The English word ‘Disinformation’ is from the latin prefix dis-information meaning ‘reversal or removal of information’.

NZ Government and governments worldwide are using massive ‘Disinformation’ campaigns to deceive citizens globally.  The Christchurch Call is being used as New Zealand Government’s base of their Disinformation campaign. Referencing hate speech, white supremacy, Transgenerism, Racism etc., all of which were spoken about in Parliament on the 3rd anniversary of the Christchurch attack by MPs. The Christchurch call motion was introduced into Parliament once again in March 2022 to promote Hate Speech Laws, to actually define what hate speech is.

The description ‘The River Of Filth (referencing the protestors residing on Parliamentary grounds) was a deliberate disinformation campaign by the government, promoted by the propaganda machine (mainstream news media).  The governments campaign to deceive and promote discontent and division, seperatism amongst  New Zealand, another diversion to take away from the public of New Zealand,  the truth and what is really happening..

The  Global Disinformation Campaign is a Pandemic in itself.

Intelligence Agencies are using ‘Disinformation’ campaigns however this is nothing new, its a well known practice of influencing citizens , country’s through the press.

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Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook have all sought out New Zealand as being a guineapig state.  Ardern offered New Zealand up to be a guineapig state in 2019 when the government agreed to pilot ‘Reimagining AI Regulations’ for the World Economic Forum.

What about COVID19 Clinical Trials, you may ask?  Yes Phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials took place in Auckland prior to COVID landing on our shores. RNZ reported October  26th 2021  ” Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been repeatedly shown that when Māori lead, we get things done, we keep our communities well, and we get our whānau vaccinated.  Out on the East coast, Jordan’s iwi Te Whānau ā Apanui are a stand-out example of the power of iwi and hapū-led vaccination.  The Te Araroa community similarly shows us how Māori-led communications about the vaccine can resonate strongly across both Māori and tauiwi audiences”.  But do they talk and represent all people with Maori blood running through their veins, I think not.


Please go to the link in the image above click on this, you will be directed to my Rumble Video on this important topic, where I have researched ‘Is New Zealand a guineapig state, and are Maori being targeted deliberately so’


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Revisiting Parliamentary Protest – Mallard Duck just couldn’t help himself grabbing that narrow window of opportunity to pilot  Nanaia Mahuta’s  ‘3 Water’s Reform’ As he used the sprinklers in Parliament to pilot the ‘3 Waters Reform’. It was an overnight disaster. A brain washing ‘No Brainer’. Proven beyond doubt, once again the bureaucrats lied. ‘3 Waters is not ‘environmentally friendly, but ‘environmentally nasty’. A water on the brainer.

On Monday I attended the Anzac Service at One Tree Hill. “Acknowledging, remembering the ‘War dead’. I thought of my grandfathers, great uncles, and uncles of mine., that were engaged in fighting in Gallipoli, First and Second world wars. How bravely, courageously they fought for our freedoms.

My Mum at the age of 16, kept the home fires burning in the second world war. She worked in an ammunitions factory, working beside her ‘ a German prisoner of War”   It’s the same sad, sad story throughout history. Bureaucrats make the wars,  people pay with their lives.    On Monday I attended the Anzac Service at One Tree Hill Auckland.

I was drawn to tears, the service really tugged at my heart strings, quietly I sat in prayer thanking them for making our freedoms possible ‘Lest We Forget’ and as the sun went down “We shall never forget”  It confirmed for me once more, there is no alternative we must fight for our freedoms. We are the living hearts and souls of those war dead, those that suffered terrible injuries.

It is up to us now, not to let the war dead die in vain.  It is our responsibility to come together in peace, love and unity to demand “No, enough is enough, we the people demand you return to us our God given rights, our civil liberties, our human rights”.

For our human dignity, our unique individual identity for our children, future generations.   Yes-ANZAC day, left me somewhat emotional”, Mother Day is not far away ‘Sunday 8th May’.  Mothers day for me is one of mixed emotions, a few giggles and a few tears. I am drawn questioning myself  “how would my dear old Mum cope with todays insane happenings”?

Would she compliant to political demands “Hell no”. Telling my Mum she’s not allowed to go meet friends at the coffee shop, would be treading on dangerous territory.   I can hear her now “Bugger off, who a hell do you think you are… if I want to go to the coffee shop, I’ll go –  You are not my maker, or creator”- Go sort your own life out,  sounds like it’s a mess”.  My Mum straight to the point.

What about the  shot in the arm?. That’s an absolute No, NO. Mum didn’t trust doctors, or hospitals. To her,  all medicines were poisons. And  she would never agree to wear a nappy around her face, after all.. she even refused to wear a gas mask in war time Britain.

