David Seymour author of Own Your Own Future ‘A Liberal Vision for New Zealand 2017’, published by the ACT Party 2017

PAGE 170- 173 Chapter entitled ‘In ACT we tend to be optimistic’ . We embrace markets and technological innovation. Refers to Climate Alarmism. ‘The reason the DOOMSTERS get the FUTURE WRONG is that they underestimate or even IGNORE technological change. If you PREDICT the FUTRE on the basis of the current technology YOU WILL BE WRONG.

Not just a LITTLE WRONG but WILDLY WRONG. There have been a few PESSIMISTS gone wrong over the years from ‘MATHUS ON POPULATION in 1798 to EHRLICH in 1968 THE POPULATION BOMB to the CLUB OF ROME in 1972 (LIMITS TO GROWTH) to AL GORE claiming in 2006 that we only had 10 years left to Save The Planet. But we are still here. Seymour adds “In fact the past 30 years have witnessed the greatest reduction in global poverty in the history of the planet. He embraces the Free Market Enterprise Economies of the worlds

Stating  “Forecasts on global fossil fuel use that are based on current technologies will be WILDLY OVERSTATED. That we should all be SCEPTICAL  of the intense politicization of Climate science debates. It is always suspicious when scientific issues seem to line up with political positions

The left/right divide tends to correlate with alarmist/ sceptic positions, and that’s weird whatever way you look at it. Saying “I am a LUKE WARMIST’ I am skeptical about the degree man made climate change , to degree to which it is dangerous, saying he has a moderately well informed opinion. The fact is that science, all science by the nature of science is uncertain. The earth has been warming since the end of the ice age is true, that’s what happens at the end of an ice age. He did not know how much humans has an influence on warming, “how much is uncertain”, he said

Adding  “whatever actions NZ takes will have effectively ZERO impact on global warming outcomes. But there is a strong case for NZrs to contribute as Good Global Citizens, its doing our bit, but will not determine the outcomes  “Even if one is skeptical; about the more extremist climate alarmist enthusiasm of the climate change zealots, those who have built a political program around it. As far as global warming is concerned NZ is very much a passenger, we cant have any influence on the outcomes

27th February 2023 CNN reports China approved equivalent of two coal plants per week in 2022. A 2023 New report “China is surging ahead with coal, a new report shows, rapidly approving and building new power plants despite its own promises to cut back on carbon as the world plunges ever deeper into the climate crisis.”. 22nd March 2023 Reuters reports China’s new coal plants costly 2nd fiddle to renewables

China’s plans for some 100 new coal-fired power plants to back up wind and solar capacity. NZ Geographic Science and environment ‘Coal warms our hospitals and schools, ripens our tomatoes, makes roses bloom, turns iron-sand into steel, dries milk powder for export, and generates electricity when hydro lakes are low and gas production sputters’.

In 2020, according to the International Energy Agency, Indonesia produced around 529 million tonnes of coal, including more than one million tonnes sold to New Zealand. We also imported 95,000 tonnes from Australia, and virtually all of it was low-grade (so-called sub-bituminous)—coal that’s low in energy value. But our 2021 imports dwarfed even those volumes: a record 1.8 million tonnes. One of the biggest customers were Genesis Energy. Genesis Energy 51% shareholding by the government.

Genesis routinely promises to quit coal, but Nature—and the realities of New Zealand’s energy market—has made that difficult. In 2015, Genesis announced it would stop burning coal at Huntly by late 2018. Over the next few years, it deferred that target to 2022, then 2030.

Newsroom reported 15/11/2021 In 2021 Contact Energy warns against chaotic closure of gas power plants. Contact Energy says power companies are making disorderly decisions to shut down coal and gas plants – and cites its own decision to decommission its 377 megawatt Taranaki Combined Cycle gas power plant in 2023. UN reports 8/8/2015  ’ NZ pledges an end to coal by 2018

Stating that “It appears that New Zealand is finally ready to throw their domestic coal habit into Mount Doom — by 2018, the country will cease to use coal as a source of domestic energy production”

New Zealand has more than 15 billion tons of known coal reserves in the ground, and says that more than half of those resources are probably recoverable. In 2013, New Zealand extracted 4.6 million tons of coal, exporting a little less than half of it — mostly to Asia, where it’s used to power steel manufacturing. Nearly two-thirds of New Zealand’s coal comes from just two mines — in the Waikato (about 63 miles from Auckland) and Stockton on the West Coast

Beehive  announces 30th June 2023 Government Ban on new coal boilers in place announced  Megan Woods in the House. Applies to  fossil fuels as including coal, coke, diesel, liquid petroleum gas, natural gas, used tyre’s, oil, peat or plastics . Stuff NZ reported 2nd February 2021 Climate Change Report “Whats the Future of Gas?” Small businesses like restaurants and cafes could be impacted after the Climate Change Commission released its first report, with a raft of targets proposed to cut New Zealand’s emissions.

