The World Health Organization has produced a ‘Safety Surveillance Manual’, a COVID-19Vaccine Safety Communication guide.

Anti-vaxxers are targeted publicly and on social networks. Fact-Checkers calling their information as False. This is a global strategy to stop anyone from opposing the COVID-19 vaccines, to shut them down.

Using the power of digitalized weaponry this is called evidence based and transparent, trustworthy. The transparency only exists to professors in universities who are tie into Academia, Government and Commercialization Contracts.  Those that use Governments are data modelling to appease those that they contract to.

Governments are encouraging promoting a bias reporting through the propaganda machine, on social media through public and private organizations, groups and individuals who fully support Socialism, Marxism in New Zealand.

The WHO ‘Safety Surveillance Manual’ covers a spectrum of Intentions related to COVID-19 Vaccines (Injections), that cover Activists, Rejection, Hesitancy, Acceptance, Demanding and Advocating.

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