargement sexology supreme.  And views on incest.  The 1974 issue listed Dr Frazer McDonald, medical supervisor of Carrington Psych Hospital Auckland, Prof James Ritchie dean of the school services.  At Waikato University three other senior academics od psychology and psychiatry, also listed was Isobel Stanton a leading abortion law reform activist, a counsellor of Auckland Abortion Clinic and one of its trustee’s. She later became a member of the govt Abortion supervisory committee.

In the July  publication of ‘FORUM” Margaret Sparrow  of the Abortion Law Reform Assoc and also the Family Planning Assoc’s medical director for Wellington, also International consultants were named in the FORUM issue, this included Ted McIvor member of the Advisory Board of the controversial Sex information and Education Council of the US.

A 1974 Issue of the FORUM namely 75 And Us- US National Sex Forum, involved in the supply of sex films and other materials for sex education and Dr Mahon Potts the medical director of International Planned Parenthood US. International Planned Parenthood and NZ Family Planning Association are affiliated.

The Forum magazine was not subject to customs inspection. Although 4 issues were classified as R18. In the 1970’s Family Planning Association was already receiving significant funding from the government. In 1976 Family Planning Assoc  employed a full time Youth Education Officer whom 10 months earlier had been an editor ofc the FORUM magazine. And was chosen to be in charge of the work done in NZ Schools and FPA clinics. That all seemed ok with the government thought. The Minister Of Education.

The FORUM magazine had been advertised in the journal of the Post Primary Teachers Association on Human Development & Relationships in the schools curriculum. Teachers were suppose to benefit from this pornographic trash, the exploiting on teenagers minds with sexual material full of obscene words.

4.December 1976 Alister Taylor published ‘Under The Plum Tree’ for children aged 10 yrs plus, it included obscene explicit body images and sexual language. Intercourse, anal and oral sex. This caused a public outcry, was sent to the Indecent Publications Tribunal, 100’s of copies had already been sold, the tribunal put 3 months freeze on the sales pending classification Feb 1977 a representative of the Secretary of Justice said the book was an afoot to commonly accepted standards of decency in NZ and asked for a ruling that the book be classified as an R18.

Alister Taylor called expert witnesses to defend the book including Margaret Sparrow and education lecturer and a secondary school teacher Robin Duff who was the coordinator for the campaign for Homosexuality. The classification remained R18 “Indecent in the bands of anyone under the age of 18yrs unless such persons are being instructed by parents or professional advisors.  This opened it up for teachers to be in the guise of professional advisors. The book was not allowed to be kept in the school library otherwise prosecution may occur.

Then came the book ‘ Display Under the Palm Tree’ this was referred to the NZ Police as a result the London Bookshop in Central Wellington was convicted in 1978 for openly exhibiting the book to under age persons. The labour govt of the 1970’s  became under great pressure from within and outside their ranks. The Contraception, Sterilization Abortion Bill entered parliament in August 1977 Part 3 Clause 56 made it mandatory such sexuality courses might be prescribed by regulations under the Education Act. Clause 3 allowed people acting in place of parents- doctors, family planning personal and other people were authorised by the minister of justice to give contraceptives and contraception instruction to children. Clause 60 allowed a girl of any age to be referred for an abortion without parental consent.

To my friends and followers on Social Media l the information I have shared with you is included in a book entitled ‘A Stand For Decency’ by Carolyn Moynihan. Published in 1995. I recently picked this book up at a Lions Monthly Book Fair in Auckland.

‘A Stand For Decency’ refers to Patricia Bartlett and the Society for Promotion of Community Standards 1970-`1995 ‘The Sex Education Debate ‘ Page 54. The SPCS fought long and hard against the obscene language and images that were displayed in certain books that were published to exploit children’s minds by sexual deviancy  and still we continue the fight to stop sexual obscenity out of our schools in NZ.

