Starting with a history lesson:- 1957 A special presentation of a feathered Maori cloak was given to Chair Mao Zedong by a pioneer film maker Ramai Te Miha Hayward on behalf of the 5th  Māori King Koroki as a gift of goodwill (Beehive). Pita Sharples and the Prime Minister Delegation were involved in a ceremony at the National Museum in Beijing on 12th April 2013, they were there to bring the Māori cloak back to NZ. The cloak was displayed at Te Papa Wellington from 13/6/2013 for one week. Chairman Mao Zedong has a huge legacy of mass murder (Heritage Foundation) The greatest mass murder of the 20th century. Referenced in the ‘Black Book of Communism’ He murdered an estimated 65 million Chinese people he was merciless in his attempts to create a new ‘socialist’ China. Anyone who opposed him was executed, tortured, imprisoned or died of starvation. He forced famine on millions of Chinese people. He was named as the ‘major accomplishment of the ‘Great Cultural Revolution’ 1966-1976, the transformation of China by using the mass weapon of fear. Mao ordered ‘collectivization of China’s agriculture under the slogan of ‘The Great Leap Forward’ A deadly combination of lies about grain production, disastrous farming methods, misdistribution of food that forced the worse famine in human history. Gangs of Red Guards, women and young men aged between 14-21yrs old targeted enemies of the State especially teachers. Chinese people were ordered to get down on their hand and knees and bark like dogs. However Chairman Mao Zedong still remains the most honored figure of the Chinese Communist Party (In the spirit of Chairman Zedong)

If China’s flag had a big swastika across it the NZ Government would still probably do business with the CCP. Robert Muldoon met with Chairman Mao on 30th April 1976 on his trip to China ( The first visit of a NZ PM to China. Thus a new relationship with China was established by Parliamentarian leaders. 1920 The Communist Party was founded in NZ. The Socialist Unity Party was formed in 1966 with a strong position as to pro Chairman Mao. The CP (NZ) made frequent trips to China on numerous occasions in 1967. The Communist Party of NZ produced the weekly newspaper called ‘The Peoples Voice’ and the monthly ‘NZ Communist Review’ at a far left bookshop in Derby Street, off Queen St, in Auckland. It was called ‘Progressive Books’

Ray Nunes and a communist delegation went to Albania to address ideological differences on their return to NZ, the Communist Party adopted a ‘pro Mao Zedong Resolution’. Former members of the NZ Communist Party included VG Wilcox, Alec Ostler, Don Ross. In 1988 the CP (NZ) changed its name to the ‘Organization for  Marxist Unity’ this was founded with new far left students and ex CP (NZ) members. In 1980 Ron Smith of the Wellington Marxist Leninist organization merged with the Northern Communist Organization to form the ‘Workers Communist League. Later they absorbed a smaller Marxist group called the ‘Workers Party’, they too declared their support ‘in the spirit of Chairman Mao’ and were a signatory to the ‘Declaration of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement in March 1984. Later just remnants of the Communist Party in NZ remained until it merged with the International Socialist Organization in 1994. (Ardern being the President of the International Socialist Youth Org.,) Their politics based on Socialism/communism. Hence the Communist- Socialist merger of what then became another Party called the ‘Socialist Workers Party’. The extreme left wing communist party of Aotearoa. (Pro Chairman Mao)

Ray Nunes was influential in forming the Communist Party of NZ under the spirit of the murderous Chairman Mao and founded the Workers Party in 1991. The Socialist/Communist Workers Party published the ‘Spark’ describing themselves as ‘pro Mao Zedong’. There former National Party leader was Daphne Whitmore, other influences were Philip Ferguson and Don Franks. June 2011 these individuals joined with other member of the ‘Workers Socialist Party NZ’ to launch an online publication called ‘Redline’. They were previously called the ‘Anti Capitalist Alliance’ a Socialist/ Communist political party.

In 2013 they transformed from a mass socialist workers party to a ‘fighting Marxist socialist communist propaganda group’ called ‘Fight Back’. Rebecca Broad was the National organizer and secretary. They campaigned, organized themselves in workplaces as field candidates in local and general elections. 2007 The Workers Socialist Party stood in four mayoral elections Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin and Waitakere, Auckland. Rebecca Broad was the candidate for Waitakere. In July 2008 they produced four candidates for the general elections. In 2011 they resigned from the elections, their registration cancelled in May 2011. Teacher, Paul Hopkinson stood in the 2005 election, he was charged after burning the NZ Flag and was suspended as candidate for Christchurch General Election as the ‘Workers Party Candidate’. Joe Cosgrove of the socialist Workers Party was president of Victoria University Wellington Students Association 2008.

