Gaia Goddess-(Mother Earth) teaches that an “Earth spirit”, goddess, or planetary brain must be protected.  It is this belief that fuels the environmental movement, sustainable development, and a global push for the return of industrialized nations to a more primitive way of life.

, Gaia has named Christianity as the obstacle to human evolution and our spiritual destiny.  A document mandated by the U.N.-sponsored Convention on Biological Diversity, the Global Biodiversity Assessment, explicitly refers to Christianity as a faith that has set humans apart from nature and stripped nature of its sacred qualities.

The UN condemning Christianity as the root of all ecological evil, the document goes on to praise Buddhism and Hinduism as they “did not depart as drastically from the perspective of humans as members of a community of beings including other living and non-living elements”.  Non-Christian religions are definitely favored by the global government as good stewards of Mother Earth.

Members of this “Green Religion” will all agree that the Earth is in a crisis state and this ecological emergency is the result of Christian traditions. Thus Progressive churches, Eco Churches worldwide, as well as in New Zealand are bastardizing Christianity

At the core of all environmental Eco-Socialist Marxist legislatgions, policies lives Gaia, Greek Goddess- Mother Earth. Why are Indigenous Peoples worldwide being used to be the leaders, voices of action for these Global Elitists? For more information please  CLICK ON THE LINK TO MORE INDEPTH INFORMATION IN THE ABOVE IMAGE THIS WILL LINK YOU TO MY RUMBLE VIDEO.


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On the 7th July 2020 the UN Assembly focused on the need to usher in the decade of ambitious action, to deliver the 17 Global Development Goals (SDG’s) that would change everyone’s life on this planet.  They reported they only had ten years to achieve this.

Jacinda Ardern was a guest of a show hosted by Bill and Melinda Gates.  Jacinda Ardern told the audience that under her administration New Zealand was to take a leading roll in accelerating UN Agenda 2030. She spoke about entering Agenda 2030 into New Zealand’s Legal and regulatory framework.

Yes Jacinda Ardern is a key figure that supports, is playing a major part in accelerating UN Agenda 2030, a transformation that will impact on all New Zealanders, and other populations globally.

A massive conspiracy to re-engineer people minds, believes and actions. To change the worlds economy, to crush small businesses, trades, services and farmers livelihoods in New Zealand



Ardern describes level 3 as a ‘waiting room’, as she and her political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington retain their exceptional powers to control our lives.

The right to justice is the oldest of all, dating back to the Magna Carta in 1215, which ensures that no citizen shall be denied, or delayed, justice.

Our Human Rights, Civil Liberties are being severely violated. It has been reported that even prisoners have been kept locked up beyond the date of their release because of these so called emergency measures.

Mandatory medical testing and COVID-19 Vaccinations have been deployed.  Ardern and her political cronies are obsessed with silencing their political critics.

The difference in policy is that the government moves from strong and escalating recommendations for many people to mandatory prohibitions and controls for all people. Political policing surveillance levels have significantly increased.

In midst of the fear mongering by the propaganda machine there is this massive obsession for COVID-19 Vaccines.

Pfizer always in the headlines. Pfizer day and Pfizer night.  Any communication about serious concerns about  Pfizer vaccines are quickly shut down.

They deliberately neglect to share with the general public how many lawsuits Pfizer has had against them over decades. There are thousands.

What about the adverse events, the mortalities

There is much to tell about Pfizer, they did not just magically appear from nowhere.

The World Health Org., (UN) guidelines favour UN Member Nation’s Governments rather than humankind.

FDA Code of Ethics equate to loyalty to the Government as opposed to the health of the American people

There is much to tell about Pfizer, they did not just magically appear from nowhere.



Have parents the right to know health related information about their child?

Is there a specific age for consent?

How do medical professionals determine your child’s maturity when giving consent for medical treatment or medical examination?

Many parents take it for granted they have the right to decide what are in the best interests for their child, however children and young persons have the rights to consent or not consent.




The mass propaganda machine busily worked day and night

It was electioneering campaigning for the American Presidency

Ford jumped on the mass vaccine program where every American were to be vaccinated

It was familiar for the propaganda machine to use fear tactics by referring to the pandemic, the Spanish Flu Virus of 1918

Within months the massive campaign to vaccinate every American citizen came to a halt.

Many, many claims were made by lawyers for their clients who had been harmed, and some had died from this short lived vax program.