Bill Gates another of those famous Elit e investors of ‘ the WEF/UN Corporate Stakeholder Capitalism’. puppeteers , have jumped on the gravy train of methane emissions (cow burps)

Bill Gates and his  ‘Breakthrough Energy Ventures has invested in Perth based Rummin8 that produces a  synthetically produced additive to feed cows to cut down on the burp..burp..burp.. bugger far too many burps.Breakthrough Energy Ventures was founded in 2015 by Bill Gates, same year as UN Agenda 2030 was introduced globally, always fully promoted and supported by the wealthy global elite that gather at annual DAVOS meetings. Breakthrough Energy Ventures is backed by Amazon, Alibaba, Jeff Bezos

It was reported that over a 100 year period methane is 28  to 34 times as warming as CO2.

But and there is always a but, what are they not telling you whilst they are busy targeting the farmers and his cows on the farm?  Well Christopher Luxon has not said he would completely take targeting the farmer with  methane emissions out of the picture, just a pause until 2030.  Lets take a leap back to 2011 to British Climate Researcher Dr, Wilson Flood, he wrote an article for the Academic Journal ‘Energy & Environment to counter the growing hysteria around methane. He publicly put the record straight about the misconceptions that methane is a dangerous greenhouse gas. He explained “the quantity of methane in the air is so small that even doubling it would not produce any appreciable warming, but that the rate of the increase of the gas in the atmosphere is so slow it would take 360 years to double” He added “Since the warming ability of methane is only 7 times that of carbon dioxide, livestock presents “no conceivable threat of any kind”, and cows and sheep “cannot contribute to global warming in any conceivable way”. He concluded that “research into altering the diet of farm animals to reduce dietary methane is hugely wasteful of resources.”.

It doesn’t end there. Barry Brill the president of the NZ Climate Science Coalition and a former  Government Minister also has a gave a comprehensive review  on methane as he referred to the UN IPCC saying that they now admits that “methane is 7 times (not 28) more effective at being a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide” – with their Sixth Assessment Report stating at page 1016 of Chapter 7, “…expressing methane emissions as CO2 equivalent of 28, overstates the effect on global surface temperature by a factor of 3-4.” Barry Brill went on to say  “No doubt this took the legs out from under Minister Shaw. He had been personally briefed on the flaws in 2019, but in a later answer to a Parliamentary Question said he was not a climate scientist himself and would be guided by the IPCC. That hasn’t happened yet.”

Barry Brill believes this revelation that the warming ability of methane is only 7 times that of carbon dioxide, instead of 28, “changes everything. All the scenarios and budgets are now clearly wrong… If methane will cause only 25 percent as much warming as previously expected, then we won’t need those huge reductions, that appear in the now-outdated scenarios. With this new understanding, the 1.5°C aspirational goal comes back within our collective grasp – and with much less pain and anxiety than used to be expected. It’s wonderful news, and a win-win all around. Let’s celebrate!”

The Political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington still are insistently, persistently attacking the farmers and the cows down on the farm.. The NZ Government announced in 2022 NZ farmers will be the first in the world to be targeted with the methane emissions levy., hence ripping the guts out of rural small towns in New Zealand. . The billion tree’s in NZ scenario would take the place of honour. Hey people ‘Wake Up New Zealand’ “Your can’t eat dam tree’s”.   Corporate Capitalism is certainly being promoted by most MPs in Parliament.   I haven’t started on Blackrock or Vanguard as yet.  But the crazies Hipkins and Megan Wood praising BlackRock and the 2 Billion investment in the ‘Climate cow shite in NZ”.   A few wake up calls in my next blog.  People remember you are the target number 1. “You can’t eat tree’s” and if you think ‘Corporate capture will save your arse I suggest you join the insane ‘woke brigade’


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