Like or leave Mum, it made no difference to her. Mum was loudly opinionated,  embarrassingly so at times.  Seeing a woman in a skirt almost up to her thigh..   Mum would deliberately in her loudest voice spurt out  “Carol, look at her, lamb dressed up as mutton, you can see what she had for breakfast, lunch and dinner”  I would try to hush her voice.. “shhee Mum, she can hear you”, her response was   “I know, but Carol don’t hush me, you may be in your 60’s now, but I’m still your mother”

Mum and in later years enjoyed each others company visiting family members in England and Ireland. Dad was Irish, and Mum liked everyone to believe she too was Irish.   She knew how to dance an Irish Jig, and sing an Irish song. Often on visits to Ireland I found myself having to sleep in the same bed as my mum, because of shortage of bed space.

I found out things about my Mum I never knew before, like her loud stinky farts that nearly blew me out of bed. There was no escaping them, inside and outside the bed covers. All I could do is suffer in silence, and just pray that Mum would run out of gas, rather sooner than later.  I bravely approached the stinky subject with Mum saying “maybe she’s eating too much rich holiday food, that’s causing her fluctuance” Respectfully I did not tread on dangerous territory by describing them as “loud smelly farts”

Surprisingly mum didn’t  fiercely retaliate, she smiled, but I noticed that hint of sarcasm as she responded  “Never mind dear, its only kisses from the intestines,  showing how much your mother loves you”.  You would certainly be treading on dangerous territory if Mum saw you sneezing into your sleeve, as we are being told to.. Mum would have been horrified, sneezing is for hankies.  I can just hear her now “Look at that dirty filthy person, rubbing their snotty nose right up their  sleeve, bloody disgusting”.

And as for facial masks my Mum would not hesitate to go up to a complete stranger and ask “what’s it like burping and sneezing in your own face, wearing that nappy around your face”

Sharing my thoughts about my Mum, with an old friend the other day, we agreed ‘my mother would rather wear a pair of police handcuffs rather than a nappy around her face.  My friend laughed, saying its like this  “There’s this  condom and a face mask sitting together on a park bench-  The condom looks at the mask and says “they won’t wear you either , huh”.

Later that day I visited another old friend who was a psychotherapist in the same clinic as I worked from many years ago. I noticed the sign on the door ‘Vaccine Passes required to enter these premises’.  I ignored it and walked in, no questions asked. But couldn’t help telling her , she’d bought into the insanity, that people were seriously injured, have died after having the COVID shot.

I went onto say that this insanity has people confused, believing lies through the propaganda machine.  She looked at me, like she was a shrink. “Here we go, I could see it coming, she thought I was an anti-vaxer crazy woman. She told me she cared for me, put her arms around me. I felt I wanted to rip her arms out of her sockets, but I pulled myself together, a little voice in my head said  “firstly, do no harm”.

My friend she should taken into account that I am my mothers daughter, and she knew what my mother was like, that she could be treading on dangerous ground. Here we go, then she started  “close your eyes Carol, visualize you are on standing on a railway track and a high speed train is heading for you, what are you going to do?”

I opened my eyes and laughed saying “I’m going to grab me a helicopter and fly right out of there”. .. Oops that wasn’t the answer she was looking for.   Once more she said “Close your eyes Carol, can you see the high speed train rushing towards you ?”  I whispered “Yes I can it”. she whispered back asking “what are you going to do”? Again I replied, this time a a nice soft voice  “I’m going to grab me a helicopter and fly right out of there”. In a louder slightly agitated voice she responded  “Where in hell are you going to get a helicopter from”?   Again  I opened my eyes, loudly responding “The bloody same place you got your dam train from”.  There it ended, both of us cracked up laughing.

Getting back to my dear old Mum, it was a losing battle trying to argue with Mum.  She’d say “ Carol, you maybe in your 60’s, but I’m still your Mother, therefore your argument is invalid.”   Dear mum gave me two choice, take it or leave it.    I can’t help it after all I am my mothers daughter and occasionally my mum pops out of my mouth.  Mother’s never really die. My mum at times had a great deal of trouble with me, but I am sure she enjoyed it.  Mum taught me that “Fear is not an option”. My father was Irish and Mum English., however  Mum deliberately adopted my dads Irishness. She was a ‘want to be Irish’.

In your Irishness Mum, here’s a message for you –  “’Tá mé i ngrá leat”  which means I love you in Gaelic.  We are all individually unique and to Mothers born. Created as God’s children.  I find it very special when people come together in unity acknowledging that we are all special unique individual human beings. A meeting of living heart and souls, carrying our forefathers identity within each of us.