Thank you to Family First New Zealand for your compassionate continuous efforts in trying to make parents aware of what their children are being taught in schools today –which I  personally believe is sexual abuse,  sexual exploitation by the State.  I urge Parents of school age children to visit the Family First NZ website where extremely valuable information is shared free of charge – I call this ‘Heart Gifts’

PLEASE SHARE, SHARE, SHARE- LINK: Family First NZ     https://familyfirst.org.nz


Carol Sakey   https://wakeupnz.org



The accuracy of historical figures are questionable due to data quality. I personally believe that data in todays world  is highly questionable due to increased use of the  tiny invisible codes within Algorithms.  One should always question why the male suicide rates are so significantly higher than female. (25TH March 2022 NZ Parliamentary Website- Suicide in NZ: A Snapshot of recent trends)

It’s reported by parliament that the 2019 to 2021 figures for suspected rates and deaths of suicide- Maori population estimates are from 2020 onwards are unavailable. The numbers and rates of suicide deaths among Maori and Non-Maori populations depend on the ‘standard population’ used to standardise the rates. Standardised rates calculated with a different standard population that are likely to lead to a different rate ratio. Thus caution should be observed when interpreting rates calculated. Different standard populations are not comparable. The populations used to calculate rates for Maori/Non0Maori comparisons are not the same as those used to calculate rates for Maori/Pacific/Asian and other prioritised ethnicity comparisons, (Technical Information) Refers to Govt Suicide Web Tool

The female suicide rates for Asian and Pacific ethnic groups is unreliable because this is based on  small numbers, thus not included. Newshub reports 4/10/2021 that NZ’s Suicide Rate Drops for Second Consecutive Year. Judge Debroral Marshall released the figures to June 30th 2021 which showed 607 people died by suspected suicide, compared to 628 the year before. Judge Marshall said “Understanding what a change in numbers and rates from one year to the next means is difficult because these numbers can fluctuate considerably.

I question, is this to quieten, silence the voices of those that voiced  serious concern about increased suicide rates during the pandemic, through the stress of significant loss of jobs, businesses, isolation, lockdowns, the sheer upheaval, the dismantling of our environment we have always taken for granted? To be faced with the suicide of a loved one is a extremely traumatic experience in itself. The loss, the anger, shock and isolation and the disempowerment experienced by everyday kiwi’s by a NZ  totalitarian regime. The intense grief, the fear. On top of the loss of a loved one who has taken their own life.

Newshub 2/11/2022 reports Mike King breaks down discussing the latest suicide rates, makes a tearful plea to improve the mental health services in NZ. Mike King has been an absolute warrior, passionately fighting against NZ’s failing mental health system. Mike King saying that the system is f’d up and something needs to be urgently done. Anna Tutton released the June 30th 2022 figures which showed that 538 people died of suspected suicide down from 607 the year prior. Yes, the system is absolutely f’d up. I agree with Mike King and most NZrs would. He encouraged, urged people to speak up, saying he was fed up of people just saying “I love your posts”. Mike writes about a mum whose child has died, how many more have died, how many suicides not reported. The man’s heart is bleeding, “Just loving Mikes heart rendering posts is not enough”. NZ has the highest youth suicide rate in the OECD. As Mike says we cannot allow the bureaucrats to run our country, and if you think if National gets in things will be different, you are living in la la land.

Mike King was in tears when he said the system is fkd, and no-one is doing anything about it. Mike was doing his usual fundraising events for GumBoot Friday, a charity providing counselling for young people in NZ. In June 2021 Mike returned the NZ Order of Merit he was awarded in 2019 for services to Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention as he cited lack of progress in those areas. This came after repeated criticisms of Arder and the Miniter of Health as to the lack of investment in mental health serviced, and for the rejecting GumBoot Fridays plea for funding to provide free counselling for young people

The  New Zealand Government  I believe is a ‘Regime’.Parliament is like  a ships deck, same people, same deckchairs, but they just move the deckchairs around every now and then. Helen Clark still with her foot in the door, advisign the governmentg on policies, and now Co Chair of the International Pandemic Treaty at the World Health Assembly. (National Control-Global Control all the same to me.. its all about Control)

I believe there is a litany of blatant lies that have been published by successive govts including  Arderns, would be the most extreme litany of lies on the published Suicide Stats. Suicide Stats are collected, published in two different ways. Provisional and Coroners. Coroners Data represents suspected suicides. In order for a death to be legally described as a suicide a coroner must rule that the death was self inflected. Until a case of suspected suicide is officially concluded by investigation, inquest then this is only suspected.

