There is now some concern of another one of those COVID Variant named ‘Kraken’ otherwise known as XB1.5. Auckland University Microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles was interviewed by RNS News Media. She stressed the ‘Pandemic’ is not over whilst COD19 deaths continue to cross the world. But I had to laugh when I heard that the mystical monster had actually risen from the deep dark depths of the ocean, which is said to live off the cost of Norway. Ha Ha it must be hell’ve monsterous virus because ‘Kraken’ when arising from the deep is said to be as big as the whole dam ocean.

The so called new strain XBB.1.5, nicknamed ‘Kraken’, is spreading rapidly across the globe and has  only just been detected in New Zealand ..Wiles reported the reason she believed that people need to be concerned, because it has a number of mutations, better able to infect, evade immunity from vaccines..

We never had immunity from this so called COVID 19 infection, the jabs were never tested for transmission of COVID before reaching the global market, this was admitted by the chief CEO of Pfizer at the European Court. Is well published. ” Immunity is the state of being immune hence being able to resist a particular disease. The jabs failed, and still fail. The porkies continue. Wiles is advocating through RNZ Mainstream media that ‘mask wearing remain, she said the masks protect you from the virus in the air. Viruses sit on hand rails, packages, supermarket shelves, cash flow machines, you name it. Masks used as chin straps, dirty laying on the ground. Germany claimed no evidences that the masks could significantly reduce infection risks for healthy people

Discussions on COVID‐19 related issues, particularly on mask mandate have been the major topics in the public life. So far, the research communities have not been able to provide conclusive and unified remarks on the effectiveness of the masks in fundamental mechanisms and specific functions.  Among all types, N95 masks are more effective than surgical masks in preventing air leakage during cough, however, neither would entirely prevent the side leakage (Hui et al., 2012

Recent studies suggest that covering the face inhibits the recognition of identity and emotional expressions. However, it might also make the eyes more salient, since they are a reliable index to orient our social and spatial attention. “The surgical face mask has become a symbol of our times.” Masks give a false sense of security. The main role of MNC is the protection of people standing nearby. MNC do not protect the wearer. .. The lack of nonverbal communication when wearing a mask may make people feel insecure, disheartened or even psychologically troubled. This may be particularly true for people suffering from mental illness or hearing impairment.

Breathing dampens the mask. If there is excessive moisture, the masks become airtight. Therefore, air is inhaled and exhaled unfiltered around the edges, losing the protective effect for both the wearer and the environment. If masks are not exchanged regularly (or washed properly when made of cloth), pathogens can accumulate in the mask. When improperly used, the risk of spreading the pathogen—including SARS-CoV-2—(coronaviruses)might be critically increased. Wiles is advocating masks remain, eradicating from the air is the best way to remove it. Virus do sit on packages, items hand rails, elevator rails cash flow machines. Wiles said its important to know that its only the elderly dying from the virus.

Kraken has descended from Omicron XBB subvariant Wiles said. Add some psychological fear-WHO have detected it in at least 31 countries. Wiles, microbiologist stressed the pandemic is not over as long as there are COVID related deaths continuing across the world. (Did not say COVID19) COVID stands for Coronaviruses.

There are literally hundreds of coronaviruses, includes mild colds, to more series or not so serious illness or death. A very large family of viruses. One is namely 229E that causes the common cold. (Wiles just reported COVID-Coronavirus in her RNZ interview).  The detection of the XBB 1.5 known as kraken was a result of two COVID19 cases reported by the Institute of Environmental Science and Research in January this year stating ‘it was difficult to establish whether this variant would become the predominant one in the community’… Vaccines and booster still expect will provide protection against the disease.  (Wiles said)

Jabs do not stop transmission of COVID19. Pfizer never pre tested this for transmission of the disease, as they stated at the European Court. In another RNZ article the ESR that reported two cases of Kraken XBB 1.5  in January this year. ESR is the  Crown Research Institute It was formed in 1992, it is a government agency the largest provider of science research in NZ and also research for significant commercial users of science and technology etc., ESR documentation refers to  the 5 year SHIVERS (Southern Hemisphere Influenza and Vaccine Effectiveness, Research and Surveillance) project, which is increasing the understanding of the burden of influenza and how to prevent its spread around the world. New Zealand’s influenza season often predicts what will happen in the Northern Hemisphere

AGAIN PREDICTIVE-PREDICTS—Not evidence based, guesstimates, estimates on basis of data, or some-one else’s data, opinions, ideas what the future olds shrew interference from what the true facts are., what one thinks will happen). Wiles reported she is, will be advising  people to wear masks on public transport and planes, malls, supermarkets, wherever you are around people” Reported publicly through RNZ news media.. hence giving this message to the general public.

