MAY 9TH 2023 A NEW STUDY SUGGESTS THAT EXCESS CARBON DIOXIDE BREATHED UIN BY MASK WEARERS CAN HAVE A MAJOR HEALTH CONSEQUENCES. Evidence continues to supports that mandating face mask wearing was one of those worst mandatory health restrictions made in modern history worldwide. The Cochrane Report referring to “probably makes little to no difference in prevention of the spread of viruses”. The report quantifying the harms caused by mask wearing. A new study in Germany referring to ‘excess carbon dioxide breathed in by mask wearers can have substantial ill effects on health, also referencing  pregnant women and their unborn children

It is reported that mask wearers breathe in greater amounts of air, without a mask on this would have been expelled out through the body, that ‘fresh air has around 0.04% CO@ whilst chronic exposure of CO2 levels of 0.3 percent is toxic’. So how much CO2 levels do face mask wearers breathe in is the question? The authors of the report state that ‘“masks bear a possible chronic exposure to low level carbon dioxide of 1.41–3.2% CO2 of the inhaled air in reliable human experiments’

This relates to 8 times the normal level of the CO2 is toxic, the research suggests that mask wearers, specifically those that wear masks longer than 5 minutes at a time are breathing in 35 to 80 times normal levels. The German study aimed to investigate the toxicological effects of face masks in terms of CO2 rebreathing on developing life, specifically for pregnant women and unborn children, children and adolescents. Despite low levels of risks of severe COVID effects on children they have also been subject to mandates, and there is evidence that masks do not work.

The authors of the Cochrane Report writes that  “at levels between 0.05% and 0.5% CO2,” one might experience an “increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and overall increased circulation with the symptoms of headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, rhinitis, and dry cough.”

Rates above 0.5 percent can lead to “reduced cognitive performance, impaired decision-making and reduced speed of cognitive solutions.” Beyond 1 percent, “the harmful effects include respiratory acidosis, metabolic stress, increased blood flow and decreased exercise tolerance.” Again, mask-wearers are likely breathing in CO2 levels between 1.4 percent and 3.2 percent—well above any of these thresholds. What’s more, “Testes metabolism and cell respiration have been shown to be inhibited increasingly by rising levels of CO2.”

High blood pressure, reduced thinking ability, respiratory problems, and reproductive concerns are among the many possible results of effectively poisoning oneself by breathing in too much carbon dioxide. It is reported that “it is clear that carbon dioxide rebreathing, especially when using N95 masks, is above the 0.8% CO2 limit set by the US Navy to reduce the risk of stillbirths and birth defects on submarines with female personnel who may be pregnant.” In other words, mandates have forced pregnant women to wear masks resulting in levels of CO2 inhalation that would be prohibited if they were serving on a Navy submarine.

There exists “circumstantial evidence that popular mask use  may be related to the significant rise of 28% to 33% stillbirths worldwide. Also that of reduced verbal, motor, and overall cognitive performance of two full standard deviations in scores in children born during the pandemic.” Citing recent data from Australia which shows  that ‘lockdown restrictions and other measures (including masks that have been mandatory in Australia), in the absence of high rates of COVID-19 disease, were associated with a significant increase in stillborn births.” Meantime, “no increased risk of stillbirths was observed in Sweden,” which famously defied the public-health cabal and went its own way in setting Covid policies.

As for countries where mask-wearing has long been common, the authors write, “Even before the pandemic, in Asia the stillbirth rates have been significantly higher” than in Eurasia, Oceania, or North Africa. It has been also pointed out that this data has been known for 6o years. This is why the authors of this report write for the ‘Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)’, which is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has CO2 threshold limits of 3 percent for 15 minutes and 0.5 percent for eight hours in workplace ambient air. Yet the CDC has been perhaps the primary pusher of masks in the United States.

The study focused only on CO2, but the authors note that “other noxious agents in the masks contribute to toxicological long-term effects like the inhalation of synthetic microfibers, carcinogenic compounds and volatile organic compounds.” They add that “the increased carbon dioxide content of the breathing air behind the mask may also lead to a displacement of oxygen.” Masks are also uncomfortable and unhygienic, and they profoundly compromise human social interaction.

Lets not forget how people catch viruses though their eyes and that’s a fact.

In light of all this, it seems indefensible to mandate—or even to advise—the wearing of masks, especially among the young. The authors write, “Keeping in mind the weak antiviral mask efficacy, the general trend of forcing mask mandates even for the vulnerable subgroups is not based on sound scientific evidence and not in line with the obligation in particular to protect born or unborn children from potential harmful influences.”

Public-health officials—and the executive-branch leaders who credulously listened to them—ignored centuries of Western norms, the best medical evidence, and common sense, deciding that their own novel and evidence-free course was the one that all of society should be forced to follow. We should never again indulge such an obvious and destructive misstep.

This Report was published by Jeffrey H. Anderson is president of the American Main Street Initiative, a think tank for everyday Americans. He served as director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics at the U.S. Department of Justice from 2017 to 2021.


Researched By Carol Sakey



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