Coercion is not the freedom to choose, it is threatening, influences the individual under pressure to do something they do not want to do, gives no alternatives (No alternative medicines) Coercion can affect ones mental, emotional, physical medical health spiritual wellbeing, make people feel disempowered, powerless

Ardern’s ‘Stay in your bubble’ Isolationism for the most vulnerable risks suicidal thoughts, suicide itself. Coercion can cause serious harm and even death. Classifying the COVID19 jabs as vaccines being a way of deliberately vilifying them, they are not vaccines. Coercion was legally morally justified b y the govt and their collaborators.

Doctors, medical professionals allowed themselves to be coerced hence violating the Medical Code of Practice “Firstly do no harm” The fragmentation of the doctor – patient relationship. Doctors whom refused to comply were punished removed from practicing medicine. The Marxist, Socialist Communistic ‘coercion’ of society embedded in the Communistic Manifesto

Marxism believes that medical doctors, medical professionals hide the real causes of illness by focusing on the individual and their medical symptoms. Thus Pandemics through a Marxist lens.

Coercion being extremely evident during the COVID19 mandates, restrictions. Individuals giving up their individual rights for the collective- common good for all. The ‘private ownership of your body’ where ones personal freedom to choose as to what to consume was influenced by mandatory forms of indoctrination, manipulation, blackmail, coercion.

No Jab-No Job. No Jab-No visit elderly relatives. No Jab as Ardern announced “If you want to go enjoy your summer holiday- to nightclubs, restaurants, musical – sporting events etc., you must get your jab. (In other words “If you don’t you want enjoy yourself as you usually do with family and friends whom are very important to you) Coercion.

Giving up Individual Rights with no alternatives. Individualism kicked to the gutter for collectivist Marxist, Socialist Communism . Destroying businesses, the loss of jobs (Communist Manifesto) Abolishing the fruits of ones own labour’. The  ‘UNITE AGAINGST COVID’ signage, billboards, advertising, propaganda on mainstream media.

Much like the Socialist political slogan ‘Workers United’ which is the rallying cry within the Communist Manifesto (Karl Marx  & Friedrich Engels1848).  Literally ‘Proleterians Of All Countries UNITE,  becoming popularized in English, became the  ‘Workers of the World Unite’  2020 ‘UNITE AGAINST COVID’.

Ardern, the govt the ‘only source of the truth’. Socialism, communism does no seek to tell or to  modify the truth, but overthrows the truth. Communism abolishes external truths, Christianity, Morality, Family. Like Nazi Germany National Socialism the propaganda machine suppressed the people by censorship. Propaganda to control the opposition

Censorship and the abridgement of ‘freedom of speech’ has been very evidential. Control ideology, to control thoughts and actions, the COVID19 Thought Police- Disinformation, misinformation initiative. Restricting ‘free speech’ The Communist Manifesto abolishing individual freedoms and rights.

Karl Marx statement 1875 refers to the ‘Essence of Force and Coercion’. A State centered transition between ‘Capitalism and Communism which is of course Socialism (The Communistic  society) A brutal oppression that leads to ‘economic stagnation’.

Out of COVID Pandemic emerged the toxicity of revolutionary minority groups demanding their individual rights over the majority of the population, also centered on collectivism,  coercion, identity politics, critical theory, critical race theory. Individuals giving up their individual rights by stealth, ideology with Marxist roots

The irresistible revolution, Marxism’s goal of conquest- a ‘neo-Marxist agenda. Namely DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) programs that have become massively embedded throughout businesses, industries, NGO’s, Govt, Academia, Universities, Military, Police. Costing each entity that adopts DEI  Certification $12,000 per year for Assessments which are ongoing from year to year at $12,000 annually for the embedded DEI Rainbow Tick. (Again a Marxist Agenda)

The Rainbow Tick  Certification of the Workplace is owned, belongs to Te Whatua  Ora Te Toka Tumai.- Ngati Whatua.  Again two classes of people, businesses– those with the Rainbow Tick and those without-Identity Politics. Just like the Pandemic Mandatory Jans- classified two classes of peoples Jabbed and Un-jabbed.

Advancing Social Justice through Diversity Equity, Inclusion. Collectivism.. Cancel Culture. Identity Political, Critical Theories, Critical Race Theories. The Equity delusion with its Marxist Roots. DEI Diversity Equity Inclusion rehashing Communism’s slogan . Diversity and Inclusion 2 sides of the same coin.

Diversity is the goal, inclusion policies exist to make diversity happen. Diversity demands conformity and inclusion, delivers the necessary conformity by exclusion. Does this remind you of the Marxist Socialist Communist coercion that was implemented in the mandating of COVID19 Jabs.? The weaponization for collectivist rewards and punishments.  Equity is a failed delusion, does not have a desired outcome. Marxism understands this, state sponsored confiscations again the Communist Manifesto.

Communism does not seek to modify truth, but to overthrow it. But Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality. Marx 1875 statement is the essence of force and coercion , the state centered transition phase between capitalism and communism which is of course ‘socialism’, the communistic society. Leads to Economic stagnation. This is what we see worldwide.

Researcher: Carol Sakey

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