Otago University Prof David Murdoch spoke about the concept of the One Health Approach, saying this is going to be sooner than you think, this One Health  Approach to Disease surveillance. Describing this as an integrated, unifying approach for Humans, Animals-Wild and Domestic, Plants, Oceans, Estuaries, Rivers, Soil, Air the whole Eco-system.

An ecosystem is a geographic area where plants, animals, and other organisms, as well as weather and landscape, work together to form a bubble of life. This is how the academics, government explain eco-systems to a child “An ecosystem is made up of the interaction of all living organisms (like animals, plants, and bugs) in an area with all of the non-living organisms (like water, dirt, rocks, and the sun).

Academics, Governments, NGO and corporate ventures etc., are using a ‘One Health Approach to ward of any future threats (ANY)

So, academics are saying ““Increased urbanization, overcrowded living conditions, increased global migration, and the increasing push of humans into animal habitat has created an environment that promotes the transmission of infections and made the COVID-19 pandemic possible.”. BUT  this is what they are promoting the future slums of called Smart Cities. C40 Cities with mass migration entrenched into urbanization. (Reference Mayor Migration Declarations- Mayors Migration Council- Mayors Mitigation with C40 Cities).  Auckland has won a C40 Award for their acceleration and promotion of the 100 city C40 City Network under Phil Goff which was resigned before the new mayor took over. (Wayne Brown).

C40 Cities network Dietary Plan-Plant Based Foods targeting farmers within highly populated areas. No Farmers No Food.. ah well eat tree’s and beetle bugs this is barking up the wrong tree so to speak.

Professor David Murdoch says “COVID-19 has thrust into focus the impact of humanity’s changing relationship with the environment”. In other words the ‘One Health Approach’

NO SURPRISES HERE:- Prof David Murdoch Otago University Flagship Research Council of New Zealand  funded by ..Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance- Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

The Lancet One Health Commission called for transdisciplinary collaboration promoting and generating solutions to complex health challenges. COVID19 Pandemic recognizes the fundamental connectedness of humans, animals and the whole eco system.   CRISIS  CRISIS   CRISIS   CONTROL EVERYTHING

Of course, if you do not oppose the concept of a One Health Approach this equates to ‘Silence is Consent’




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What are you not being told as to why the government reintroduced the Therapeutics Products Bill. The message they give NZrs is that they are just making sure of the quality and the efficacy on therapeutics. Balancing the risks and benefits. Making sure they are a different product category to medicines and medical devices. That are they hiding, not telling the public of New Zealand.  The Govt sought an urgent law change to the Medicines Act which related to the Pfizer COVID19 rollout legality. The govt needed to urgently fix the Medicines Act so that they could roll out the 4th COVID19 jab legally. After a High Court ruling on the decision to grant provisional approval to rollout Pfizer COVID19 jabs.  The Court concluded it was ‘reasonably arguable that the limited use provision (Off Label Medicine) under sect.23 of the Medicine Act was problematic as it encompassed a limited number of people that could receive the dose 4 of Pfizer jab, not the whole population. The Judge said “While I doubt that this is a much ‘limited’ class of persons than ‘ALL New Zealanders’ a class of that size seems well beyond what is contemplated by a straight forward purpose” referring to Sect 23 of the Medicines Act. Health Minister Andrew Little acknowledged the Judges ruling saying ‘The Medicines Act’ was due for a change. He said The Medicines Amendment Bill will be passed with urgency tomorrow”. Six products were currently used as an off-label medicine under sect 23 of the Medicines Act. 2 types of contraceptives, 2 pandemic flu vaxes, and a Pfizer Jab, also an electrolyte solution used in hospitals.

25/5/2022 Chris Hipkins Minister for COVID19 Response and Andrew Little Minister of Health made a ‘Regulatory Impact Statement to amend the Medicines Act 1981 allowing for Off-Label Medicines (Mass COVID19 Jabs-unlimited). The 4th dose of COVID19 jab was an off label medicine classification, it had not been approved in large cohorts, thus a mechanism had to be implemented to allow for use. This would also allow the dosage timing between jabs to be shortened from 6 months to 3 months. The COVID Technical Advisory Groups had recommended that people over 65 and Maori and Pasifika over the age of 50 years old. Thousands of people. This giving the Director General of Health the ability to make decisions regarding the admin, supply and the implementation of the 4th Pfizer Jab and other jabs that may be introduced that had not been approved, could only be used as off-label- limited use. Whilst being outside Medsafe regulations of the medicines process this would provide an enduring sound legal basis for the provision of any further dosed of COVI19 jabs, the 4th dose and future ones. Thus future-proofing off label medicines even if there is no epidemic notice in place.

This was just one of the options the other was the Therapeutic Products Bill which became the preferential option rather than amending the Medicine Act, as it would provide regulatory mechanisms to ensure the future proofing of the 4th dose of Pfizer jab and any other off label jabs that will follow. What does it mean when a medication is off-label? It is used for a disease or medical condition that it is not approved to treat. Can only be cause for a limited amount of patients not the whole population of NZ. You must be prescribed an off-label medicine by a doctor by doctors prescription. Out of several options discussed the government stated they found it necessary to introduce the Therapeutic Products Bill to pass it into legislation so they could deploy an unlimited jabbing of people across NZ. So the real reason for the Therapeutic Products Bill is the jab unlimited people with an off-label unapproved medicine where off label medicines are usually for a limited number of the population. As with all medicines, vaccines can be used outside of Medsafe approval (this is called ‘off label’) if they are prescribed by an authorised prescriber.

27th May 2022 -Currently a fourth dose is considered “off-label” Pfizer’s 4th jab had not been approved by Medsafe, due to the absence of an application from Pfizer. The only way for the approximately 834,000 at-risk people to access the fourth dose is on prescription via a General Practitioner (GP) on an individualised basis.  Thus raising concerns over the ability to maximise uptake of the vaccine in these groups, due to equity of access, cost and timeliness of implementation. Documented by Caroline Flora Associate Deputy Director-General System Strategy and Policy Ministry of Health. When publicly  explaining the reasons for the introduction to the Therapeutic Products Bill they deliberately left some very important information out, that being the real reason for introducing the Bill, however the government told  the people of New Zealand “they were  just making sure of the quality and the efficacy on therapeutics. Balancing the risks and benefits. Making sure they are a different product category to medicines and medical devices.”