The Govt Te Whatu Ora – Health NZ- Suicide Webtool provides data about confirmed suicide deaths as well as suspected intentionally self-inflicted deaths in NZ. Documents the following:-That Suicide Data is reported by Te Whatu Ora (Govt) and the Chief Corroner. The Chief Coroner releases data on suspected intentionally self-inflicted deaths, also those deaths not yet established if the death was from intentional harm. Te Whatu Ora releases official suicide data comprising of suicide deaths that have been confirmed by the Chief Coroner in addition to deaths provisionally coded as suicide.  Provisional could be self inflicted and may not have been. Provisional Coding practices are not factual evidence

IN NZ a death is only classified as suicide by the coroner on completion of the coroners inquiry. If an inquest takes place can take several years after the death. Consequently a provisional suicide classification maybe made before the coroner reaches a verdict whether it was suicide or not. The Ministry Of Health figures for suicide are determined by the coroner. It has been publicised that those grieving for the loss of a loved ones,  due to suspicion of a loved one, family member taking of  their own life -Suiciding have been unable to move on at all with their lives even years later due to the final conclusion of investigation of coroners reports in NZ.

Stuff NZ reported 31st January 2021 ‘Grieving families five year waits for coroners reports – a national scandal’. Families having to wait on a knifes edge for years as the time for coroners take to investigate sudden deaths balloon 25% per years. Families waiting 2-3-4-5years. Such as huge emotional burden delays can have financial consequences on loved ones left behind too. This is shocking these people who are grieving stuck with no means of closure. (Thus the Coroners Office nor Te Whatu Ors (Govt) can publish factual suicide numbers- they are fudged)

May 2019 the Government announced funding for 8 additional part time coroners, but in 2020  six long term coroners resigned, one time coroners still had to be replaced. A mum from Northland had been waiting for 2 yrs 7 months for a coroners reports on the suspected suicide of her 15year old daughter, she had sadly passed away in June 2018. Every day checking the mail, constantly on my mind she said “I can’t move forward”. The unbearable pain of losing your child one can only imagine unless its happened to you. To wake up, go to bed each night without your child. Being stuck in limbo, cannot go through the grieving process. Carrying this huge mountain of grief.

Chief Coroner Judge Deborah Marshall acknowledged the stress of the next to kin, saying all coroners have a backlog of cases impacted by a record number in 2018-2019 (3792) which included the 51 deaths caused by the Christchurch gunman. Plus the resignation of 6 coroners.

NOTE closure of investigations, inquiries into suspected suicides 877 days those going to inquest take up to 1,451 days from the time of death. Provisional equates to ‘Suspected’ cases of suicide fluctuate can eventually be determined as self inflicted (Suicide) or Not Self Inflicted. Yet still reported. (Evidence of factual suicide  becomes Non-evidential) Not Factual Data.  Suicide data of intentionally self inflicted deaths were extracted from the Ministry Of Justice case Management System on 27th July 2022. Confirmed suicide data was extracted from Te Whatu Ora Mortality Collection (MORT) 27/7/2022. 169 deaths were awaiting final outcomes for 2018

Stats based on numbers published should be interpreted with caution. Understanding trends in rates is only possible over a period of 5-10yrs or even longer in a smaller population. There is a different coding classification for death by poisoning, is coded as an accident or an intent to harm, accidental death by poisoning rather than undetermined intent. Thus can lead, and will have lead to false information on suicides being published, an overstatement of deaths by accidental poisons.

Demographic Information was unable to be sourced from the Te Whatu Mortality Collection (Govt), 65 records did not have a death registration record. The majority of these cases were from May 2021 and onwards.

World Health Org (UN) Standard World Population standards are used in NZ for difference in rates for example the ratio of suicides in Maori and Non-Maori populations, this is dependent on the standard populations which is significantly a different ratio. The Govt website Te Whatu Ora cautions  that using different standard populations because they are not comparable to collaborate ratio’s for Maori and Non-Maori. Used to calculate rates for Maori/Pacific/Asian and others prioritises ethnicities this may be different when it comes to the Maori population estimates sourced from Stats NZ (Govt) Population estimates are supplied to Te Whatu Ora (Govt) as customized data sets for Stats NZ. (Using estimates where possible) Stats NZ raised their population estimates back to 2006 based on info published in 2018 rates.

