Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI)  mask gives the message that DEI eliminates racism. The structured DEI Initiatives programs drag individuals down  if they are opposed to the group narrative of DEI. Thus imposing a Cancel Culture, to cancel individuals, other groups out by silencing them by censorship or self censorship. DEI wears a  mask of ‘morality’ claiming moral values, far from it the DEI structure incorporates immoral actions, behaviors, voices that actively target Christians, character assassinating law abiding citizens but calling them white  supremacists, debunking and targeting hetro sexual normality

DEI is ugly but on the surface appears to be a campaign of caring about minority groups whether it be race, gender, sexuality. DEI includes an aggressive toxicity which encumbers humiliating behavior’s that cause division, pays lip service to freedom of speech. DEI is a Trojan Horse attacks traditional values, morals and western culture. As in the Posy Parker Event ‘Stops Women from speaking out publicly’

DEI erodes trust destroys solidarity, individual freedom of thoughts. Using of misinformation, disinformation projects targeting those that do not agree with the DEI LGBTQ1+ Narratives and those of the Co-Governance agenda, Maori Sovereignty. LGBTQ1 and Black Lives Matter, Climate Alarmist Activists, Pro Palestinian hate Jews all a part and parcel of this DEI initiative of Identity Politics.. CRT Critical Race Theory, Critical Theory. Marxism, Cultural Marxism which is embraced by the Human Rights Commission and Global Human Rights partners worldwide.

DEI is an immoral hierarchy of oppressors and victims based on categories of race, gender, sexuality. The transgender Rainbow Community embracing 100 plus genders and sexualities.  The demanded determined dynamics of power and control over others corrupted by conscious and unconscious biases. DEI initiatives have mainstreamed the Status Quo as a dominant force in society, and in the workplace, universities, organizations, businesses, Central and Local Govt and even in many churches. In the military. Police and NZ Armed forces. NZ Defense Force DEI initiatives document ‘move away from hetro sexual normality .

But no government dept is challenging or even talking about these DEI Initiatives as they are all have bought into it. DEI Programme’s that cost $12,000  (June 2023) annually for workshops and DEI assessment for commercial and govt departments. 26th April 2022 Christopher Luxon (SpinOff News) stated he was committed to DEI Diversity, Inclusion- A National Roadmap to National Workplace policies. NZ Govt Public Services committed to the Rainbow Tick. The Rainbow Tick is a DEI Diversity Equity Inclusion Initiative with complete workshops and assessments.

3rd October 2023 NZ Defense Force takes out  Rainbow Community honor’s for their DEI Initiatives. A Supreme Award in their progressive commitment and support of the Rainbow community LGBTQ1 and 100 or so other genders and sexualities. NZ Defense Force hosted a Pride Defense Conference partnering the Pride Pledge rolling out training workshops, supporting Big Gay Out. Were re-credited with another Rainbow Tick.

 The most inclusive diverse military force in the world. The Vice Chief of the Defiance Force and the Vice Marshall of the NZ Defense Force represented the NDF at the Rainbow Excellence Awards in 2023. DEI initiatives documented in the NZ Defense Force DEI training, workshops include ‘move away from hetro-normality. NZ Defense Force first received the Rainbow tick in 2019 in 2020 published ‘The Rainbow Inclusion’ In 2021 increased their focus on DEI training across camps and bases.

DEI and the Rainbow Zebra Crossing painted over in K Road Auckland. Now Rainbow Pride want a special Restorative Justice- Offender- Victim (Oppressor-Victim) service available to take the offenders to account. Maybe the crossing should have painted on it a traditional family without all the rainbow colours. The Auckland Zoo gained a rainbow tick have they painted the zebra’s yet in rainbow stipes.?   Local – Central Govt have the DEI Rainbow tick, Auckland Museum have the rainbow tick. Imagine a Maori Tribal War canoes painted in rainbow stripes.

Human Rights Commission partner the Rainbow tick, and the Rainbow Community Refers to Vandalism of the Rainbow Crossing in K Road reported by Quack Pirihi and Bhenjamin Goodsir, restorative justice we have the right to hold our views, And so have the majority of people in NZ.  Is this Three Party Coalition going to rid New Zealand of these dangerous separatist revolutionary DEI initiatives??

We will never have peace and solidarity in NZ whilst these exists, and it exists throughout NZ. America is under attack for its DEI initiatives. There is a growing backlash amongst counties that implement DEI initiatives. Universities in Florida being stopped from spending money on DEI . Stop DEI save Free Speech is becoming a message on campuses in the States. Get rid of Wokeness, develop patriotic loyalty to your country.