Stuff NZ reported 2nd February 2021 Climate Change Report “Whats the Future of Gas?” Small businesses like restaurants and cafes could be impacted after the Climate Change Commission released its first report, with a raft of targets proposed to cut New Zealand’s emissions. Its plan suggests no new natural gas connections to the network or bottled LPG after 2025. Wellington chef Martin Bosley says that represents a huge change in mindset for the New Zealand cook

IPCC (UN) Malthus (Referring back to Seymours book). And IPCC Report as climate researchers and environmentalist still follow Malthusianism. Which focuses  “overpopulation” as a main cause of environmental degradation. Degrowth actually reproduces this faulty notion through the proposition that once resources and wealth are equally redistributed (which degrowth rightly wants to do), there must be some “check” on population because, as population grows without any added economic growth, people will eventually have access to fewer and fewer resources.

Does not take into consideration advancement of technology and now a de-populating world. (NZ Replace rate per population being 2.1 is now 1.6) Depopulation has also occurred in other countries over the last few years. Seymour refers to ‘Limits to Growth’ in his climate doomism statement in his book.  Over the last few years UN Nation States have taken this ‘Degrowth’ initiative. (Article in WEF)

The  theory of degrowth, which has been taken up by the IPCC, may have its origins in the 1972 Club of Rome “Limits to Growth” (Meadows 1972),  Malthus an environmental  degrowth reproduces Malthusian ideas about so-called “natural limits;” 2) it’s anti-modern and anti-technological orientation lacks a class perspective; and 3) there are key practical issues with deploying degrowth ideas in the class struggle itself. ideology and bad politics

Michael Davidson Submission 2nd June 2015 to NZ Government on ‘Man Made Global Warming. As Davidson puts forward his argument that ‘Man Made Global Warming is a Scam’ (41 Page submission). That man-made global warming is not occurring, it’s a scam, a hoax to generate fear and panic.  To control peoples beliefs for financial gain. Refers to the worlds unquestioning population whom have fallen victim to this global propaganda, causing widespread misconception, the climatic change campaigners and the largely UN IPSS that have mounted one of the most well funded massive propaganda campaigns in history alongside a compliant media

Similar to Seymours reference to Al Gore and his fictional prediction. Michael Davidson refers to Al Gore has netted 100’s of millions of dollars advocating man made global warming and the lies that America tells supporting Al Gore. And how widespread belief has come about that provides policy agenda’s in NZ and elsewhere when it comes to this what Seymour describes as Climate doomism.

2015 Davidson reporting that the amount currently spent on globally reducing human kinds carbon footprint is in the trillions of dollars every year (Bell 2015). That this is absolutely ridiculous as it has not been scientifically proven that increased CO2 in the atmosphere will cause either significant global warming or climatic disasters. He referenced Dr.  Judith Curry Professor and former Chair of the School of earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of technology (2015) “Even if the USA is successful in meeting 80% reductions of CO2 emissions by 2050 it is not going to do anything”

Referring to this being mankind’s effort to control a non-problem with a non-solution is ridiculous and nonsensical. Saying “there is a lack of questioning and understand of the ‘real science’ and this is widespread. Davidson refers to the ‘Inconvenient Truth’ That IPCC is the primary proponent of dramatic global warming, yet its argument is fundamentally flawed because of the way it selectively uses science and manipulates data to support its views.

Saying there is a lack of consideration for opposing views. The nature of IPCC existence is a conflict of interest, a manipulation of data, political funding biases. That Climate change has done what it always has for centuries naturally changed, this is not reflected in the IPCC Assessment reports. IPCC selectively uses science, manipulates research, data and opinion has fueled an extremely biased view that does not reflect the planets actual climate

Michael Davidson Submission to the Climate Commission (NZ Govt) in June 2015 was a response to the NZ Governments proposals to limit fossil fuels production and supply to be carbon free (Carbon Zero) by 2050. He made 9 main points in his submission and also other evidence to support his submission that is 41 pages long.

They are 1 to 9.  (1)The science is still out  as to whether man made CO2 production is causing climate change. Considering the earth has always produced huge quantities of CO2 in erupting volcanoes, rotting animals and vegetation. Fires, swamps human and animal activity- without disrupting the climate

(2) Considering CO2 is essential for plants to absorb growth and to emit oxygen for all other life. Less CO@ will mean less growth and productivity in farming, forestry and food production abd less oxygen in the atmosphere. So reduction in CO2 levels means greater poverty, health malnutrition, greater disease and greater death

(3) Limiting fossil fuel production and use will cost NZ economy dearly in loss of jobs, productivity and prosperity, with farms, factories becoming uneconomical to run and closing down causing huge layoff and unemployment

(4) There will be a huge impact on transport industry, it will struggle to remain viable, due to the enormous cost in replacing huge fleets of vehicles across all modes of transport from planes, to boats, trains, tractors cars , cranes, public transport – to become electric vehicles. These costs will have to be passed onto all other industries making them unviable including retail, tourism, building, this will cause rising prices and low incomes.

