David Seymour author of Own Your Own Future ‘A Liberal Vision for New Zealand 2017’, published by the ACT Party 2017

PAGE 170- 173 Chapter entitled ‘In ACT we tend to be optimistic’ . We embrace markets and technological innovation. Refers to Climate Alarmism. ‘The reason the DOOMSTERS get the FUTURE WRONG is that they underestimate or even IGNORE technological change. If you PREDICT the FUTRE on the basis of the current technology YOU WILL BE WRONG.

Not just a LITTLE WRONG but WILDLY WRONG. There have been a few PESSIMISTS gone wrong over the years from ‘MATHUS ON POPULATION in 1798 to EHRLICH in 1968 THE POPULATION BOMB to the CLUB OF ROME in 1972 (LIMITS TO GROWTH) to AL GORE claiming in 2006 that we only had 10 years left to Save The Planet. But we are still here. Seymour adds “In fact the past 30 years have witnessed the greatest reduction in global poverty in the history of the planet. He embraces the Free Market Enterprise Economies of the worlds

Stating  “Forecasts on global fossil fuel use that are based on current technologies will be WILDLY OVERSTATED. That we should all be SCEPTICAL  of the intense politicization of Climate science debates. It is always suspicious when scientific issues seem to line up with political positions

The left/right divide tends to correlate with alarmist/ sceptic positions, and that’s weird whatever way you look at it. Saying “I am a LUKE WARMIST’ I am skeptical about the degree man made climate change , to degree to which it is dangerous, saying he has a moderately well informed opinion. The fact is that science, all science by the nature of science is uncertain. The earth has been warming since the end of the ice age is true, that’s what happens at the end of an ice age. He did not know how much humans has an influence on warming, “how much is uncertain”, he said

Adding  “whatever actions NZ takes will have effectively ZERO impact on global warming outcomes. But there is a strong case for NZrs to contribute as Good Global Citizens, its doing our bit, but will not determine the outcomes  “Even if one is skeptical; about the more extremist climate alarmist enthusiasm of the climate change zealots, those who have built a political program around it. As far as global warming is concerned NZ is very much a passenger, we cant have any influence on the outcomes

27th February 2023 CNN reports China approved equivalent of two coal plants per week in 2022. A 2023 New report “China is surging ahead with coal, a new report shows, rapidly approving and building new power plants despite its own promises to cut back on carbon as the world plunges ever deeper into the climate crisis.”. 22nd March 2023 Reuters reports China’s new coal plants costly 2nd fiddle to renewables

China’s plans for some 100 new coal-fired power plants to back up wind and solar capacity. NZ Geographic Science and environment ‘Coal warms our hospitals and schools, ripens our tomatoes, makes roses bloom, turns iron-sand into steel, dries milk powder for export, and generates electricity when hydro lakes are low and gas production sputters’.

In 2020, according to the International Energy Agency, Indonesia produced around 529 million tonnes of coal, including more than one million tonnes sold to New Zealand. We also imported 95,000 tonnes from Australia, and virtually all of it was low-grade (so-called sub-bituminous)—coal that’s low in energy value. But our 2021 imports dwarfed even those volumes: a record 1.8 million tonnes. One of the biggest customers were Genesis Energy. Genesis Energy 51% shareholding by the government.

Genesis routinely promises to quit coal, but Nature—and the realities of New Zealand’s energy market—has made that difficult. In 2015, Genesis announced it would stop burning coal at Huntly by late 2018. Over the next few years, it deferred that target to 2022, then 2030.