That are they hiding, not telling the public of New Zealand.  The Government did not tell the public about why they really introduced the Therapeutic Product Bill, it was so they could legally jab more arms with an off-label unapproved Pfizer jab- more guineapig for another Pfizer jab, which has little to zilch results as yet.

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UN Agenda 2030 ‘ A Global Contract For The Future Of The World’

Traitors of Sovereign Peoples: NZ Government (Corporation) deliberately neglected to seek acceptance from the peoples of New Zealand. The peoples of whom are the Sovereign of our Nation of New Zealand when they agreed, committed to UN/WEF global agenda’s of demands and compliances. For example – UN Agenda 21, UN Agenda 2030. The Paris Agreement, UN Global Compact of Migration etc., NZ Govt is a party to approx.., 1900 UN Global Agreements. Many are non-binding but does mean country leaders are not committed to them. Once entered into Domestic Law a Non-Binding UN Agreement becomes Binding and lawfully effective. These UN Agenda global agreements are known as ‘soft law’, do not require parliamentary consensus or permission from parliamentarians only by key persons such as Government leaders.

Soft Law: Reinforces existing international law globally. Soft Laws drive the development of international law, ;lays down the groundwork for codification  constitutes new customary law. Soft Law norms do not need parliamentary approval. Soft Law depends on the acceptance rather than judicial enforcement. Soft Law and Compliance go hand in hand as does obligations, monitoring mechanisms. Peer pressure groups, individual are important motivators, as are young people as they take part in Schools Climate Change Strike, where student s are taught how to make their climate doom and gloom propaganda boards. Bill and Melinda Gates organized a Global Shapers gathering, Ardern was the guest speaker, it was here she boasted to the audience that NZ was the first country in the world to enter UN Agenda 2030 into govt policy and urged other countries to do the same ‘to follow Ardern’s lead’.  Govts favour ‘soft law’ because it allows agreement on content beyond consensus. UN Agenda 2030 preamble states ‘Human Rights For All’, however this is a huge fallacy. The global implementation of UN Agenda 2030 includes a massive invasion of privacy, discrimination and corruption worldwide also severe violations of human rights and civil liberties. 193 UN Member States pledged to ensure their commitment to the implementation of Agenda 2030 17 global Development Goals which include 169 Targets

Global Corporate Capture: UN Agenda 2030 is a very wordy document focuses on implementing global partners   (UN Member States partnering large companies- corporations). People centred-PPPs =People, Planet for Profit.. Wealth for the already very rich few. Agenda 2030 includes 5 Ps..People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership. Agenda 2030 repeatedly references the ‘Financing for Development Outcome Document’, a major part of Agenda 2030 Action Plan to achieve the SDGs (Targets). Replacing ‘greenwashing and blue-washing with rainbow washing

Impossible To Action: In reality UN Agenda 2030 168 targets within the 17 global development goals are impossible to action as this means re-engineering everyone’s mindset, behaviour and evil regimes will never stop purposely and most deliberately keeping their populations poor and hungry. Wars make huge wealth. Evil and Godlessness is rampant. Equality is a bloody great lie. Population resources have been regulated and many restricted for many decades. This will get much worse as UN Agenda 2030 is obsessively implemented. Restricting, regulating people equals a much lower standard of living.

UN Agenda’s Global Pathway: We are in the midst of being accelerated to meet the goal timeline of 2030. In 2018 UN recognized that they could not succeed in meeting their deadline of 2030 for Agenda 2030 so they signed a strategic official partnership agreement with the World Economic Forum representative of Corporate Capture (Multi-stakeholder Corporate Capitalism), hence the acceleration of implementation of UN Agenda 2030 world wide through ‘Public-Private Partnerships’. Corporates on the accelerator pedal driving UN Agenda 2030 vehicle, government and their cohorts the backseat passengers and the sovereign peoples of New Zealand, small businesses, farming communities (farmers) being the road kill. All Political Cronies On The Same Page: Why do we know this? They have not shared and asked the sovereign peoples of New Zealand for their permission to re-engineer our lives, our economies to politicize, sexualize our children.-.Why? Because they know we wil say NO NO NO NO and you bastards will GO . They have not listened to our sovereign peoples serious concerns. They deliberately ignore our Human Rights and Civil Liberties. It’s my personal opinion that we the Sovereign Peoples of New Zealand are being ruled by liars, crims, cheats and traitors.

Public-Private Partnerships: New Zealand Government with Iwi Elite is already happening. (Fresh Water Iwi Group Leaders- National Iwi Group Leaders). Partnership with Blackrock and Vanguard and other Global Corporations. Blackrock asset manager of NZ Superannuation Fund. Blackrock partnership with Kiwi Bank, both government owned. Blackrock invested Superfunds into weapons and chemicals when Ardern introduced the ‘Buy Back of Firearms’ the government then halted the Blackrock investment into weapons. Non-transparency of NZ Authoritarian regime means we can never trust them to implement ‘public good’ or the common law of the sovereign peoples of New Zealand ‘Firstly ‘Do No Harm’. They have done immense harm to the sovereign peoples of NZ. Have no conscience, show no shame consequently will do anything they choose to do. Hence Corporate Capture and the plundering of New Zealand.

Financial: Digital Corporate Capture. Blackrock already owns more wealth than the World Bank and the IMF. Central Bank Digital Currency. Digital Wallets. Cashless Society. Digital capture and control people. The richer become much richer and the poor become poorer. Again Corporate capture and controlling of peoples lives, re-engineering behaviour and society. See UN Agenda 2030 ‘Financing for Development Outcome’. Expanding taxation. A progressive tax system, broaden tax base, set domestic target & timelines as part of the SDG Agenda 2030 strategies support for developing countries. Increased empowerment of IMP and World Bank to access financial information. The sharing of information through financial institutions and third parties. Privacy no longer exists -your life in their hands. Blackrock partners Kiwi-bank and other major banks in New Zealand. Financing of UN Agenda 2030 Global  Development Goals (169 Global Development Targets.): Information sharing, significantly restrictive regulations and increased policies. Access more information from financial services. Financial services increase sharing peoples personal information with third parties. Government -Corporations have access to peoples personal information. Financial institutions share your personal information. Strengthen regulatory frameworks to be aligned with UN Agenda 2030 so these practices can implement, adopt  Agenda 2030 strategies. Note: Clean energy includes footing the bill for $100 billion to promote public service & private investment in energy infrastructure-technology & renewables.