(5) Loss of oil and gas production will effect restaurants, home cooking and heating, lighting and mechanics as well as engineering, manufacturing, painting products. Thus reducing our standard of living, our health, our welfare and our efficiency and productivity. Risking NZ becoming a third world country

(6) Limiting NZ’s production and use of fossil fuels while China, India, Africa and so called developing nations are still belching out great volumes of CO2 and toxins into the air, makes a mockery of NZ reducing our piddling  .02% of total CO2 production, at the cost of our economy. As if its going to make a jot of difference (precisely what Seymour said in his 2017 book will make no difference to the outcome- but will contribute NZrs to being good global citizens) Davidson then adds “But this will destroy NZ economically and financially”

(7) Sending carbon tax money to IPCC (UN) will not save the planet or New Zealand. But simpler make Europe a bigger wealthiers monolithic powerhouse.. centralizing control of the world, destroying sovereignty and the power of the Nation

(8) To follow this agenda is to risk NZ losing its independence and self sufficiency and ending up at the mercy of the giant corporations and the global government. (Corporations partner the UN Global Government, Corporation are now included in the Global Governance of the World, controlling Nation States by Internal Rules.

(9) Reducing animal numbers on farms will contribute to the collapse of NZs GDP, prosperity and our Nation-hood. NZ will become dependent on others and on hand outs..

Obviously the three party coalition will not be discussing this submission. With Climate Alarmism being an important part in the global agenda 2030. As 12 out of the 17 Global Development goals of the Global 2030 Decade of Action include Climate Change, including Climate Change having its own global goal. (Controlling the worlds populations)


Michael Davidson  2nd June 2015 Submission to NZ Government ‘Man made Global Warming is a Scam 41 pages  https://www.climatecommission.govt.nz/public/Submissions-2021/mail-submissions-2.pdf


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It appears that Judicial Activism is high on the list of historical events since the signing of the original Te Tiriti o Waitangi of February 1840 and the collaboration of politicians who have no conscience as to leading New Zealand into a state of apartheid.

The Prime Ministers Cabinet Guidance Rules for all political parties and admin Staff adopt not just the Tiriti o Waitangi, the Māori Version, but also the English Version and whatever they want to adopt in between. 12TH October 2023 it was reported that David Seymour talking about enshrining the Treaty’s principles, properly understood, in our constitutional settings, ACT would promote the Treaty as it was actually signed, not the divisive version invented by judges and academics.

“ACT has consistently said the Treaty is a taonga and that its principles provide the basis for a modern liberal democracy – the government is sovereign, its job is to protect property rights, and we all have equal rights and duties. ACT says those principles should be codified in legislation and New Zealanders should be allowed to vote on them, rather than allowing the courts to surreptitiously change our constitution.

I personally have a problem with David Seymour’s article when he states “the ‘Principles’ of  Te tiriti o Waitangi being codified in legislation and New Zealanders should be allowed to vote on them”. Firstly Act refers that they have consistently said  the Treaty is a Taonga  (which lacks direct translation into English). This refers to a Maori language word that refers to ‘treasured possession in Maori Culture’.

This is the founding document of New Zealand,. Article 1 of the Te tiriti o Waitangi says that the Queen is to be the Sovereign, that Maori are to be her subjects, with the rights and privileges of subjects like everyone else, no less and no more than anyone else.  The Treaty is not a valid treaty in International law, It does not have an independent legal standing as part of law of NZ. It only become part of the law of NZ in situations where Parliament declares it as a Statute. Although Parliament does refer to the ‘Principles’ of the Treaty, parliament has never defines them. None of the various lists o ‘treaty principles’, not even the list decided on by the Courts, accurately reflects what the Treaty actually says.

The suggestion that Maori did not understand themselves to be yielding, ceding Sovereignty by the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi is dishonest, not true.  Te Tirit o Waitangi (the original Maori Version) did not create ‘Principles’. If the Treaty was embedded in the NZ Constitution, the rights of Maori under the Treaty of Waitangi would be recognized and affirmed.  Maori would be legally entitled to pursue claims for natural resource for example water and other natural resources , as ‘taonga’ forever. This means, public and private property would have ‘Treaty Principles’ imposed on it. Courts would be able to rewrite Acts of Parliament. The Waitangi Tribunal would be able to make recommendations that ‘privately owned land’ be returned to Māori ownership. Māori would have precedence over ‘non-Māori’ in the distribution of ‘health care’, education and welfare. Constitutionally based ‘treaty rights’ could entitle criminals with Māori ancestry to preferential treatment, to gentler sentences.

In 2005 the ‘Treaty Tribes Coalition, especially the South Island tribe Ngai Tahu maintained “that the greatest shortcoming of NZ’s current constitutional arrangements is their failure to fully recognize the fundamental significance of the Treaty Of Waitangi”.  This is when Peter Dunne United Futures leader was undertaking a sweeping review of NZs Constitutional arrangement.

Two constitutional groups namely Auckland University Prof., Margaret Mutu convened a Iwi Leaders Constitutional Working Group, it was a self appointed group pushing for a separatist constitution based on the 1835 Declaration of Independence that resembled the UN Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. David Round law lecturer spoke for a further group, the Independent Constitutional; Review Panel thus issuing a ‘Declaration of Equality’. Thus rejecting reference to the Treaty of Waitangi, and its Principles in any constitutional document, wanted such references to be removed from all existing legislation, wanted race-based parliamentary seats abolished and also he wanted race based representation on local boards abolished, also the Waitangi Tribunal abolished.