LOL The ‘Kraken’ is it real or fake? Its reported to be a murderous sea monster from millions of years ago.. But experts say there is a lack of evidence it’s a myth. Krakens are sensitive to the light, no-one has ever really seen one.

Its enormous though. Kraken in the Norwegian  dictionary come from the word kraken that signifies an in imageable massive  image. The mythical story goes that the ‘kraken measured many miles in length. There was difficulty describing it. But when it surfaced it cover the whole if the sea. Its been described as a man eating legend. The legendary mystical Kraken has now a term used for the new XBB 1.5. Oops massive so huge it covered the whole sea, a man eating legend. Hope you do not connect this Kraken with the so called XBB-1.5 The Monster of fear that has invades peoples minds for centuries.


https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/482139/covid-19-xbb-1-point-5-variant-detected-in-new-zealand  )




The ESR 2016 created a Statement of Corporate Intent 2016-2021 32 page PDF http://www.esr.cri.nz/assets/FORENSIC-CONTENT/Images-and-PDFs/ESR-SCI-2016-WEB.pdf

(Feng et al., 2020 .. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7883189/

the masks in fundamental mechanisms and specific functions, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7883189/





6TH July 2021 David Clark Commerce Affairs Minister announced to the House “the government has agreed to establish a ‘Consumer Right Data’ Framework (CDR) which is otherwise known as ‘Open Banking’. That consumers would be in the drivers seat controlling their own personal information (data) that is also shared with third parties. This is a mechanism requiring data holders, eg; banks, energy retailers, Internet-Phone, transport, health, education whatever essential products, services you purchase in the market place. Refers to your personal data through banks, financial institutions, your transactional information can be shared with third parties in the commercial and domestic marketplace. The government takes control of the market place and your money. Money in and money out- data in and data out.

In 2021 the government implemented a timeline for ‘Open Banking’ CDR which includes engagement, consultation of draft legislation. Thus industry changing factors, outsourcing of regulation, modernization of payments infrastructure and ongoing digital disruption. Incomes, welfare benefits, superannuation etc., will be deposited and distributed to multiple sources of services & products providers. So that customers data can be much easily stolen. The more data that’s shared with third party companies, financial institutions the more risk that your personal information (data) will  fall in the wrong hands.

The Govts Consumer Data Right Strategy (CDR)..Open Banking is a narrative that centres itself on a promise to make it much easier for the consumer, give them greater opportunities as they are being told they will control their own personal information (data).  The ‘You can trust us, a trust building exercise’. The potential risks are inherent in CDR (Open Banking) system. The Govt implements the right to mitigation measures, the govt tells the individual consumer in the business and domestic sector they now have increased control over their own data” NOTE: Banks carry strategic, operational, model, conduct, financial crime and reputational risks. And continued risks as increased volumes of data and speed is consumed. There are hidden costs associated with compliance, risk, security protocols etc.,

Open Banking is a system that has primary components that are namely players- technological, processers, data and a constant evolving risk. The Open Banking playing field expands way beyond the  traditional financial institution, includes Fintech, banks, data aggregators, credit bureaus, payment networks and third party providers (TPPs). Healthcare has even joined the game. As soon as your personal data is shared it is at risk. The misuse of customer data, a third party’s lack of process controls, fraudulent TPP access. A lack of traceability of customer data use, lack of accountability by all parties & data security across devices.

Eg: If a customer went on say a business trip that involved service provider transactions, those transactions may remain as ‘ open status’ for several days & may require hundreds of data transmittals, and dozens of analytical models to support it. Technology risks, platform business model championed by Google, Amazon, Alibaba is what Open Banking is to financial services. Technology- the ‘risk of risks’ is execution risk, failure of platform components to deliver high performance which is required for customer interactions. There are new challenges stemming from data.

The Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is certainly warming up. The process starts with Consumer Data Rights (Open Banking) to ‘Open Finance’. Promoting a framework of so called trust, psychologically sucking people in by namely the term ‘Consumer Data Rights’. (We have lost so many Rights over these past few years, wow we are going to get some Rights and the Govt is going to give them to us. Wow. ) Now the authoritarian government can really control your private data, your data in the wrong hands, third parties, cyber attacks., overseas criminal groups, this can be very dangerous .CBDC’s worldwide are in various stages of evaluation of launching national digital currencies. CBDC’s have come to the forefront with the disruption and restrictions of COVID19. The government wants to track your journey in this ever increasing digital financial world. Faster payments, rapid digitization, a demand for a more efficient domestic, cross border value transfers and ‘financial inclusion ‘

‘Open Banking’ and the ‘Open Financing’ revolution the next step to digital currencies. The adoption of the Government ‘Consumer Data Right’ Strategy (CDR). Open Banking moving to Open Financing to change the banking landscape – the goal ‘Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The dangers of CBDC, there is no limit to the level of control that the govt can exert on people, businesses if money is purely digital and provided directly by the government this means they will have full control of money going in and going out of a persons, a commercial, business account. This is incompatible with ‘freedom’. This is the governments attempt to protect its privileged position, exert more control over peoples lives, their money. The Government saying ‘your money is not really your money’, and your property rights are subservient to the ‘public good’ and the supposed necessity of ‘managing the national economy’.

The International Settlements Central Bankers Report on ‘Future Monetary System’ proclaims the metaphor for the future monetary system like this:- The future monetary system is a tree, its solid trunk is the ‘central bank’ that supports a diverse multi-layered vibrant eco-system of participants and functions however only after the Central Bankers have set the rules. (Reserve Bank of NZ-Is the Central Bank of NZ chief advisory, collaborator with Government- – working with the Treasury) The system serves the public interest but the central bankers define those interests

The authoritarian political control of government is not compatible with economic or political freedoms, therefore limits the protections of Human Rights. The Govts Consumer Data Right Strategy makes consumers choice an unreality.3.Consumers choice is an unreality. Large corporations get greater control. The International Convention of Economic Social & Cultural Rights (ICESR) Article 11 provides for the ‘Rights of All (each one of us-everyone) to an adequate standard of living, adequate clothing, adequate housing, adequate food, an adequate standard of living, a continuous improvement of living conditions

Advancing of digital technologies influence interactions with society to the full realization of Article 11. Which requires access to financial institutions, to a bank account into which your income is paid, to develop credit ratings, apply for home loans, collect welfare payments, superannuation, pay taxes and energy bills, telecommunications – phone, internet, health & education all essential services. All these are reported as promoting social inclusion. Social Inclusion robs people of their individual dignity and human rights. Art 11 ( ICESR) includes other rights that require services for fulfilment, this includes ‘freedom of expression ‘, education, mental & physical health also public participation. Underpinning all of this is ‘privacy’, the foundational rights such as dignity, self-determination for ALL, everyone, each one of us. However advanced technology, data neglects Human Rights and Freedoms.

The real danger of CBDCs is ‘there is no limit to the level of control the govt can exert over people if money is purely digital, this gives them the control of money going in and out of your account. Programmable CBDC is very dangerous, a controlling force over peoples lives, a mechanism for specified behaviour. Like a voucher system is programmed for entry and expiry at certain points in time. Can be only used to purchase certain goods and services. Govt determines how you spend your money, you can’t.

The Reserve Bank of NZ has referred to CBDC as to whether they could support this as a steward of money in the digital future. A Reserve Bank of NZ Executive Summary reports “We characterise our mandates, roles, responsibilities in terms of the Tane Mahuta narrative. Tane and the big trees eco-system. The steward of money and cash in NZ, ensuring that CBDC contributes to a modern inclusive economy. Including the partnering of corporations, large companies with government. Programmes. NZ’s Central Bank-The Reserve Bank of NZ. The govts lead advisor on matters relating to formulating, implementing of monetary policy and all matters related to fiscal policy and financial markets. The Memorandum of Understanding on Information Exchange and Collaboration where the Govt’s Treasury Dept and the Reserve Bank of NZ work together was agreed to in June 2012.