Migration: Grow inclusive services for migrants in their host countries, countries of origin and transit destination countries as to the implementation of UN Agenda 2030. Ensure adequate affordable finance for migrants in their host and home country. (This appears to replicate UN Global Compact Of Migration signed by NZ in Dec 2018). Climate Refugees flood across the world, the gap caused by the depopulation of host countries will be filled by refugee’s, migrants hence sovereign states will cease to exist.

Corporate Capture: Economic degrowth. Destruction of small businesses and farming. International laws increase as National laws decrease. Sovereignty will cease to exist as Friedrich Engels predicted “the withering away of the state in the wake of socialism”. At a meeting of the ‘Global Futures Councils’ the gathering focused on the worlds political landscape in 2030, it was said

Degrowth: UN Agenda 2030 the degrowth of New Zealand’s small businesses and rural farming. The corporate capture of New Zealand. National laws and sovereignty will cease to exist. Friedreich Engels predicted the “withering away of the state” in the wake of socialism.  At an annual meeting of the ‘Global Future Councils’, it was said that the worlds political landscape in 2030 will look somewhat considerably different from the present one.

Housing: Mega Cities: Greater surveillance, increased influence and more power of the people. High density city-urban living increases as does people isolation and working from home hence many more suicides. People living in pack & stack apartments not domestic pet friendly, not child friendly.

Transport: Walk, cycling, E scooters, Electric cars, Uber, share rides and public transport hence becoming dependent on public services.

Employment: Ardern in her trip to Europe in 2018 referred to New Zealand and Germany having 45% unemployed within the next 20years. Four day working week. Working from home. Will significantly crush personal innovation, goals and initiatives, incentives. Uncertainty and instability.

Food & Water: Water continues to be sold on the world’s stock market. Water restrictions and regulations increased, monitored. Control of all water and food by corporate capture. C40 cities increase worldwide planned dietary intake. Central Bank Digital currency controlling what people purchase and the services they use eg.,  food, travel, what you do and whom you meet with             the food controlled worldwide by Nestles, Coca Cola, Blackrock, Vanguard, Bill Gates etc., this path has already started.

Law: Huge increase in crime. People become a law unto themselves. Domestic laws will be replaced by global laws as all peoples will become global citizens of the world (Global Citizenship) Again Corporate capture.  Increased political control via political policing. UN Agenda 2030 equates to the Decade Of Action which also is in collaboration with IA Immunization 2030 ‘To leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age’. Depopulate and Degrowth.

These UN Agenda 2030 Goals as listed:- Goal 1. End poverty in all its forms everywhere. – Goal 2. End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.    Goal 3. Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.    Goal 4. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Goal 5. Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Goal 6. Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.  Goal 7. Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.  Goal 8. Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.  Goal 9. Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. Goal 10. Reduce inequality within and among countries. Goal 11. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.  Goal 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Goal 13. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.  Goal 14. Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.  Goal 15. Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.  Goal 16. Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.  Goal 17. Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

FEAR MONERING IS THEIR WEAPON OF DESTRUCTION-Psychological warfare. One Crisis after another is being played out on a global scale. Fear leads to compliance and slavery of populations. They are scaring your children with Climate Doom and Gloom, the making of fearful placards at schools as to climate doom and gloom. Schools strike for Climate Emergency. UK Health Mental Healthy Services reference ‘Eco Anxiety’ and children’s nightmares as to climate alarmism. CDC publication of a book with monsters hidden everywhere refencing the COVID19 Pandemic. The alerting signs, images are everywhere. Children who are 5 years old and first attending school will no nothing but crisis and fear, facial masks and isolation.   Elderly people in nursing homes waiting for loved ones to visit. Funerals cannot be attended by all family members, friends and loved ones. Bodies of loved ones cremated where this was not a loved ones wishes. Gates to crematoriums, graveyards were locked. Imprisoned within borders. Traditions and cultures deliberately ignored. Peaceful Assembly and publicly opposing the governments narrative equated to character assassination by the govts purchased propaganda machine, house arrests, court appearances, huge fines. (Heil Hitler in NZ -Goebbels censorship). Increased violent political policing.  My own personal thoughts are “ All these fearmongering crisis strategies to control people are being used to  implement, action UN Agenda 2030 Global Development Goals worldwide”. Is UN Agenda 2030 the driving force behind COVID19 Pandemic?

UN Agenda 2030 introduced globally: Actioned, implemented locally. Population control . Technocracy. Resource Management, Destruction of the Free-market economy to replace the Free-market economy with the ‘corporate capture’ of multi-stakeholder corporate capitalism. The rich become richer, the poor become poorer and the middle income drop down to the poor class. This is a Marxist Class system, a Two Tier Society. The Jabbed and Un-jabbed. The Slave drivers and the Slaves. The compliant and the non-compliant, however comply or not you are still being controlled. There is no getting out of jail free card. Police State. End of Sovereign Nations. Destruction of Human Rights and Civil Liberties. Social re-engineering of people minds, behaviours to be compliant to UN Agenda 2030 strategies. (UN/WEF and  UN Member Nation Authoritarian Regimes)

Transforming Our World: Implemented, actioned by a global ruling class namely the ‘Great Reset’ has been planned for decades, the foot is on the accelerator now. Technocratic dehumanization, transhumanism we must STOP this from happening. Every crisis is a key strategy. This is not a conspiracy theory, they are so confident its well published all over the world. Its in your face, they are not hiding it, its no secret. The Sovereign peoples of New Zealand must hold those responsible to account, every MP that resides behind the political doors of the toilet bowl in Wellington. They ALL have full knowledge as to the deliberate harm being caused and will continue to be caused to our Sovereign Nation New Zealand, yet they continue down this road without conscience or shame. This deceptive fearmongering of vulnerable people and children, of the aged and the disabled. The deliberate destruction of traditions and cultures to replace them with a UN/WEF New Normal. Red, Blue, Green-Maori Party, Green Party, Labour and National Parties I personally believe are traitors of the Sovereign People of Our Nation. (All New Zealanders). They have deliberately actioned a divide and conquer, institutionalized racism with a Marxism Class ideology strategy. A Gender Diversity of Rainbows and Unicorns. A deliberate targeting of Males. UN Association Porthole for Education used by teachers to teach your children. Eg: Depopulation. A Stock carrying a baby in a nappy in its beak flying around the globe, is about to land on earth, however flames appear from the earth so the stork flys away with the baby still in its beak. Message: The world’s too dangerous to give birth to more children-depopulate.