Some good ideas there, however the Te Tiri of Waitangi is NZ’s Founding Document, and it should never have been legislated upon. The original Maori version of the 1840 Te Tiriti o Waitangi should be celebrated in its original glory, in which there were no Principles or Partnership in this important document. In this case “every law in New Zealand would be liable to challenge as being in breach of ‘the rights of the Maori people’. Hence no settlement claims

The corrupted Te Tiri o Waitangi runs parallel with the UN Declaration of Indigenous Peoples Rights in which Iwi Elite and the Māori Party are pushing. Where Arderns Cabinet Office signed the first draft of this. November 21st -23rd 2023 the Aotearoa NZ Centre for Indigenous Peoples and the Maori Law Review and other Iwi parties convened a conference at Auckland University the theme being ‘Korero Constitution’ Nanaia Mahuta opened the second day of the meeting with a speech.

There were overseas guests in attendance.. It was reported that “discussion, advice, information took place where the govt had an opportunity to engage with academic experts on constitutional law and Indigenous rights”.  Thus transforming NZs Constitution. Recognizing Māori Rights in Te Tiriti o Waitangi, referring to the Declaration of Independence and the UNDRIP. When ACT Party David Seymour said that the Principles of the Te Tiri of Waitangi should be codified. (The original founding Māori version of Te Tiriti o Waitangi created NO Principles, its been politically corrupted. So now he wants to recognize there are Principles and codify them?

I personally believe that there should be no acknowledgement legally of the UNDRIP in legislation or otherwise.  Just amend the Te Tiriti O Waitangi back to its original state with no principles and No Partnership’. Take all Principles and Partnership pertaining to the Treaty out of legislation. It was legislation that corrupted the Te Tiriti o Waitangi, now another corruption by recognizing there are Principles to codify

I myself do not trust Government Referendums. The People of NZ have no end decision making rights, they have no legally binding legislation in the Parliaments Initiated Referendum Act. But the Govt have binding and non binding rights in the Act. People trusted the govt and they corrupted Te Tiriti o Waitangi the founding document of NZ. WHY WOULD YOU TRUST THEM?

The legislated Principles and the Partnership corruption of the Te Tiriti o Waitangi runs in parallel to the UN Declaration for the Rights of Indifenous Peoples. This is why NZ Govt under Labour refused to sign it on 13th September 2007 (However in 2010 John Key arranged secretly with Co Leader of Maori Party Pita Sharples to visit the UN, to sign the UN Declaration)

13th September 2007, Rosemary Banks represented NZ and spoke on NZ’s behalf. This is why it was rejected.(Canada, Australia, US and NZ rejected the UNDRIP in 2007). Rosemary Banks explained to the gathering at the UN Assembly.  NZ had a role in implementation of the text of the  UN Declaration prior to 2007, however  she said “with deep regret NZ is unable to support the text presented before the UN Assembly. There was difficulty with four provisions in the Declaration that were incompatible with NZ’s Constitutional and Legal Arrangements.

1)The Treaty of Waitangi  (2) The governing for the GOOD OF ALL OF NZ”S CITIZENS’. (3) Article 26 on LANDS & RESOURCES,  (4) on REDRESS (COMPENSATION)  (5) Articles 19 and 32 on RIGHT OF VETO OVER THE STATE

1.A) The provisions on Lands and Resources could not be implemented in NZ as (Article 26) stated that Indigenous Peoples had a right to own, use, develop or control lands and territories that they had traditionally owned, occupied or used.

FOR NZ THAT WOULD MEAN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. Also means under this scope it require recognition of Rights to Lands now LAWFULLY OWNED by OTHER CITIZENS.

This does not take into account the CUSTOMS, TRADITIONS and LAND TENURE SYSTEMS of Indigenous Peoples concerned. It also implies that Indigenous Peoples have rights that others do not have.

ARTICLE 28 on REDRESS (COMPENSATION) Takes no account of the fact that land might now be occupied, or legitimately owned by others, or subject to numerous different overlapping Indigenous claims. The UN Declaration implies that Indifenous Peoples have a right of VETO over a democratic legislature and also NATIONAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT.

The UNDRIP implied different classes of Citizenship, where Indigenous People had a RIGHT OF VETO that other groups or individuals  DO NOT HAVE.

The PROVISIONS IN THE UN DECLARATION in include PROVISIONS that are fundamentally incompatible with DEMOCRATIC PROCESSES, LEGISLATION and CONSTITUTIONAL ARRANGEMENTS. Rosemary Banks reported that the UN Declaration (UNDRIP)_ was explained by its supporters as being an ‘ASPIRATIONATIONAL DOCUMENT’ intended to INSPIRE rather than to have LEGAL AFFECT.  She also added that “the history of the negotiations on the UN Declaration and the divided manner in which it has been adopted demonstrated that the text did not state propositions that were reflected by State practice, or which would be recognized as the general principles of law.