CBDC RISKS- Accumulates sensitive payment and user data on an unprecedented scale, in the wrong hands this data can be used to spy on citizens private transactions, obtain security sensitive details about individuals and business, organizations, groups and can rob them of their money.The unelected globalists at the WEF continue to push schemes -ESG, C BDC whilst calling on governments and businesses to crackdown on ‘misinformation ‘ Remember Arderns war on ‘Free Speech’ Her ‘NZ’s first in the world ‘Algorithm Charter’ 2019

The World Economic Forum representatives of Governments, CEOs of large corporations very influential philanthropists etc., of Multistakeholder Corporate capitalist economies. WEF references the building of ‘Inclusive Eco Systems, Digital ID to provide financial services to households. “A digital ID layer should be developed independently of other parts of payment processes’ WEF Forum, Future Focus 2025. The World Economic Forum (WEF) references:- as hundreds of govts explore fully traceable programmable and permission based digital currencies that will allow central bankers to control what you can and cannot purchase, these CBDCs will require that every citizen have a digital wallet pegged to their Digital ID. The unelected WEF call on governments and corporations to establish rules for Digital ID Governance.

Vaccine passports by nature serve as a digital ID – WEF Feb 2022. Digital ID Future Agency “Next level of data intermediaries (embedded in body, devices, homes, cities etc.,WEF Feb 2022. Digital ID schemes have been on the rise in recent years thanks to vaccine passports which according to WEF Feb 2022 ‘serve as a form of digital ID’. While Vaccine Passports store highly medical data about an  individual the globalists project that Digital ID will expand to include credit history, social media activity, and online purchase behaviours. This is extremely invasive.. Devices in your body, your home and the cities where you live- aimed at collecting as much information about you as possible. Constant surveillance in Real Time.

The transition to a lower carbon economy requires a large rewiring of the global economy with approx. $3.5 trillion of investment needed annually for decades, WEF ‘Future Focus 2025’. Finance plays a pivotal role in facilitating the transition to net zero economy, innovative approaches are needed to bridge the net zero funding gap – WEF ‘Future Focus 2025’. Lumping together digital inclusion, finance and the environment is the concept of ESG scoring for allocating, distributing digital payments with programmable CBDC’s. According to the report ‘Finance plays a pivotal role in facilitating the transition to a net zero economy, innovation approaches are needed to bridge the net zero funding gap.

Rewiring of the global economy is the same as the ‘Great Reset’. Taking advantage of the fight against climate change, of the shock inflicted by the pandemic to implement long lasting and wider environmental changes. Making good use of the pandemic by not letting the crisis go to waste.- COVID19 The Great Reset. Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret 2020 ‘Presenting a rare but narrow window of opportunity, to re-imagine, reset our world. Massive exploitation of the Pandemic and Climate Gloom and Doom narrative. Never let a good crisis go to waste.WEF Future Focus 2025 “When lacking data to quantify risks and evaluate their likelihoods, well formed scenarios developed in a collaborative process can help draw out potential impacts, can educate the public on possible threats”

Governments and corporations to invest narratives using behavioural science mechanisms, (manipulating behaviour). Any critical thinking that goes against the WEF narratives label them as ‘Misinformation & ‘disinformation’. Narratives to shape perceptions, which in turn form realities for people, that end up influencing choices and actions. -The Great Narrative, Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret 2022. “In the battles for hearts and minds of human beings, narrative will consistently outperform data in its ability to influence human thinking and motivate human action”. In the absence of hard data Future Focus 2025 (WEF) report reiterates the importance of narratives as ‘well formed scenarios’ to ‘manipulate perceptions’

The WEF calls on corporations and governments to regulate misinformation, disinformation on social media. Outsourcing critical thinking, giving all trust to government bureaucrats and unelected technocrats. The 134 page report draws from and supports the WEF platforms dedicated to catalysing a new economy, a new society- The Global Redesign, the Great Reset agenda. A roadmap for steering society to re-engineering people, planet for immense profit of the few by unelected entities.