UN Agenda 2030 JABS:  14 of the 17 Global Development goals include Immunizations, vaccinations.

Depopulation: Rockefeller Population Council collaborated with International Planned Parenthood Federation (History of Eugenics and Socialism) is affiliated with NZ Family Planning Services. (Largest Abortion Org., worldwide was accused of selling foetuses) . Eugenics is an ideology the global ruling class adheres to, supports and promotes. Replacement population rate for New Zealand is 2.1 we currently sit at 1.6

New Zealand Tax-payers: Donate to UN Agencies and their strategies. Because UN/WEF strategic partnership they also  donate to WEF also. Auckland City Council Website publish the promotion of the WEF. Central and Local Government are executing the strategies of UN/WEF SDGS & Targets. Sustainability is a global advertising pun. Smart technology relates to the strategies used to accelerate UN Agenda 2030. Technocracy is the science of social engineering. The focus is on Resource Management and Population Control. The theory of Malthusian (Marxist).

Resource Management Act: Is high regulated and will become much more so. This is a technocratic governance system to control peoples diets, the way they live. Behaviour  re-engineering. Auckland C40 Global City includes global dietary plan- more plant based foods and much less meat. All Local Councils implementing the measuring of our carbon footprint to change our behaviour (travel, food, energy etc.,) Equates to the New Normal – The Great Reset- UN Agenda 2030 Global Development Goals to transform all life on this planet by means of Corporate Capture and slavery.

Socialism- Communism: Are bed partners. Mahuta and her mystical taniwha friendship with the CCP Red Dragon.

Self Empowerment: Solutions include self-empowerment, you cannot walk in another’s shoes. A valuable source of information, knowledge walking alongside like minded people. Spread the truth. Do your research. The truth is out there. Live your inner truth. Be aware but not fearful of digital censorship, fear is a number one killer. Note the medical tyranny and serious violations of Human Rights. Reject vaccine certification and vaccine passports.  Use cash where-ever possible. Reject digital wallet. Reject new smart meters. Be aware that Smart TVs have an invisible camera within them, if you do not turn it off it can be hacked through the use of Netflix. You have been listened to and viewed in your own private home. (Have already experienced this hacking). Do not take part in COVID19 tests or COVID19 jabs. Do not trust this government (regime). I urge you to gain  Moral Courage.

Electioneering: Vocally push for ‘Citizens Initiated Binding Referendums’ and a Constitution set in concrete for the Sovereign Peoples of New Zealand-ALL New Zealanders this election year. When you hear an MP call for a referendum remember there is no binding referendum for the people of NZ therefore the government (regime) will always have the last decision making rights. Break the cycle of Red, Blue, Green and Maori Party. Support and encourage minor freedom fighting parties who are speaking out publicly about the tyranny that exists in New Zealand (Parties that come together under one umbrella).

Yet another fear mongering strategy: The pandemic is not going away. New variants a new crisis and the shite goes on. The propaganda machine -many more people are dying of COVID19.

DEBUNKING THIS FEAR MONGERING PROPAGANDA- Here is the Truth:-The World Health Organization last year requested all UN Member Nations to classify COVID19 deaths in alignment with them. 10th March 2022 NZ Government enacted that ‘Any person who had a COVID19 positive test, if they died within a month of that test they are then counted as a COVID 19 death. This window of time can be extended. In the UK it has been extended in some cases to 60 days. Therefore other deaths such as suicide and post jab deaths etc.,  are hidden. Remember the man that was shot by police in New Lynn Auckland, the propaganda machine called this a COVID19 death.

Arderns Global Christchurch Call: Is this all part and parcel of the strategy to implement UN Agenda 2030.  (Gun Buy Back Scheme) and Hate Speech- Censorship

The UN Global Compact of Migration signed by Winston Peters December 2018: Is this all part of UN Agenda 2030 strategy to rid us of our sovereign nation in favour of globalization (global citizenship) ? WEF Klaus Schwab stated that ‘sovereign nations’ will no longer exist.

Ardern’s Climate Emergency- Climate Refugee’s in host countries.. is this also a crucial part of implementing UN Agenda 2030 ?.

Central Bank Digital Currency- Is this all part of implementing UN Agenda 2030.

The Replacement of the Resource Management Act into 3 New Legislations. Three Waters, He Pua Pua are these all part of the strategy to implement UN Agenda 2030 development Goals?

The mandating of COVID19 jabs. Arderns purchasing enough jabs for 2 shots in the arm for every New Zealander- man, woman and child. Is this a crucial part of the action plan to implement UN Agenda 2030 (SDGs 14 of the 17 relate to jabs) IA 2030 Global Strategy of Inoculation-Vaccination. 2020-2039 The Decade Of Action.

The Therapeutics Products Bill. Strictly regulate Natural health products. Significantly increase off label medicines drugs across New Zealand. Note off label drugs are unapproved drugs and medicines. COVID19 jab number four was not approved by Medsafe was an off label drug. Off label drugs can only be given to a limited number of people.    Pfizer-Moderna had stated that each country, state would have to seek their own approval system for authorizing the jabs.

Increased political policing and violence: At Parliamentary grounds was this part of UN Agenda 2030 strategy to control people’s voices and actions.. compliance and control ?

Targeting Farmers: No Farmers No Food. Those that control the food control the people, the same applies to fresh water. Is this also a critical part of UN Agenda 2030 strategy?

WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND NOW. Our Sovereign nation of people (New Zealanders) are under attack from the MPs that you voted in.




SciTechDaily article publish  3rd Feb 2023 authored by University of California Jan 2nd 2022 ‘Grow And Eat Your Own Vaccines’. Using Plants as mRNA Factories. Eating salads could replace the jab in the arm where vegetable, salads could be turned into mRNA factories. Messenger RNA or mRNA technology that’s used in COVID19 jabs. The project was funded by the National Science Foundation USA… Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The DNA containing the mRNA jabs can successfully be delivered into part of the plant cell where it is then replicated. The DNA encoding for the protein is delivered by targeted nano materials, without mechanical aid by applying a droplet of nano formulation to the leaf surface.  The UCRs Dept of Botany & Plant Sciences San Diego  are in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University. Vegs and salads become not just foods but  edible vaccines without the jab. Nano materials deliver nitrogen, a fertilizer directly to where the plants most need it. The plant engineering technique will make nanoparticles go to the chloroplast, which  lies within the cells of plants and certain algae- the site of Nano materials deliver nitrogen, a fertilizer directly to which a process where the sun converts the plant into chemical energy for growth.