Newsroom reported 15/11/2021 In 2021 Contact Energy warns against chaotic closure of gas power plants. Contact Energy says power companies are making disorderly decisions to shut down coal and gas plants – and cites its own decision to decommission its 377 megawatt Taranaki Combined Cycle gas power plant in 2023. UN reports 8/8/2015  ’ NZ pledges an end to coal by 2018

Stating that “It appears that New Zealand is finally ready to throw their domestic coal habit into Mount Doom — by 2018, the country will cease to use coal as a source of domestic energy production”

New Zealand has more than 15 billion tons of known coal reserves in the ground, and says that more than half of those resources are probably recoverable. In 2013, New Zealand extracted 4.6 million tons of coal, exporting a little less than half of it — mostly to Asia, where it’s used to power steel manufacturing. Nearly two-thirds of New Zealand’s coal comes from just two mines — in the Waikato (about 63 miles from Auckland) and Stockton on the West Coast

Beehive  announces 30th June 2023 Government Ban on new coal boilers in place announced  Megan Woods in the House. Applies to  fossil fuels as including coal, coke, diesel, liquid petroleum gas, natural gas, used tyre’s, oil, peat or plastics . Stuff NZ reported 2nd February 2021 Climate Change Report “Whats the Future of Gas?” Small businesses like restaurants and cafes could be impacted after the Climate Change Commission released its first report, with a raft of targets proposed to cut New Zealand’s emissions.

Stuff NZ reported 2nd February 2021 Climate Change Report “Whats the Future of Gas?” Small businesses like restaurants and cafes could be impacted after the Climate Change Commission released its first report, with a raft of targets proposed to cut New Zealand’s emissions. Its plan suggests no new natural gas connections to the network or bottled LPG after 2025. Wellington chef Martin Bosley says that represents a huge change in mindset for the New Zealand cook

IPCC (UN) Malthus (Referring back to Seymours book). And IPCC Report as climate researchers and environmentalist still follow Malthusianism. Which focuses  “overpopulation” as a main cause of environmental degradation. Degrowth actually reproduces this faulty notion through the proposition that once resources and wealth are equally redistributed (which degrowth rightly wants to do), there must be some “check” on population because, as population grows without any added economic growth, people will eventually have access to fewer and fewer resources.

Does not take into consideration advancement of technology and now a de-populating world. (NZ Replace rate per population being 2.1 is now 1.6) Depopulation has also occurred in other countries over the last few years. Seymour refers to ‘Limits to Growth’ in his climate doomism statement in his book.  Over the last few years UN Nation States have taken this ‘Degrowth’ initiative. (Article in WEF)

The  theory of degrowth, which has been taken up by the IPCC, may have its origins in the 1972 Club of Rome “Limits to Growth” (Meadows 1972),  Malthus an environmental  degrowth reproduces Malthusian ideas about so-called “natural limits;” 2) it’s anti-modern and anti-technological orientation lacks a class perspective; and 3) there are key practical issues with deploying degrowth ideas in the class struggle itself. ideology and bad politics

Michael Davidson Submission 2nd June 2015 to NZ Government on ‘Man Made Global Warming. As Davidson puts forward his argument that ‘Man Made Global Warming is a Scam’ (41 Page submission). That man-made global warming is not occurring, it’s a scam, a hoax to generate fear and panic.  To control peoples beliefs for financial gain. Refers to the worlds unquestioning population whom have fallen victim to this global propaganda, causing widespread misconception, the climatic change campaigners and the largely UN IPSS that have mounted one of the most well funded massive propaganda campaigns in history alongside a compliant media

Similar to Seymours reference to Al Gore and his fictional prediction. Michael Davidson refers to Al Gore has netted 100’s of millions of dollars advocating man made global warming and the lies that America tells supporting Al Gore. And how widespread belief has come about that provides policy agenda’s in NZ and elsewhere when it comes to this what Seymour describes as Climate doomism.

2015 Davidson reporting that the amount currently spent on globally reducing human kinds carbon footprint is in the trillions of dollars every year (Bell 2015). That this is absolutely ridiculous as it has not been scientifically proven that increased CO2 in the atmosphere will cause either significant global warming or climatic disasters. He referenced Dr.  Judith Curry Professor and former Chair of the School of earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of technology (2015) “Even if the USA is successful in meeting 80% reductions of CO2 emissions by 2050 it is not going to do anything”

Referring to this being mankind’s effort to control a non-problem with a non-solution is ridiculous and nonsensical. Saying “there is a lack of questioning and understand of the ‘real science’ and this is widespread. Davidson refers to the ‘Inconvenient Truth’ That IPCC is the primary proponent of dramatic global warming, yet its argument is fundamentally flawed because of the way it selectively uses science and manipulates data to support its views.

