The World Health Organization (UN) have been advancing the worlds ability to decrease what they call mis-information and to increase vaccine uptake, their goal is that country’s like New Zealand have 95% vaccination rate per population. As they decrease the truth from reaching the wider public they increase the demands for a high rate of vaccines. The 95% vaccine rate refers to new vaccines eg: COVID19 Pfizer

Vaccine hesitancy was declared a Top Ten threat to global health by the World Health Organization in 2019. Consequently they launched the ‘Vaccination Demand Observatory’ in 2020 to provide equitable, action-oriented, and customized guidance to social-listening informed vaccine communications.

UNICEF (UN) spearheaded this massive project to build a sustainable network of country ‘infodemic managers’ supporting national immunization programs and their networks of community-based organizations. They integrated into a global dashboard media campaign to advance the world’s ability to decrease the impact of what they determine as misinformation in their effort to increase vaccine demand.

The Observatory provides three key functions that work together in concert: Identifying Misinformation & Information Gaps; the Field Infodemiologist Training Program (FITP); Vaccine Acceptance Interventions Lab (VAIL).

Identifying Misinformation & Information Gaps
UNICEF country offices have existing community reporting tools. Surveys, field reports, and local media sources such as newspapers and radio are highly valuable sources to alert to misinformation

Dashboards have been created, that centralize global-level insights, misinformation alerts, fact checks, and the latest resources published by The Observatory. It is busy tailoring this to fit all UN Nation countries worldwide.

UNICEF are adapting, implementing Field Infodemiologist Training Program (FITP)within individual countries.
In 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) created a new public health specialization, infodemiology, defined as the science of managing infodemics.
Since 1980, CDC has helped train more than 18,000 disease detectives in over 80 countries through its flagship global Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP).

The FETP program is a model for a sustainable program to build public health capacity. FETP provides fellowships to a select number of public health practitioners, in their home countries, to focus on learning by doing. Graduates receive a certificate and evaluations of the program show many remain in their home countries and serve as national leaders. Yes this has been going on for a very long time.
The Field Infodemiologist Training Program (FITP) provides a competency-based, mentored workforce development training program to highly skilled individuals to become infodemiologists in their home country. These professionals will either be based in their home organization or UNICEF country offices, and will work closely with UNICEF country teams, government offices, other multilateral partners, and UNICEF’s existing networks of community based organizations as an infodemic manager.

Helen Clark is a key player in a Global Alliance to target hesitancy to vaccines to demand them, she took part in two high powered virtual meetings that focuses on Vaccine Hesitancy in October 2021.

The massive protests worldwide as to the loss of freedoms through the rollout of these human experiments has threatened Multilateralism (The UN Public Private partnership of the WEF / UN Global Governance).

The UN are reporting that Nationalism is now a threat to Multilateralism. (Nationalism equates to being loyal to your own country, putting your own countries interests first), this is a consequence of millions of people worldwide demanding their freedoms that have been deliberately eroded by their governments. Hence there is this massive push by the UN and UN Member country governments to target vaccines hesitancy as it is rocking the boat of globalism (The UN/WEF Global Governance)

Please go to the link (arrow) within the image above which will take you to my Rumble video that includes much more information on hesitancy, demands for vaccines globally, the 95% vaccine rate per population.

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