Sept 22nd 2022 the ISAAA Global Knowledge Centre of Biotechnology published an article  ‘US Scientists Embark on developing an edible plant based vaccine. Edible plants  mRNA Vaccine factories. Stating that lettuce and spinach can produce vaccines, grown in backyards and entire fields. Where mRNA technology can currently be used to produce COVID19 vaccines in plants. The objective being the DNA containing the mRNA vaccines can be delivered into part of the plant cells where they can replicate. Thus demonstrating the plant ability to produce enough mRNA to compete with traditional  vax shots.

Science Daily reported 7th January 2014 University of Washington published an article which referenced a new type of vaccines. One that would be easier to manufacture and much cheaper. A vaccine that could be manufactured on demand for human immunizations and administered within minutes after a disease broke out. Mass jabs for an entire population, for everyone immediately as soon as an epidemic starts. Blanket vaxing the entire population as published by Francious Banys, professor of chemical engineering and lead author of the ‘Journal of Nano-Medicine’. The research was funded by a grant from the ‘Grand Challenges Explorations’ which is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation partnering the National Institute of Health.

December 18th 2019 the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT News article entitled ‘Storing Medical Information below the Skins Surface’, where a specialized invisible dye is delivered along with a vaccine, that enables the patients  personal ID and vaccination history to be stored nakedly under the skin. The invisible quantum of dye is delivered by a micro needle patch.  The quantum invisible dye consists of nano-crystals, can remain for at least 5 years under the skin where it emits infrared light that can be detected by a specifically equipped smart phone. These applications mean that populations can be traced, tracked through this invisible quantum dot.

30th April 2022-Gates Foundation website ‘Gates Notes’ published an article ‘Everyone, everywhere- vaccinate the world in 6 months’ to prevent pandemics. He stated that the COVID19 jabs are safe and effective, however there are serious problems  he said that we need to solve before the next pandemic comes along and that is “those who have not been jabbed. The world needs to produce enough vaccines for everyone on the planet within 6 months of discovering a new pathogen. 8 Billion doses for a single dose vaccine, 16 billion for a 2 dose vaccine version. Steps need to be taken to accelerate the invention of new vaccines, there will be a process of a lot of trial and error. Connecting diagnostic tests to the human trial system we can automatically suggest to doctors that their patients should join a trial. mRNA vaccines could help speed up manufacturing doing away with conventional ways which are quite complex. Transferring the technology know how from one company to another. Just swap the old mRNA for a new one, its easier to transfer between companies. He added “with these advances it will be possible to achieve something amazing beyond preventing pandemics, eradicating entire families of pathogens” A world that could rid itself of all coronaviruses, even the influenza virus. NOTE The common cold is a coronavirus. No-one has ever magically got rid of the common cold. “A future without pandemics and without the flu, Gates said “now that’s worth investing in”

Gates referred to new modular technologies in the pipeline, that are easier, cheaper to build, factories that can be adapted to make different vaccines and tackle vaccine hesitancy. He made a You Tube Video on ‘how to deal with rumours, myths in India. (You Tube Video ‘Dispelling Vaccine Hesitancy in Rural India). Gates has published many articles ‘The future our grandchildren disserve’. Bill Gate’s ‘The Year Ahead 2023 CNBC published report 23rd January 2019 refers to Bill Gates and DAVOS (World Economic Forum). Where Bill Gates made some key points about his best investments where he turned $10 billion into $200 billion  by investing in global health organizations aimed at increasing access to vaccines that created a 20 to 1 return.

Gates Foundation established GAVI in 1999 pledging $750 to set GAVI up. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pledged US $750 million to set up  GAVI is a key partner in shaping the global vaccine market. Gates biggest investment, money maker. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation play a technical and financial role in the Global Vaccine Alliance to shape global markets, gathering data, decision making, providing financial support for market investments. Gates foundation also make substantial funding available to the World Health Org., (UN), therefore he does have influential global privileges. The foundations invests in activities ranging from vaccine discovery- development-delivery financially supporting  new entrants into the market.

A the author, researcher of this article, I am personally highly suspicious of the COVID Pandemic through research finding that the World Health Org., Immunization Agenda 2030 Report which is a Global Strategy to leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age. The decade of action- 2020- 2030. The World Health Assembly with the support of UN Nation State Government and partners endorsed a global vision and strategy titled ‘Agenda 2030 -IA 2030 that envisions a world where everyone, everywhere at every age fully benefits from vaccines. It aims to maintain ‘hard won’ gains in immunization, recovering from the disruptions caused by COVID19, to achieve even more by leaving no-one behind-in any situation at any stage of life. It aims to maintain hard-won gains in immunization, recover from the disruptions caused by COVID-19, and achieve even more – by leaving no one behind, in any situation or at any stage of life.  A co-creation process with close engagement of countries to ensure that the vision, strategies, priorities and goals are aligned with each country’s needs. IA 2030 framework is designed to be tailored by countries to their local context, to be revised throughout the decade as new needs, challenges emerge. This also includes a framework of tailored indicators that enable use of data action to increase immunization programs at all levels. To monitor progress across all countries at country, regional, global levels. IA 2030 goals are designed to inspire action for implementation for health security, universal health coverage. Countries could set their own specific targets and milestones for the decade of action 2020-2030. This includes regional vaccination action plans. For partner organization, this could mean aligning organizational strategies and indicators to accelerate the attainment of IA 2030 goals. Putting people in the centre, led by governments and implemented through broad partnerships and driven by data. IA 2030 with strategic priorities referring to UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, Targets for the entire world. Extremely ambitious commitments to gain population vaccination over the 2020-2030 decade. A Decade of Action- as described by the UN WHO.