Recognize individuals in the workplace for their skills, experience, qualification not the dominating factor of race, and gender, sexuality. In America Black Students teaching White students to hate white students. Promoting exclusion in a so called Inclusive Diversity structured education system. Just because the DEI Diversity Equity Inclusion sounds good does not mean it is good. DEI is a mask that hides an ugly face, erodes  individual freedoms, its toxic- Marxist, Culturally Marxist, Identity Politics, Critical Theory Critical Race Theory

DEI is an initiative where it leaves the country under attack by a leftist revolutionary minority disguised as a ‘plea for justice’ just like Mao Ze Dong in China’s Cultural Revolution for the modernizing of  peasant China by the purge of the highest leaders in the Chinese Communist Party. DEI promotors are not anti-racist, they are racist, programs of discrimination a forced design of wokeness.

 Like Mao Ze Dong Cultural Revolution that supports critical race theory and the implementing of fears to control the group steers people away from real political discussion into one of ideology now science and biology

DEI Diversity Equity Inclusion has raised its ugly head in Pro Palestine Hate Jews, Climate Change For School Protests vs Climate Skeptics, COVID vs Anti Vaxers, BLACK Lives Anti colonialism and Traditional Westernization, traditions, Christianity.  And Transgender LGBTQ1 and 100 plus fender and sexuality identity’s vs Hetro-normality and Christianity, traditional family.  (Rainbow Crossing VS Zebra Crossing)  RESTORE JUSTICE RID NEW ZEALAND OF DEI INIATIVES.  Until then there will be no peace within New Zealand borders.

Until world Institutions, Organization, Leader of Governments Internationally debunk Diversity Equity and Inclusion there will never be solitude or peace. The UN Global Compact promotes Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) throughout business operations. DEI is incorporated into United Nations Population Fund the standards of construct for International Civil Servants. The WEF corporate DEI embedded initiatives of Global Corporate Capture.

#MeToo. #BlackLivesMatter. #StopAAPIHate. These are just some of the recent movements that have compelled Americans to reflect on the social injustices that exist in our country today. The scrutiny on these social issues has trickled down to the professional world.. DEI has  now evolved into a core business function that large and small businesses alike. COVID19 effects on the worlds economy has effected a DEI imitative explosive growth. Mandatory programme’s that can be very controlling.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) anchor key considerations when designing and implementing climate change policies. Indigenous Communities more effected than westernized communities from floods, rising seas etc., COVID 19 Indigenous people more effected by COVID that westernized people. Oppressed and victims.


Your net zero, utopian future of degrowth civil unrest and many uncertainties, destroy humanity’s morality and rebuilt it a national, regional global platform. (DEI DIVERSITY EQUITY INCLUSION) TOOLBOX- WEAPONARY



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Carol Sakey


Barry Young was the only provider of the data because we are a small population. Many experts around the world agree with and say Barry’s evidence is spot on absolutely correct Te Whatu Ora does not seem to want to argue anything about the data, just that he leaked info. Hey but Government depts, on in NZ is at risk of being hacked through govt agencies they were given a warning in 2019 that their security system is at high risk, needs updating, not adequately secure. Still they are seeking experts to make the system more secure. Yet they blame Barry. No, Barry did not leak any personal names, no personal info, but the inadequacies, neglect of govt agencies are guilty. Of breaching well over 28,000 New Zealanders cyber attacked data over the last few years including data that has included names, addresses etc., some already found on the dark web, as announced in a speech in the House. (Parliament). Govt depts commissioned Mercury IT owned up to the data leak coming from a cyber attack on them. The Gun Buy Back Scheme 2019 a large cyber attack, with gun owners names, addresses sand other info that left serious concerns for gun owners that crims may come a calling. And the criminal world that this info would be most useful too.

Every single persons data has been a security risk, globally this is happening and more so since COVID Pandemic. We are talking masses of health files, corona’s files, clinical files, cardiovascular and heart disease data files. Where doctors at the Waikato hospital had to write patients notes on a white board because the whole system crashed.  Will Te Whatu Ora..Health N Z have a public hearing with Barry, of course not. They are trying to pin him down, make him go away for the evidence he does have, and now the world also has.  Whatever the Court concludes the factual evidence is not going away its out there in the big vast world, a masses of people are now waking up to the weapon of health. I thought that Voices of Freedom were standing up for the people of New Zealand, I have to wonder why they did not speak up??  Why did you not speak up Chantel Baker??? And still I do not hear any support coming from Voices Of Freedom for Barry.   I never joined Voices Of Freedom, I am pretty much a loan researcher, the seeker of the truth, and that’s the way I like it.