AS FOR THE TERMINOLOGY ‘INDIGENOUS PEOPLES’ this was established by a Tanzania Parliamentarian by the name of Parkipuny. Later on promoted by George Manuel President of the Canadian Indian Brotherhood and he was key to establishing the World Indigenous Council, he played a part in preparation of the UNDRIP (UN Declaration). At the gathering at the UN Assembly for the World Indigenous Council; 100 protestors walked out in protest as they had not consented to be classified, labeled as Indigenous People.

Early 1970’s George Manuel visited NZ met up with Maori Politicians and a small number of Maori entertainers where he talked seriously about this being called ‘Indigenous Peoples’, he then went onto Australia and spoke with Aboriginal Students. He communicated, met with world leaders and travelled extensively. Te Tiriti o Waitangi did not created the term ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Parkipuny did and George Manuel of the Canadian Indian Brotherhood spread this world wide.











David Seymour ACT Party leader tippy toeing around the most important information within the content of his book

David Seymour authored a book in 2017 it was published by the ACT Party as he highlights on page 30 of his book ‘the most destructive policies of the generations’.  He describes this as  “we have managed to create an absurd situation in New Zealand. Sadly I say it is clearly evident that what we see now as absurd destructive policies of the generations is the Global Decade of Action implemented by the UN and UN Nation States accompanied by the World Economic Forum implemented locally in New Zealand. Auckland Council vision to be the largest smart livable city worldwide. Mass migration (Climate migration) through Auckland Council collaboration with the Global Mayors Migration taskforce (C40)

Seymour further states that “we have managed to create an absurd situation where NZ  has a 0.8% developed  area, now has a shortage of urban land. The most obvious example of this is Auckland Metropolitan area which is said to increase to another one million in the next 30 years. Auckland region is 1.2 million acres and even if each house has a 2.5 people living in it and each house was on a ¼ acre section then on 10% of the land development would be used up. He stated that “the land shortage is artificial, its like an invisible line on a map”

The Urban/City UN Human Habitat 3 Settlements globally are the every increasing critical weapon to advance the so called Smart Growth Environment. The Urban Containment. Build Up with intensity and diversity all inclusive, an inclusive mass surveillance system to monitor all citizens.

SDG 11 Global Agenda 2030 Make Cities Inclusive,  transformative high impact cities (Human Settlements). Less open spaces, worsening segregation all dependent on Social, Environmental Governance. Controlling peoples lives. Global Agenda 2030 Indigenous Peoples (Maori). A strong engagement with Indigenous Peoples (UN RES/70/1) mentions Indigenous Peoples six times. The Decade of Indigenous People (UN) with funding opportunities, Un country decision making, partnerships with local governments (Councils)

The Indigenous Peoples Approach is DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Enriching Hapu/Iwi through using CRT Critical Race Theory. An ideology of totalitarianism, tyranny. Oppressed vs Oppressed and victimhood.  Attack, dismantle westernization, whiteness, Christianity, family, traditions (Tribal Feudalism) Cultural Political Marxism. . Its clear to see the resemblance of this ideological tyranny of human rights in the era of Chair Mao Ze Dong, in Communism and Nazism.

Mana Whenua participation at all levels of Local Government (Auckland Council) and other Councils in NZ.

Auckland Council Cultural Marxist, Critical Race Theory, Identity Politics DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) Initiatives. Political Marxist ideology. Smart Growth includes Diversity nationwide. Smart Cities, initially hailed as the epitome of technological advancement, may hold a darker truth. Are we unwittingly surrendering our rights, becoming prisoners in a digital realm controlled by councils and the World Economic Forum (WEF)? The stark reality is that ALL COUNCILS are deeply entrenched in the Smart City program (A reference made to a Counterspin Episode)

Auckland City a C40 City collaboration with the Global Mayors Migration Council. As we see mass migration causing havoc in Europe, Ireland, England and now Australia is talking about this in the Senate. New Zealand huge increase in approvals for residential, visitor, work, residence visa’s. Migration officers leave their employment because they were ordered to ignore criminal convictions, do not further investigate, turn a blind eye and ignore, accept as many of these migrant visa’s as quickly as possible. When Migration officers complained, nothing happened, so they left their jobs and then reported this to RNZ, so the public would know what is happening. (3/9/2023 RNZ Behind the scenes get as many approvals through as quickly as possible) 1Stats NZ provisional estimate 34,000 migrants, some estimates are larger, however Stats NZ is only provisional stat estimates. RNZ reports that Auckland population growth may  increase to 2 million by 2030 (31/3/2021). However we are now at the largest annual increase since the 1960’s.

This is yet another Truth Bomb that Local- Central Government will not make into a public debate.

Aucklanders will pay big time for a very long time. Local – Central Government of course will not publicly debate this to the citizens of NZ, as we are living in what you call a ‘Cancel Culture’. New Zealanders discussing this in public will be cancelled out…after all this is another one of those ‘Truth Bombs’

All above are embedded in the most destructive policy of the NZ generation, but of course David Seymour has only dipped his tippy toe in the water and quickly withdraw it hoping it won’t be noticed.




