Predictions, biases authored and co-authoered information are all included in the so called evidence based information that supports the governments COVID-19 restrictions.

One must wonder how so many people believe Jacinda Arderns daily speeches as she announces the so called evidence based data.  Most New Zealanders would not even understand how that data came to the conclusion that Jacinda Ardern voices to her audience of five million people.  Maybe they believe her as they see Jacinda Ardern as a team leader afterall she publically stated “We are a team of five million”   The subtle cohersions are plentiful.  The psychological techniques taught in the global guidelines produced by the World Health Organizaation for all UN Member Nations Health Authories to use,   Promote the vaccines avoid any talk of adverse reactions. Target the vaccine deniers, anyone who oppose the COVID-19 Vaccines.

Shaun Hendy, Michael Baker and Sioxie Wiles all university professors are those that play to the propaganda machine.  They provide the so called evidence as to COVID-19 restrictions in New Zealand.  Do you really trust the data modelling techniques they use, and what do you really know about people like Shaun Hendy, what is his background. He  plenty of media certainly does seek increased media attention.

Jacinda Arderns takes Shaun Hendy’s data modelling information, this is where her so called evidence comes from that gives her the permission to lock New Zealand citizens down. However do you trust the data modellers such as Shaun Hendy?

Lets look deeper into Shaun Hendy’s past.

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