RNZ REPORTED yesterday 3rd April that 8,000 unj-abbed or partly Covid jabbed health workers were allowed to keep working. More than 5,000 of them worked for the District Health Boards. Data released to RNZ under the Official Information Act, shows health providers – including district health boards, GP clinics and home-help agencies – made 516 applications for exemptions to avoid Significant Service Disruptions of which 102 were granted.

Of the 8051 health workers covered by these exemptions between October 2021 and September 2022, more than 5000 were employed by district health boards.

Nearly half, 3935, were care and support workers – but the total also included 352 doctors (out of nearly 19,000 registered), 992 administration workers, 788 allied health professionals and 1984 nurses and midwives.

The Nurses Organization, which represents 60,000 plus nurses and midwives, noted those exempted were a tiny minority of the total health workforce.

Whilst NZ Citizens who chose not to be jabbed were character assassinated, purposely  targeted. People lost their jobs, businesses closed down and many never recovered.  New Zealanders have been treated appallingly, disgusting , of course you will see reported that people did not die post jab.  They say “we only curbed peoples freedoms”  The Royal Commission of Inquiry into COVID19 will be on ‘Lessons learned, responses, including vax mandates, will deliver the report the end of  September.

As mainstream media will report the mass deaths of COVID remember that  10th March 2022 If a person has a positive COVID test then die 1 month or more later they count this as a COVID death. The WHO wanted all UN Nation States to report stats of COVID Mortality in the same way.  The man who was shot by a police officer in Auckland was reported as a COVID death.  ZILCH TRANSPARANCY. And with thousands of Health files been cyber attacked, and Cardia files, Bereavement files… STRANGE THAT.





Paul Harvey History 1918-2009. Paul Harvey was known as the most listened to’ Radio Broadcaster’ in the world.

Paul Harvey between 1941-1943 worked as program director at WKZO radio in Kalamazoo, Michigan, while also serving as the Office of War Information’s news director for Michigan and Indiana. In 1943 he enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps, but he received a medical discharge in 1944. He moved to Chicago, Illinois, shortened his name to Paul Harvey, and began doing daily news commentaries on local station WENR radio. Soon, his broadcasts were topping the ratings in the greater Chicago area.As a news analyst, author, and columnist, Paul Harvey won recognition as “one of the best-known and most influential personalities in the history of American radio” and the last of the wartime generation of radio commentators. “Paul Harvey News & Comment” and “The Rest of the Story®” aired daily on sixteen hundred radio stations worldwide and had more than eighteen million listeners weekly.

Harvey has received awards from the Disabled American Veterans, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, and the Freedom Foundation. He has been inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame (1955), was named Commentator of the Year in 1962 by Radio/TV Daily, and in 1979 was inducted to the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. He also received five National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Awards for Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year (1989, 1991, 1996, 1998, and 2002). In 2005 Pres. George W. Bush presented him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Harvey’s books include Autumn of LibertyRemember These ThingsYou Said ItPaul Harvey, and Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor.

In the fall of 2000 Harvey signed a ten-year, $100 million contract with the network. In spring 2002 he celebrated his fiftieth year on ABC news radio. Paul Harvey died on February 28, 2009. Paul Harvey, a renowned American radio broadcaster, delivered a speech titled “If I Were the Devil” in 1965. The speech was a thought-provoking commentary on the societal issues and moral decay that Harvey observed during that time. Harvey’s motivation for delivering this speech was to highlight the dangers he perceived in the changing social and cultural landscape of the 1960s and to call attention to what he saw as a decline in traditional values.

Throughout his career, Paul Harvey was known for his distinctive broadcasting style and his ability to offer insightful and sometimes controversial commentary on current events. In “If I Were the Devil,” Harvey presented a hypothetical scenario in which he assumed the role of the devil and outlined the strategies he would employ to corrupt society. He expressed concerns about the erosion of family values, the weakening of religious faith, and the influence of materialism and consumerism. Harvey’s speech resonated with many listeners who shared his concerns about the direction society was heading. It struck a chord with those who felt that traditional values were being undermined and that there was a need to address the moral and cultural challenges of the time. By delivering this speech, Harvey aimed to awaken his audience to the potential consequences of societal decay and encourage them to reevaluate their priorities and actions.