Climate change: Mike Smith wins right to sue seven polluters including Fonterra, Z, Genesis Energy. Smith is an influential member of the Iwi National Leaders Forum, whom have back door entry to the Te Pati Maori Party in Parliament. Smith refers to the role of tikanga Maori and Smiths relationship to coastal waters. This appears to be the case of building up more renewable energies. Smith had already had his case thrown out of Court but the Supreme Court has now decided that he does has a case to be answered, so he gets his day in court once again

Smith states the government is failing its duties under the Treaty of Waitangi to protect Maori, whom he said are much more vulnerable to so called catastrophic climate change than any other peoples. Saying that agriculture sector contribute to approx. ½ of NZ’s Greenhouse emissions. Smith says the government was failing unless it reduced total greenhouse gases by half by 2020 and zero by 2050.

2017 Government  stock take on adapting to Climate Change identified Maori as a most vulnerable group because of their significant reliance on the environment as a cultural, social economic resource. With Climate Change Minister James Shaw saying that Maori are disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change. Surely this case of Smiths now permitted by the Supreme Court will open the flood gates to claims by those whom have much self interested gain. Follow the money

Researching a book authored by David Seymour titled ‘Own Your Own Future’ A Liberal Vision For New Zealand in 2017..Page 22 ‘MMP allows small parties to have a large influence. The Maori Party have proven this by being prepared to threaten John Key with a walk out, which would leave the balance of power to Peter Dunne. They have managed to negotiate million after millions of taxpayer funding for various Maori centric projects and separatists legislation this being a gradual shift in the entire way in which government operates

Fast forward to page 162 on Environment in Seymour’s book. Green MPs are the biggest users of free parliamentary air travel, they spent more on air travel than NZ First MPs. This is a Party that flew three MPs to Paris to talk about Climate. Green Party only having one scientifically trained MP. The political right have two doctors, a geneticist, a zoologist and a neurological scientist and a few agricultural scientist

Page 163 The Free market economy make better environmental custodians. Seymour calls the free market economy as 4v P’s, Property Rights, Pricing, Prosperity and Private Initiatives. Saying the problem with the Green Party and their doing  environmentalism by posture of principle.

On page 170 ‘Chapter titled ‘In ACT We Tend to be Optimistic’ “ The reason the doomsters get the future wrong is that they under estimate or even ignore technological change. If you predict the future on the basis of current technology you will be wrong. Not just a little wrong but wildly wrong. There are a few  pessimists gone wrong over the years eg Malthus on population 1798, Ehrlich in 1968 (The Population Bomb) The Club Of Rome in 1972 (Limits to Growth) to Al Gore claiming in 2006 that we had only 10 years left to save the planet.  Al Gore has been very influential, as to Obama and now the WEF as made a fortune from his inconvenient truth.

“That in the last 30 years we have witnessed the greatest reduction in global poverty in the history of the planet. Tragically the Labour Party, Greens, NZ First still don’t get it that free-markets and globalization thing

Saying on page 171 “Forecasts of global fossil fuel use is based on current technologies will be wildly overstated. I think we should all be skeptical of the intense politicization of climate science debates. It is always suspicious when science issues seem to line up with political positions. The left/Right divide tends to correlate with alarmist sketic positions, and that’s weird whatever side you come from. Seymour stating he is a Luke  warmist as outlined by Matt Ridley when it comes to man made climate change. Is skeptical about the degree as to how dangerous man made climate change is, he just has a moderately informed opinion

What does Matt Ridley say:- Climate Change is doing more good than harm. The message he gives is “carry on warming” in an article in the Spectator as he challenged the widespread belief that climate change has a negative effect on the world.  Saying that current scientific consensus is largely ignored by mainstream media. Matt identifies economic benefits of climate change

Fewer winter deaths, a better chance of life benefits lower energy costs, cut heating bills. An increase in global plant growth High CO2 level is actually good news, has a positive effect on plant growth, on food supply and agricultural yields, in the Sahel region of Africa where levels of famine have declined. There’s no evidence that climate change has caused higher rates of death in extreme weather. This is a predicted conclusion by IPCC, An independent study by Indur Goklany that shows that the death rate from droughts, floods and storms has dropped 98% since the 1920’s. People have better protection and have got much richer.

The trouble is that the mainstream media, and even the IPCC, cherry-pick the bad news whilst ignoring the good. This leads to damaging anti-climate change policies: Negative economic and environmental impact. Matt contends that these policies have “driven people into fuel poverty, made industries uncompetitive, driven up food prices, accelerated the destruction of forests, killed rare birds of prey, and divided communities”.

Large input – negligible returns..Britain will spend around £1.8 trillion over the course of this century on climate policies, in the hope of lowering the air temperature by just 0.005°C.                    For Matt, the key question is: is it worth trying to impede a change in the future at the expense of causing a great deal of harm in the present.

Seymour says he is a luke warmist as outlined by Matt Ridley and here you have it. Hence its all down to NZrs contributing to being good global citizens and all this renewable energy will do nothing to change the climate.

