I have personally interviewed vaccinators at three COVID19 Vaccination Centre’s. Each individual vaccinator was questioned “If I have a COVID19 jab will you promise I will not have a serious adverse event or die from receiving the COVID19 jab”? In total 10 vaccinators each informed me that the COVID19 Vaccine is extremely safe.

True informed consent is a process, and, as such, it requires that the health-care provider enter into a discussion that ultimately leads to the patient understanding of their options, and the risks and benefits of the alternative courses of action.

New Zealand Bill of Rights 1990 states the ‘Right to refuse to undergo medical treatment. Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment.
The New Zealand Bill of Rights 1990 is referred to in the COVID19 Public Health Response Act Section 11– The right to refuse to undergo medical treatment.
The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights – There is no particular age at which children or young people may give informed consent under the Code.

– Accessibility- non-discrimination, physical accessibility, economic accessibility (affordability), information accessibility.
– Acceptability: respectful of medical ethics and culturally appropriate, sensitive to age and gender
– Quality: scientifically and medically appropriate

All people have the Right to Self-Determination. The historical and current development of the right to self-determination on the basis of the Charter i of the \ United Nations and other instruments adopted by United Nations organs, with particular reference to the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The Charter of the United Nations expressly establishes the right to self-determination.
Guaranteeing informed consent is fundamental to achieving the enjoyment of the right to health through practices, policies and research that are respectful of autonomy, self-determination and human dignity. Safeguarding informed consent along the health-care continuum is an obligation placed on States and third parties

The concept of consent has evolved for centuries to arrive at its current meaning. In the aftermath of the Nuremberg Trials, increased international recognition of patients’ rights developed in the twentieth century, hence defining the responsibility of health-care providers and States responsibilities to the patient.

In 1947, the Nuremberg Code asserted that the voluntary consent of the human subject to medical research is necessary under all circumstances. The Declaration of Helsinki (1964) further developed the Code principles and tied them to the ethical duties of physicians, as outlined in the Declaration of Geneva (1948).
In 1994, the World Health Organization Amsterdam Declaration on Patients’ Rights required informed consent as a prerequisite for any medical intervention, guaranteeing also the right to refuse or halt medical interventions.

Informed consent is not mere acceptance of a medical intervention, but a voluntary and sufficiently informed decision, protecting the right of the patient to be involved in medical decision-making, and assigning associated duties and obligations to health-care providers. Its ethical and legal normative justifications stem from its promotion of patient autonomy, self-determination, bodily integrity and well-being.

I am extremely concerned that young people in New Zealand can legally consent to participating in Clinical Trials without prior parental or guardianship consent. That they can also book a COVID19 jab online, or just turn up at a COVID19 Vaccination Centre, and are not be required to provide identification of proof of age.

The randomised Pfizer Clinical Trial (Human Experiments) was of 2,260 12 – 15year olds from across America. 50% of them were jabbed with a placebo, only 1,130 actually received the COVID19 jab. This is a very tiny percentage of the population within this age group considering there are almost 17 million 12-15 year olds in America alone and only 1,130 participants were required for FDA to give consent.

COVID 19 so called vaccines are not vaccines, they are inoculations. They do not stop infection, they are an immune treatment.
I am extremely concerned for our young people who have the legal right to consent to be participants in these human trials, human experiments. (12-15yrs old).
DHB’s are trying to get schools on board for onsite vaccination clinics.

Chris Hipkins has reported that COVID19 Vaccinations for children from the age of 5years will be rolled out by the end of January 2022 as FDA have given Pfizer provisional consent for these inoculations, they are just awaiting MEDSAFE approval.

Globally populations are being controlled by a Communist Chinese type Social Credit System of Rewards and Punishments, compliant or non-compliant our freedoms, human ights, civil liberties have been severely violated, it now appears that all these Human Rights just simply, sadly disappeared. We really do not have any Human Rights.


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