DESCRIPTION OF ALGORITHM BIAS. Data in Data out, Rubbish In and Rubbish out, Corruption in and Corruption Out . And NZ willingly commits climate fraud.

Algorithm Bias is described as systematic and repeatable errors in a computer system that creates unfair outcomes, eg privileging one category over another. Algorithms can be simplistic or complex. They are tiny pieces of invisible code that perform calculations that power machine learning. There are many types of bias for example  sample bias, prejudice bias, measurement bias and exclusion bias.  Algorithm bias are caused by the people that create them, that write algorithms those that choose the data used for the algorithms, they choose how to apply them as to the results required of the algorithms. Its easy for people to determine conscious biases which automatically perpetrate the end result required, for whatever purpose needed. For example- information bias, selective bias which equate to the distortion of research. Biases affect decision making, policy making may be – survivorship bias, confirmation bias, framing bias, group think bias.

There are of course other biases such as – Invisibility, stereotyping, imbalance, selectivity, non-reality, fragmentation, isolation, linguistic, cosmetic all are namely biases. A Linear Algorithm has the highest bias. Linear Regression an to error that is introduced by approximity of a real live problem which maybe complicated. Linear models can introduce bias, make output easier to understand.

What about Climate Model Bias:- Errors in climate modelling is caused by a range of factors for example- spatial resolution (large grid sizes), simplified thermodynamic processes and physics or incomplete understanding of the global universal system. Limitations of climate models as predictions of climate is incomplete, the climate systems imperfect ability to transform knowledge into accurate mathematical equation. Climate models inability to reproduce important atmospheric phenomenon. That natural variability is still the dominant uncertainty in predictions. Uncertainty in Climate projections, predictions ,

Are they taking into account volcanoes, even dormant ones gives off gasses, what about El Nino and the North Atlantic Oscillation? Climate models are imperfect tools, control mechanisms, used for the purpose of social & behavioral re-engineering. To replace the global economy, to de-growth to promote tribal feudalism. To take us back to the dark ages.  Climate simulations differ from reality. Simulated clouds, surface atmosphere and representations of soil & vegetation in climate simulations models are to small. Climate models predicting our future,  determining our lives for us. Plundering New Zealand, plundering, destroying the livelihoods of farmers worldwide.

The complex nature of the climate system is too difficult to determine the exact impacts that change will be at different locations at different times.  Uncertainty increases the level of fear- climate doom and gloom. Rising seas, the scorches earth.  Equates to uncertainty, biased algorithms consequently data in-data out and rubbish and rubbish out. .No-one can be certain of the natural climate ability but the climate scientists know for certain what algorithm biases they are using. Question- who is creating the invisible tiny codes that make up for Algorithms and for what purpose will they use the end result for-..who benefits. Who are the winners and the losers.

Its not possible to determine the future by emission. Carbon offsets are a scammers dream and is largely a sham, a massive fraud.  On the 23rd March 2022,The Guardian on Australia’s carbon credit scheme reported is largely a scam  says whistleblower. Professor Andrew McIntosh said the system gives credits for projects such as regrowing native forests after clearing, is a fraud on the environment, taxpayers and consumers. Prof Andrew McIntosh is an Environmental Law and Policy expert a former head of the Governments Emission Reduction Assurance Committee. He launched an extraordinary attack on the scheme, saying the govt had wasted $1 billion in tax payer funding.

3/5/2016 Multi-billion Euro Carbon Trading Fraud Trial Opens in Paris , this was called the heist of the century.

The SpinOff News ‘Dodgy deals with Climate Fraudster-NZ’s role in the junk carbon scam. Alongside Russia and Ukraine, NZ is complicit in a carbon swindle, and NZ’s reputation is at risk, write Geoff Simmons. 18th April 2016. NZ was willing and able to participate in a wholesale climate fraud. The short story is that Ukraine and Russia found loopholes in the International rules for carbon trading. The loopholes allowed them to create millions of carbon credits that had no environmental benefit whatsoever- they were simply fraudulent. Other countries cottoned on, stopped dealing with Russia and Ukraine Incredibly New Zealand ended up being the largest customer of these climate criminals because our government was the only one that accepted their dodgy wares. The scam used was claiming for carbon credits for projects that had already happened.

