Vaccines have a pitiful grubby history of how they become Intellectual Property. The World Trade Org., (UN) trade related Intellectual Property Rights agreement, this is an extremely undemocratic, an expression of ‘private- public global corporate power’.

Intellectual Property Rights are quite simply explained. If you possess a cow and some-one steals it, you have lost your cow, however if you discover a process to make that cows milk safer to drink, the possession of that knowledge does not reduce your store of it. Jefferson’s famous formulation: he who receives an idea from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he lights his taper at mine, receives light without darkening me”.

The concept of Intellectual Property was resisted in Europe right into the 20th century as late as 1912. Rejecting Patents that they called a “free trade in inventions”. This was consistent with the liberal doctrine as they were suspicious of patents. The Economist advocated for the abolishment of the English patent system, that was before inventors established a right of property in their inventions. It was viewed that inventors ought to give up all the knowledge and assistance of their inventions, this was suggested in a magazine dated 1850….”That is impossible, and the impossibility shows that their minds and their inventions are, in fact, parts of the great mental whole of society, and that they had no right of property in their inventions”

The first patent system arrived in Elizabethan England not to ’drive innovation’ nut to limited Crown-dispensed monopolies. Actually, the hatred of these monopolies played a starring role in the American Revolution, where the leaders were opposed to patents. Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin thought patents as being impediments to progress. In fact the phrase Intellectual Property was coined in post revolutionary France to obscure the royal origins of monopoly, markets and theories did not fit into rights and property.

The word ‘Property’ itself had an unpleasant ring of ‘Privilege’. Patent was just an unaccepted theory and was very insincere, was viewed with suspicion. Then medicines started to be added to debates. Switzerland first became a pharmaceutical powerhouse, but did not add patents until 1977. Prior to the World Trade Org., (UN) in 1995 there was little power to enforce patents outside a country’s own borders.
Estes Kefauver was a Arkansas Democrat who oversaw an investigation into the post war pharmaceutical industry. He became focused on the industry’s business model, patents, cartel and monopoly pricing. Americans and other around the world then started making markups as high as 7000% on patented drugs, that were created using natural processed discovered in publicly funded labs.

Kefauver revealed that there was corruption and scandals related to the highest markups by Merck and Pfizer as they targeted middle class India and the Nehru Government responded with further investments in the country’s generics industry. In New Delhi they began drafting a new patent law to replace the British colonial regime that was still on their books.

The concept of intellectual property was resisted in Europe into the twentieth century. As late as 1912, Holland rejected patents and maintained what it called a “free trade in inventions.”. Merck CEO John O’Connor announced the patent law “A victory for Global Communism” From thence on, as time proceeded patents become increasing politicization of technology that the US Drug Industry took the lead in formulating the plan that culminated a quarter of a century later in the founding of the world Trade Organization of the United Nations.

In May 1974 a declaration was passed in the UN General Assembly calling for a ‘New International Economic Order’, a more equal distribution of global financial, natural knowledge resources that relates to human health. The UN Vision included a rejection of Intellectual Property as an illegitimate tool of the strongest against the week, a neo-colonial straw designed to continue siphoning wealth from the South to North.

In September 1978 Halfden Mahler a WHO (UN) Director General unveiled an agency program to help poor countries reduce their drug spending by building up their domestic drug industries this came about with the ‘Declaration of Alma-Ata’, to provide health for all by the year 2000. It was affirmed once again by the WHO (UN) that ‘health as being based on equity and social justice’

It is documented that the Alma Ata conference remained unfulfilled because of an obsessive revenge drive of a CEO of Pfizer in 1972, the year that India’s Patents Act entered into force. Developments threatened Pfizers ambitious plans for dominating global markets and agricultural products especially in Asia, however Pfizer lead an industry counter-attack against what is known as the G77. Pfizer’s patent lawyer launched infringement suits globally. In 1962 Pfizer sued the British Government after the National Health Service purchased an Italian generic version of Pfizer patented antibiotic, tetracycline.

Editorials documented that Pfizer owed its power to wartime contracts to produce penicillin which had been discovered and developed in Oxford that had left the public domain. British authorities have been in several legal conflicts with Pfizer. Over quite some time the N World Intellectual Property Org, (WIPO) oversaw the 1883 Paris convention for the protection of industry property.

Of course the Big Tech companies later became all part of the information economy with very powerful interests. In entertainment, software, biotech, agriculture and of course the pharmaceutical industry. Wealthy clubs and Regimes, groups were built around these big techs and big pharma industries.

Nations that refused to recognise the authority of the U S Patents Office were known as rogue nations. There was a tense worldwide struggle for technology supremacy. It was said “all freedom loving nations to get in line behind the proper enforcement and honourable treatment of intellectual property that singled out ‘computers, pharmaceuticals and telecommunication’ as area’s of knowledge being stolen by the denial of patent rights” It was also said that the their was a grab for high technology inventions for underdeveloped countries. Of course the UN and world Economic Forum now obsessively promote Pfizer patents and other Pharmaceutical Companies

Going back to the UN Marrakesh Conference on 15th April 1994, when 124 UN Member States signed the bringing of the World Trade Org., (UN) into existence. A treaty was signed “ a new era of global economic cooperation reflecting the widespread desire to operate in a fairer and more open multilateral trading system for the benefit and welfare of their peoples.” In return for enforcing Western patents on medicines and other technologies, G77 nations were promised access to northern rich markets, and a conditional “freedom from fear”

And hear we are today people ravaged with fear as a global experiment knocks on everyone’s door, as governments demand us all to be human guinea pigs to the pharmaceutical companies, for in New Zealand Pfizer.

CNBC report on 16/12/2020 that Pfizer or Moderns under the PREP Act are devoid of being sued if any person has adverse reactions from COVID19 Injections. The Government is not likely to compensate you for damages.

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Pfizer recalls all lots of anti-smoking drug over … – Reuters
https://www.reuters.com › healthcare-pharmaceuticals › pf…16/09/2021 — Pfizer Inc said on Thursday it was recalling all lots of its anti-smoking treatment, Chantix, due to high levels of cancer-causing agents …

Laws suits refer to Pfizer’s Chantix having effects on peoples mental health, suicidal thoughts, depression and also causing suicides have been reported for many years. Chantix was approved by the FDA on the 5th October 2006 to help people quit smoking. There was a voluntary callback of Chantix by Pfizer in September 2021. It has taken 15 years to announce a voluntary call back of Chantix.

BENEFITS AND RISKS: Currently, the FDA tells patients that the benefit of using the voluntary recalled Chantix “is to keep on using it, the benfits outweigh the risks” The World Health Organization takes the same stance as FDA on the benefits and risks as FDA.

COVID19 Injections the same stance applies to the global human experiment of injections..The benefits verses the Risks. The benefits surely belong to the power and money hungry of this world.


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