WHO published “Immunization is playing a critical role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Immunization to reach more people than any other health and social service, a key driver to universal health coverage. Immunization is critical to SDG3, promotes wellbeing for all ages. IA 2030 contributes either directly or indirectly to thirteen of the other SDGs of UN Agenda 2030 (Published by the WHO (UN) 1/4/2020). UN Agenda 2030 was introduced in October 2015 after the failing of UN Agenda 2021. UN Agenda 2030 is non-binding, however Jacinda Ardern was a guest speaker at a gathering hosted by Bill and Melinda Gates for WEF Global Shapers Community. Ardern boasted to the audience at the gathering that she had introduced UN Agenda 2030 into NZs domestic policies, making her the first in the world to lead the way, encouraging other countries to do the same. Once introduced into Domestic policy UN Agenda 2030 became binding and legal. GAVI Alliance created by Gates Foundation published an article on their website referring to ‘vaccine collaboration’. Titled ‘ Decade of Vaccine Collaboration’. A ten year vision of immunization for all people regardless of where they live, that was in 2010. Stating that in the next 10 years the global health community vision of a world in which all individuals and communities can be free of vaccine preventable diseases’. The Decade of Vaccines Collaboration- brought together diverse stakeholders to develop the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP), GAVI (Bill Gates serves on the leadership council of the global vaccination collaboration steering committee. The Global Vaccine Action Plan IA2030. The Global Vaccine Plan (GVAP) has been endorsed by 194 UN Member State Governments at the World Health Assembly in 2012 where a framework was presented to achieve the ‘Decade of Vaccines’ vision for peoples in ALL communities worldwide. To reach vaccination targets in every region, country, community, to meet global and regional elimination targets and to develop, introduce new vaccines and technologies. Coincidental I don’t think so, the Global Immunization Vision and Strategy was launched in 2005. It was Bill Gates that provided the leadership of the Global Vaccine Plan for 194 UN Member State Govts, for every region, every community globally. Supported by their WHO (UN0 and UNICEF (UN) and the World Bank, including of course the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

In 2005 the International Health Regulations were created at the World Health Assembly which are binding for 194 UN Member State Governments, which include 196 countries. Helen Clark is the co chair of a gathering working on a plan to add more resolutions to IHR 2005, also a plan for an International Pandemic Treaty. The results of this planning to be reported to a gathering at the UN Assembly in January, last month. The World Health Assembly have set a deadline of May 2024 for putting together a draft pandemic treay and proposed amendments to IHR 2005. (IHR Binding on 194 UN Nation States). Negotiations are under way in Geneva to amend the IHR 2005 regulations, to create a new WHO convention on pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery this is referred to as the International Pandemic Treaty. A rules based international order. This would go beyond legal restrictions it would be global compliancy, demands, international global cooperation.  Under Art 19 and 21 of the Constitution of the World Health Org.,, the World Health Assembly may adopt legally binding conventions and regulations.

The World Health Assembly therefore is composed of representatives of UN Member States, often ministers of health who meet once a year to vote on resolutions and decisions. So the final decision on what is adopted rests with Member States themselves. (Helen Clark is co chair of the latest proposed amendments to IHR 2005 and the International Pandemic Treaty). Article 60 of the WHO Constitution states that different voting quota’s apply to the adoption of regulations approved by the World Health Assembly. This requires 2/3rds majority of the Member UN States present and voting in the Assembly.  Under Art 60 regulations can be adopted by a simple majority unless the representatives classify them as ‘important issues’ on an ad-hoc basis, then this required 2/3rd majority. However, despite the differences in the provisions requiring the necessary majorities and procedures for entry into force, agreements and regulations are in practice, generally decided upon by consensus in the plenary sessions  of the World Health Assembly. Agreements can be adopted on any matter according to Art 19 of the WHO Convention. Art 2 WHO enumerates 22 functions of the organization, first is to act as the ‘governing and coordinating body of International Health’. WHO deals with the regimes of  International Law for example ‘access to medicines’ due to intellectual property rights and environmental health (A One Health Approach- for everyone, everywhere at every age). Agreements become binding once they have undergone the entire ratification process.  Under Art 21 of the WHO Constitution, the World Health Assembly can adopt legally binding regulations on States unless they expressly reject them (opt out), however once the period specified in the regulations for rejecting or formulating reservations has elapsed, the rules in question are binding all UN Member States that have not expressed any objections. In January 2022 the US Government submitted a proposal to amend 13 provisions of IHR 2005. Also an initiative where WHO (UN) could declare a public health emergency of international concern without first consulting the affected UN Member States, the creation of a new mid level emergency declaration

NOTE: The One Health Approach of the WHO (UN) Convention. The World Health Assembly includes environmental, food and animal health to be included. (Food, animals-wild, domestic- soil, plants, air etc., every living organism. If these new amendments are adopted, if an International Pandemic Treaty is established all UN Member State governments must increase their funding towards this, this will be considerably much higher than contributions to WHO by UN Nations States now, hence more money from tac payers pockets and massive control over our health, a One World Health Governance for ALL. Leave No-one Behind, everyone, everywhere at every age.  Helen Clark Twitter “GAVI are making vaccine available to ALL, so that no-one gets left behind”

8th March 2021 NZ Herald published an article – vaccines are expected to arrive in New Zealand during the second half of the year,” Jacinda Ardern said. “This brings our total Pfizer order to 10 million doses or enough for 5 million people to get the two shots needed to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.. “.8th March 2021 Stuff NZ reported “The government’s new order brings New Zealand’s total for the Pfizer vaccine to 10m doses. Because the vaccine requires 2 shots to be effective. On the 10th March 2021 The Beehive reported  “New agreements secure access to 7.6 million doses from AstraZeneca – enough for 3.8 million people, and 10.72 million doses. We are setting out the plan today after securing enough Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for everyone in New Zealand to get the two doses they need”

NOTE: A Texas Court has ordered FDA to shares thousands of Pfizer documents that were received by FDA prior to the authorization of the Pfizer jab on the open market. Pfizer had refused the request stating no-one would view this information. However the thousands of pages of Pfizer info will not be available to the public or anyone else for at least another 2-3 years. Pfizer admitted in the European Parliamentary Court they did not test the Pfizer jab to see if it stopped transmission of the virus. Early 2022 the WHO (UN) requested that all UN Nation Governments align the way they reported COV ID deaths with the way WHO does. If a person has a COVID19 Positive Test and dies within 28 days of that test this is counted as a COVID19 Death, that window on 28 days can be extended. In UK it has been known at times to be extended to 60 days.  Therefore the man that got shot by police in Auckland where the mainstream news-media called this a COVID death this is the reason why. Therefore suicide number, post jab deaths etc., etc., can magically disappear within the data.

The intentional deliberate plundering of NZ through UN Immunization Alliance 2030 Collaboration The World Bank, UNICEF and WHO (UN) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Reference to speech in the House “We are setting out the plan today after securing enough Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for everyone in New Zealand to get the two doses they need “ Two new vaccines secured, enough for every New Zealander .

