Ardern describes level 3 as a ‘waiting room’, as she and her political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington retain their exceptional powers to control our lives.

The right to justice is the oldest of all, dating back to the Magna Carta in 1215, which ensures that no citizen shall be denied, or delayed, justice.

Our Human Rights, Civil Liberties are being severely violated. It has been reported that even prisoners have been kept locked up beyond the date of their release because of these so called emergency measures.

Mandatory medical testing and COVID-19 Vaccinations have been deployed.  Ardern and her political cronies are obsessed with silencing their political critics.

The difference in policy is that the government moves from strong and escalating recommendations for many people to mandatory prohibitions and controls for all people. Political policing surveillance levels have significantly increased.

In midst of the fear mongering by the propaganda machine there is this massive obsession for COVID-19 Vaccines.

Pfizer always in the headlines. Pfizer day and Pfizer night.  Any communication about serious concerns about  Pfizer vaccines are quickly shut down.

They deliberately neglect to share with the general public how many lawsuits Pfizer has had against them over decades. There are thousands.

What about the adverse events, the mortalities

There is much to tell about Pfizer, they did not just magically appear from nowhere.

The World Health Org., (UN) guidelines favour UN Member Nation’s Governments rather than humankind.

FDA Code of Ethics equate to loyalty to the Government as opposed to the health of the American people

There is much to tell about Pfizer, they did not just magically appear from nowhere.

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