The public awareness of ‘Far Right Extremism’ and ‘White Supremacy’ reporting was expanded by the propaganda machine (Mainstream Media) in the later part of 2018. At the time I petitioned 6521 signatures objecting the UN Global Compact of Migration.  Speeches were held mostly in Aotea Square Auckland. Freedom of speech was also on the menu as police camera’s were in our faces, and I was ordered to not attend protests by the police. At time I was producing You Tube video’s as to why I objected to NZ signing the UN Global Compact of Migration.  Byron Clark Workers Socialist Party cherry picked edited my video’s. After the CH CH Mosque Attacks 15/3/2019 he met up with a group of Muslims telling them I inspired the Mosque attacks. He then went on to author a book titled FEAR ‘The underground of the Far – Right in NZ where he stated I inspired the Mosque Attacks. His book is in the Government National Archives and is still being sold in NZ in Whitcouls book shops etc., I laid complaints to Human Rights Commission, Broadcasting Commission to no avail. Concern was that he endangered my family by sating I inspired the Mosque attacks.  This is surely the Tyranny of Human Rights in New Zealand.

It was in 2018 that NZ Police and Security Services were being trained to be aware of right wing extremism and  white supremacy.  After March 15th 2019 1700 NZrs were listed by Police in reference to be potentially far right extremist and white supremacist. Christchurch inquiry reported NZ Police inaccuracy of this list

The Royal Inquiry to the Christchurch Attacks brings out some very interesting information that the propaganda machine (mainstream media) and the political cronies behind the closed doors of Parliament will not openly share with the public of New Zealand. At press conferences the mainstream media reporters will not ask many questions that New Zealanders should have answers too.


This video will  give further information as to what you may or may not have known about the history of these events globally, nationally, of course there is much more to tell


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