Covid-19: Pfizer vaccine purchase order made for 8.5 million … › .
8th March 2021
COVID-19 vaccine roll-out plan | › …
10 March

We are setting out the plan today after securing enough Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for everyone in New Zealand to get the two doses they need …
Two new vaccines secured, enough for every New Zealander ›


Decade of Vaccines (DoV) Collaboration

Global Vaccine Action Plan (

Gates ‘Dispelling Vaccine Hesitancy in Rural India is on You Tube 30th April 2022 30th April 2022





Please find below  my opposition to the LEGALLY BINDING  WHO CA+ International Pandemic Treaty.

I have found that the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) “Zero Draft” the new agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response, called WHO CA+, is significantly flawed.  Due to the evidence and information provided below I oppose the WHO CA+ Treaty.

(1)WHO failed miserably in preventing the spread of COVID-19, the WHO CA+ draft would dramatically expand WHO authority to declare a pandemic and, thereby, trigger provisions in the treaty that would re-allocate resources and encourage governments to waive intellectual property rights

(2)New Zealand is already playing an active part in planning the WHO CA+ without consultation of the public of New Zealand’s input. The Government have been deliberately non-transparent as to the WHO CA+ and its purposes, aims, goals as to its intention as to the WHO Pandemic Treaty (Accord)

(3)The proposed Treaty is due to be introduced at the 77th World Health Assembly in May 2024.  If New Zealand agrees and are compliant to the WHO CA+ this will risk  further increased significant tax payer payments  as to the allocation  to the added expenditure it will cost our country

(4)The World Health Organization has already miserably failed since the pandemic first evolved on many accounts, yet it appears that members of the New Zealand Government are supporting and even promoting the WHO CA+ International Pandemic Treaty (Accord)

(5)The draft of the WHO CA+ clearly focuses on significantly strengthening, expanding the powers of the World Health Organization which I note signed a ‘Partnership Memorandum with the World Economic Forum on 13th June 2019.

(6)The WHO/ WEF is now  a Public-Private Partnership. The UN was never originally declared as such when it was created.  Obviously through the extraordinary super powers awarded to the WHO would also reward the Multi-stakeholder Corporations that WEF represents., therefore there is a massive conflict of interest that would effectively bring multistakeholder corporations, and those represented by the WEF huge wealth and power in the realms of  global politics and economies. The WEF is the whisperer in the ears of the WHO.

(7)The ZERO draft of the International Pandemic Treaty focuses on hugely expanding the authority, powers of World Health Organization, which give WHO the super powers to trample on ‘intellectual property rights’ and the redistribution of knowledge and technology. The WHO will become the only one, so called source of ‘Truth’, therefore having the ability to shut down the ‘True’ source of Truth., this is very dangerous.

 (8)WHO International Health Regulations 2005 failed miserably when it came to accessing China’s part in the origins of the COVID19 pandemic instead of holding them to account and responsible for their failings under the IHR2005 the WHO now parrots the CCP and even praises the Chinese regime. Therefore cannot be trusted to be such a superior force of authority over all UN Nation States.

 (9)In accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and the principles of International Laws the people of New Zealand have the right to self-determine and manage their own autonomous approach to public health. This is a ‘sovereign’ right, the people of New Zealand are the ‘sovereignty who have that right. The global superior authoritative right does not lay with the WHO to control, cause damage to society, business, infrastructure or medical, technical determinations of the people of New Zealand. The people rights in New Zealand are that of ‘self determination’

(10)The people of New Zealand have in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and the Principles of International Law the sovereign right to determine, manage their own approach to public health, this notably also means ‘pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery of health systems pursuant to the autonomy of domestic policies, legislations. That is provided that within this domestic jurisdiction the control awarded to the state through the vote of the people in New Zealand ‘causes no harm, damage to the peoples of New Zealand’.

(11)Sadly I say there has been much damage done to the peoples of New Zealand through the governments misinformation as to the COVID19 immunizations and the mandating of these. The closures of businesses throughout New Zealand and the loss of work and income.  Also the closure of schools where many children have not returned back to school.

(12)The members of  New Zealand House of Representatives have shown themselves to be  non-transparency upon publicly  exposing the serious harms and deaths of post COVID 19 immunizations. The many law abiding decent people of New Zealand have been deliberately abused by members of the New Zealand mainstream news media that has been paid for by the Governments Journalist Fund.

 (13) A member of Parliament namely Michael Wood character assassinating, labelling people those who are grieved through loss of work and income, loss of businesses as a so called ‘River of Filth’. Amongst those people he called a ‘River of Filth’ and ‘Anti -Vaxers’ were those that had been vaxed and were suffering serious harms post immunization.  As noted, not one member of Parliament has apologised for this cruel emotional harm caused to people of New Zealand by members of the House of Representatives. 

(14)The mandating of COVID19 Immunization. The following  term has often been quoted by members of WHO and WEF,  and even members of NZ House of Representatives ‘No-one is safe until everyone is Safe’. Pfizer Chief Executive has publicly admitted that they did not test their COVID19 immunization for transmission prior to entering the global market place.  Evidence has shown us that those that have been injected with the Pfizer mRNA  Injection have still been infected by the virus.. . Obviously the people of New Zealand have been misled when it has come to mandating of COVID19 immunizations and mandates

(15)It is a huge concern that large Pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer have and continue to advise the Intergovernmental working group on the WHO CA+ International Pandemic Treaty as to the Zero Draft which is a huge conflict of interest.

(16)It is a deep concern that if the New Zealand Government continues to pursue, support the WHO CA+ International Pandemic Treaty (Accord) it would give the WHO superior authority over NZ Domestic policies. WHO would have the power to declare a pandemic globally whether New Zealand is affected or not and could have the power to reallocate resources.

(17)The Zero Draft of the WHO CA + Pandemic Treaty makes transparency and cooperation mandatory (legally Binding). Uses the word ‘shall’ when referencing facilitating accessing, sharing of research and genomic data, however there are no repercussions for ‘non-compliance’. It is evidently clear that the WHO and those drafting this treaty , and those that support, promote it have learned nothing. There is no reason to believe that China would be compliant with the obligations set out in the WHO CA+ International Pandemic Treaty (Accord)  I also note that the  World Health Organizations failure to quietly abandon investigations into China’s incompetence to comply to the legally binding WHO Health Regulations (IHR 2005)

(18)The WHO CA+ Draft lets China off the hook. Despite China having the largest economy in the world the United Nations considers China as a developing country. Developed countries financially support developing countries when it comes to ‘common but differentiated responsibilities’ among nations. Developed countries would share the greater costs therefore  China will likely be the beneficiary of the WHO CA+ obligation for developed nation parties, among other provisions.

