There is now some concern of another one of those COVID Variant named ‘Kraken’ otherwise known as XB1.5. Auckland University Microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles was interviewed by RNS News Media. She stressed the ‘Pandemic’ is not over whilst COD19 deaths continue to cross the world. But I had to laugh when I heard that the mystical monster had actually risen from the deep dark depths of the ocean, which is said to live off the cost of Norway. Ha Ha it must be hell’ve monsterous virus because ‘Kraken’ when arising from the deep is said to be as big as the whole dam ocean.

The so called new strain XBB.1.5, nicknamed ‘Kraken’, is spreading rapidly across the globe and has  only just been detected in New Zealand ..Wiles reported the reason she believed that people need to be concerned, because it has a number of mutations, better able to infect, evade immunity from vaccines..

We never had immunity from this so called COVID 19 infection, the jabs were never tested for transmission of COVID before reaching the global market, this was admitted by the chief CEO of Pfizer at the European Court. Is well published. ” Immunity is the state of being immune hence being able to resist a particular disease. The jabs failed, and still fail. The porkies continue. Wiles is advocating through RNZ Mainstream media that ‘mask wearing remain, she said the masks protect you from the virus in the air. Viruses sit on hand rails, packages, supermarket shelves, cash flow machines, you name it. Masks used as chin straps, dirty laying on the ground. Germany claimed no evidences that the masks could significantly reduce infection risks for healthy people

Discussions on COVID‐19 related issues, particularly on mask mandate have been the major topics in the public life. So far, the research communities have not been able to provide conclusive and unified remarks on the effectiveness of the masks in fundamental mechanisms and specific functions.  Among all types, N95 masks are more effective than surgical masks in preventing air leakage during cough, however, neither would entirely prevent the side leakage (Hui et al., 2012

Recent studies suggest that covering the face inhibits the recognition of identity and emotional expressions. However, it might also make the eyes more salient, since they are a reliable index to orient our social and spatial attention. “The surgical face mask has become a symbol of our times.” Masks give a false sense of security. The main role of MNC is the protection of people standing nearby. MNC do not protect the wearer. .. The lack of nonverbal communication when wearing a mask may make people feel insecure, disheartened or even psychologically troubled. This may be particularly true for people suffering from mental illness or hearing impairment.

Breathing dampens the mask. If there is excessive moisture, the masks become airtight. Therefore, air is inhaled and exhaled unfiltered around the edges, losing the protective effect for both the wearer and the environment. If masks are not exchanged regularly (or washed properly when made of cloth), pathogens can accumulate in the mask. When improperly used, the risk of spreading the pathogen—including SARS-CoV-2—(coronaviruses)might be critically increased. Wiles is advocating masks remain, eradicating from the air is the best way to remove it. Virus do sit on packages, items hand rails, elevator rails cash flow machines. Wiles said its important to know that its only the elderly dying from the virus.

Kraken has descended from Omicron XBB subvariant Wiles said. Add some psychological fear-WHO have detected it in at least 31 countries. Wiles, microbiologist stressed the pandemic is not over as long as there are COVID related deaths continuing across the world. (Did not say COVID19) COVID stands for Coronaviruses.

There are literally hundreds of coronaviruses, includes mild colds, to more series or not so serious illness or death. A very large family of viruses. One is namely 229E that causes the common cold. (Wiles just reported COVID-Coronavirus in her RNZ interview).  The detection of the XBB 1.5 known as kraken was a result of two COVID19 cases reported by the Institute of Environmental Science and Research in January this year stating ‘it was difficult to establish whether this variant would become the predominant one in the community’… Vaccines and booster still expect will provide protection against the disease.  (Wiles said)

Jabs do not stop transmission of COVID19. Pfizer never pre tested this for transmission of the disease, as they stated at the European Court. In another RNZ article the ESR that reported two cases of Kraken XBB 1.5  in January this year. ESR is the  Crown Research Institute It was formed in 1992, it is a government agency the largest provider of science research in NZ and also research for significant commercial users of science and technology etc., ESR documentation refers to  the 5 year SHIVERS (Southern Hemisphere Influenza and Vaccine Effectiveness, Research and Surveillance) project, which is increasing the understanding of the burden of influenza and how to prevent its spread around the world. New Zealand’s influenza season often predicts what will happen in the Northern Hemisphere

AGAIN PREDICTIVE-PREDICTS—Not evidence based, guesstimates, estimates on basis of data, or some-one else’s data, opinions, ideas what the future olds shrew interference from what the true facts are., what one thinks will happen). Wiles reported she is, will be advising  people to wear masks on public transport and planes, malls, supermarkets, wherever you are around people” Reported publicly through RNZ news media.. hence giving this message to the general public.

LOL The ‘Kraken’ is it real or fake? Its reported to be a murderous sea monster from millions of years ago.. But experts say there is a lack of evidence it’s a myth. Krakens are sensitive to the light, no-one has ever really seen one.

Its enormous though. Kraken in the Norwegian  dictionary come from the word kraken that signifies an in imageable massive  image. The mythical story goes that the ‘kraken measured many miles in length. There was difficulty describing it. But when it surfaced it cover the whole if the sea. Its been described as a man eating legend. The legendary mystical Kraken has now a term used for the new XBB 1.5. Oops massive so huge it covered the whole sea, a man eating legend. Hope you do not connect this Kraken with the so called XBB-1.5 The Monster of fear that has invades peoples minds for centuries.


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