Its Up To Us, we are the ones…It’s all about the people for the People. God Save New Zealand.

Omicron, is also known as  B.1.1.529 strain,  first identified in mid-November 2021. The World Health Org., (UN) rapidly classified Omicron as a variant of concern. Evidence shows it is mild and more transmissible. But the WHO do not understand this variant or even COVID19 itself.  WHO(UN) state they need more data to understand Omicron.

NZ Government, MOH are doing an almighty push for the population. The rapid emergence of Omicron only  approx. 10 weeks ago states requires changes in the way NZ manages COVID19

Police at your door with warning letters for law abiding citizens. The Political Thought Police. New Police are to undergo ‘Military Training’

Doctors are silenced in New Zealand bought before the Medical Council to be investigated – what are their crimes related to “For passionately caring about their patients health. The health of New Zealanders”

These Doctors character assassinated, risking losing their professional status and risk being condemned judicially for telling the truth.

Pharmaceutical patents  remain confidential. The Government, health authorities, the people do not know the full ingredients in those COVID19 Jabs. Kiwi  Human Guineapigs, worldwide populations of Human guineapigs.

Big Pharm collaborating with Big Tech. Saving Big Pharma heaps of dollars through cutting short long extensive studies, clinical trials, that would normally take many years to conclude.  Human Capital are the Human Guinea Pigs.

A RAT or PCR test concludes an individual is COVIS19 positive. Told you must go into home detention. And the authorities will make sure you stay there, checking, checking. Tests that have flaws, inaccuracies.

Home detention for being a law abiding citizen, treated like a crim in home detention.

The global playbook that has been well preplanned.                                                  Social Engineering, behavior engineering. Work from home. Next will b e the 4 day working week. The intentional deliberate hastening of the technocratic elitism that will destroy lives.

Millions more dependent on the Welfare state, less employment, significantly increased surveillance.  The deliberate, intentional plandemic that is intended to break civilizations back. To kill the human spirit.

The destruction of the global economy, the replacing it with elitist, leftist socialist multistakeholder capitalist corporations, Big Tech, Big Pharma -Monsanto-Bayers etc.,

The World Economic Forum, Agencies, allies, NGO’s of the UN agencies. Government leaders like Ardern and her political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington. All key players in this Global Dramatic Nightmare Playbook.

The world is a global stage, there are actors and players, there are puppets and puppeteers…take your pick, which side of history do you want to be on.

Tedros Leader of the UN publicly reported to the whole world “We must never go back to the old normal”. This is demanded of us, that we never return to the way we lived our lives prior to the introduction of COVID19.

We now have the hasty insensitive deliberate evil psycho babble mind fecking populations through the Global/Domestic Propaganda Machine.

The domestic, global political economical social narrative, bludgeoning peoples minds to death with the mass weapons of fear. The continuous psycho babble, fear tactics, techniques that are documented, a one script for all..

The major influencer the global propaganda machine. The WHO COVID19 Surveillance Manual states Governments, Health Authorities must have an excellent ongoing relationship with the Global/ Domestic Media.

The World Health Organization producers reports as to tactics to target those who have decided not to partake in the COVID19 jabs. Stating use well known personalities, people in high places, church leaders, comedians to get the message across.

Reward Sports clubs for every member that has club members jabbed.  Government, Health Authority officials remain in a constant good relationship with the propaganda machine.

Mallard demands the media (Propaganda machine not to interview those protestors on the parliamentary grounds. Well the prop machine, the influencers of peoples minds are being paid well to be a political, govt obedience machine. They are paid to do as they are told. Truth or not.

Bloomberg Press-News .. Vaccinated people appear to be getting the coronavirus at a surprisingly high rate. There is serious concern that vaccinated people may be more vulnerable to serious illness than previously thought

This is pitting personal conscience against a Paycheck. No jab-No Job,  This is shallow, evil and disgusting. Its not ok for masses of businesses to be destroyed because people wont take these jabs that are continuous human experiment.