It’s important to note that while the speech expressed Harvey’s personal views and concerns, it was also a form of commentary and entertainment. Harvey was known for his theatrical style and often used dramatic storytelling techniques to engage his audience.  If I Were the Devil” was to warn Americans about the dangers of communism at the height of the Cold War. In the radio broadcast, Harvey imagined what the devil would do if he wanted to undermine and ultimately defeat the United States. He suggested the devil would try to divide the country using tactics like promoting the separation of church and state, legalizing drugs and abortion, and discouraging personal responsibility. At the time, there were growing concerns about the influence of communism both domestically and internationally. Harvey aimed to stir concern about erosion of traditional American values and stoke opposition to perceived communist threats as a way to bolster support for the ongoing conflict against the Soviet Union and efforts to limit the spread of communist ideologies abroad.

RESEARCHER:  Carol Sakey



George Manuel President of the Canadian Indian Brotherhood. President of the UN World Indigenous. Pierre Trudeau arranged for Manuel with a Canadian delegation to visit NZ in 1971. It was then upon meeting Maori politicians the coined term “Indigenous People’ was established in NZ. Manuel had leaned of the Maasai Tanzanian Parliamentarian, radical racial activist Moringe Ole Parkipuny whom first coined the phrase ‘Indigenous People’. After George Manuels visit to NZ in 1971 he went on to visit the Northern territories of Australia where he spoke with Aboriginal students at a university there once again expanding the coined terminology ‘Indigenous People’. George Manuel published ‘The Fourth World: An Indian Reality (1974). The terminology ‘The Fourth World’ became synonymous with stateless, poor and marginal nations. Manuel’s theoretical framework is on colonization and decolonization, the resurgence of so called ‘Indigenous’ peoples, communities to combat colonial social relations, a demanding of decolonization, without the State engagement, permission without sanctions.

The Rise of the 4th World Canadian George Manuel was the First Nations leader (1921-1989) . He was radically racial as he obsessively preached, promoted that so called ‘Indigenous People are, have been mistreated had become stateless worldwide. The President of the Indian brotherhood- George Manuel laid the foundations for the UN World Council of Indigenous Peoples in 1975. Manuel and his Indigenous followers from many countries around the world brought to governments, NGO’s Academia, Philanthropy etc., worldwide a radical perspective to international politics, based on the shared experience of what they saw as colonization being a violent force, of brutal suppression of ‘Indigenous’ cultures, asserting control over their futures.

Many countries regardless of political ideology and government structure put their full weight of support as to ‘Indigenous Peoples’ having been discriminated against, treated with hostility and paternalism globally.  The critical Race Theory ‘Oppressor vs the Oppressed’ grew and expanded world wide, causing much separation and division within nation states.

George Manuels message promoted ‘ a common Indigenous Identity with global connections, as they worked collaboratively at a national, local and global level for international recognition of collective rights. In some countries such as Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand and also Scandinavian nations liberalism brought so called Indigenous People  sizeable investments and programs. The coined Moringe Ole Parkipuny coined phrase ‘Indigenous People’ certainly attracted international attention and greater government attention too. George Manuel stated in his book ‘The Fourth World’ Slowly, largely through ‘Indigenous groups working, collaborating together the support of international aid, development and advocacy groups were established, this he calls the Indigenous Fourth World Movement (Indigenous people worldwide gathering strength and authority) Where Indigenous People have a significant International presence, the ear of global organizations, such as the United Nations, attracting massive financial wealth and assistance from International Financial Institutions. Where Nation State governments know they are being watched, critiqued by global Indigenous organizations and their supporters. Where a body a National and InternationAL law has emerged that promotes collective rights and interests of ‘Indigenous Peoples’. Rights to natural resources, territories, rights of ‘self determination of self government. Where two classes of citizenship will exist in UN Member Nation States.

The Internationalization of Indigenous Rights and Governance Group  (CIGI) promote and involved in that of Indigenous Internationalism and the nature of Indigenous Authority in Nation States. (Models of implementation and actions for Indigenous Peoples worldwide). The evolution of  Indigenous Peoples in Domestic and International Governance in the 21st Century. A political process and realization of George Manuel’s vision ‘THE RISE OF THE FOURTH WORLD’

NOTES: 1982 the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) established the Working Group on Indigenous Populations with the mandate to develop a set of minimum standards that would protect indigenous peoples. In 2020 the UN Assembly proclaimed that 2021- 2030 as the ‘Fourth International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism via Resolution 75/123. It was UN Assembly’s Resolution 1514 (XV) that proclaimed ‘the necessity of bringing colonialism in ALL its forms and manifestations to a speedy unconditional end, declaring that ALL people have the ‘Right to Self Determination’. The UN Assembly’s Resolution (1960) characterized ‘colonial foreign rule as a VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS’.

The Eradication of Colonialism worldwide has been promoted, supported by the UN for Decades that so called  Indigenous People living under settler colonialism continue to make demands for ‘DECOLONIZATION’