It is a matter of controversy as to whether COVID19 can live on surfaces.

Stuff News reported on 18th August 2020 that University of Auckland Associate Professor Siouxsie Wiles said “ touching your face then touching other surfaces could spread the virus”, she then added that “people should not shake dirty laundry, should clean and disinfect clothes hampers”.

According to the World Health Organization (UN), studies have found that the virus can survive up to 72 hours on plastic and  stainless steel and four hours on copper, 24 hours on cardboard.

You really have to wonder whether some of these University Researchers, Scientists just make it up to go along, a fit for purpose analysist to reward Jacinda Ardern’s Socialist, Marxist  Communist ability to control the citizens of New Zealand.

Global masses are being sucked in and blown out in bubbles.

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