Fyodor Dostoyevsky once wrote, “avoid fear, though fear is simply the consequence of every lie.” You must face your fears, otherwise they will hold you back from reaching your dreams.

Its easy to take liberty for granted when you have never had it taken away from you

My IRISH blood of my father runs through my veins as I quote – Patrick Pearse “You cannot conquer Ireland. You cannot extinguish the Irish passion for freedom. If our deed has not been sufficient to win freedom, then our children will win by a better deed.” May I add, you cannot conquer New Zealand, you cannot extinguish New Zealanders passion for freedom. The number 8 fence wire kicks in.

Groundswell NZs requested a meeting with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern but it had been declined. The group held its ‘Howl of A Protest’ in July, and it estimated 60,000 people drove tractors, trucks and utes down main streets in more than 50 locations throughout the country. On Sunday November 21st 2021 farmers nationwide are again protesting. I pray that millions of people country-wide support them.

The World Economic Forum and the United Nations signed an official partnersip on June 13th 2019 prior to COVID19. This is a global public / private one world corporate governance. A preplanned action to accelerated UN Agenda 2030’s 17 sustainable global development goals, to leave no-one behind.
17 out of 17 goals relate to Climate Alarmism. Replacing livestock with crops, lab manufactured meat, foods and even the talk of cricket farms..the lunacy continues, consequently te farmers are suffering as this insanity insist and persists.

14 of the UN/WEF global development goals relate to vaccines (UN global strategy of vaccines 2011-2010) Leave no-one behhind.. everyone, everywhere at every age. 2020- 2030 The Decade Of Vaccines, leave no-one beind, everyone, everywhere at every age.

Climate Alarmism and the global strateggy of vaccines to leave no-one behind are tools of fear to take total control of every being, human or not on this planet.

WEF – The World Economic Forum represents Big Pharma, Big Tech, Bayer-Monsanto etc., and multistakerholder greedy capitalist corporations. NZ Goverment has welcomed this and promoted it. This is the destruction not only of small businesses and traditional farming in New Zealand but \it amount to slavery and tyranny on a ggrand scale that affects everyones life. Ardern in hher VPN to the UN in September 2019 has boasted shhe as entered UN Agenda 2030 into NZ Policies. That she indeed will lead the world, be the first, show other UN Nations the way. New Zealanders are livin in very dangerous times.

The government keep on lying, suicides are increasing especially amongst the farming community and the construction industry.

Whoever conrols the land, controls the people, controls the country and controls the planet.. we the people are but just human capital, like lambs are you prepared to go to the slaughter.

NZ Farmers are the backbone of New Zealand. I urge you to get out, protest cupport the farmers on sunday November 21st 2021. The Mother of ALL Protests Nationwide.

Please find a list of support links for those who feel they are not coping with this mental, emotional stress:-
Need help now? Call 0800 111 315 MATES in Construction


Rural Support Trust Helpline: 0800 787 254 –

Farmstrong https://farmstrong.co.nz/

Rural Support Network 0800 787 254

24/7 Helpline |0800 LIFELINE (0800 54 33 54) or free text HELP (4357)
Suicide Crisis Helpline | 0508 TAUTOKO (0508 82 88 65)

Brendon Smith
Phone:(09) 525 1690 Mobile: 021892980
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24/7 Helpline |0800 LIFELINE (0800 54 33 54) or free text HELP

Suicide Crisis Helpline | 0508 TAUTOKO (0508 82 88 65)

Life Matters [email protected]

Youth Line 0800 376 633. Free Text 234

MAN ALIVE 0800 826 367

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