We talk of death, the dying with Human Dignity. Today we are living in what I call a death cult.

Extreme Abortion and assisted suicide Acts have been introduced as the bludgeoning of fear of deaf and harm from what is a human experiment lies like a dark cloud over everyone’s head.

Never before has the Human Race been mandated to be participants of Human Experiments.   Human Dignity has a death sentence. The  fundamental Core to all human rights laws includes Human Dignity

You lose your freedom to think for yourself, have your own opinion, to able to express your own opinion, Take this away and your destroy ones unique identity as a human being. Your destroy their human dignity.

There is no human dignity where an elderly person who is failing in health is neglected by family members and they just want to get out of here. Acts new law will have these serious risks.

All about benefits and risks, the evidence base is Data in and data out.    Data in and Data to control your life from the cradle to the grave.

There is no Human Dignity where a failed aborted baby can be born alive, left to die with no medical attention on the hospital table. Desensitizing and dehumanizing human life itself.

Think Socialism, Marxism, Communism think destruction. Destruction of Human Rights, values and the introduction of warped morals.

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