Referring to Confidence-Intervals-Statistical Significance. Thus specifying uncertainty around a single value to estimate a true value .. A Legal Fiction in other words. The underlying untruths as to reported Suicide Stats in NZ. Where different estimated rates could be used by chance, thus lead to a different set of data, used to compare groups of data. Calculations are assumed, predicted.. suspected…

Investigating key models with using ‘quasi-Poisson’ distribution, this is used to determine suicide rates for the latest suicide data in NZ, where suicide rates can be highly variable, significantly different. The main problem appears to be with ‘Quasi Poisson’ is that there is no corresponding likelihood for it, hence a lot of extremely useful statistical, test, fit and measurements are unavailable thus making strong assumptions regarding the distribution of the underlying data. That caution should be observed using different standard populations because they are not comparable populations. The World Health Org., Standard Populations . Standard Population Data for use in Statistical software.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Burden of Disease study estimate that almost 800,000 people die from suicide every year. One person every 40 seconds. That’s an estimation. (a rough calculation of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something:)

Newshub reports 5th February 2022 Mates In Construction calls for more to be done to address suicide rate among construction workers. d Mates in Construction is building awareness and teaching preventative measures on work sites. The group’s research shows workers under the age of 24 and between the ages of 45-49 are particularly at risk. “We’re losing about a builder a week,” says Lee.

RNZ reported 1st Nov 2019 ‘Ringing up Tears’ Canterbury farmers doing it tought’ Farmers across NZ are all doing it tough, as Arderns Regime continues to throw farmers under their own tractors, using them as the govts whipping boy. Back I Nov 2019 Farmers were saying they are at breaking point. Suicide rates in 2019 up 17% in rural areas. Farmers battling depression. Young guys in tears they are about to lose the family farm handed down to them from one generation to another. The huge amounts of audits, compliances they have to deal with. Environment Minister David Parker said its wrong to  attribute mental health increases to environmental policy. Scoop News Reports 10th Sept 2020. The reality of farmer suicides and mental illness in rural NZ is something that needs to be confronted said a Ruawai farmers. Saying he had sadly buries his friends from the rural community who did not get the support, help they needed. And Arderns Govt on the 30th November 2022 sets out on its next steps again targeting farmers. Transitional arrangement in place by 2025 referencing Farm Carbon Sequestration. The Great Carbon Capture Scam.. Huge profit making, swindling money from public purses there is no moral compass, the destruction of livilhoods

The Oil Industry, Shell, Chevron and others have no intention of zero emissions, this is an illusion.. as their profiteering came up with carbon capture. The UN IPSS enable this scam, IPCC Climate Models requiring Carbon Capture and Storage to balance carbon books at some time in the not to be seen future. The Global Elite are determining our countries future, they are also determining the stress levels put on farmers, the loss of livelihoods, of jobs and small businesses, family fragmentation. NZ Govt a regime, a two tiered Marxist socialist dictatorship that cruelly renders the most vulnerable feeling totally disempowered. Of course Suicides are on the rise significantly so. You have all been told a litany of lies with corrupted data, fear mongering debilitating the good people of NZ.

Mike King he has passionately given of himself over many years now, no wonder he feels so grieved that this Marxist Socialist NZ Regime has become so immoral and corrupt, turning its back on its own people who are suffering emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Thank you Mike King for your passionate call to wake up New Zealand to our country’s seriously failing mental health system and to the many, many people who are in grief and suffering in our country.

I Conclude that I believe that the published stats on the suicide gigures in New Zealand are seriously flawed. That they are indeed much significantly higher than reported.

https://wakeupnz.org  Carol Sakey


The Great Carbon Capture Scam | Red, Green, and Blue (redgreenandblue.org)

Understanding suicide in New Zealand | Ministry of Health NZ

Suicide web tool – Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand

Suicide in New Zealand: A snapshot of recent trends – New Zealand Parliament (www.parliament.nz)



Telemedicine / Telehealth has accelerated since the intro of COVID19 to New Zealand, this is happening worldwide. Telemedicine is a remote clinical service using telecommunications AI etc. and Telehealth refers to clinical and non clinical services with an opportunity for educating and training of medical personal. This is not new, back on 23rd May 2017 the Ministry of Health documented  ‘telehealth needs fast broadband service, this will make it a fairer system with more educational options for DHB staff. MOH promoting Telehealth into a provision for NZ Healthcare services.

A Telehealth Forum’ was established to advise on many matters including environmental ones which they said were of importance. Collaborations with international health organization took place. MOH referred to ‘Robotics’. The replacement of traditional medical practices of face to face meetings with medical professionals. This being namely the MOH. Uptake of the framework for ‘Sustainable Health NZ. IOT. (All a part of ‘The Internet of things’). Back in 2015 it was reported that NZ Police supported Telehealth for Mental Health in NZ.

