The United Nation’s gross hypocrisy has also been documented many times. For example, throughout the 1970s and 1980s, it issued annual resolutions condemning South Africa for its apartheid policies, while completely ignoring Burundi’s official slaughter of between one hundred thousand and two hundred thousand Hutus and Uganda’s brutality toward Ugandans and Asians. Uganda’s Idi Amin deported every man, woman, and child of Asian descent, amounting to almost two hundred thousand (Meisler, United Nations, p. 211).

The U.N.’s hypocrisy is also evident in that nearly half of the members of the United Nations Human Rights Commission are human rights abusers, including some of the worst abusers on the planet. The current Commission features freedom-loving nations like Libya, Uganda, Angola, China, Cuba, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia (“Many ‘Free” Countries Voted for Libya to Join,” CNSNews.com, May 14, 2010). Past members of the Commission include Russia, Vietnam, and Syria. The United States had wisely refused to join the Human Rights Commission or even to participate as an observer until President Obama changed that policy last year.  Another area of hypocrisy is in the UN’s disarmament program. Their vehicles carry stickers promoting pacifism and disarmament (a gun inside a blue circle with a slash across it), but their “peace keepers” are well armed and their workers are quick to call for armed protection if they are attacked. They only want to disarm everyone else!

The United Nations Human Rights Council, now comprised of Venezuela and recently, Cuba and China, has long been and remains a haven for dictators and democracies that indulge them.   The UN Human Rights Council  very rarely hold human rights violators to account, especially if they are powerful influencers of the UN itself. The U.N. Human Rights Council appointed China to its Consultative Group in spite of Beijing’s deplorable record on human rights. China will be able to influence the selection of at least 17 U.N. human rights mandate-holders over the next year, known as special procedures, who investigate, monitor, and publicly report on either specific country situations, or on thematic issues in all parts of the world, such as freedom of speech and religion.”. China is one of five countries that has Veto Rights in the UN. The UN Hague Court cannot put China on trial for genocidal, tortures mass imprisonments because China is not part of the Statute of Rose, cannot be tried under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. China is one of the biggest influencers of the UN and one of the largest funders of the UN Budget.

t has never passed a condemnatory resolution on China, Cuba, Russia, or Saudi Arabia, despite their terrible records on religious persecutionpunishment of political dissent, hostility to freedom of the press.  Trump administration rightfully decided to leave the Human Rights Council in 2018 after its efforts to reform the seriously flawed body were rebuffed by other governments.

The UN has become  both the weapons and the shields for the world’s dictators. UN Watch ‘Murderous Dictatorships Exposed at UN Human Rights Council (April 19th 2023). See You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NogqQ4EPDs

The UN- UNESCO and WHO Universal Education ‘EDUCATION 2030’ All schools worldwide to teach Relationship & Sexuality in every subject of the school curriculum. Replacing Biology with Ideology – the sexual grooming of children- students worldwide.

UNESCO (UN Website) Children begin learning about sexuality as soon as they are born – children are sexual at birth therefore require sexual knowledge and that ‘sexual cognition’ begins ‘in the womb’.. he guidance says that “sexuality education starts from birth” and is described as a “framework for policy makers, educational and health professionals”. UNESCO Sexuality education 0-8 years . The UN removed the  Bethlehem ‘Church of the Nativity from UNESCO World Heritage.

The UN signed an official partnership memorandum with the World Economic Forum 13th June 2019m forming a Global Corporate Mult-istakerholder One World Government. The nuptial agreement commits the two institutions to unprecedented levels of cooperation and coordination in the fields of education, women, financing, climate change, and health.  Hence this is now a strong advocacy for a “multistakeholder” approach to global governance which demotes the primacy of states to make global decisions, it also marks a fundamental challenge to a nation-state global governance system that – despite its flaws – has clear obligations, responsibilities and liabilities. The United Nations is now a Global Public Private Institutional One World Government


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Ardern has reported that if 90% of New Zealanders are vaccinated they will have their freedoms.

In Alert Level 1,  even if 90% people are vaccinated freedoms will still not returned.  This is a legal Fiction.

The drumbeat of drama and fear continues., promoted by the Government, NGO’s and the Propaganda Machine.

Ardern said “The tools the Government will use in Level 1 do not have to be disruptive”. That too is a Lie, a legal fiction.

The psychological warfare continues and it’s not finishing soon.

Overall health and wellbeing will seriously decline as Ardern and her political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington play with New Zealanders lives using her seriously disruptive tools.





Identity Politics deliberately skirmishes the lives of the citizens of New Zealand.

Identity Politics relates to Race, Creed, Colour.

Religion vs Atheism and Transgenderism vs Heterosexuality.

Political Identity politics also includes the very serious issue that is destroying our freedoms this includes the ‘Haves vs The Have Nots’.

Those that have been COVID-19 Injected and those that refuse to be injected.

Identity politics has become a master concept that explains much of what is going on in global affairs.

The political left embrace identity politics, what they deem as a political correctness however under this guise a minority group become favoured over the majority, therefore the majority group (population) become justified in feeling upset and angered.

A new divide has emerged, between the so-called winners and losers of globalization, that has dangerous impacts on democratic systems.

Identity politics favours discrimination and fosters a climate of distrust among citizens.

How has ‘Identity Politics impacted on the population of New Zealand?



A World Health Organization Guideline has been published that is available to all UN Member Nations worldwide. This includes specific training in using psychological techniques to address vaccine deniers.  To target them publicly and on social media.

Included in this WHO (UN) Publication communication aspires to discredit vaccine deniers. To shut them down, to use golden opportunities to communicate with fence sitters who are hesitant participants of vaccines.

WHO (UN) guidelines include the art of persuasion, manipulation through verbal and non- verbal psychological techniques.

All political cronies in the cesspit of Wellington are key players in this psychological warfare


The Communist Chinese Social Credit System In New Zealand

‘The Communist Chinese Social Credit System In New Zealand’

I believe the Chinese Communist Social Credit System is operating in New Zealand. That it poses a massive  threat globally. The Communist Chinese Regime are ‘Anti-Human Rights’, Atheist and opposed to Christianity. Noticeably these are similar characteristics as to Ardern’s Marxist Socialist political ideology.

Since Jacinda Ardern became Prime Minister of New Zealand our  Human Rights, Civil Liberties, Freedoms have become seriously eroded and our Democratic Rights targeted.   It is because of this I believe that  New Zealand has become  fertile land to seed, grow the Communist Chinese Credit System.