Byron Clark a influential member of the Workers Party stood as Mayoral Candidate in 2007 (Scoop News 20/8/2007). He described himself as a History Student and a Retail Worker. It was Byron Clark that recently authored the book ‘FEAR’ NZ’s Hostile Underworld of Extremists in February this year. Clark obsessed with gaslighting what he calls the ’Alt Right’ of NZ. The book advertised as Non fiction however several reviews would argue with that.  Newsroom reported his book as a best seller on 2/3/2023. However reviews include ‘lack of evidence’, badly classified. Cries of fascism in the book by anonymous persons namely X and X X X and another X. Calling the WEF a conspiracy theory.

Clarks book using political ideology, presenting little to no evidence, lack of demonstratable activity are paragraphs flawed. Clark being a commentator of government owned TVNZ1. Commentator for Stuff NZ and Newshub. Govt funded news media.  Clark was a guest writer of the SpinOff he authored an article about the ‘Women and the Alt Right in New Zealand.  Lauren Southern  and closer to home Carol Sakey with her campaign and video against the UN Global Compact of Migration. Other names he stated were Hannah Tamaki, Helen Houghton, Hannah from Counter spin and Voices for Freedom.

Byron Clark The Socialist/Communist Workers Party Activist that promoted tee shirts for sale that raised $1,000 to go directly to the Terrorists the Palestinian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. T Shirts written across them “Resistance is not Terrorism’. A 48 page pamphlet released by the Workers Party Clark was named as the contact as supporting the PFLP Terrorist group that is committed to extreme violence. Is a designated terrorist entity in four out of the Five Eyes countries.(Not designated as terrorist by NZ Prime Ministers Cabinet).

Byron Clark notes that “ The PFLP – socialist around the world their duty is to support the PFLP.  In one of the Workers Party’s articles they support a women terrorist from the PFLP who threatens to blow up passenger airlines.  Of course Byron Clark will try and worm his way out of this supporting of his comrades selling Tee Shirts to fund a Terrorism.  His own post on ‘Fight Back’ website in 2009 reports that ‘All profits from Tee Shirts go directly to fund the PFLP

PFLP the politically,  militarily PFLP. It was in 2010 that the Workers Party referring to raising money to support the PFLP. The United Nations Security Council 1st November 2021 reported the PFLP as a murderous terrorist organization responsible for countless terrorist attacks against Israelis and other nationals. The PFLP have been reported as a Palestinian Militant Group that takes part in suicide attacks. Making the martyr of female suicide bombers and military use of children. Another reference to Byron Clark ‘Plain Sight’ March 6th 2023.


INCLUDES:  Clark was a prominent member of the Workers Party – a socialist activist group – that raised money for the PFLP through the sale of T-shirts with ‘Resistance Is Not Terrorism’ emblazoned across them

A PDF 48 PAGE Byron Clark’s Socialist Workers Party Pamphlet by John Edmundson is well worth a read.

Yet Mainstream Media allow Byron Clark to character assassinate law abiding citizens, tell terrible lies about them. Including me that I inspired the Mosque Attacks yet complaints about this to Human Rights Commission, Broadcasting Council, Ombudsman they do zilch.

A very important informational video has been produced by Trevor Loudon. His report on the Pro Beijing NZ National Security Threat by the Communist Chinese Party and the political influences within parliament itself. Refers to the manipulations of minority populations, Hipkins and others abetting the Beijing agenda. The Chinese Communist Party buying up farmland m in New Zealand




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The cover ‘Leading with Empathy’ is a Legal Fiction for a start. Although the authors document that Ardern is one of the most inspirational leaders of the 21st Century, may I add her ability is that of communicative verbal diarrhea. Her so called transparency eludes me, as secrets and lies reside under a veil of secrecy in the toilet bowl of Wellington.

Yes this maybe a leading biography as Ardern has sucked millions of people in nationally and internationally gaining a Global Hollywood Stardom , however at home in New Zealand she has smiled “Be a Team Of 5 Million’. ‘Stay in your Bubble’. Ardern gains flattery and adoring audiences whenever a Crisis arises, and oh boy we have endured several majors since Ardern became the PM of NZ.

But, really what has Jacinda Ardern and her political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington really done to help support New Zealanders? It’s evidence based she has told a huge amount of Legal Fiction, and has broken many promises.

I note the book ‘Leading with Empathy’ is based on interviews with Ardern herself. That says it all, she has no conscience therefore she can say or do anything without a blink of the eye, with no shame and take no blame.

Yes the books authors rightfully said she swept into office in 2017, in three months she rose from Deputy Leader to the position of Lead of the Labour Party. Perhaps the populace of New Zealand was looking for difference, well they sure got it.

Over the last 3 ½ years its NOT what she has achieved for the people of New Zealand as many voters now feel very deceived. The promises of Kiwi Build. In 2018 the public housing waiting list was 8,800 today it is approx.., 23,000 households, with 4,000 children sleeping in cars.

