As I have already said, like many do “Just follow the dam money”.

I have just read an interesting article on Hydroxychloroquine . This having been around for 70 plus years. For the treatment for Malaria, Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. WHO said it was safe and an effective medication, designated it as safe a medication as taking an  Aspirin

A survey of 6,000 medical doctors affirmed Hydroxychloroquine as their choice to treat COVID19. It was explained :-that hydroxyzine works like this  That it is a ‘ionophore which is a means to transport material through the cellular wall. Zinc is a mineral that stops the replication of the COVID19 virus within the cell

Hydroxychloroquine transports Zinc into the cell so that it can stop the replication of the virus. The Z-pak antibiotic is given to prevent opportunistic bacterial infections like pneumonia that can occur while your immune system is engaged in Righting your viral infection. The key to its effectiveness is to start this treatment at the early onset of Covid 19 so that it has time to work. But of course Big Pharma  has subverted this treatment in their regime, denounced its effectiveness through Dr Fauci and company, plus doing hit pieces, censoring medical doctors articles, sabotaging from the onset. The study that is published of patients given Hydroxychloroquine was taken from a study where the most sickest patients were given the drug. (It needs to be taken on the onset of the virus). And they were NOT given ZINC. hydroxychloroquine-ineffective-covid-19-va-study-suggests

Another great deception was through the British Medical Journal, The Lancet reported a meta study showing  Hydroxychloroquine was ineffective. This study was published across European countries, and the treatment was then prohibited. Within weeks it was found the study was badly designed, results were fabricated. The Lancley story mislead millions of people and physicians


The Big Pharma Global Corruption ‘Deception” equates to follow the money, always follow the money. The NHS in Great Britain committed itself to purchase COVID19 jabs for the entire population of Great Britain at an agreed price of $600 for every jab that went into every arm. (Costing $50 Billion)

Big Pharma and its  massive global control of populations . COVID 19 jabs untested as to stopping COVID 19 from spreading. The world has become a global guineapig of guinea pigs states. (experimental guineapigs). US Elections $2 Billion from Big Pharma US Elections 2020.The internet masters of the world kowtow to Big Pharma  controlling information through ‘Disinformation, Misinformation authoritarian regimes. (The censoring of the truth). So people will cry out in fear for the experimental jab in the arm

. Just one Ivermectin pill and then the course of antibiotics for ten days resulted in a 100% cure rate for Covid 19 patients according to the attached study. Ivermectin has been widely used on the continent of Africa for many years as an anti-parasitic and is believed to be a primary reason that Covid 19 has not severely impacted the African population. HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & ZINC There are several other therapies that appear to be safe, effective and affordable. You may want to research Chlorine Dioxide, intravenous ozone, high dose intravenous vitamin C and another, Glutathione which are popular treatments in the homeopathic communities

Ardern said the government had signed an advance purchase agreement for an additional 8.5 million doses on top of what it has already bought, bringing the total order to 10 million – enough for five million people to get the two shots needed to be fully vaccinated.  8th March 2021. She said in a public interview that Pfizer jab has shown to be 95% effective. Chris Hipkins working with Pfizer for a smooth roll out of jabs in the whole, entire populations arms.. The jab is a more expensive option (People you have paid for it)

Ardern had a global discussion hosted by the PM of Sweden, Spain and the UN Secretary General on “HOW WE CAN BUILD BACK BETTER FROM COVID”. Saying that “The global discussion would cover Climate Change and Human Rights (Yep right “The Tyranny of Human Rights’). hydroxychloroquine-ineffective-covid-19-va-study-suggests hydroxychloroquine- studyineffective-covid-19-va-study-suggest HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & ZINC


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