When asked “what is the solution to these extremely troubling times, I say “the bureaucrats are the problem, the people are the solution”

Without this insane, ruthless, utter  disrespect for human life we have experienced by Ardern’s Govt, we probably would never have met kindred spirits. Yes out of the bad comes the good, which gives us hope, because we are not alone as thousands in New Zealand come together in unity.

We cannot back down, there is no other alternative, it is our responsibility  for our children, future generations to keep moving forward.

To retain our human dignity, human rights and civil liberties. Yes, the solution lies with the people, we are the people.

Again I repeat these words-Mothers Day Sunday 8th May, especially for my Mum “’Tá mé i ngrá leat” – “I love you Mum” Rest In Peace.





2nd December 2021 David Parkers speech in Parliament found on parliamentary website


Included in his speech he states the following:-

Taken too far, collective rights are used by communist, fascist or theocratic regimes to suppress minorities and individual liberties.

That extreme views of individual liberties ‘trumping community rights beget unjust outcomes too

Unless an individual adult has a medical reason not to be vaccinated, that it’s a fair expectation those that can should in order to protect us all. He adds “ Unvaccinated people may not be able to enjoy the same things that the vaccinated do”

Vaccine certificate will now become a way a feature of daily life as we move into the traffic light system.

Now many businesses and event holders will be able to choose whether they use the vaccine pass or not for their customers

Green, orange, red levels using vax certs will allow gatherings like weddings, hospitality, gyms to operate with few restrictions

Some private companies have already announced they will not serve, allow unvaxed on their premises, also mentions those running musical festivals and international flights

Some businesses are still asking their staff or customers to be vaxed.

David Parker adds, that private sector decisions do not trigger the same Bill Of Rights Act- balancing exercise in the same way as  government decisions do.

It is unlikely that exclusion from music festivals or international flights or private premises would be unlawful.

Not being able to go out for dinner is simply a consequence of their refusal to be vaccinated.

He says the message is clear:- If you choose not to be vaxed then there will be things you will miss out on.

The government has set ot all the controls for each of the traffic lights by including them in one new order, but made only some of those controls “active” right now.

Parker said “This means that New Zealanders can see for themselves all the controls that could apply at Red Orange and Green if a localised lockdown is needed

He then spoke about vaccine requirements: for workplaces.If people choose not to be vaxed, do not always have a free choice of employment

The government require those people who work in MIQ, border, health & disability, education, prisons. Police and defence force personnel to be vaxed.

The Government has introduced vaccine requirements for those working in MIQ, border, health and disability, education, prison workforces, police and defence force personnel.

Other than this, persons conducting businesses, undertaking a concept used in the Health & Safety at Work Act, The Govt has designed a tool for businesses to use, but not compulsory.

Other Health and Safety tests can be applied.

Parker made a reference to a European Court of Human Rights Case referring to compulsory childhood vaccinations as follows:-

“It cannot be regarded as disproportionate for a state to require those for whom vaccination represents a remote risk to health to accept this universally practised protective measure as a matter of legal duty….

Parker states  in the name of social solidarity, the govt believes people are fairly asked to bear the consequences of their choice not to vaccinate

Saying the future is uncertain, ever higher vax rates, comes with more options and few restrictions, adding if the virus mutates, and science advances…

The govt will respond swiftly, supporting those affected.

Another humdinger lie by this government- Our calm and caring science-driven approach has resulted in more freedoms in New Zealand.

We have honoured the NZ Bill Of Rights Act.- Another lie Ardern and her political cronies totally violated the NZ Bill Of Rights Act 1990



Carol Sakey


Jacinda Arderns made one of her  speeches on 22nd March 2022 in Parliament. She included in her speech that on average over seven days there was 17,000 cases per day of Omicron.  This huge spike in numbers of cases has come about since the government introduced the RAT test to their tool box, there is much evidence to say they are prone to inaccuracy

It is reported that the  accuracy of RATs can be affected by factors such as how well the sample is taken, the timing of the sample (RATs are relatively insensitive early or late in infection) and the evidence particular brands have differing ability to detect the Omicron variant. The TGA is currently reviewing and reporting the evidence provided for kits on sale and how sensitive they are to specific COVID variants.

Please note the government rely on predictive data that is so complex that the average joe bloggs, or some-one like myself does not understand.

In Arderns speech she mentions the wearing of masks being 53% effective, she does not mention the millions of masks that have found to have within them very dangerous toxins.

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