Otago University Prof David Murdoch spoke about the concept of the One Health Approach, saying this is going to be sooner than you think, this One Health  Approach to Disease surveillance. Describing this as an integrated, unifying approach for Humans, Animals-Wild and Domestic, Plants, Oceans, Estuaries, Rivers, Soil, Air the whole Eco-system.

An ecosystem is a geographic area where plants, animals, and other organisms, as well as weather and landscape, work together to form a bubble of life. This is how the academics, government explain eco-systems to a child “An ecosystem is made up of the interaction of all living organisms (like animals, plants, and bugs) in an area with all of the non-living organisms (like water, dirt, rocks, and the sun).

Academics, Governments, NGO and corporate ventures etc., are using a ‘One Health Approach to ward of any future threats (ANY)

So, academics are saying ““Increased urbanization, overcrowded living conditions, increased global migration, and the increasing push of humans into animal habitat has created an environment that promotes the transmission of infections and made the COVID-19 pandemic possible.”. BUT  this is what they are promoting the future slums of called Smart Cities. C40 Cities with mass migration entrenched into urbanization. (Reference Mayor Migration Declarations- Mayors Migration Council- Mayors Mitigation with C40 Cities).  Auckland has won a C40 Award for their acceleration and promotion of the 100 city C40 City Network under Phil Goff which was resigned before the new mayor took over. (Wayne Brown).

C40 Cities network Dietary Plan-Plant Based Foods targeting farmers within highly populated areas. No Farmers No Food.. ah well eat tree’s and beetle bugs this is barking up the wrong tree so to speak.

Professor David Murdoch says “COVID-19 has thrust into focus the impact of humanity’s changing relationship with the environment”. In other words the ‘One Health Approach’

NO SURPRISES HERE:- Prof David Murdoch Otago University Flagship Research Council of New Zealand  funded by ..Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance- Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

The Lancet One Health Commission called for transdisciplinary collaboration promoting and generating solutions to complex health challenges. COVID19 Pandemic recognizes the fundamental connectedness of humans, animals and the whole eco system.   CRISIS  CRISIS   CRISIS   CONTROL EVERYTHING

Of course, if you do not oppose the concept of a One Health Approach this equates to ‘Silence is Consent’



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