I say its better  a person walks in their own truth and integrity than a government that walks in its tyrannous crooked corruptness. Together, united in truth in our individual uniqueness we stand united, we can do this. This is about People for the People’ There is no geographical cure. We are it. In Gods name, God defend New Zealand.




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The World Business Council for Sustainable Development is funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Rockefeller  Foundation (Corporate Philanthropists)  This is a ‘CEO-led’ business coalition of over 200 businesses and partners. Managed by Corporations and the Elite.

In 1995 it became known for promoting the narrative of corporate social and economic sustainable business, pushing the concepts of the UN and the World Economic Forum of Multistakeholder Capitalist Corporations.

WBCSD’s 200 member companies include 13% chemicals, 9% automobile and parts, 6% construction, 5% oil and gas, 5% electricity, 5% forestry and paper and 3% pharmaceuticals and biotechnology with 46% of these businesses in Europe, 23% in North America, 14% Asia, 10% Japan and 3% or less in other parts of the world.

WBCSD membership include agrochemical giants BASF,Bayer,Corteva, Syngenta, Sumitomo Chemicalm Dupont, Dow, BP, Cargill, Chevron, Danone, Google, Kellogs, McKinsey & Co., Nestle, Nutrien, Pepsico, P & G, Ptt Global Chemical, Shell, Rabobank, Santander, Unilever, Walmart and Viterra.

Pfizer established in 1849 by Charles Pfizer and his cousin Charles Erhart is one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies. In 2003 Pfizer was included as a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) that provides resources to the worlds leading corporations, (Multistakeholder Capitalist Corporations) to promotion multistakeholder corporations worldwide.

Pfizer won the Crystal Faraday Award for its contribution towards the minimization of its environmental footprint. Pfizer has been recognized by UN/WEF – The World Business Council for Sustainable Development for promoting UN Agenda 2030 and its Global Development Goals.  14 of the 17 Global Development Goals (SDGs) include the UN Global Strategy of Vaccines introduced prior to the pandemic in 2019. As documented on the UN website ‘The Decade of Vaccines 2020-2030, Leave No-one Behind, everyone, everywhere at every age.

In  a Stuff News article referencing Helen Clark awarding India’s largest tobacco company the highest award given by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, for protecting the environment, this was definitely not a glowing report.

The is all about the bigger picture of ‘Build Back Better’. The strategy of global collective action to redesign society, economy for 0.01% of the worlds population. Multistakeholder Capitalist Corporations, Big Tech, Big Pharma etc.,

To Reset the economy, the New Zealand Sustainable Business Council is representative on the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. They document calling the global COVID19 Crisis ‘A Brief Window of Opportunity’.

Prior to the plandemic in 2019, the UN held several high powered meetings in New York the focus was on the failing UN Agenda 2030 Global Development Goals, the words used were “We must take this narrow window of opportunity, we must act now”

The Sustainable Business Council Report 2020 documents “We should not go back to the old normal, but shape a new normal’  Leader of the WHO also publicly announced “we must never go back to the old normal”

Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset. 13th June 2019 the WEF and UN agreed to an official partnership to accelerate a one script for all, UN Agenda 2030-Leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age. 2020-2030 The Decade of Action.  Key Players UN Agencies and UN Nations country leaders collaborating with Multistakeholder Corporations, Big Pharma, Big Tech (NZ Business Sustainable Council – World Business Sustainable Council – UNFSS funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation)

Yes, those that pollute the waterways, spread the chemicals are included as members of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.


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The Imperial Global Public-Private Corporate Governance of the Planet namely Earth. The Eco-Political Global Elite (The Green Leftist-Socialist-Communist Global Powerhouse)

The Corporate capture of global governance : The World Economic Forum – UN partnership agreement is a dangerous threat to all living beings on the earth. Digital Globalization, digital Data, digital control of global populations. A Multistakeholder business governance, nationally-globally is being played out, has been planned for years, the end is in sight. The emerging powers in this Global imperialist global governance.

A group of rising powers from the global South is effectively challenging western predominance, the hallmark of the global order over the last two centuries. CIGI’s research is built on long term transnational networking that brings together high-ranking scholars from the industrialized and the developing worlds. The redistribution of wealthy and the end of private property rights.