Seymour’s says there is a strong case for us New Zealand’s to contribute to being good global citizens on page 172 of his book. We effectively have Zero impact on global warming outcomes. But of course, always follow the money… The World Bank directs grants to Indigenous Peoples, works closer with Indigenous Peoples, the financing, transitioning to carbon markets. Indigenous Peoples Rights to mitigate climate change, wind and solar farms. Climate Investment Te Pati Māori Climate Policy Plan for unique Indigenous Biodiversity

Te Pati Maori ‘whanau, hapu, iwi must remain at the forefront of climate action and solutions, they must be our own, Crown supports Iwi/Maori led clean energy projects, start up funding, partnerships, financing. Ensuring that Crown works with Iwi to establish climate change adaption. Iwi/Maori lead transition to Zero emissions economy, producing industries in the Maori economy, economic, social opportunity for Iwi businesses to be the cutting edge of green technology, as Maori economy continues to grow

Maori Party established a  $1 Billion scheme responsible for supporting Iwi/Maori owned community energy projects, solar energy and insulation, funding projects to create Maori jobs, bring down energy costs for whanau.

The Crown reviewing renewable energy, meaningful action in terms of involving Iwi/Maori. The Maori Party establishing a national Maori strategy for renewable energy, partnership agreement between Crown (Govt) and specific Iwi/Hapu that are keen to lead renewable energy with significant investment in large scale projects. With partnership finance. Maori Party ban coal mines phase out coal burning by 2030. Fund Iwi/Maori as to adaption of managed retreat policies. Economic social opportunities for Iwi/Maori businesses to be the cutting edge of renewable green technology, growing asset bases.

Back to Mike Smith, Influential member of the National Iwi Leader Forum that has a revolving door into Parliament through the Te Pati Maori Party. That has been in many talks with Christopher Luxon. Of course Christopher Luxon does not want Seymour’s Treaty Principle Bill to go to national referendum. NZ has no democracy. There is no democratic state of New Zealand.

Hence this is why I personally believe the supreme Court has now allowed Smith to take 7 large companies to Court as to Man Made Climate causing himself and idegous peoples harm. Just follow the dam money.









A Review and gathering my personal thoughts opinions on David Seymour’s book and beyond..

ACT Party Leader David Seymour Author of ‘Own Your Own Future’ A Liberal Vision for New Zealand 2017. Published by the ACT Party

Page 30 ‘Smart Growth’ and ‘New Urbanization’ also ‘Urban Containment’, he described these as the most destructive policies of the generations. Saying “We have managed to create an adsorb situation where New Zealand, a country that is 0.8% developed by area , has a shortage of urban land. The most obvious is Auckland Metropolitan Urban Limit. Auckland region is 1.2 million acres and is forecast to have one million more people  in the next 30 years. Even if they lived an  ¼ acre sections with 2.5 people per house it would still only require 10% of the regions land. The so called ‘land shortage’ is as artificial as an invisible line on a map” Seymour wrote.

Reading Seymour’s book I felt the need to further research what he had described as being the most destructive policy of the generations. This ‘Smart Growth’ the ‘New Urbanization and the ‘Urban Containment’. The ‘New Urbanization’ is  described as being ‘critical’ to localize  the Global Agenda 2030 so called Global development Goals (SDGs). Global Agenda 2030 The Decade of Action 2019-2030 Leave No-One Behind, Every-one, Everywhere, At Every Age.  Hence leave no-one behind, here we have the Marxist Political Inclusion (the Belonging). The Diversity Inclusion which is CRT (Critical Race Theory) other examples can be used ‘Climate Alarmism vs Climate Skeptics and Gender Ideology vs Sexual Biology. (All are Oppressed vs Oppression- Victimhood). DEI – Diversity Equity and Inclusion Iniatives have advanced worldwide in Businesses, NGO’s, Corporations, Universities, Schools, Local and Central Government and even in the military. NZ Defense Force won an award at the Hague for being the most Diversity, Inclusive Military in the World.

DEI Diversity Equity Inclusion,  CRT Critical Race Theory, Critical Theory have become deeply embedded into the UN Global Goals. If anyone, group refuses to go along with the narrative, then they become outlawed, cancelled out, humiliated, told they are racist, white supremacist. The older style Marxism has redesigned itself into something that appears to be warm and fuzzy with good intention but just under the surface there is something much darker and sinister. The Posy Parker Event in Auckland was a good example of this where a older woman was severely hurt, trans implemented a mob attack on innocent peoples. Complaining to nearby police officers who saw what was happening, and the attack on me when demanding I want several of them charged they responded “Oh, you must understand they are passionate about what they believe in” I replied “and so are murderers and rapists” One of the police officers wore a rainbow bracelet. They did nothing, they watched on as the mob became more aggressive. That is a great example of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.. Mob Rule Cancel Culture, cancel everyone else out so they have control, rule the nest so to speak.  So for Auckland Council and their Drag Queens in Libraries again Diversity Equity and Inclusion. If you protest, you speak up publicly the police will cancel you out, and you will become target number one. (All part of the Global Agenda the Decade of Action to leave no-one behind hence to critically accelerate the much ‘Smarter City Growth’.