Fast forward to 2022 ‘A Free Medical Abortion’ Order an abortion online. Abortion medication sent by post. Devaluing human life itself’. And telehealth is not without risks. It’s impossible to do a physical examination vis ‘telehealth’. And its questionable if a person is in the right frame of mind to describe what they are suffering, therefore risks the medical practitioner getting the diagnosis wrong.

Personal medical records risk being cyber attacked, used for third party purposes criminal or otherwise, if for political purpose. As government COVID restrictions continue telehealth becomes more familiar, normalised and then consequently accepted. (Common practice).  Some call Telehealth/Telemedicine the ‘Pandemic Technology’. Its been in the planning for many years.  In 1997 it was reported that  ‘Telehealth’ has an importance for patients seeking euthanasia, assisted suicide under the  Commonwealth Euthanasia Laws Act 1997.

The US and Canada have no prohibitions and have been using telehealth for euthanasia, assisted suicide. A US citizen Kristen Hanson wrote an article spelling out the dangers of ‘assisted suicide’ by telehealth. Her husband undergoing treatment for terminal cancer, he was tempted to seek assisted suicide but did not.

After his diagnosis and prognosis he lived a further 3 ½ years spent precious time with their children and formed special relationships with his sons. In fact during that time another son was born. In dying their was every reason to celebrate life even in dying. She said that “Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia Laws play on the most vulnerable, further endangers patients”.

She spoke of abusive caregivers, greedy family members wanting to be heirs to the patients fortunes. The removal of the need of patients to meet doctors face to face putting ill patients at further risk. She spoke about coercion, mental abuse leading patients wanting to find a quick way out of here. And the feeling of being a nuisance, under valued and not wanted.

David Seymour’s so called ‘End Of Life Choice Act’, cunningly the word ‘choice was added. When choice is limited by such an authoritarian govt then the word ‘choice ‘ has a greater significance. We all want choice, to choose what we want. But Seymour’s ‘euthanasia, assisted suicide Act’ has very dangerous concepts.  This was made law under the veil of COVID 19 November 2021.

Properly diagnosing a patient as terminal can be very difficult. Many patients have lived much longer even years longer after being told they are terminally ill. I believe that Telehealth has no place for assisted suicide or abortion, it desensitises and devalues human life.

It breaks down safeguards that protect patients overall health and wellbeing.  David Seymour’s law on euthanasia determines that ‘unbearable suffering ‘can be used as an eligibility to receive assisted suicide.  What if a patient seeking assisted suicide does not want to dob his family in, or feels ashamed he/she is being abused, coerced, is pressured.  Seymour’s Act  depicts that at the point of a medical practitioner actioning assisted suicide, no independent witness is present to confirm the patient is of sound mind. An eligible patient can die within 4 days after their diagnosis, prognosis without loved ones even being aware.

48 hrs time frame from writing the prescription for the lethal dose and administering it. It was proposed in Parliament the timeframe be 1 week, it was not even debated. Parliament voted down 2 amendments that required euthanasia to be a last resort for people  where they could not be helped by palliative care.  In Seymour’s Euthanasia Act 2 doctors need to  be involved with the patient seeking an end to their life.  They do not have to be doctors known to the patient or their family. Neither of the doctors need to have training in the area the patient is suffering in. This was not debated in Parliament.

An inexperienced doctor, straight out of medical school  can be involved in the process, therefore risks incorrect diagnosis, prognosis and may not even be aware of alternatives. Parliament voted down an independent witness being present at the time of death, did not debate this.

Only one doctor checks whether the person expresses their own free choice to euthanize without pressure, coercion. This doctor may be inexperienced, fresh out of medical school have provisional registration. Has no idea about the patient and what happens behind his/her closed doors at home. And does not even have to speak with the patient face to face. Neither does the doctor have experienced meeting the patient before. Parliament voted down the amendments to close this gap.

The  Assisted Suicide Act requires the person seeking euthanasia to have a NZ Passport or Permanent Residency Visa. But does not necessarily have to reside in NZ permanently. Parliament did not discuss this as being open to ‘Euthanasia Tourism’. Seymour’s Euthanasia Act became law in November 2021. Another one to add to Ardern’s Death Cult under the veil of COVID19.

With increased suicides in New Zealand what sort of message does this give. It’s legal. Assisted dying, the pitfalls of hastening death. Telehealth however risks missed psychological diagnosis, increases the risk of un necessary requests for euthanasia, assisted suicide.

