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10th March 2022 The Director of Health Ashley Bloomfield announced a change in the reporting of COVID-19 deaths. From this date onwards deaths are automatically reported if the person had a COVID19 Positive test and died within 28 days they are to be classified as a COVID19 death

. Sometimes the window of time will be broadened, however a person may have had a road accident, other serious injuries or even been shot by a police officer or gang member, they are still classified as a COVID 19death. Of University of Canterbury said people who died within 28 days of testing positive is a ‘number’ that you can easily count, provide quickly”

Michael Baker who wanted masks for people who have flu even said as to the new classification on COVID deaths “it’s worth considering how valid some of the cases listed as COVID19 deaths are” and added “It’s worth having healthy suspicion for every bit of data, making sure that is valid when analyzing rates and measurements”

Prof. Michael Platt COVID19 Modeler  from Canterbury University said “People who died within 28 days of testing positive is ‘a number’ that you can easily count and provide quickly” He added that “there is an increasing likelihood

A ‘Nature’ article points to another challenge “working out excess deaths is a complex research challenge, not simple counting up each country’s excess deaths that some of these deaths will be accidental, that have  died within 28 days of the positive test, that information takes longer to get, its easier to do a ‘simple death count’, data and indicators shows that the disease is having an impact”

Scientific experts are reporting they have found more than a hundred countries that do not collect reliable, accurate stats on actual COVID19 deaths and do not release them in a timely manner.

Since the change of classification for reporting COVID deaths of course published  rates have significantly increased. Prof Plank said “there will be a lot of variability in daily numbers of deaths recorded, 100’s from Omicron. NZ Ted Whatu Ora. Health NZ Govt have reported as up to 12th December 2022 2,257 COD 19 Deaths. And they state that some deaths will be reported outside the given window of 18days


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