Where have all the farmers gone..long time passing.
Where have all the tradies gone…long time passing…
Where have all the small businesses gone…long time passing
Where have all our freedoms gone….long time passing.




The pre-planned blueprint of the 21st Century was introduced by the Club of Rome in 1991. Just before the UN introduced UN Agenda 21 with its millennium goals, a global strategy of transformation that included people, planet and profit for the wealthy few.

Agenda 21 ended in 2015 when UN Agenda 2030 replaced it, this included 17 Global Development Goals. 17 out of 17 of these global development goals included climate alarmism (using weapons of fear to bludgeon minds worldwide, including our children’s minds.

14 of those 17 global development goals include vaccines. To leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age from the cradle to the grave. For 95% of the population in developed countries to participate in new vaccination, human experiments.. now and in the future. 2020- 2030 the Global Strategy of Vaccines.. Leave No-one behind. The Decade of Vaccines.

Target vaccine hesitancy, fill the population gaps, target hesitancy to vaccines..demand vaccines (World Health Org., UN). A global transformation of people and planet.

The Club of Rome has other related clubs, the Club of Vienna and the Club of Madrid. Helen Clark is a member of the Club of Madrid. Clarke received an email that was also cc’d to James Shaw in 2019 from the Club of Rome…

Dear Helen Clark, as a member of the Club Of Rome (Madrid), I omitted to include in a hyerlinked email to the main Club of Rome members on the 27/05/2019 the following. As our former PM we believe this is important for you to know, that the Club Of Rome’s Emergency Plan is based on theory-refuting high forecast inaccuracy (84%-97%). The IPCC’s dismissal/omission of natural climate change risks relevant to the 21st century that the UN IPCC contrived in (Art 2) that dictated key-risk assessment, its unsafe alteration to ice age boundaries which dis-orients governments to the significance of today’s climate change.
Please note that this email was also cc’d to 60 government ministers (MPs) including those politicians of the opposition.. The Maori Party, Greens, Act and National. Yes they are all in this together.

The elephants have never left the room as John Key, Winston Peters and Helen Clark are also key manipulators, influencers in this evil transformation of human lives through a Global Strategy namely UN Agenda 2030.

Under the veil of COVID19 massive weapons of fear are intruding into personal lives, destroying family relationships, friendships as Ardern’s government, all those political cronies in the cesspit of Wellington are playing their parts, to control New Zealanders lives in every aspect possible.

The Club of Rome, the Malthusian Agenda of Population Control, the 1991 blueprint for a global revolution in the 21st century, transformation of people, planet to reward the wealthy few. A Private-Public Global Corporate Governance. The World Economic Forum that represents the Multistakeholder Capitalist Corporations to replace small businesses and the farming communities worldwide. Introducing fake meat grown in labs, chemicals, crops of Monsanto-Bayer. They call this healthier for the population as they promote Coca-cola and fast food companies. Lesson human contact, work from home. Human contact is necessary is part of human nature. The desensitizing of human life itself by ungodly, immoral global forces.

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The UN Secretary General and the World Economic Forum signed on June 13 a Strategic Partnership Agreement for the implementation of the 2030 agenda (SDG). Accelerated actions to UN Agenda 2030 17 lobal Development goals

17 out od 17 global goals relate to Climate Alarmism. 14 out of 17 relate to UN lobal Strategy of Vaccine 2011- 2020, and the decade of vaccine.. leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age.

Jacinda Ardern boasts se as included the accelerated actions to UN Agenda 2030 into New Zealand’s domestic policy, she intends to lead other UN Nations worldwide. New Zealander’s are sitting on the edge of a very dangerous precipice

The provisions of the strategic partnership effectively provide that corporate leaders will become ‘whisper advisors’ to the heads of UN system departments, using their private access to advocate market-based profit-making ‘solutions’ to global problems while undermining real solutions

The WEF agreement with the UN, and all other forms of corporate capture, seriously undermines and erodes democratic processes worldwide.
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