(19)The WHO CA+ Pandemic Treaty Zero Draft calls on the parties to tackle misleading, misinformation or disinformation. Yet the WHO  themselves have been the source of disinformation when they tweeted  “preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of COVID 19.

I refer to the ‘World Health Organization ‘Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no evidence of human to human transmission of the novel coronavirus (2019-n CoV) identified in Wuhan Vina. Twitter January 14th 2020 18​/1217043229427761152 

(20)As for the CDC on the efficacy of facial mask wearing that shifted over time, when Anthony Fauci defended flip flop accusations after shifting mask guidance, this has reported changed time and time again. There is much controversy about mask wearing. It is clearly evident that many people wear masks as chin straps. Masks do risk emotional, psychological damage to some extent. Mask wearing is not normalised behaviour so will affect people in different ways.  LINK: Independent, July 29, 2021,

(21)A recent study found that natural immunity acquired by a COVID-19 infection was “associated with lower incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection, regardless of the variant, than mRNA primary-series vaccination. Yet WHO superior authorities under a legally binding Pandemic Treaty could mandate all populations to be vaccinated, immunized without accountability. This is very dangerous.

LINK:” Hiam Chemaitelly et al., “Protection from Previous Natural Infection Compared with mRNA Vaccination Against SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Severe COVID-19 in Qatar: A Retrospective Cohort Study,” The Lancet, November 11, 202,​22)00287-7/fulltext (accessed February 24, 2023).

(22)The WHO and UN Member Nation Governments and their  so called experts have been proven wrong far too often, yet the WHO Pandemic Treaty gives WHO the global super power authority to police “disinformation. This seriously infringes on the internationally accepted right to freedom of expression. (UN International  Human Rights and NZ Domestic Human Rights Legislations)

(23)The WHO CA+ Treaty Draft emphasizes ‘Equity’. It is guided by ‘Equity’, which is defined by the absence of unfair, unavoidable or remediable differences among and within countries, including between different groups of people, whether these groups are defined socially, economically, demographically, geographically or references ‘Inequality’. The term ‘Equity’ and ‘Equitable’ appear more that thirty times in the ZERO Draft of the Treaty, however there is no clear definition what this means.

(24)The people of New Zealand have the right to have clear, concise information. (ibid., Art 3,4 (3) ). It is evidential by the ZERO Draft of the WHO CA+ Treaty that it is guided by ‘Equity’, a term that is deeply rooted in ‘Marxist’ ideology and should never be embedded in the guiding principles of any international legally binding commitment of any State, including that of New Zealand.

(25)The ZERO Draft of the CA+ International Pandemic Treaty (Accord- Convention) commits to the term ‘Universal Health Coverage’, this is not clearly defined. I stand to be corrected, but does that mean that the Government provides the peoples of New Zealand health care, is that with or without costs to the peoples of New Zealand, and at what costs must the people of New Zealand pay?. How will this indeed affect tax payers pockets?

(26)Its obvious that if the NZ House of Representatives agree, comply to the WHO CA+ International Pandemic Treaty domestic legislations will have to be amended.  The people of New Zealand are not awarded end decision making rights when it comes to domestic policy making.    I refer to the (Non-Legally Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda), and even if this did become ‘Legally Binding’ the people of New Zealand would have no end decision rights when it comes to Domestic Policies due to the legally binding nature of the WHO CA+ Treaty.. Therefore upon voting for political parties at election time, this means that promises made to the voting public can be over- ridden by the WHO Pandemic Treaty

(27)The WHO CA+ Pandemic Treaty (Accord) incorporates a ‘One Health’ approach framework. This includes ‘Humans, Animals-wild and domestic and all Eco-systems’. This means that the WHO under the WHO CA+ International Pandemic Treaty has massive super superior control over every aspect of life on this planet.

(28)WHO CA+ Treaty under the classification  of ‘Climate Change’ will have the authority to restrict, control food systems, trade and travel, infrastructure, land use and property rights. This is scandalous and extremely dangerous when it comes to the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders.

(29)Those that reside in the NZ House of Representatives are accountable to the people of New Zealand who voted them in to the political positions they hold in the New Zealand House of Representatives. To be responsible and accountable to ALL peoples of New Zealand.  Through researched evidence of viewing speeches in the House and other UN Information that New Zealand Members of Parliament are supporting, promoting and are in agreeance with the WHO ZERO Draft of the CA +.

(30) I also note that at the 77th gathering of the World Health Assembly the final draft of the CA+ WHO International Pandemic Treaty will be produced, introduced to all UN Member Nation States to determine whether, and which UN Member States agree on the WHO International Pandemic Treaty (Accord)

(31) I therefore request that the NZ House of Representatives transparently accords the peoples of New Zealand open public debate, discussion without political intrusion as to all knowledge, information that is pertained in every ZERO draft of the WHO CA+ Pandemic Treaty as it is produced, introduced.

The draft states that the WHO CA+ “shall be subject to ratification, acceptance, approval or accession by UN Member Nation States, therefore clearly requires advice and consent under the process outlined., “Circular 175 Procedure,” (accessed February 24, 2023).

(32)I conclude that the  WHO CA+ International Pandemic Treaty (Accord) is highly problematic and deeply flawed and would allow the global superior powers of the World Health Organization (UN) to have authority over New Zealand’s domestic policies. One size does not fit ALL and there is no evidence of ‘trustworthiness’ as to why the people of New Zealand should support this WHO Treaty proposal.

(33)The ‘Public-Private’ partnership of the World Economic Forum with the UN is a huge conflict of interest as they are  the ‘whisperers in the ear’ of the UN, therefore also  rewarded global superiority political, economical control through the  WHO CA+ International Pandemic Treaty (Accord) agreeance.

Therefore, for all the above reasons , information provided I totally oppose the WHO CA+ International Pandemic Treaty (Accord). I find it to be highly dangerous to the health and wellbeing of ALL peoples of New Zealand. I have cc’d other groups, individuals, organizations, members of parliament the above information-communication t as outlined to the NZ House of Representatives as to opposition of the WHO CA+ International Pandemic Treaty.

I request a response at your earliest. Thank you.


Carol Sakey