ESG scoring is not a mandate from the people  but a concept dreamed up by unelected globalists bureaucrats to control the global economy, time to push back. Our Free-market economy has served us extremely well, is innovative, has a significant effect on the countries growth and wealth, provides jobs. A free market economy determined by supply and demand. (Free-market = Freedom Of Choice)

Digital ID, CBDC, ESG, Open Banking, Open Financing, Social Inclusion = Corporate Capture. Corporates the drivers in the front seat, governments as back seat passengers, and the people, small businesses, farmers, rural communities are the roadkill. NOTE: Ardern used NZrs as guineapigs for WEF project  Re-imagining Digital Regulations’

SOLUTION? Ideas- ‘Staying local, bartering systems, get to know your community. Get in the face of politicians from all parties to introduce a Citizens Initiated Binding Referendum and a constitution set in concrete’, more face to face group meetings.

BEWARE OF: Financial Inclusion, Consumer Right Data Strategy,(Open Banking) and Open Financing leading to Central Bank Digital Currency. The Consumer Data Right Strategy is on the governments agenda now


WEF pushes digital ID, CBDC, ESG & crackdowns on ‘misinformation’ in Future Focus report




https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/in/Documents/financial-services/in-fs-cbdc-noexp.pdf 36 pages.

https://sociable.co/business/wef-digital-id-cbdc-esg-misinformation-future-focus-report/ WEF Pushes Digital ID, CBDC and ESG in misinformation in Future Focus report July 8th 2022








QUESTION: Are elderly people with underlying serious health problems and the disabled including children being deliberately culled by some UN Member States that have Euthanasia Policies.

QUESTION; Many elderly in care homes, are receiving shingles, pneumonia, flu, CVID shots and the Boosters, Many of these shots given within a short period of time of each other. Do you believe this is good for their health, is it advantageous or do you think the elderly are being culled.

QUESTION: The worst abortion law in the world was introduced in NZ whilst people had their eyes fixed on COVID19. Is this part and parcel of depopulation globally?

QUESTION: The NZ Govts purchased mainstream media is certainly influencing a vast number of peoples minds. The ongoing crisis events of emergencies, COVID Deaths. Stay in your bubble-its dangerous outside your bubble. The Mandate the significant loss of jobs and small business, the severe struggle the farmers have with the govt using them as their whipping boy. The shortage and huge cost of living, basic living expenses.

The failed Mental Health System. Children not attending schools for long periods of time and many not returning to school. Education being politicised, sexualized. The Govt with its Marxist Class ideology of Pakeha and Maori/Iwi- deliberate separate and divide to cause distention and fragmentation. The favouring of Iwi Elite, pandering to all their wants. Indigenous Constitution, UNDRIP entrenchment. Control of Water. Control of NZ’s environment.

QUESTION: How much did the government know about the COVID 19 shots before they purchased millions of dozes for NZ and Pacific Island? Zilch to very little. Yet they signed an agreement to give Pfizer / Moderna immunity from being held accountable responsible for jab injuries and post jab deaths. ZILCH

NOTE: An official complaint was heard in a Texas Court on January 6th 2022. By Judge Pittman/ The courts concluded  findings  were based on the complainants seeking of all FDA information as to the authorization of Pfizer jabs that allowed them to market them worldwide.

The court concluded that the request of the complainants is of paramount importance” and referred to excessive administrative secrecy, thus reducing confidence in governments.  The FDA shall produce the 12,000 plus pages of Pfizer information before January 31st 2022. They will also produce 55,000 pages every 30days – with the first production being due on 1st March 2022 until production is complete.

NOTE:  It was reported that it will be 2 to 3 years before these documents are made public. In the meantime Pfizer jabs are still being pushed worldwide  including in New Zealand. So if all this important information pertaining to the Pfizer COVID19 jab. This proves N Z Govt knew zilch about the COVID19 jab before they promoted it, demanded it, mandated it.

.NOTE: Pfizer chief Executive had refused to give information about their Pfizer COVID19 jabs had said “NO you are not having it, and NO we won’t give it to you” Hence this is why it had to go through the court process – a case against FDA.  However, again what has Pfizer not told FDA?