Examples -after the Soviet Union downfall Ukraine was left with large rock piles that still contained coal. Occasionally these piles caught fire, releasing carbon emissions. In 2012 the Ukraine started claiming carbon credits on the basis that they would remove the coal from the piles and put out fires. Trouble was they already removed the coal four years earlier, they even lied about how much coal was involved. In 2012 Europe and NZ got increasingly suspicious of what the Ukraine & Russia were up to. NZ made noises about banning these dodgy credits in April 2012, the minister then was Tim Grosser, he claimed “there is serious danger of NZ essentially exporting capital for no good reason”

Backroom negotiations took place with their coalition partner ACT CHANGED THEIR MIND. July 2012 they left our Emissions Trading Scheme open to dodgy credits, claiming that our scheme should reflect the ‘international price”. By the beginning 0f 2013 Europe had banned the trade in these dodgy credits, leaving New Zealand as the only willing buyer. One must question “How was it as NZ Govt stated “the international price”?

The International Price of fraudulent and environmentally worthless carbon credits. At one point falling as low as 15 cents per tonne. The price of carbon credits in 2011 was around $20 per tonne. That price was a sufficient  incentive to plant trees so back in 2011 NZ had no need to purchase International units to cover our emissions. When the price of carbon crashed, nobody bothered to plant tree’s, everyone bought the dodgy carbon credits instead. NZs emissions soared. Meanwhile polluters profited and ordinary Kiwi’s got ripped off. The details are in the report.

NZ rapidly became the largest consumer of these fraudulent foreign credits. Over a quarter of all  NZ emissions between 2008-2002 ended up being covered by dodgy carbon credits. 99% of NZ emission reduction units came from Russia and the Ukraine.  In  2015 a review by the Stockholm Environmental Institute found that 89% of Ukrainian projects were of questionable or low environmental integrity, as dodgy as hell. NZ tax payers ended up with the govt sending around $200million of their good money to these crims. The opinion in many circles that NZ Govt was knowingly an accomplice in this climate crime.  Stuff NZ reported August 16th 2016 ‘Companies revealed over dodgy carbon credits’. Some of NZ’s biggest businesses including BP, Z Energy, NZ Steel and Fonterra were named by the Morgan Foundation as buying dodgy carbon credits.  

A number of forestry companies were also identified as having purchased fraudulent carbon credits from Ukraine and Russia these include NZ Forest Leasing, Matariki Forests, Ngai Tahu Forest Estates and China Forestry Group.

James Shaw Greens co leaders said the govt should trade good carbon credits for bad ones to ensure the integrity of NZ’s global commitment to cut climate pollution.  The Morgan Foundation said the govt had stockpiled about 85-90 million units which would see the country through to 2020, but many of the units were fraudulent. Associate professor Euan Mason of the school of forestry University of Canterbury said “Our govt knew the imported credits were fraudulent. They knew that their policies allowed companies to act immorally, that many companies did act immorally.

NZ Herald also reported on 17th April 2016 that NZ’s Carbon Credits Scheme A Farce’. NZ accused of cheating to fulfil its International Climate Change obligations. The Emissions Trading Scheme allows polluters to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions by buying carbon credits from companies such as the forestry industry. Polluters were able to buy carbon credits from other countries which had signed up to the Kyoto Agreement,. NZ was far the largest purchaser of Russian and Ukrainian carbon credits through NZ Emission Trading Scheme. This was a National led govt at the time

NBR Report Paul Bennet dismissed the Morgan Foundations recently released ‘Climate Cheats’ reports which highlighted the NZ companies that had bought carbon credits from Russia and Ukraine. The minister said the Morgan Foundation “Offered nothing new” It was accepted that the Stockholm Report had pulled the plug. All political parties behind the closed doors of Wellington knew the fraudulent carbon credit scam was happening.

NZ Geographic reported “Credit where none is due’ 12 companies profited from pollution using fake carbon credits from Russia. A Reports that back in the 1990’s NZ government assured that the country would trade (and plant) our way out of climate change. In 2002 Labor Govt announced the Emission Trading Scheme. The carrot being that businesses that reduce their emissions could sell their unused units. Those that had exceeded their allocated carbon credit would have to buy more.  Thanks to hot air the Emission Trading Scheme has removed NOT ONE GRAM of  greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.

The Government highly aware that hot air was killing its own ETS, however  the govt continued to flood the market, giving its own units to businesses for free. Fraudulent Carbon credits. In 2016 140 million emission units- 5years worth of activity remained still out there in 2020, doing absolutely nothing to avert climate change.

Where are they now? Its was said back them “when the price is right, they’ll  cash up their free credits whilst paying for their pollution. “Profiting from pollution”. As always the taxpayer picks up the climate doom and gloom tab. Come on people do you really believe in this climate doom and gloom bullcrap.  And here the govt is carbon tax on commercial and domestic rates, energy etc., And throwing the farmers under their own tractors, using them as the govts whipping boy.

Climate Change Bias’s are many. Data in and Data out. Rubbish in and Rubbish Out. Corruption in and Corruption Out. Tax payer money in and tax payer money out. We have become a disposable society. The NZ Govt plundering NZ.


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