I have to ask how much do New Zealanders know about the Worth Trade Organization. The World Economic Forum, most of us have heard about the 4th Industrial Revolution ‘The Great Reset’.  How much do we relly know about NZ Parliament and their membership to the International Parliamentary Union? I sure as hell did not know the IPU existed.

Under the veil of COVID19 their is massive corruption and purposeful destruction happening in New Zealand.  This is just one of the many video I will continue to produce to hopefully wake those up who have not yet really woken up.  As a retired person I have the time, the need to share because I really care about my fellow human beings.  All I ask is that you keep sharing the links to my website and the continuous information I provide. There is no cost $$ attached, these are heart gifts.  Please support family, loved ones, friends and acquaintances who are struggling through these times.    Well resourced information, sharing, caring and loving in Christian ways  is about promoting self-empowerment – not walking in anothers shoes.


Please click on the image above which will direct you to my video on ‘Critical Theory and the Corporate Capture of New Zealand’. God Save New Zealand.


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