MASKING ALL (Part 3 of 3 Video’s)

Human history is rife with the stories of slavery and freedom.
The claiming of ownership over each other through ideological sanctions or sheer brute force.
A 21st-century scholar of history studying invasions, genocides, ethnic cleansing, slavery, and bonded labour may falsely conclude that the civilized world has moved past these social evils by entering the era of peace treaties, diplomatic ties, and economic warfare. Obviously not so as populations globally are being mandated to wearing masks.

Individual liberty and freedoms are being seriously destroyed as millions of people worldwide march, protest for their freedoms and civil liberties, for autonomous human rights to be returned
Those soldiers, the war dead who fought for our freedoms, sacrificed their lives for us to retain our freedoms. Now we must now demand that these freedoms will not be sacrificed.

The Nuremberg Trials, the Nuremberg Code “Never, never again” Human Dignity will never be destroyed again neither will our unique individual freedoms. The largest criminal court in the world at the Hague turned its back on those millions of people in China that are imprisoned, tortured, forced sterilizations, forced abortions, rapes. The Judicial of The Haque concluded we have no jurisdiction over the evil Communist Chinese Regime
The evil Chinese Communist Regime the best buddy of the leader of the World Health Org.,

The WHO (UN) the dictator of how populations must be treated during epidemics, pandemics and determine what ingredients go into your annual flu shot.

The world has become a dangerous place, not because of the pandemic but because of those that control lobal populations lives, and by those UN Member Governments that praise them and welcome these totalitarian rules into countries such as New Zealand.
The propaganda machine will not report all the law suits against Pfizer. Will not reports the decades some law suits have taken. Ministry Of Health, Jacinda Ardern will not publically talk about Adverse Reactions to COVID-19 Injections, nor about the hazardous dangerous toxins, chemicals in facemasks.

That 85% of facemasks worldwide are manufactured in China and that 70,000 new face mask manufacturing companies have been set up in China, wit no regulations around safety

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