Nicola Willis was asked for a response to Barry Youngs Court Case and she responses ” she would not comment on a case before the court”. . But she said that, in general, the unauthorized access, use or leaking of government information was disappointing. She said “such actions had the potential to damage public trust and confidence in the neutrality of the public service “Well Nicola Willis how about the already thousands of data files leaked from govt agencies.. Health records, Bereavement records, Clinical Records, Post Mortem records, Cancer Patient Records. Inadequate Govt agencies data system security putting all NZrs at risk of having their private information put in the hands of criminals, during the COVID Pandemic and before. This is evidential through public information via Minister Of Health, DHB reports and Beehive Speeches. Data Systems inadequate, outdated posing serious cyber attacks. Thousands upon thousands of files. All exposed to criminals, the dark web. The evidence is truly evidential. The Government Agencies especially Ministry Of Justice, Ministry Of Health- Te Whatu Ora- Health NZ. Brooke Van Velden gave a very interesting speech in Parliament about Cancer patients having to travel outside their areas to be able to access radiation, cancer treatment because of cyber attacks. Doctors had to revert to writing on white boards.The government knew there was a problem. The Privacy Commission reported :-THE PRIVACY COMMISSION ANNOUNCED “ Organizations, Government Agencies “Personal data pertaining to New Zealanders, those agencies, orgs, are responsible in protecting information, keep it safe from cyber attacks, cyber threats under the Privacy Act. A failure to do so is a breach of the Privacy Act. They must put things right to protect New Zealanders personal information, keep it safe from cyber attacks. There is no room for any organizations, govt agencies to be complacent in protecting New Zealand private information held in their data systems.

TRUST IS HARD WON… EASILY LOST’….Many New Zealanders have lost all trust with the government. I do not see Apa of Te Whatu Ora admitting the 1,000’s of Health Files etc., that have already been leaked by way of Mercury IT. That was not something she chose not to speak about, its damming evidence on Government Agencies part. Ministers, including Andrew Little admitted to all olf this. Mercury IT admitted to this cyber attacking .I understand you cannot be involved in an ongoing court case, and that the government is currently seeking expert advice to put this serious Cyber Security risks of New Zealander to right, however admittance of the governments own guilt should be publicly exposed as it is Barry Young being criminalized and it appears the government is beyond being criminalized or held accountable to the Privacy Commission. Parliamentary Immunity is unjustifiable and is criminal in itself putting so many NZrs lives at risk by not updating cyber security systems. In my Research I have been following speeches within the Beehive for years, therefore I am well aware of these Cyber attacks and the inadequate cyber security system that exists and the concerns as to updating that system, the failing of the follow-up to this by ministers.

My past working history is several decades working in paid employment in Crisis Intervention. Restorative Justice, Have written papers for Judge Brown. Have been a member of the NZ Youth Court Committee. A Family Therapist. Studied Social Policy. Played a key part in setting up a first ever pilot in NZ as to supporting victims of Youth Crime. Undertook some training at the Police College as to Victims affected by Homicides and Suicides. Working on call to Police 24 x 7. Having access to incident files. Attending many workshops, voluntary End of Story time writing assisting those in Hospice write their end of life story’s for their loved ones. Worked voluntarily for Age Care. I have attended 6 Treaty workshops.

Personally, I am a mother of four, grandmother of 25, great grandmother of 7, they are a mixture of cultures, ethnic groups and love them all.

Honesty is my Policy. I would appreciate your honesty in anticipation of a response to my email that holds great concern that New Zealanders are highly at risk of cyber attacks and Barry Young is being unjustly, unfairly targeted. The government (Te Whatu Ora-Health NZ) needs to take a look at itself in the mirror before pointing the finger at an innocent man.


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