Saying there is a lack of consideration for opposing views. The nature of IPCC existence is a conflict of interest, a manipulation of data, political funding biases. That Climate change has done what it always has for centuries naturally changed, this is not reflected in the IPCC Assessment reports. IPCC selectively uses science, manipulates research, data and opinion has fueled an extremely biased view that does not reflect the planets actual climate

Michael Davidson Submission to the Climate Commission (NZ Govt) in June 2015 was a response to the NZ Governments proposals to limit fossil fuels production and supply to be carbon free (Carbon Zero) by 2050. He made 9 main points in his submission and also other evidence to support his submission that is 41 pages long.

They are 1 to 9.  (1)The science is still out  as to whether man made CO2 production is causing climate change. Considering the earth has always produced huge quantities of CO2 in erupting volcanoes, rotting animals and vegetation. Fires, swamps human and animal activity- without disrupting the climate

(2) Considering CO2 is essential for plants to absorb growth and to emit oxygen for all other life. Less CO@ will mean less growth and productivity in farming, forestry and food production abd less oxygen in the atmosphere. So reduction in CO2 levels means greater poverty, health malnutrition, greater disease and greater death

(3) Limiting fossil fuel production and use will cost NZ economy dearly in loss of jobs, productivity and prosperity, with farms, factories becoming uneconomical to run and closing down causing huge layoff and unemployment

(4) There will be a huge impact on transport industry, it will struggle to remain viable, due to the enormous cost in replacing huge fleets of vehicles across all modes of transport from planes, to boats, trains, tractors cars , cranes, public transport – to become electric vehicles. These costs will have to be passed onto all other industries making them unviable including retail, tourism, building, this will cause rising prices and low incomes.

(5) Loss of oil and gas production will effect restaurants, home cooking and heating, lighting and mechanics as well as engineering, manufacturing, painting products. Thus reducing our standard of living, our health, our welfare and our efficiency and productivity. Risking NZ becoming a third world country

(6) Limiting NZ’s production and use of fossil fuels while China, India, Africa and so called developing nations are still belching out great volumes of CO2 and toxins into the air, makes a mockery of NZ reducing our piddling  .02% of total CO2 production, at the cost of our economy. As if its going to make a jot of difference (precisely what Seymour said in his 2017 book will make no difference to the outcome- but will contribute NZrs to being good global citizens) Davidson then adds “But this will destroy NZ economically and financially”

(7) Sending carbon tax money to IPCC (UN) will not save the planet or New Zealand. But simpler make Europe a bigger wealthiers monolithic powerhouse.. centralizing control of the world, destroying sovereignty and the power of the Nation

(8) To follow this agenda is to risk NZ losing its independence and self sufficiency and ending up at the mercy of the giant corporations and the global government. (Corporations partner the UN Global Government, Corporation are now included in the Global Governance of the World, controlling Nation States by Internal Rules.

(9) Reducing animal numbers on farms will contribute to the collapse of NZs GDP, prosperity and our Nation-hood. NZ will become dependent on others and on hand outs..

Obviously the three party coalition will not be discussing this submission. With Climate Alarmism being an important part in the global agenda 2030. As 12 out of the 17 Global Development goals of the Global 2030 Decade of Action include Climate Change, including Climate Change having its own global goal. (Controlling the worlds populations)


Michael Davidson  2nd June 2015 Submission to NZ Government ‘Man made Global Warming is a Scam 41 pages  https://www.climatecommission.govt.nz/public/Submissions-2021/mail-submissions-2.pdf

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