What does the Government NOT tell N Z Citizens…They are corruptly reporting false COVID19 death rates. Are not accurately reporting the true death rates of Post jabbed. Heaps and heaps.. As from 10th March 2022 a COVID 19 related death was re-classified in NZ. ‘If a person receives a COVID19 Positive test result and they die within 28 days of that test they are now classified as a COVID19 death. Hence hiking up the number of COVID19 deaths deliberately so . The is highly corrupt and evil, cruel has enormous effects on peoples lives.

The Climate Emergency Gloom and Doom Scam: Targeting the farmers.They do not tell you that their balls-up of the Local Govt Act 2002 had a massive legal loophole in it from day one, and they knew this. No – lets just blame the farmers, lets throw them under the tractor.  This is actually a corporate capture of NZ, a globalised Corporate capture. To replace the free-market economy with a multistakeholder corporate governance . Has huge effects also on all NZrs. No Farmers-No Food.

The  Local Govt Act 2002- the loophole that’s existed for 20 years which govt has deliberately not fixed as allowed businesses, companies to leach heavy toxins, ammonia and other shit like yellow gunge that covers filters in waste water stations, heavy pollutants that run into drains, rivers, out into our water.

 The Government has been asked to amend the Local Govt Act 2002 multiple times and they still turn a blind eye to it. No prosecutions, no fines and hundreds of company breach the Traded Waster Regulations time and time again over this 20 year timed frame. But no the government are more interested in Iwi Elite controlling fresh water in NZ. The waste water has to wait another couple of years Mahuta says. Mahuta is the Minister for Local Government.

Fonterra’s 29 Ghost Farms in NZ. That leaches heavy nitrates into the soil across the land into neighbouring farms bore water. They call it Nutrient farming. Fonterra washes their factories out with this water, and the waste water is piped onto these farms that they have purchased, then sprayed across the land. The cattle have all been removed from these farms. But the sign ‘Beware of the cattle still remains on the gate’. They sell the sprayed grass elsewhere for cattle feed, they call it ‘Cut Grass’. Fonterra admitted this and have had supply many farmers with filters for their bore drinking water.

Water on the stock market is like selling  gold on the stock market. The Corporate Capture of New Zealand. Iwi Corporates have been around for more than a decade.. A Corporate Governance of NZ was reported by the government themselves in 2003. The Corporate Governance= Public Private Partnership, a vehicle where the corporates are the drivers, the government the back seat passengers and  NZr’s the roadkill.The Truth MUST be exposed.   

NOTE: All this information was found in the mainstream media Not Social Media                                                           




 Published on the 14th Dec 2022 Rumble…

10th March 2022 The Director of Health Ashley Bloomfield announced a change in the reporting of COVID-19 deaths. From this date onwards deaths are automatically reported if the person had a COVID19 Positive test and died within 28 days they are to be classified as a COVID19 death

. Sometimes the window of time will be broadened, however a person may have had a road accident, other serious injuries or even been shot by a police officer or gang member, they are still classified as a COVID 19death. Of University of Canterbury said people who died within 28 days of testing positive is a ‘number’ that you can easily count, provide quickly”

Michael Baker who wanted masks for people who have flu even said as to the new classification on COVID deaths “it’s worth considering how valid some of the cases listed as COVID19 deaths are” and added “It’s worth having healthy suspicion for every bit of data, making sure that is valid when analyzing rates and measurements”

Prof. Michael Platt COVID19 Modeler  from Canterbury University said “People who died within 28 days of testing positive is ‘a number’ that you can easily count and provide quickly” He added that “there is an increasing likelihood

A ‘Nature’ article points to another challenge “working out excess deaths is a complex research challenge, not simple counting up each country’s excess deaths that some of these deaths will be accidental, that have  died within 28 days of the positive test, that information takes longer to get, its easier to do a ‘simple death count’, data and indicators shows that the disease is having an impact”

Scientific experts are reporting they have found more than a hundred countries that do not collect reliable, accurate stats on actual COVID19 deaths and do not release them in a timely manner.

Since the change of classification for reporting COVID deaths of course published  rates have significantly increased. Prof Plank said “there will be a lot of variability in daily numbers of deaths recorded, 100’s from Omicron. NZ Ted Whatu Ora. Health NZ Govt have reported as up to 12th December 2022 2,257 COD 19 Deaths. And they state that some deaths will be reported outside the given window of 18days