Seymour in his 2017 book mentions ‘Unban Containment’ this promotes the intensity of those pack and stack so called homes in urban/city areas. The reason, allegation they use is that there is a shortage of land, obviously that’s not true from Seymour’s description of land in the Auckland Region. At a UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Development in Ecuador 20th October 2016  they introduced ‘Human Habit 3-Human Settlements’ in Cities across the world. This was endorsed in the UN General Assembly on 23rd December 2026 UN Habitat 3 For Human Settlements Globally. The Urban Containment Policy focuses on public infrastructure investment, land use and development regulations. Limiting the sprawl of the now already new smart city growth. This is the infill of infrastructure that has already been built. The Social political structure of no cars, electric vehicles, e scooters, walking and cycling. Auckland Council 10 year plan more cycleways, more electric buses and central government 10,000 electric car charging stations across New Zealand. (Partnership with BlackRock largest Asset manager in the world influential member of WEF) This includes controlling of peoples lives by sensors to monitor many things and all peoples. Human being becoming lab rats

Smart City Surveillance Systems monitor cities through tragically placed sensors in and around the urban/city landscape, which collect data in regards to different various factors. This is mass surveillance of an ever increasing population in a Urbanized Containment Area. Auckland Council documented their Vision as being the largest smartest living city in the world, (Auckland Council Conversations). A Smart City with Smart Sensors. E Scooters are not so smart and not so safe either:- SpinOff News 8/3/2o24 reported that a substantial number of pedestrians were stressed and are being caused anxieties through E Scooters on pathways. ACC reported that between 2018-2022 there were 10,000 ACC E Scooter Claims  for injuries worth $30 million .

UN have documented that Indigenous People (Coined phrase for Iwi/Hapu/Maori) are at the centre. Mana Whenua partnership, participation, decision making at all levels of Co Governance with Auckland Council. Namely ‘A Vision for Hapu/Iwi Outcomes where Indigenous Peoples have the ability to implement their right and interests. Iwi/Hapu Tribal Groups have Rights to Auckland Region (Auckland Council Conversation). The Iwi/Hapu that co govern Auckland Region with Auckland Council  are made up of 19 Iwi Tribal authorities which are part of the Iwi Authority over the Auckland Region. They must be consulted before Resource Consent is granted.

The coined term ‘Indigenous People’ first arrived in Auckland in 1971 when George Manuel of the Canadian Indian Brotherhood visited NZ and met with Maori politicians. Manuel then went on to the Australian Northern Territories where he met with aboriginal students at a University. Manuel then became the UN President of the World Indigenous Council. He was a key person who helped draft the 2007 UNDRIP. 1990 Moana Jackson had a seat at the UN as to helping to draft the UN Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous People.

The Global Agenda 2030 (UN) Indigenous Peoples engagement towards the global development goals (SDGs) (UN RES/70/1) mentions Indigenous Peoples six times, Three times in the political declaration and education. (Universal 2030 Education UNESCO and WHO). Indigenous Peoples (UN) refers to Funding opportunities the Decade of Indigenous People and Participation of Indigenous Peoples. DEI an Indigenous Approach to enrich Hapu/Iwi (Auckland Council) Iwi/Hapu knowledge, benefits, opportunities, employment and business. (Critical race Theory, Identity Politics). CRT – Critical Race Theory has helped to spawn totalitarian ideology, Marxism, communism and Nazism and is evident in the era of Mao Zedong. Oppressor vs Oppressed .

No we have the worldwide targeting, attacking of everything that represents westernization, the character assassination of whiteness, as white supremacist, racist this is called Cancel Culture, they want to cancel you out, make you look to blame and to feel the shame. Its happening worldwide even in our children’s schools.  The debunking of the truth where they tell children they can be any thing they want to be, any gender of approx.,  a 100 or more, they can even be a cat or dog if they want. Again this all boils down to this DEI, Critical Theory and a false reality. This has psychological effects on the child and the child’s parents, family causes this Oppressor vs Oppressed (Victimhood)

All the above as I have described is embedded in the Destructive Policy of Smart Growth, Urbanized Containment,  New Urbanization. David Seymour of course steers clear of the Global Agenda, the DEI Diversity Equity  Inclusion  and the CRT and CT Critical Race Theory, and Critical Theory all of which are extremely dangerous, cause huge breakdowns within society, but then again you will not hear any of the other authorities members of Auckland Council or the Mayor, not the new three party coalition talk about all I have described.  But in 2017 Seymour in his book just dipped his little toes into the water as he very quickly mentioned New Zealand most destructive Policy of the generations.

Smart Cities, initially hailed as the epitome of technological advancement, may hold a darker truth. Are we unwittingly surrendering our rights, becoming prisoners in a digital realm controlled by councils and the World Economic Forum (WEF)? The stark reality is that ALL COUNCILS are deeply entrenched in the Smart City program (A reference made to a Counterspin Episode)

Aucklanders will pay big time for a very long time. Local – Central Government of course will not publicly debate this to the citizens of NZ, as we are living in what you call a ‘Cancel Culture’. New Zealanders discussing this in public will be cancelled out…after all this is another one of those ‘Truth Bombs’