In 2018 Ardern publically reported that Mental Health Services were seriously failing, it would take some time to fix, guess what its going to take even more time to fix, I doubt she has even crossed the start line yet.

There was a huge shortfall in school teachers in New Zealand. We still have a shortfall of teachers in New Zealand. In fact recent news articles refer to the dumbing down of Education in New Zealand.

Sexualizing our young through the School Education System has gained UN recognition and is included in International Law. Transgenderism is being played out as a Legal Fiction not recognizing there are two sexes male and female.

Now we have X asking Y and even I am confused. I am concerned about the anxiety, depression, confusion this may course these children as they enter puberty. The harms that may be done, that may become to difficult to be undone. The emotional, mental, physical and emotional impacts on their lives.

September 2019 Jacinda Ardern presented her very first VPN UN Agenda 2030 document to the United Nations. She boasted how she was accelerating the Sustainable Global Development Goals, that are not Sustainable. A Legal Fiction.

Ardern announced a Climate Emergency. School children have been brainwashed, indoctrinated and manipulated into a global political process. (Schools for Action of Climate Change). The scare mongering weapon to torture children’s minds through New Zealand’s Education System.

The British Mental Health Services have stated that the teaching of Global Warming in schools, the premature ending of the world through rising seas and the scorched planet is giving children nightmares and depression. Consequently Mental Health Service have now officially named Eco Anxiety’ as a Mental Health Disorder.

March 2020, in the midst of the populace distraction as to the Global COVID Crisis, Ardern pulled a real fast one. She introduced one of the most cruel evil Abortion Laws in the world. Abortion up to the time of birth. Legal Sex Selection. Abortion of an unborn baby with a cleft lip or club foot. If an Abortion fails and baby is born alive. Baby can be left to die without any pain medication on the Hospital Table. At this point I will puke if I look at the cover of the referred to book again. The title is a Legal Fiction. A Blatant out and out lie.. She shows no Empathy to the most vulnerable. She appears to have NO conscience, shows NO shame, takes NO blame. I personally define Jacinda Ardern as being a very dangerous person.

Amongst all of this she introduces the Abortion Law, assisted suicide (End Of Life Choice), with its many dangerous concepts.



‘Socialism, Marxism fit like hand in glove with ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’

The World Economic Forum (WEF) was founded on the 24th January 1971 by Klaus Schwab. It is based in Geneva, Switzerland, it is recognised as an International NGO.( An International Non-Governmental Organization, which is independent of Government)

Annually the WEF gather in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, where Government Leaders, Silicon Valley, Philanthropists, Royalty, Global Elite, NGO’s, leaders of UN Agencies and Global Wealthy Corporations come together to collaborate on activities to shape the worlds future. This is an extremely powerful driven force that is being used to over throw the ‘Free Market Economy’ to replace it with ‘Stake Holder Capitalism’. The mindeset of maximum profits for Global Wealthy Greedy Corporations that are being backed up by multi-million dollar Philanthropist Foundations.

The Davos Crowd is a global army of Academics, Researchers, Consultants, Executives, Politicians, UN Agencies all collaborating with the World Economic Forum. Schwab claims he invested in the ‘Global Stakeholder Capitalist’

Klaus Schwab referred to the COVID19 Global Crisis Economy. “It is essential for leaders from all walks of life to work together virtually for a more inclusive, cohesive and sustainable future as soon as possible in 2021.”

Joe Biden he is an enthusiastic big player of the WEF Great Global Reset Agenda with his ‘Build Back Better Initiatives’, the ‘Future Proof Stakeholder Capitalism’.

“Stakeholder Capitalism and the Great Reset’ and ‘Food Security and a Global Food Crisis’. Its blatantly obvious not one polition in  the toilet bowl of Wellington are publically speaking out about the new normal global economy of  Klaus Schwab’s Global Great Reset.

‘Free Market Economy has proven to be the best model of economy, it is efficient, productive and innovative. Resources are owned by individuals rather than Governing bodies.                                    Ardern’s Socialist Marxist Government is busy accelerating ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’, increasing authoritarian restrictive controls over the populace of New Zealand.

The Global Climate Action Plan of Climate Alarmism, Climate Emergency is being used as a stranglehold on New Zealand’s economy.   Jacinda Ardern leads the way in her Climate Alarmism Plan, UN AGenda 2030.  She is the first one to embed Agenda 2030 into New Zealand Policies. Boasts that other UN Nations should take her lead.  A sneaky, manipulatibe behavioural mofication is happening as New Zealanders are being locked down.

This behaviour re-engineering is effectual in transforming the global food chain. Which has been planned by the UN Agency Food Agriculture Organization (FDA UN) collaborating with World Trade Org.,, The World Health Organization (UN) and the World Economic Forum. This is all part and parcel of the ‘Great Reset’

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