NZ Citizens Initiated Referenda Act 1993 allows for citizens of NZ to propose a referendum, where they have an issue in which a petition has been submitted to Parliament, this must be signed by 10% of all those registered on the electoral register within 12 months.

Parliamentary website states that referendums are an important part of NZ Democracy, thus allowing NZ Citizens a voice, have their say, referendums that require a Yes or No answer. Or can have more than two possible answers. Referendums can be held within a time of a general election, in a stand alone poll by a postal poll. There are two types of referendums in NZ namely a govt initiated to referendum and a citizens initiated referendum. A Govt initiated referendum is promoted, initiated by the Govt and the Citizens initiated referendum initiated by the citizens of NZ Government initiated referendum can be binding or non-binding, their choice, not yours.

Citizens initiated referendums are non-binding, the govts choice not yours. Govt have the end decision making right. The people do not. Any New Zealand citizen can petition for an initiated referendum. 10% of eligible voters must sign the petition supporting the proposed referendum. (3.5 million people were enrolled to vote at the 2020 election). Again I point out that a Citizens Initiated Referendum is non binding, the government can choose whether to act on the results or not. This disempowers the citizens of NZ to make decisions on legislations that impact on their lives in a negative way.

With a Citizens Initiated Referendum a person submits a proposal to the clerk of the House asking them to promote a referendum petition. The Clerk advertises the proposal, which gives the public an opportunity to say on the wording of the petition. This can take up to 3 months. The Clerk of the House determines the questions not the citizen that initiated the referendum. Again the Government controls citizens choice of words and language within the content of the text of the petition. And the Government approves the collection of signatures.

The petitioner has 12 months to gather enough signatures (10% of the eligible voters) that support the petition, the petition is then delivered to the Clerk of the House (Govt) If the petition is compliant, the speaker of the House presents the petition. If he/she believes it is not they he/she won’t present it to the House. Govt in control of the people. If the petition does not have enough signatures it will lapse however the petition can be resubmitted to gather the remaining signatures required the time frame for this is 2 months. Again the Speaker of the House will decide whether this is presented to the House or not. Govt again have that control.

Once all the hurdles have been jumped, the Governor General sets a date for the referendum within a month of the date of the petition was presented. However it must be held within a year of the presentation date unless 75% of the MPs defer it. Again Govt over the people. Govt control. Referendum is finally held and the results heard.

The huge problem for NZ Citizens is that the Citizens Initiated Referenda Act 1993 is Non-Binding and whatever the result of the referendum the government decides, is the end decision maker not the people of N Z.. New Zealanders are not living in a democracy, there is no democracy in NZ, There’s  been no  democracy in NZ for decades. Geoffrey Palmers an alleged elected dictator stated that NZ’s democracy is that ‘every three years we get to elect who is going to dictate to us for the next 3 years. The Prime Minister, controls- dictates, uses her or his power to control the citizens of NZ and never more so than the last few years.

The Prime Minister and her Cabinet in my estimates does not give a shite about New Zealanders as they allow outside Governments, entities such as U/WEF Public-Private Corporate multistakerholder governance to determine our future. To deliberately destroy a free market enterprise that has served NZers and NZ Businesses very well. Non elected entities- international and national impacting negatively on all areas of NZrs lives.. economy, society, infrastructure, education, health and the list goes on. All unaccountable and acting, behaving irresponsibly

How many New Zealanders have passionately sought change for the betterment of NZrs through petition with hope of change, this false sense of hope. And a false sense of security.???

I personally believe we do need an amendments to the Citizens Initiated Referenda Act 1993 to make this binding on the end result.  A so called Citizens Initiated Binding Referenda, where the people of NZ can make the big decisions as to what is being implemented in NZ today, and what happens when it comes to our children and their futures. This is an important part of democracy in NZ. A democracy we do not have. This should b e the so called ‘New Normal’. A written constitution with the NZ Bill of Rights concretely embedded in a written constitution.

NZ Herald 27th August 2014 published an article ‘Citizens Binding Referendums will safeguard our democracy. The Herald referenced a Digi Poll survey showing 66% of respondents agreed to a Citizens Binding Referendum being implemented, 22% said No and other did not no. This was a poll of eligible voters.

Lets face it if you oppose a Citizens Initiated Binding Referendum then you oppose democracy, also you oppose democratic rights and civil liberties.  There is no rational public debate, we desperately need a citizens iniated binding referendum in NZ.

The Government has deliberately ignored the voters pleas over the the last couple years of the pandemic. Surely the pleas, the anxiety, grief of those that resided in parliaments grounds told you that this government, all politicians that reside within its walls are on the same totalitarian page. As each political leader..Act, Green Party, Maori Party, National Party signed a cross party agreement not to go down to listen to one person who needed to desperately be heard, not one.  Remember this, lest we forget when electioneering comes around for the 2023 Elections.

If we had an implementation of NZ Bill Of Rights set in concrete in a written constitution and a Citizens Initiated Binding Referendum the government and main stream govt purchased media would never have been able to go about character assassinating the lawful citizens of NZ.

10th October 2022 European Parliament. Chief Pfizer executive testifies “No we did not test the Pfizer vax (jab) to see if it stopped transmission” Why the mandates… control of citizens. NZ Bill of Rights set in concrete in a written constitution

 A Citizens Initiated Binding Referendum surely would determine that the politicians that reside in the stinky toilet bowl of Wellington are there to serve the people of NZ, we are not here to be their guineapigs or their servants. Wake Up NZ Now

In the meantime I urge that political parties include in their policies ‘Citizens Initiated Binding Referendums’ with an appropriate percentage of eligible voters concluding the end decision making rights. That percentage being seriously though about and discussed openly, publicly.

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Thank you… Carol Sakey

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