The Defender’s editor sent an OIA Request for a Ministry Of Health response. “Could a patient who is severely hospitalised with COVID19 potentially be eligible for assisted suicide, if a health practitioner viewed this prognosis as less than 6 months”? MOH replied “ Kiwi’s with COVID19 can be eligible for ‘Euthanasia’ Assisted Suicide”?

The response from MOH was  “A terminal illness is most often a prolonged disease where treatment is not effective. The EOLC Act states ‘eligibility is determined by the attending practitioner (AMP) and the independent medical practitioner”. The Editor of The Defender reported the OIA response from the MOH raises some very serious concerns that (1) There is nothing concrete about the phrase that MOH used ‘most often’, that its inclusion in this specific context suggests that the 4.MOH considers the definition of ‘terminal illness’ to be subjective and open in interpretation

The MOH response also clarifies that the MOH considers the attending medical practitioner (AMP) and the independent practitioner to be empowered by the EOLCA to make the determination of what does, or does not qualify as a terminal illness. And also speaks of how vague the interpretation is. The editor of The Defender said it “feels like New Zealanders are being sold one thing and delivered another”. The Editor also referred to a lady in the States whose husband was diagnosed as terminal, but lived a a further 3 ½ yrs after diagnosis.

How that precious time was spent with their sons. That her husband had seriously thought about seeking assisted suicide, because he did not this meant that they could celebrate life even in dying. Especially with another son being born within those 3 ½ years.

The Editor also referenced a tragic case of an elderly Canadian lady who requested assisted suicide because she could not bear the very thought of going into another COVID19 lockdown.

New Zealanders are going through a massive deceit, a litany of lies, wool pulled over sheep’s eye. With language being purposely softened  for political self interest. Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide MOH calling this ‘Assisted Dying’ And David Seymour purposely adding the word ‘Choice’. Of course we all want choice, especially when freedom of choice is thin on the ground.

Christian morals are being swept away, there appears to be a diminishing line as to what is right and wrong. A destructive force that dehumanises humanity itself. In what is now called ‘Sustainable Healthcare’ which is Telehealth/ Telemedicine, furthering isolation of individuals.

It does not make anyone a good person because they are obedient to an immoral authoritative government. It does not make a person a good person if they are compliant to corruption and immorality, tyranny.

With Telehealth/ Telemedicine this raises huge concerns and risks to our privacy, who is even going to enforce regulation, can they even be enforced. I believe not. As for privacy this is codified in International human Rights, which is non-binding. The  International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ratifies the right to privacy, when whoever, where-ever justifies and finds reasons to either compliance or not.

Telehealth seriously risks cyber attacks where personal sensitive data can end up in criminal, political, commercial hands. A typical smart phone, a laptop is not equipped with the proper software to ensure your protected from cyber attacks. Even some software used by Telehealth practitioner for medical consultations including Zoom is at risk.

Zoom  is not end to end encrypted., it lacks essential security. It is open to malicious online crime, unauthorized third parties. Zoom meetings have been hijacked private data of people engaging in telehealth have had their private sensitive information, data stolen.

A landmark judgement as facets of fundamental rights to privacy. Stating that hospitals, doctors, institutions etc., collect vast amount of private personal sensitive information about individuals. Affirming the tremendous scope commercial exploitation  that takes places without a persons consent.

Referring to Telemedicine/ Telehealth opening up the same risks when people consent to give their healthcare provider permission to record sensitive private information during telehealth consultations. That these patients do not give consented to being exploited, have their private lives intruded upon.

‘Sustainable Healthcare- Beyond the Pandemic’ is just that ‘Telehealth/ Telemedicine continued as part of the Internet Of Things and no going back to the traditional way of life.

Telehealth is now  part of the protocol for medical abortion. Medication for abortion up to 12 weeks delivered by post. Family Planning is linked to International Planned Parenthood. Family planning is involved in the sexual education of our children.

International Planned Parenthood in the US are expanding their telehealth/ telemedicine services to 50 states in the US, however Ohio State lawmakers are pushing to ban Telehealth services for Abortion. This is supported by the over-ruling of Wade & Roe in the Supreme Court. 18 states in the US have already now banned telehealth/telemedicine service

Newshub reports that abortions have increased in NZ since Ardern’s decriminalizing the Abortions Act.  Surely with Telemedicine/ Telehealth this must also increase the number of abortions too.